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Savor Cafe
HINDA- 10/21/14

Savor cafe is a dairy restaurant, conveniently located in the heart of our community, located on Nostrand Avenue and Avenue P. They have delicious salads, yummy soups, great sandwiches, tasty pastas, scrumptious desserts and more. My personal favorites are the eggplant Parmesan, apple pie and onion soup. The staff is caring and the service is great. Furthermore, they have great lunch specials as well as a membership card, costing only five dollars that saves you money. They are also very accommodating when it comes to special requests. Lastly, they play peaceful calming music as you dine. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Talia's Steakhouse
Karen- 10/01/14
Celebrated my husband’s 48th Birthday here with our family. Big party? No problem. We arranged all our guest meals ahead of time. So once we arrived, I coordinated with the manager the procession of our night. Managers and servers were very professional. We all received our drinks and pitas once we settled in. Starting with our Middle Eastern Salads and proceeded with our soups, entrees, and dessert (we brought our own cake.) Well organized staff, delicious food and perfectly paired wine = happy husband!

FINALLY GREAT KOSHER PIZZA OFF PARK AVENUE. Always went went to bravo, no tiberias closer to me, the pizza is as good or better, nice seating area, mush bigger than bravo. Lotsa choices. Its heaven on earth.

Superb Bar mitzva
Haim H- 08/26/14

Had my sons Bar Mitzva catered tonight at Tfusion. Great Choice. All our gueste were wowed by the abundance of delicious food that kept being served. The Steaks were huge and delicious. The staff were so courteous and accommodating. Allison the owner and Vince the head waiter worked with us every step of the way to plan and delivered well beyond our expectations.

Espresso Cafe & Sushi
David S.- 08/26/14

delcious pannini

Chai Wok
Margo- 07/29/14

My husband and I love the quality of the food. Steve, the waiter, gives excellent service.

Grill Time Great Neck
June- 07/29/14

My daughter and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Grill Time last week. The steak was delicious and Israeli salad and hummus were so fresh! The service was excellent and I'm so glad that we just passed by and tried this wonderful find!

Savor Cafe
Israel Jakobovits- 07/29/14

This past January my Children made a Sheva Brochos for our youngest daughter at Savor Café. It was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC beautiful décor friendly atmosphere in short a great experience

Jerusalem Glatt Kosher Restaurant
Dena W- 07/29/14

Wonderful hosts and fresh and delicious food. The lunch special was particularly affordable and worthwhile.

Grill Time North Miami
Alice- 07/03/14

Made my Mom's 80th birthday party at Grill Time NMB earlier this month for 45 people. I do not have one complaint. The food was delicious and plentiful and the service was great. I was planning this event from up North. The owner allayed all my concerns about being so far away and I was right to trust him and leave everything in his hands. Kudos to Grill Time!

Brooklyn Steak Co
Vampiro01105- 06/30/14

I went in just to see who the place was, I was greeted with the most courtesy and respect . I didn't go in to eat but smelling the food from kitchen gave me an appetite. I was seated and I ordered a burger with fries. Surprisingly the service was very good. when the burger came it was spread very well, the burger was nice and juicy not dry and the fries was perfect not hard or to soft. Now I can eat at least 5 burgers but with just one I was full.. Complements to the Chef's...

HOUSE OF DOG: Dogs n'Beer Boca Raton
Leah- 06/30/14

Great service; small but clean; good hot dogs. If you want pas Yisroel or Chabad SHECHITAH you must ask and request them.

Sushi Tokyo (Kings Highway)
Michelle- 06/14/14

The kings highway sushi tokyo is a beautiful restaurant and amazing down to earth waiters and amazing sushi

Prime at the Bentley Hotel Rooftop
Barbara Wieder- 06/11/14

Service was Spectacular as was the view. The wait staff and personnel were VERY ACCOMODATING. Our friend was too cold, they adjusted the air. The music was a bit loud, for me, they turned it off. The atmosphere lent itself to being able to have conversation, comfortably quiet, much appreciated. The dishes we ordered were delicious except for one...VERY PRICY but we spent a wonderful three hours in uninterrupted conversation in a magnificent setting. Barbara Wieder

HOUSE OF DOG: Dogs n'Beer Boca Raton
Sensible Consumer- 06/11/14

I assume they make there own hotdogs and would expect that from a restaurant called "house of dog" they?

The Kosher Taco
Sheila, Riki, & Annie- 05/26/14

Don't miss the fabulous french fried onions -- the food at TKT is plentiful & delicious--they do a lot of takeout, but have roomy booths seating groups up to six people. Their fries are real potatoes thin sliced into rounds -- again, a delicious side. We had an order of 4 sliders that fed us amply & we took home 1. We'll definitely go again.

The Loft Steakhouse
David Mosberg- 06/11/14

It was last minute on a Thursday evening and I remembered hearing of the change over of Bistro 1310 to The Loft located in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn which i don't normally frequent. After hearing that the quality of food ambiance and service was as good as the Manhattan steak house but at a slightly less expensive price we decided to try it out.

The restaurant gives a very old world feeling, with exposed brick walls with a very eloquent but not over powering ambiance.

The Menu is what I would say is classic American Steak House with a slight flair. For appetizers we had the chicken soup, and gnocchi sweet breads.  The soup which was not $19 might have been $7 and was definitely tasty with a little emphasis on salty which I enjoy.  The sweet breads were just delicious and savory coupled with gnocchi brings me back to the duck gnocchi at Mike's Bistro.

For our main dishes my wife had the skirt steak which was cooked to perfection, flavored nicely and a very generous portion for the non Manhattan pricing. I had the short ribs which for me is my go to, tell all dish about whether I give my blessing the on the food, and the restaurant gets my blessing!  The short rib was a tender as possible with a classic bbq sauce set on top of mashed potatoes and crispy onions on top.

Now what is the big winner for me and honestly most important was the service.  I can't find any faults it was just perfect.  The restaurant was busy and had plenty of attentive staff, they were knowledgeable, water glasses were always filled, and food came out in a timely manner.  Id like to make a note here this was in a busy restaurant while a Bar Mitzvah was beginning in the party room upstairs.  I give the Owner/ management a lot of credit for having numerous waiters and bus boys and prepared for a busy evening, to often I am in high end restaurants and service is lacking due to short on staff and a real restaurateur/ chef knows this is just as important as good food.  To show you how happy we were with service we tipped extra on top of the 18% that was included.

Last but not least as I hinted too earlier, this restaurant gave me a feeling like I was sitting in Mike's Bisto just in Borough Park.  In my opinion that is a great compliment because Mike's Bistro to me equals a perfect balance of American cuisine coupled with great service ambiance and even better food.

Dave Mosberg


Brooklyn Steak Co
Berel- 05/01/14

I recently have tried out this place with my wife , the food was incredibly awesome , from the delicious appetizers that we picked out, to our entrees , and of course the mouthwatering desserts that we were served. This was a really enjoyable dining experience for the both of us, highly recommended , we will definitely be back very soon

Grill Time Great Neck
Rabbi Esor Ben-Sorek- 05/01/14

We eat at Grill Time often. The food is always delicious, good portions, good service, and reasonable prices. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a kosher Israeli-style meal.

STELLA- 04/14/14


Brooklyn Steak Co
Michael- 04/10/14

I was just there and it was probably one of the greatest dining experiences ever. to start we got the beef poppers which were delicious and the roasted pear and baby kale salad which just totally astounded us it was without question the best salad ive ever eaten. moving on to mains we got the lamb gnocchi (amazing dish) and the short rib of beef which once again totally knocked our socks off. it was just so juicy and tender it melted in my mouth like butter. for dessert we got Fried Cheesecake its a tofu-based creation with a brownie center wrapped in cornflakes and deep-fried, with a taste and flavor indistinguishable from the real thing it was definitely amazing. overall i would definitely rate this restaurant a 10 out of 10 and i encourage everyone to eat there and enjoy!

Brooklyn Steak Co
Aaron- 04/09/14

I was just here with my uncle the food was absolutely delicious and was priced really well. we both really enjoyed and would recommend this restaurant for everyone to go to

Prime at the Bentley Hotel Rooftop
Linda Kreisler- 04/08/14

interested in seder dinner 1st night for 6

Gaucho Grill / Metsuyan
David- 04/08/14

During a very busy business trip in Mexico City I got fed up with my tuna cans in the hotel and visited the Gaucho Grill. It was a pleasure. Very friendly Spanish only speaking waiters. Very good food, quality and well prepared. Large selection of meat. Next time I am going to Mexico I will look for a hotel next to the restaurant. A must for the kosher traveler.

Brooklyn Steak Co
Israel- 04/08/14

I was here the other day with my wife. We were absolutely thrilled with the food. We go out a lot, and let me tell you this place was mighty fine. Whatever we ordered was tastier than the next. Definitely worth a try.

Kosh Miami
Rob- 03/26/14

This place is fantastic, but always booked so book many DAYS in advance! We booked but didn't realize that the system automatically booked us for the earliest available day which was days later so when we got there they still found us a table even though we didn't have a reservation and they were booked solid with not a seat available. Much appreciated and amazing food with quick service!!

Mr. Broadway
Althea Cices- 03/26/14

Do you have a Pesach seder menu available? I am also interested in finding out about pricing for one or both seders. Thanks.

Grand Cafe Espresso Bar
Felice Schneider- 03/19/14

I had lunch there this past Sunday and was delighted. The cafe is very clean and the food is very fresh. Eating outside is a pleasure enhanced by a good selection of music. Try it, you'll like. We will be going back.

Cho-Sen Village
Daniella Jacob- 03/19/14

Cho-sen Village is unbelievable! I am a vegetarian...but I had a seudah hodaah there & everyone said the food at Cho-sen Village was incrediable! And the waitors were so nice. I highly recommend this place

David - 03/10/14

Looking for a personal chef, chef , cooking position ...passion for food !!! 917 399 7633

Mr. Nosh
Zack- 03/10/14

Food is pretty good and the service as well. It's just if you take your leftover food to go MAKE SURE to ask for a sealed container instead of the foam cheap open all around thing that they provide. That is if you want to avoid a hefty dry cleaners bill along with losing your food and gaining aggravation.

Sushi Fussion Great Neck
Ruth- 03/10/14

what's a "fussion"? is it supposed to be "fusion"?

Slice of Life
Rochelle baker- 02/23/14

I need a couple of glatt kosher meals. Do you deliver to the Chicago area near anshe meet temple? Would you deliver the meals on Friday? I'm having a mitzvah and 2 of my guests need a glatt kosher meal. Thank you.

Reply #1 submitted by: Tamar on 05/26/14

I realize you posted this 3 months ago but Glatt Kosher applies to meat, not dairy. This is a dairy place, not a meat one.

Reply #2 submitted by: LB on 08/26/14

Yes, but Slice of Life has a sister fleischig retaurant, HY Life Bistro

Subres Grill
Lea Matz- 02/23/14

Excellent food, very fresh, highly recommend

Spoons Flatbush
Micheal- 01/29/14

The food was amazing! The service was great. What got me was the southern waiter! e was absolutely AMAZING! He was a great waiter. He deserves the highest respect. KEEP IT UP YOUNG MAN!

Day 5
Albert- 01/21/14

Day five on Coney Island ave wow !!!

A great cozy place to have one of the best meals I've had in a long time

Sushi was good but my favorite dish was the tuna pizza if you live in California it's worth a plane ride

And I'm not a big fan of fried foods but was forced into trying the fried Oreos  all I have to is OMG!

Bravo to the owner and chef plus being in the business for over 25 years I have yet to meet a more qualified manager Ari a big plus to this establishment

Upper Crust
RE- 01/21/14

Best dairy kosher restaurant- they have excellent food and excellent service! It is just an overall wonderful dining experience!

Bistro Burger
Zag- 01/21/14

Awesome place, awesome food, good service Great neck needed this.. I hope it can make it and stays around for a long time. Be generous to your customers and they will be generous back to you.. the open salad bar rocks! 10$ min per salad bar plate sounds fair. The kid menu is great and the right price.. another reason I will go back

Estihana Brooklyn
R.S.- 01/21/14

Enjoyed several dishes from Estihana. Each dish was authentic and flavorful. My compliments to the chefs!

Upper Crust
Natalie- 01/21/14

Consistantly well prepared and fresh offerings at this pretty place. Even though we have enjoyed dining here numerous times, the menu is expansive enough not to be bored. Keep up the great service and yashar koach to the chef who definately knows what he ( or she) is doing.

Chai Wok
Miriam- 01/21/14

As always delicious food and excellent service! Try the egg drop wonton soup, it's excellent.

Etc Squared
Moishe feinberg- 01/07/14

went here lastnight great food great service the bartender was very kind and attentive along with our male server jeremy the steak was out of this world

Ba-Li Laffa
Aaron- 01/04/14

My grandson said it was the best meal he ever had! Really nice staff!!!.... and very patient with the kids!!! Can't wait for our next trip

Gaucho Grill / Metsuyan
Judy Gordon- 01/04/14

My daughter and I were in Mexico City last week and had dinner at the restaurant. The food was great - especially the empanadas - and the staff was wonderful - the chef Israel, the waiters and the valet parkers. As a matter of fact, on Christmas Day when it was impossible to get a cab, one of the men at the stand drove us to our hotel himself. We went back just before we left and had another great dinner and were welcomed by each and every employee once again. We HIGHLY recommend the Gaucho Grill to anyone in Mexico City.

Danny Klugman- 01/04/14

If there would be a ten star rating this Orchidea would get it. We just made a Sheva Brochos for 60 people and from the food to the service was first class. Ofer, went out of his way to fulfill everyone's request. 10 Stars!

Day 5 Sushi
Rachel Levine - 12/15/13

This is the best sushi in the world! I come here every day(literally my parents own it). Try the day 5 fries, crispy rice, tuna pizza and delicious desserts!

Meshuga 4 Sushi Pico
Deborah selincourt- 12/15/13

We were at your restaurant in august and had a great meal. The kids loved their choices and so did I. When we go to LA again we would revisit. The menu is extensive!

Milk N' Honey (Calif.)
Deborah seloincourt- 12/15/13

We were in LA in august and we went to your restaurant two or three times. It was amazing! The brunch was so tasty and the servers were some of the best I have had ANYWHERE! The tomato dippy thing that you serve when you just come in was unforgettable. I have tried to recreate it but I think it has to do with the outstanding tomatoes that you can get only in California. My family loved the pizzas and the cheesecake. I had a salmon salad that was a little over cooked, however. All in all, it was a great experience away from home, Thanks so much for everything.

Sucat David
Melany- 12/15/13

B'H hola shavua tov estaremos en buenos ayres para ele Shabat de december 20 y me gustaria saber q clase de comidas listas ustedes puden disponibilizar y si es necesario reservaciones. a q horas abren el viernes??? que nos recomiendam hacer??? atentamente melany torres

Kosher Castle
Chaim- 12/15/13

Great Food, Good service, What else can you ask for

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