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Great Kosher Restaurants
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Day 5 Sushi
Rachel Levine - 12/15/13

This is the best sushi in the world! I come here every day(literally my parents own it). Try the day 5 fries, crispy rice, tuna pizza and delicious desserts!

Meshuga 4 Sushi Pico
Deborah selincourt- 12/15/13

We were at your restaurant in august and had a great meal. The kids loved their choices and so did I. When we go to LA again we would revisit. The menu is extensive!

Milk N' Honey (Calif.)
Deborah seloincourt- 12/15/13

We were in LA in august and we went to your restaurant two or three times. It was amazing! The brunch was so tasty and the servers were some of the best I have had ANYWHERE! The tomato dippy thing that you serve when you just come in was unforgettable. I have tried to recreate it but I think it has to do with the outstanding tomatoes that you can get only in California. My family loved the pizzas and the cheesecake. I had a salmon salad that was a little over cooked, however. All in all, it was a great experience away from home, Thanks so much for everything.

Sucat David
Melany- 12/15/13

B'H hola shavua tov estaremos en buenos ayres para ele Shabat de december 20 y me gustaria saber q clase de comidas listas ustedes puden disponibilizar y si es necesario reservaciones. a q horas abren el viernes??? que nos recomiendam hacer??? atentamente melany torres

Kosher Castle
Chaim- 12/15/13

Great Food, Good service, What else can you ask for

Bistro Burger
Reb Yid- 12/15/13

Menu looks fantastic. Should get rid of fifty cent charge for dressing on burger and fifty cent charge for mixing iceberg, romaine, and mesclun as opposed to being served a single type of leaf. Looks like a promising addition to Great Neck.

Masago Asian Fusion
Asher- 12/10/13

i ordered the galaxy sushi and OMG it was amazing. the sauces the size portion the everything was amazing! highly recommending the sushi to my friends.

Fumio Grill & Sushi
Nina Levinson- 12/07/13
Although a little hidden, Fumio provided my family and I an exceptional Kosher dinning experience. Their menu was very creative, incorporating off the grill entrees and tasty out of the ordinary sushi options they've successfully managed to include a little something for everyone. (A little pricey but the portions were HUGE!!) The manager, Abie. was very welcoming and down to earth. The staff was charismatic and helpful when deciding what to order. If I had to leave a complaint it would be the that the food took s little long to be prepared. DEFINITELY make a reservation before showing up. It wouldve made my dinning experience all the more fantastic. All in all if you're looking for a wonderful experience and delicious Kosher food Fumio is the place to be. (It's also conveniently located near the short hills mall, perfect for a nice dinner after some heavy shopping)
Ladino Tapas Bar & Grill
Uegdsw- 11/17/13

Fantastic food. The tapas are exceptional, authentic, and clearly conceived by a well schooled chef! Congrats. He uses the Spanish and Latino ingredients beautifully. Now, let me mention the design. That too is a WOW -- the Diego Rivera paintings for one, not to mention the really fine cocktails, and elegant but not snobby service. Go!

Pardes Restaurant
Uegdsw- 11/17/13

Loved Pardes. Original dishes, well constructed and well conceived. Delicious. The service is excellent. Dishes are explained and everyone working there has a positive vibe. A great addition to the area.

Essen NY Deli
Ben Yosef- 11/05/13

The food is absolutely the best... superb! However, the service is slow. Last time we were there, it took an hour to get served. Needs improvement.

Green rainbow sushi
Judi- 10/22/13

My sisterhood hosted a trip to NY this Sunday and we ate lunch at Estihana in Manhattan. Lunch was delicious! One of the items on our menu was Green Rainbow Sushi. Normally, I'm not much of a sushi eater, but this was incredible and I would love to know the ingredients used in this dish. I know that the top was thinly sliced cucumber, but what went into the sushi roll? Thank you, Judi

Passover 2014
Alan Schonfeld- 10/22/13

Passover 2014,

La Brochette
Miri Brecher- 10/18/13

Owner Avi Cohen has outdone himself with the newly opened, La Brochette. Beautifully appealing architecture and ambience lends its way to the deliciously tasty French cuisine served up at this upscale steakhouse in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Upon entry you will be warmly welcomed by the friendly and knowledgeable staff who will seat you at your table and floor of 

preference – as there are three levels to choose from.   White tablecloths and napkins grace the warm mahogany tables which are decked out ever so elegantly with fine china, flatware and clean cut glassware.  The artfully designed menus are loaded with decadent dishes to choose from.  Steaks are juicy and seared to perfection and their sushi is par excellence. Every bite off of every dish is bursting with fresh flavors and the presentations are inspiringly creative.

On “live nights” enjoy being serenaded by violinists or saxophonists which definitely adds some joie de vivre. So when looking for a night out on the town La Brochette is the ultimate dining experience!
Jerusalem Glatt Kosher Restaurant
Yossi- 10/22/13

The best place to eat. The food is great and the service is awesome. Jacob and Shoshana Ben-Shitrit are such great hosts and I really enjoy coming to eat here. It is worth a drive from anywhere.

Nathan- 10/22/13

Abigael's at the barclays has the best food in all stadiums i have ever been too. I am so glad its opened to all fans so i dont have to eat this davids stuff

Levy's Kosher Italian
Shana M. - 10/14/13

We moved to the area a couple of months ago and started to keep a Kosher home. We were so thrilled that the food was really good. This is now our "go to" place.

Reply #1 submitted by: Debra Levy on 12/07/13

I'm so glad you're enjoying the food! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Solo Chinese Kitchen
John Milnar- 09/25/13

I think it is great to have a Kosher Chinese restaurant, but they shouldn't promote it by saying it is "reasonably priced".If you order an appetizer, soup and any dish you could easily go to well over $60 a person without adding for drinks and dessert and tax and tips. To me that is not reasonably priced.

Reply #1 submitted by: Elan Kornblum, Publisher on 09/25/13

For Manhattan standards and pricing that is almost reasonable.

Simply Sushi Cafe
Rochamim Glanstein- 09/24/13

The finest and tastiest Sushi anywhere. It is so good that you don't want to swallow. For the translation of "betampt" try any of their special sushis. The finest employers, my finest customer, and perhaps the most ehrlich businessmen in the food industry. We wish them continued success in ruchnius and gashmias this year.

La Brochette
Sylvia Korn - 09/23/13

The food was fabulous! We like the new look. We were regulars at La Carne Grill and missed it terribly. This is a really great place. Service was outstanding. Only one criticism, the musician (which is a nice idea), really didn't play for us. He played for two minutes and then went out to smoke. He also kept running back and forth without playing anything. We were the only ones in the restaurant. Just to be clear we loved the restaurant and hopes it succeeds!

Haifa Restaurant
Chris- 09/12/13

wow is all I have to say me and my wife just went our for are 20th annversery at Haifa and the service was 5 star and so dynamic ive never ever incountered great service like I did at Haifa wow................. and the food was so dynamic and tasty and the owner came out to make sure we were treated great im so very impressed and me and my wife will be back............

Sushi Tokyo (Kings Highway)
Rosalie- 09/12/13

excellent sushi rolls and fresh salads...highly recommend!

Kosher restaurant in Warsaw
Dave- 08/26/13

INCREDIBLE! Glatt kosher restaurant, with sofisticated delicious food! I couldn't belive... Galil - new restaurant located in the old building, near Warsaw synagouge... What I can tell more - it was amazing dinner . I regret that they are not in the neighborhood...

Famous Pita
ORINC- 08/26/13

BEST FOOD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chanie B- 08/19/13

I work in the neighborhood and had enjoyed the lunch buffet several times. The price was good, the food excellent, and the service great! I brought colleagues as well who are used to spending time in NYC dining in varied and high end places and they were impressed with the cuisine. Because Orchidea is elegant while at the same time warm and friendly, it occurred to me that it may be perfect for my son's Bar Mitzvah. From the moment Ofer took on this celebration, I was in good hands. He listened to all the details of what I wanted, added his own ideas, completely took care of everything. The Bar Mitzvah was beautifully arranged, the table setting elegant, the food delicious and artfully presented. Each place setting had a personalized menu with a bar mitzvah them and my son's name on it. The menu was generous and included salad, soup, main course and dessert. The guests were very pleased with the service and the ambience and my son felt that his day was a very special one. We had small children and they were accommodated without issue as well as a very last minute guest list, which created no challenge at all for Ofer. The waiters were fantastic, even pitching in to help with pictures. My son couldn't decide which table he wanted and they switched the head table 3 times without the slightest appearance of being at all put out. Ofer baked a beautiful large challah specially the morning of the bar mitzvah. The day couldn't have been better and we thank Orchidea staff and management for the personalized attention, the attention to detail and for delivering on the ask. A special thanks to Ofer Kohen! Thanks, Ofer!

Voka Restaurant at WorldGate Resort
Eli Cohen- 08/19/13

Finally a good kosher restaurant near Disney. I went to some of the kosher restaurant with my family but none can compare to Voka rest. The waitress was all smiles and very helpful and dinner was amazing. Everything was delicious. So much that we went twice. Best steaks ever.

Fabulous Falafell
Jerry diamond- 08/17/13

Pita Plus on Sterling Ave in Hollywood Beach has one of the best falafels I have ever tasted

Down to Earth
Fred- 08/16/13

Food was excellent ... but be aware that the local police set up a radar speed trap on Corlies Avenue for anyone going over 25 mph, even though the limit on identical street in neighboring town is 40 mph! Police recognize the absurdity of this hateful, politically motivated trap. I would avoid Allenhurst. Sodom and Gomorrah had pretty good food too, but it was a place to avoid.

Hope- 08/17/13

Any recommendations for gluten free in Five Towns?

Voka Restaurant at WorldGate Resort

The food was wonderful. I had the grilled water melon salad (surprisingly delicious) and the spicy/peppered steak, indeed spicy, very savory and cooked perfectly "medium". We are happy that, finally, there is a kosher restaurant to eat a proper restaurant meal when we visit Disney.

Scot- 08/17/13

The food was good, service was pleasant. But $4.00 for a can of coke??? Oh, and they added the tip already onto the Bill which is fine except that the bottom of the Bill has suggested amounts for the tip so if you are not paying attention you will end up adding on an additional amount and unknowingly tipping 30-35% instead of the usual 15-20%.

Purple Pear Monsey
Allen Samuels- 08/12/13

Having a birthday lunch tomorrow for my daughter. I came in from New Orleans and we are so looking forward to being at the Purple Pear in Monsey The menu looks great and I want to try everything!!!! and its all kosher!!! Happy Birthday Philyss Samuels Seidenfeld, love daddy

Purple Pear Monsey
Fast foodie- 08/12/13

The place is pretty nice for a sit-down lunch or dinner. It usually gets pretty crowded, being the only dairy 'restaurant' in Monsey, (Al Di La deserves mention here, but for some reason Purple Pear is frequented much more). The food is great, it has lots of taste and the service is good. I had the French onion soup, and would not recommend it to anyone, however the fish items were great.

Kosher Castle
Fast foodie- 08/12/13

Love the place, service is quick - the way fast food ought to be. The menu is very extensive (although they dont always have everything availble). The food that imtried so far has been really tasty, evem the chinese dishes are made quick. One down side, The Schwarma guy is nasty, perhaps they should consider getting a nicer fellow.

Yeminite soup
Shulamit marcus- 08/02/13

a while ago Orchidea was featured in either Mishpacha or Binah magazine and several of their recipes were posted, among them the yeminite soup. i lost the magazine with the recipe and would love to get it again. I would purchase a copy of the magazine. anyone know anything about this?

Spoons Flatbush
Sam- 08/02/13

The food is really good here, it is not over stated, perfectly seasoned. The chef clearly understands how to layer flavors. I also really like the ambiance, the staff is knowledgeable and very friendly without being overbearing. It is a place you can an associate to, and feel like you are definitely not going to be embarrassed. i am definitely a fan and return customer, the kind of place you really don't get sick of.

1880 Deli & Restaurant
Tzvi- 07/30/13

Fabulous Best place in Lakewood 5 star food and service at pizza place prices

Spoons Flatbush
Waldo Emerson- 07/30/13

I've been here a couple of times and I must say, I simply love the decor and service. My first two times going there a young, good looking fellow named Edward served me and he was phenomenal so now I just request him. I think I love him....

Miriam- 07/30/13

Best place to order from!!! Thank you so much for making up such a beautiful fruit platter, with cheese cakes and Tiramisu! Amazing customer service with a personal touch.

Traditions Restaurant
Hindie- 07/28/13

We hosted a sheva brachot there last night. The entire crowd was wowed by the food & presentation & service - from the hors d'oeuvres through dessert. I have hosted events there on many occasions and have never been disappointed. They are always outstanding and a pleasure to work with!

Shim - 07/28/13

The falafels are like nothing I've ever seen! Heaping and delicious.

Jeffrey- 07/09/13

I am looking for a nice place to go out for desserts in NYC on Saturday night, dairy, ice cream, and / or light fare.

Jerusalem Glatt Kosher Restaurant
Yaron- 07/09/13

By far the best prepared Shabbat meal I have ever had. July 2013. The people were so friendly and happy and helpful and thorough and concened about our happiness. My family and I felt like We were enjoying a warm home cooked meal but perfectly executed by a five star chef. Jerusalem Glatt Kosher Restaurant made our vacation an amazing experience. The Challah is the best I have ever had. Amazing place. Must try

Traditions Restaurant
Ellie- 06/19/13

Best restaurant in the 5 towns !!! great food great service !!!

Akiva- 06/16/13

I was really impressed by the quality and freshness of the delicious food and I looking forward to going back next time I am in Miami (coming from someone who rarely eats dairy).

Chai Wok
Aharon- 06/16/13

Cannot wait for the all you can eat buffet!!!

Kosher corporate caterer near Brooklyn
C. Apgar- 06/12/13

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good kosher caterer in the Brooklyn area? Not looking for high-end. Just good tasting sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts for 100.

FAY BENJAMIN- 06/12/13

On June 9, 2013, I attended a bridal shower at Orchidea. I must say the food was delicious. From the sushi all the way to the deserts. The food was seasoned to perfection and I enjoyed everything I consumed. The service was awesome and a good time was had by all.

Holy Schnitzel (Brooklyn)
Eddie s- 06/12/13

Very good . went with my grandson . He had fried i had grilled schnitzel Attentive staff

Delicious food items, highly recommended
Victoria Parkinson- 06/12/13

Tonight was my second time at this new Indian Kosher restaurant. I am generally not impressed with the quality of kosher restaurants in NYC, but Shalom Bombay goes above and beyond the others. They are very passionate about the food they prepare and the service they provide. On both visits, they went the extra mile to make sure my experience was pleasant and my food outstanding. So far I have tried the Chicken tikka naan, Tandoori mix kabab and lunch buffet with my friends, both were far better than other kosher NYC restaurants. Prices are very affordable, ranging from $20 to $30 for a beef/lamb or chicken items, they offered lunch buffet $14.95 per person which is also amazing. Shalom Bombay is a Indian Kosher gem in Manhattan. I highly recommend it.

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