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Prime Bistro
Yohan- 05/09/12

My wife and i went for dinner, the food was out of this world! The atmosphere was great, beautiful decor. Would highly recommend this restaurant for any occasion. Thanks for a great evenning !

NU Cafe 47
AM- 05/09/12

Really looking fwd to celebrating Mothers Day @ NU Cafe 47. The sushi is outstanding but not to be outdone by the the par excellence other dishes. Cant wait!

Levy's Kosher Italian
Shari Gerson- 05/09/12

My problem at Levy's is not being able to decide what to order because everything is so delicious and plentiful. The owners, Debbie and Scott Levy, are so friendly and always looking to please, and the service is great; always with a smile. Aside from the regular dishes, the sushi is outstanding! I recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for taste, quality and quantity.

Reply #1 submitted by: Debra Levy on 08/06/12

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! Debra Levy

Prime Bistro Central Avenue
Allison kahn/ T Fusion St- 05/02/12

We had a family Birthday at Prime Bistro last night. The Place is beyond beautiful.The food was mouthwatering and delicious. We were amazed at the class and ambience this place has. The owner is a doll. Always attentive with an attentive staff as well. Lots of luck!!! This will be our place to go for all our events.

Old Williamsburg Cafe
STEPSON- 05/02/12


Chateau Steakhouse
J cooper- 05/02/12

When are you opening??????

Sophie's Bistro
MC- 05/02/12

Best food ever! Love the pizza and Belgium waffle...good stuff.

Pat's Restaurant
Shlomo Skibibitz- 04/21/12

Pat's is the bomb, yo. Delicious food cooked up Hashem style!

Pardes Restaurant
Ruth Hysenaj-Hoti- 04/16/12

Kudos to the Chef, " Pardes Bistro is like a fine old mink coat: opulent, dignified and warm." BoCoCa, Indeed is the hottest neighborhood in Brooklyn, it would only make sense to bring in a great kosher Bistro to the neighborhood. I am sure that many more diverse kosher cuisines will be making their way to the hottest neighborhood in the Big Apple. Close to everything, L.R., Atlantic Terminal/ Yards. Net Stadium, Atlantic Avenue Mall. Pardes, Bistro Lounge, superb service that hits the right spot!!

Upper Crust
Chaia Frishman - 04/16/12

Ate here with a friend. They have AMAZING calzones. Hot out of the oven! Go Adam!

Reply #1 submitted by: jgh on 05/02/12

go upper crust

Sophie's Bistro
Binem Naiman- 04/16/12

When I'm in the mood for Dairy ...... Love it!!

Milk N' Honey (Calif.)
Kirk Dufauchard- 03/28/12

I had the best lunch in a long time at your restaurant. I had the Linguini All Cajun and it was excellent. It had salmon in it and I don't like salmon. I ate it all. In fact, my daughter had Fettuccini with salmon and spinich. My sister had Szechwan Salmon and I tasted both and there were both excellent. Like I said I generally don't like salmon but I did today. I've had salmon blackened but still didn't like it. You have changed my mind. Your restaurant was a lucky pick for us. We will be back. The service was excellent. We'll have to try the Sunday brunch also.

Carlos & Gabby's Brooklyn
Rosalie- 03/28/12

we tried several dishes from carlos & gabby's...all very tasty, very delicious and very authentic.

More Restaurant Openings & Closings / "Dine In Brooklyn Week" starts TODAY / Many More Pesach restau
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 03/19/12

Click on the link for this week's newsleter packed with exclusive news and information: http://conta.cc/xVAz09

Sarah- 03/28/12

This afternoon, my daughter made a bridal shower for her best friend at Orchidea. She couldn't have picked a better place to celebrate. The tables, arranged in an L shape, were set beautifully, with colored tablecloths,all of the dishes, glasses and flatware arranged perfectly and with votive candles lit. She was able to add our own personal touches with no problem. Every one of the guests commented on the elegant atmosphere, the wonderful service and the delicious food. Even when it was time to settle the bill, it was done in an orderly, fair way. It was worth every penny!!

Michaels- 03/28/12

Can't wait to see their new eMenu!

Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 03/06/12

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Hy Life Bistro
Alan - 03/06/12

Nice place. Good friendly service. Food is good. Takes credit cards.

Pat's Restaurant
Kathy and Bert Lorell- 02/23/12

We had the most delicious whitefish just seasoned the right way and very good service. We will for sure come back. Thanks

Pardes Restaurant
Mark- 02/22/12

Had dinner at Pardes for the first time 2/19/12 . Drove in from Nassau County . Well worth it ! A most delicious dinner and the waitress was great . very knowledgeable and helpful . service was fine. Wine list extensive and so was the beer list. A most unique and wonderful dinner was had there , kudos to the chef . will absolutley return in the near future .

Safa Restaurant, under Vaad Harabonim of Queens once again
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 02/21/12

 Please be advised that Safa Restaurant, located at 451 Middle Neck Road in Great Neck, NY is now under new management and they are under the supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens.

Dougie's BBQ Great Neck
Sonia Khaim- 02/20/12

Very delicious food, just what Great Neck needed. I usually go with my kids they like the food and the CRAYONS and I like the peace of mind. Must try the steak sandwich and the tenderloin wrap. I loooove Dougies.

Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Joel stern- 02/20/12

<p>The food was scrumptious. The menu offers many gourmet dishes. The service was fantastic,very friendly,easygoing,and swift. The owner is especially courtious.</p>

Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Sara Klinger- 02/14/12

Our First time there.... Food, Ambiance & Service were Great ! I agree with David C, the portions were small and we are also not big eaters. Sara K.

Haim- 02/14/12

we made a Bat Mitzvah party for our daughter and it was beautiful. Beside the unbelievabley tasting selection of foods from pasta, fishes, salads and soups and deserts, the staff themselves performed amazingly. they set up the tparty with such creativity, matching tablecloths and balloons. they made sure everyone was happy and satisfied!!! there was not 1 person who said they did not enjoy it all. we give a lot of credit to a more than well done planned party to Ofer and Mazel. making a surprise birthday cake for our other daughter was a big exciting hit. it was really was so much fun and elegantly prepared . no one would ever be sorry for choosing Orchidea in making a special occasion. Great wonderful job to all the staff there!!!!!

Meat Me - wow what a place
Sam- 02/12/12

great food & ambience!!! we had the delmonico, tangines, and the chick with mushrooms all very tender and moist. Staff were friendly and personable but a little disorganized. think they were new... the room was decorated very nicely. fancy but not over the top. would go back & recommended to friends!

Eden Wok Westchester
REBECCA NILE- 02/12/12


Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Dolly orbach- 02/12/12

Very nice place,u fill like home. The owner Sharon is nice and warm. Food is grate ,CLEAN and fresh all the time.

Shanghai Diamond Garden
Daniel- 02/12/12

The best food in LA!!!

Sushi Moto
Ziddo- 02/12/12

friend of mine recommended this place to me. i was surprised at how good it actually was. not just the food.. the atmosphere of the store was great. they had a very interesting menu with things like japanese pizza which i never saw before. all in all sushi moto was really good and i recommend it too

HOUSE OF DOG: Dogs n' Beer
Atara smith- 01/31/12

dogs n` beer is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!:) (but dont get da borough parker if ur a girl!it has chulent!)

41 on the Bay
Pearl Bondo- 01/31/12

Want to make reservations what is your phone number

Reply #1 submitted by: Elan Kornblum on 01/31/12


Orlando fl
Saul- 01/31/12

im going to orlando florida next week looking for food and resturants there

Slice of Life
Debie Gronner-Greenberg- 01/31/12

My mother used to love coming to see Sheldon and the chiii. Everytime one of us would come in we just had to take my mom there.. I've been to Chicago twice since my mom passed away and am coming in with my son... time to break in a third generation..

Slice of Life
Debie Gronner-Greenberg- 01/28/12

My mother used to love coming to see Sheldon and the chiii. Everytime one of us would come in we just had to take my mom there.. I've been to Chicago twice since my mom passed away and am coming in with my son... time to break in a third generation..

Sushein the best
Shlomo- 01/21/12

Sushein-one of the best meals I' ve ever had! Great food, great wine, great atmosphere, and great staff! A really good restorant

Shanghai Diamond Garden
Farshad Sinai- 01/21/12

Great Food.. Great Service!

Manny- 01/21/12

Great service. Amazing, fresh sushi. Good entrees. Not very cheap but worth the price.

Chaiko Tapas
Girlzluv2talk- 01/02/12

i was by chaiko tapas many times and found that this is my favorite restaurant! from service to food...everything was delicious, pleasant, and an enjoyable meal.a few of my favorites are the PRIME RIB AU JUS, OXTAIL, RIB STEAK FRITES, and of course the CRISPY CHIKEN/BEEF!!

Meat Me
Yardena Gorge- 12/31/11

Meat Me Restaurant is Happy to announce that we received full liqour License few weeks ago.

Prime Bistro
Girlzluv2talk- 12/29/11

i recently went there, and the food was amazing! the place was gorgeous and the service was excellent! i am rlly looking forward 2 go there again!! :)

Chai Wok
Miriam- 12/21/11

I went out with my husband for dinner and we were treated to excellent service, generous portions, and delicious food. Donny the owner takes a personal interest in every customer and makes you feel at home. I had the fung Wong gai and it was perfect. BTW The sushi is pretty incredible too. This place can compete with any restaurant in NYC. If you are in Miami stop by, you'll be glad you did!

Chai Wok
Eli Hertz- 12/13/11

If you live in or are visiting Miami, Chai Wok is a restaurant worth going to with friends and family. The food is par excellence, and the Sushi is the best I have tasted anywhere. The staff are very friendly, and treat you like family. Try it out and see for yourself. You will not be dissapointed.

Shabbat meals
Enrichetta Dominitz- 12/08/11

We are 3 persons who will spend one week in Manhattan, and would like to know if it is possible to have meals both on Friday, Dec.30th (erev Shabbath) and lunch on Saturday, Dec.31st. Kindly let me know the procedure for reservations, if possible the menu and prices. I am looking forward for a prompt reply. Thanking you in advance. Enrichetta Dominitz, Milan, Italy.

Reply #1 submitted by: Elan Kornblum, Publisher on 12/08/11

Are you asking about a specific restaurant or for any restaurant? Upper West Side restaurants only offer Friday night meals. Chabad of Midtown is the only one that I know that does Shabbos lunch too.

Abe- 12/08/11

If you are in israel you have to check this place out! I have been going there for years and never get bored, I remember the taste long after I am back in the states. Oh! Desserts are a must! They look like art and taste amazing!

J richey- 12/08/11

check $20-$35? Ha Ha Ha, perhaps for the take out menu portion

Yummy Grill (Sarah's Tent)
Dan- 12/08/11

I love this place! Easily the best inthat area. Fresh, flavorful, high quality meats. Clean and fun enviroment. You'll keep coming back!

Eva- 12/01/11

wooowwwww!!!! I'll come again and again....

Eva- 12/01/11

Before submitting my own personal feedback I read through all the existing comments and was astounded to see how many Orchidea frequenters have already said everything I ever wanted to say and more. I guess we all agree to its worthiness of holding first place in kosher, dairy, restaurant ratings. Their decor, elegance, style, , superior tastiness, sophistication, customer conformity/flexibility, and above all, their perfection beyond possible perfection in being a six star Manhattan restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn.... is impeccable. ( I dine there very often...and can vouch for all I just said with the following example. My friends wanted to try a total new salad (not on the menu) so we specified what we would like to combine..and a few min later we had our custom order tantalizingly displayed before us...

Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
David C- 11/27/11

Food was excellent but the portions were very small. We are not big eaters and we left hungry.

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