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Chagall Bistro Appears on The Jewish Channel


Chagall Bistro appeared last week on The Jewish Channel, 
to highlight the fact that they are first kosher restaurant in Park Slope in over 15 years. We were just there last week and you can see some of the great dishes here. Now, you can see the abridged version of The Jewish Channel video by clicking on the image below (Chagall appears at the 6:03 mark). The full version of the segment is on the show's On Demand Channel. Great Kosher Restaurants Publisher Elan Kornblum makes an appearance as well.

Chagall Bistro on The Jewish Channel


We have Dish Network here but they don't carry The Jewish Channel. If any of you have these cable providers below, can you tape the Chagall segment and send it to us? Thank you.

Verizon Fios TV- Channel 900 / Time Warner- Channel 528 
Optimum - Channel 505 / RCN- Channel 268 
Comcast- On Demand menu (Premium Channels) 

Bright House- Channel 330 / Cox- Channel 1 




Kosher Meals Coming to Fort-Lauderdale Airport in just over a week!
Kosher food at Ft. Lauderdale Airport
So Jetblue is not the only reason you may want to fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale International Airport when traveling to South Florida? It has just been reported that the airport will offer grab and go kosher meals in Terminal 3 (where Jetblue operates) starting on September 24, the last day of Chol Hamoed Succos. 

The salads, sandwiches and baked good are marketed under the label of Miami Chef Allen Susser. Hollywood-based Kosher Central Market will source, prepare and certify the meals that will be delivered to Susser's airport concession. The packaged food will bear the Orthodox Rabbinic Board of Broward and Palm Beach counties seal.

Click here for the full article: http://bit.ly/17UyJTQ
(Photo and Source: SunSentinel)
So as many of you know, I had back-to-back trips to Toronto and Chicago these last 2 weeks and while they are 7 hours apart, they share some similarities when it comes to their restaurants.
Let's start off with Toronto and some of my observations.  A few years ago, the city had a nice amount of casual to fine dining establishments, with Gladstone's, King Solomon's Table, Miami Grill and Marky's. Sadly, all of them closed.  It may have had to do with the economy and recession or that there aren't enough kosher diners to support that many waiter service restaurants (probably a combination of both), but it seemed the dairy places were the ones that were dominating. Fast forward, a couple of years and while many of the dairy restaurants are around, there has been an influx of new sit-down meat restaurants that have made Toronto a town that should not be embarrassed by their restaurants.  
First, I have to mention the two fine dining restaurants that have have weathered the storm and continue to produce fantastic fare in a white table cloth environment.  Yes, there are only 2 fancy restaurants in Toronto and they happen to be a few buildings away from each other on Eglinton Avenue.  I had the opportunity to dine at Bistro Grande (dairy) and Marron Bistro (meat) and they were both terrific, especially Marron - the food was inventive, full of flavor and it was truly a wonderful experience. You can see photos of the dishes and commentary by clicking on their links.  Meanwhile, in terms of restaurants that have come on the scene in the last couple of years, Thornhill (a Jewish suburb of Toronto) has seen a steady flow of new restaurants from Ba-Li Laffa to Dr. Laffa (who knew Toronto was the capital of laffa?) to Ashkenaz Cowboy (the coolest and tastiest Southern comfort food north of the border - they even got me to wear a cowboy hatYou have new places like Burgy's Goldburger and Hummus Hummus which has expanded and is opening up soon.
 Again, this is all just in Thornhill.  Further south on Bathurst, you have the new Pantry Restaurant, a creative, eclectic dairy restaurant and also the new Ben & Izzy's, the only deli restaurant in the area.  Rounding out the scene, you have all the others that have been around for awhile that are putting out really good quality fare, like Umami SushiDairy TreatsMilk n Honey and Chicken Nest, where I had the best Half Rack BBQ Beef Ribs I've ever had.  But one thing I was still shocked to see is that Toronto still does not have a full fledged Chinese restaurant. You have a take out place here and there but not your classic green wall/brown carpet/Chinese waiter kind of restaurant. But all in all, it was a great trip to our Canadian neighbors.
After a weekend pit stop at home, including my daughter's birthday party and a friend's wedding, I jumped back on the plane to Chicago.  Now, let me get to the major similarity Toronto and Chicago have in common. EVERYONE IS IN BED BY 9PM! While I'm kind of joking, it really is interesting to see that the streets of Chicago and the kosher restaurants are almost empty at around 9:30pm. They simply don't have the amount of kosher diners and the young dining crowd that stay out late.  However, there are some exceptions and I saw that when visiting the new, hot eatery, Milt's BBQ for the Perplexed (featured last week in the Travel section of 
The NY Times).  After I managed to get to a Chicago Cubs game, I walked to Milt's (they're a 10 minute walk from Wrigley field) and when I got there at 9:30, the place was still buzzing with people. Oh, and dinner was really good and I have the photos to prove it.  But while Chicago doesn't have a fraction of the number of restaurants in New York, I've had people tell me that they think Shallots in Chicago can stand up to any NY restaurant. I might have to agree.  And I would have to also agree that your best bang for your buck is still Hy Life Bistro, where the food and service is always good and the prices are reasonable. And believe it or not, Slice of Life, their sister restaurant in the same building is the only dairy waiter service restaurant in all of Chicago. Speaking of the only-kind-of-something, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Chicago finally has a full service, sushi restaurant.  
Hamachi Sushi Bar might not look big, but it can seat many diners comfortably and they turn out some amazing and creative rolls, that again, can rival any kosher sushi restaurant in NY. And then of course, Ken's Diner is still there (and they just added mini TVs to all their booths), you have the ever consistent Israeli restaurant in Taboun Grill, and the quick, classic, counter service pizzeria in EJ's
Bottom line on both places: Appreciate what you have and support your local restaurants, since there are other towns that can barely keep 1 or 2 nice restaurants around - talking to you Cleveland and Detroit :)


TODAY 8/29 ONLY: Free fries with any Sandwich purchase (not valid on delivery)
SUMMER SPECIAL: Buy 1 falafel, get 1 free (click for coupon)
Not valid on delivery. 1 per customer.  Expires 8/31/13. 
The J Soho is proud to offer dinner and catering for both night of Rosh Hashana
Join them on Wednesday, Sept. 4 and Thursday, Sept. 5 
at 8pm for a sumptuous festive meal with wine pairing.
RSVP by calling 646-410-2318 or 646-410-0717 or emailjsohoevents@gmail.com (reservations will close on Sept 1)
Talia's Steakhouse
Click here for their Rosh Hashana details and as well  as theirDinner and Lunch menu options.
Open for all days of Succos- Sept. 18th to Sept. 25th
Talia's large outdoor cafe will be converted to a large sukkah during the holiday. Pre-paid, prix fixe yom tov lunch and dinners will be served. For more info, click here.
Intro to Cake Decoration
5 Monday Nights, September 30 - also Oct 7, 14, 21, 28
7:00pm - 10:00pm / $450 per person

Date Night, Fall Feast
Tuesday, October 01
7:00pm - 10:00pm / $180 per couple

Melon Carving & Platters with Chef James Parker
Sunday, October 06 / 9:00am - 1:00pm / $200 per person

Culinary Bootcamp
5 Tuesday Nights: October 8 also Oct 15, 22, 29, Nov 5
7:00pm - 10:00pm / $450 per person

BBQ School, Open House, and Buffet with Pit Boss Ari White

Thursday, October 24 / 7:30pm - 9:30pm / $105 per person
Glatt a la Carte

In time for the yom tov season - all their sauces and rubs are available at their restaurant (or when they are closed at Shaulys Meal Mart- 1973 60th street 718-236-2200).
Click here for more information and for Chef Mark's 
signature recipes using his sauces and rubs

Rolls Kosher Sushi & Salad
Place your order online @ www.RollsKosherSushi.com 
and save $5 on your first online order!
FREE LOCAL DELIVERY (w/ $15 minimum - 2 mile radius) & Curbside Service
Open until midnight during the week and 2am Sat. night
Sushi KBar
Click here for their weekly specials
Lunch Special (Mon-Thu 11-4pm) 
Sandwiches -$11.95; Entrees: $13.95
Choose from 11 house specialty dishes: 
Shwarma, Shish Cornish hen, Cornish hen Steak, 
Grilled Chicken, Schnitzel, Burger, Shish Turkey, 
Shish beef, Shish Lamb, Kuta Kabob, Jerusalem Mix Grill
All You Can Eat Thursday nights (4pm-10pm) just $19.95
Free Soup, free salad bar & their most popular items:
Signature Schniztel, Chicken Poppers, Cornish Hen, Famous Haimishe Cholent 
* Friends & Co-Workers promotion- 10% off entire order when ordering for 5 or more friends.


The Kosher Taco (Lakewood)
Call for curbside pick up and they will bring it out to your car
FREE DELIVERY TILL 5PM. (min $15.00)
Call it in the air for a chance to win 20% off your bill.
.50 cent wings, any style, ALL DAY TODAY (8/29)
(under $15.00 is a $7.00 delivery charge, 
after 5pm is a $3.00 delivery charge all over Lakewood)
Asia Boca Raton
Click here for their Rosh Hashana menu
Click here for their Summer Specials (through October 15)
Sundays (12-4PM) and Mondays (4-9PM)
Chinese Buffet is Back (served with Soup or Salad)
House Lo-Mein, Mongolian Beef, Sesame Asian Wings, Pad Thai and much more - $21.95 adults $8.95 Kids (10 & under)
Tuesdays- (4-9PM). New Asian BBQ!
BBQ Mongolian Beef, Hoisin BBQ Chicken, Hotdogs, Sliders
PLUS lots more.....$21.95 Adults 8.95 Kids (10 and under)
Wednesdays (4-9PM)...Unlimited 1/2 prices sushi rolls
Choose from their Special Selection of Traditional Rolls 
and Specialty Rolls (Taxes & Gratuities)
Not valid with other specials or coupons 
Chai Wok (North Miami)
Click here for their summer specials
House Of Dog (Miami Beach)
Click here for details of their $1000 Gold Treasure Hunt 
Voka Restaurant at the WorldGate Resort Hotel (Orlando)
Click here for their Rosh Hashana menu
Click here for their Rosh Hashana & Succos program details:
* Just 1 Mile from Walt Disney ® World Resorts
* 429 Spacious all non-smoking Interior Corridor Rooms
* NEW! All Rooms Renovated with mini fridge
* Complimentary Wifi / Complimentary Parking
* Complimentary transportation to Theme Parks & Outlets
* Two Outdoor Pools (seasonally Heated) - Jacuzzi 
* Lighted Tennis and Basketball Court
Program Offers:
* Orthodox Synagogue / Exciting Lecture Program
* Day Camp / Teen and Adult activities
* Tea Room
* Complimentary 1 day Disney Pass for Children Under 12
Gourmet Glatt Kosher Meals (under strict supervision)
Call for Information and Reservations: Laurie Ramirez
Direct Phone: 407.997.2110. Email: lramirez@wgtresort.com
The opening of Bistro at Canyons for the 2013-14 winter season has been pushed back to mid-December. We will share the new menu and exact date as soon as they are available.
Click here for their Rosh Hashana Take Out Menu

Order your Rosh Hashana Platters by Sept. 1st to receive a 10% discount (pick up Eruv Rosh Hashana Sept. 4th). 
Delivery available please inquire upon placing order.
FURTHER 15% discount on 2 or or more platters pre ordered! 
Order by September 15th  to receive discount for Eruv Sukkot platters (Pick up September 18th delivery available).
Please inquire upon placing order.

48 pc platter regular rolls - 31.99
48 pc platter 1/2 1/2 - 43.99
48 pc platter house rolls- 58.99
80 pc platter regular rolls- 54.99
80 pc platter 1/2 1/2 - 74.99
80 pc platter house rolls- 94.99

Just Heat, Eat and Enjoy! Your Meal Includes: Chicken Soup w/Noodles, Barbecued or Dry Roast Chicken, ,Potato Kugel. Choice of Side: Farfel & Mushrooms, Roast Potatoes, Rice, Oven Roast Veggies, (substitute Kugel for 2nd side).
Order Wednesday, pick up Thursday. 
Order Thursday, pick up Friday.
Serving of 4 - $43.95 / Serves of 6 - $65.95


Open for the 9 Days with more fish and vegetarian options
Click here for delicious looking photos of some of the items


Eden Wok 34th
Click here for their 9 Days menu.
* 9 Days Special- $7.95 for General Tso's Mock Chicken 
1 per customer, expires 7/15. Click here for printed coupon



Open with fish and Asian noodles, salads, appetizers and full sushi bar

Gotham Burger

Here are some of their parve and vegetarian items:
-Beer Battered Fish n' Chips 
-Honey Mustard Salmon on a bed of garlic spinach over mustard mashed potatoes
-Salmon topped Ceasar Salad  -The AMAZING veggie burger
-Portobello Burgers
- Variety of salads, including the avocado grapefruit salad 


Grill 212
Click here for their 9 Days menu 


The J

Serving regular menu as well as Nine Days menu

Including: Appetizers:

Tuna Tartar (avocado, chili oil)

Soy marinated tuna and salmon crudo salad

Oven roasted fish cake (orange marmalade)

Light saffron fish broth


Halibut Au Pain (soy broth)

Sea Bass Papillote (lemon & Herb)

Wild Salmon Steak (sun choke puree)

Chilean Sea Bass (purple yam puree, fresh kale, fry yam)


Ladino Tapas Bar & Grill

Click here for their 9 Days menu


Le Marais
Click here for their 9 Days Menu. Their regular menu will also be available. They will be open for normal hours, except Monday, July 15th when they will be open only for lunch and they will be closed for Tuesday, July 16th


Click here for their 9 Days menu


Mike's Bistro

They are open with a 9 Days menu and their regular menu. They will then be closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before Tisha B'av.


Mr. Broadway  

Open for the 9 Days

Click here for a Cinderalla Broadway Show Ticket Giveaway


Buy 1 item from their special 9 day sushi menu, get 1 free
*Free item is equal or lesser value - click here for the info
*Not valid on delivery, one per customer - expires 7/15/13


Prime at the Bentley Hotel

Open for the 9 Days


Prime Grill
Click here for their 9 Days menu


Prime KO

Click here for their 9 Days menu


Schnitzel Express

Open for the 9 Days with more parve dishes


Shalom Bombay 
They are open and will have fish options for the 9 Days. Today's buffet will feature Fried Fish Tilapia and Salmon Malaber. come on in and try today between 12-3pm!  tonight and Tomorrow night: Free dessert with reservation.
Taam Tov
Open for the 9 Days 

They become Talia's Fish House for the 9 Days with a 
special menu featuring a wide selection of fish, pasta and vegetarian dishes.  Click here for their 9 Days menu.  

Their usual dinner menus is also available. 

* Half Off Dinner for 2 or 4 from Livingsocial!

During the 9 Days, customers may use this LivingSocial deal instead of the regular steak menu.  Click here

* No live music until after July 16th. 

* For July 12th, the entire restaurant is rented by the Chabad of the West Side for a special Shabbat dinner.  To reserve, please contact them directly.  For more info, click here.


U Cafe
They are offering a free glass of Lemonana with your dinner entree during the 9 Days (must mention this email) 


Wolf & Steakhouse

Open with their regular and a special 9 Days menu (below)

Soup: Fish Chowder, Sweet Corn, Seasonal Vegetables - 16
Starter: Salmon Tacos, Avocado, Carrot, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Tabasco Mayo - 17
Tuna Tartare, Avocado, Toasted Sesame, Balsamic Reduction - 18
Entrée: * Salmon Burger, Guacamole, Soy Tabasco Mayo - 23

* Tuscan Salmon Sandwich, Arugula, Roasted Tomato, Basil Olive Oil, Ciabatta - 23
* Vietnamese Snapper Sandwich, Avocado, Jalapeño, Carrot, Cucumber, Cilantro, Soy Tabasco Mayo - 28
* Grilled Fillet of Salmon, Basil Olive Oil - 28
* Seared Pepper Crusted Tuna Steak, Balsamic Reduction- 29
* Pan Roasted Red Snapper, Chardonnay, Baby Heirloom Tomato, Asparagus, Mushroom - 30




Chop Chop

Click here for their 9 Days menu.
Click here for a photo shoot of their many parve items. 


Eden Wok

Click here for their 9 Days menu




Sushi Metsuyan
Open for the 9 Days  




Dougie's Woodbourne

Click here for their 9 Days menu with additional parve and vegetarian items. Click here for their Facebook page for upcoming specials and contests. 
Meanwhile, David Zakheim and his fantastic Z Cholent will be exclusively sold at Dougie's Woodbourne this summer. Available most Thursdays and Fridays.



Click here for their 9 days menu details
Note that they will be closed Sun, Mon & Tues. the week of Tisha B'Av. 

Day 5
Great opportunity to try this new sushi/fish restaurant, especially for the husbands that are home during the week. They have added some new desserts from their pastry chef.
They are open until 11:30 tonight.


They are open for the 9 Days from Monday, July 8th
to July 11 from 5pm-closing with an exclusively "Parve Menu" - 3 Gourmet Courses for $25.99pp. 
All served with crispy bread and homemade herbal spread
1st Course- Soup of the Day
2nd course- Salmon Primavera or Cajun Fillet of Tilapia (includes side dish and homemade dipping sauces)
3rd Course- Caramel Flan crowned with whipped cream or chocolate and vanilla ice cream* Not to be combined with any other promotions offers.

* No changes, substitutions or sharing allowed

* Tax, Tips and beverage not included, Not redeemable for cash.  Click here for more details.



During the 9 Days they are having a 4 Course Prix Fixe menu with choices of sushi, vegetarian, Chinese (mock chicken), fish, salads and more for $26pp.


Famous Pita - DEAL OF THE WEEK

They will be open Thursday, July 11 and Monday, July 15

Thursday Special- Parve Chulent, Overnight Kugel, parve kishke with salad bar - only $2.50 Monday Special- Falafel in Pita with Salad Bar - only $2

They will not be open the rest of the 9 days

Pardes Restaurant
See below or click here for their 9 Days menu. Note: They'll be closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday of next week. 
Order Ala Carte or 4 courses for $45

1) Sautee of Chanterelles with Corn, Jalapeno, Asparagus, 

& Thyme; Puree of Corn, Pickled Red Onion Chip, Garlic Scape Popcorn, Smoked Egg Yolk - $15

or Cobia Tartare, Peas, Mint, Black Pepper, Pea Puree, Garlic Toast - $17

or Aji Tartare of Charred Aji, Chanterelle, Shiso, Cherry Tomato, Red Onion, Orange, & Pinot Noir Vinegar, Chickpea Crepe & Ume Plum - $17

2) Arugula, Sour Cherries, Radishes, Walnuts, Walnut Oil & Balsamic - $11

3) Albacore Burger, Rouille. Heirloom Tomato, Herbs D' Provence Bun, Arugula - $20

or Olive Oil Poached Salmon, Kale, Artichoke Hearts, Black Olive Orrechiette, Heirloom Cherry Tomato - $23

4) Chocolate Mousse with Absinthe, Pistachio/Rice Crunch, Orange Thyme, Orange Flower Water, Blood Orange - $11.5

Assorted Sorbets & Local Fruit - $9
No Substitutions! Please order all food to go with table order

Sushi KBar
Click here for their weekly specials, including for upstate 
Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse

Open with a fish menu only.



Holy Schnitzel
Open for the 9 days. Brooklyn and 5 Towns locations will be closed.



Chatanooga (Great Neck)
Open for the 9 Days 


Cho-Sen Island (5 Towns)
Cho-Sen Village (Great Neck)
Cho-Sen Garden (Queens)
are opened with a special 9 Days Menu in addition to the entire regular menu.


Fish Plate (5 Towns)

Lunch Special: Any pasta (or salad), soup and can of soda for only $9.99 (until 4pm).
Delivery special: Free fish chowder or vegetable soup with every main delivery order. 


Masago Asian Fusion (5 Towns)

Open with a full fish menu


Prime Bistro (5 Towns)

Open with a full fish menu


Waffelino (5 Towns)

Click here for their 9 Days specials
Pizzalino Waffle Pizza- $8.99

Paninilino Waffle Panini- $8.99

Pastalino Pasta- $8.99

Fat Free & Low Sugar (Parve) Waffles- $5.99 incl. 2 toppings

Extended Summer Hours: 
Mon- Thu 9am-2am, Fri 9am-4pm, Open Sat. night




Chaiko Tapas (Teaneck)

During the 9 Days they will be having a $26 All You Can Eat Buffet of sushi, vegetarian, Chinese (mock chicken), fish, salads and more. RSVP for 5:30pm and 7pm seatings, limited space.


Etc. Steakhouse (Teaneck)

They are open with more fish items on their menu


Fumio Sushi & Grill (Livingston)

Click here for their 9 Days menu


Jersualem Kosher (Atlantic City)

Open for the 9 Days with their regular menu and additional fish options


The Kosher Taco (Lakewood)

Open for the 9 days with full a full pareve menu. Gluten Free fryers. Open till 2 am. Free delivery till 5pm. Tuna Burgers, Sliders, Fish Nuggets, Fish Tacos, Whole Fish, Salmon, and so much more.
* 9 Days Deal of the day:
All sandwiches and platters come with a FREE can of soda.
Buy 2 Platters and get a Dessert at half price.


Nobo Wine & Grill (Teaneck)

They are open with a 9 Days menu

The Reserve
Open Thursday night and Sunday night

656 Ocean (Long Branch)
Click here for their 9 Days menu 


Smokey Joe's BBQ (Teaneck)

They will be open from Monday, July 8 - Sunday, July 14.
They will be closed Monday and Tuesday, July 15 and 16. They will featuring a delightful fish menu in addition to their standard smokehouse menu 




Hy Life Bistro is closed.

Slice of Life is open with all 3 dining rooms available throughout the 9 days. Reservations and walk-ins will be accepted.

Shallots Bistro
Click links for their 9 Days menu - LunchDinnerBarSushi 




Click here for their 9 Days Specials


Chai Wok

They are open with a full sushi and Chinese menu


They are open for the 9 Days with a different menu every night 


Lul Grill Cafe

Open for regular business hours, except on Monday July 15thwhere they are closing at 4pm.  They will reopen on Tuesday, July 16th at 6pm 

Rare Steakhouse
9 Days Specials: 
* Macadamia crusted Grouper with coconut lime broth and Thai stick noodles
* Red Snapper in papillote with garden vegetables and yukon gold potatoes
* Angel hair pasta with artichoke, kalamata olives and fresh herbs and of course in addition to our salmon, sea bass and full sushi menu
Shalom Haifa
They are open for the 9 Days with their regular menu as well as many special fish dishes 




Eilat Grill (North Hollywood)
Click here their 9 Days Menu 


Got Kosher Cafe (Los Angeles)

Click here for their 9 Days Menu


Kohla Farangi (Los Angeles)

Open for the 9 Days with a full menu, with an emphasis on more fish and vegetarian dishes


La Gondola Ristorante
Click here for their 9 Days menu 


Pat's (Los Angeles)

They are open for the 9 Days


Shiloh's Steakhouse (Los Angeles)

They are open for the 9 Days


The Grille (San Diego)

Click here for their 9 Days menu  


Tierra Sur at Herzog Winery (Oxnard)
See here for their 9 Days Specials

* Ahi Tuna Sandwich with basil aioli, cucumber, pepper relish

(lunch service)
* Smokey Tomato & Sea Bass Consomme with potato saffron roux (dinner service)
* Coriander & Cumin Crusted Ahi Tuna with corn sticks and tomato salsa
* Salmon Gravlox with apple salad 
They will be closed in observance of Tisha B'av Monday, 
July 15th at 5:00pm (Tierra Sur will be open for lunch service only) and Tuesday July 16th all day.

And final call: Surf Brewery & Tierra Sur Beer Pairing
Tonight | July 11, 2013
Here is a list of the pairing menu:  

*Mondo Cream Ale & Chile Relleno stuffed with sweet potato and poblano aioli

* Strawberry Wahine Wheat & Ahi Tuna Tartare with pickled strawberry and rice cake

* County Line Rye & Choice of: Pastrami Sandwich or Salmon Gravlox with sour krout and bear mustard

* South Swell Double IPA & Choice of: Fried Hen or Fried Sea Bass with beer barbeque sauce and slaw
*Black Mild & Chocolate Semifreddo with hazelnuts and beer caramel

This will be a night of original and uniquely crafted beer, delicious small bites, education on how to make perfect beer pairings, all in a family style environment on the terrace. Seating for this event is very limited - available only to our wine club members and their guests. Don't have your ticket yet? Here are the event details:
Time: 7:00pm 
Location: Herzog Wine Cellars
Cost: $20 per seat 
Reservations are required for the evening. If you would like to join us, please email KRoberts@HerzogWineCellars.com 




Gaucho Grill
Click here for their 9 Days menu


The Urban Grill
Click here for their 9 Days menu




Ernie & Ellie

Click here for their 9 Days menu

Cherry Hill, NJ
in Cherry Hill turned kosher this past 
Sunday and neighborhood residents are already buzzing and excited to check them out. They are open from 5pm-10pm during the week and 12pm-1pm on Sunday. The restaurant is offering all you can eat sushi for $19.95 and is under the OK Supervision. It is owned by the same proprietor as Cherry Grill, which is located in the same shopping center.
South Jersey and Philadelphia

Fire Eaters Pizza Food Truck

The owners say they "built a large, wood-burning oven on top of a 25-foot bright orange trailer, with a completely modern kitchen." They do deliveries in different areas every night. Today they are in 
Lower Merion & Northeast Philadelphia Township. 
They are certified kosher by the Orthodox Vaad Ha Kashrus of Philadelphia (Community Kashrus "Keystone K"). At this time, all of their products are Pas Yisroel and their flour is all kemach yoshon. Pizza products should always be considered "Dairy" for purposes of kashrus. Cheeses are all certified cholov yisroel.
Aventura, FL

Soho Asian Bar & GrillSoho Asian Grill

Located off Biscyane Blvd. 
behind Publix at Concorde Plaza 
(best entrance is from NE 29th Avenue and NE 190th Street), this large Asian restaurant just had their grand opening last week which features a diverse menu with tapas and entree selections from the grill, wok, sushi, fish and much more.  At this unique space, there's a massive outdoor patio with big screens, which is ideal to watch a game. They are open for dinner only from Sunday to Thursday from 5pm-1am and on Sat. night  after Shabbos until 1am. They have happy hours from Monday - Thursday from 5pm-7pm and 12am-1am where you can enjoy a signature cocktail from their bar. They are under the supervision of Kosher Miami. We will surely check it out next week on my trip to South Florida. Thanks to Dani Klein from YTK for the heads up.



Orlando, FL 
Details are just coming out of a new kosher restaurant, called Voka in the Worldgate Resort Hotel under culinary trained Chef Nano. The hotel used to house Cohen's Deli, which closed a couple of months ago, but I've been in contact with the hotel and they just opened up this new upscale restaurant last week. Luckily for my family and I, we are staying at the hotel in a couple of weeks, so we will be able to see it first hand.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the details.

Welcome to California!

A Hotbed of Kosher Restaurants


While I have traveled to many kosher restaurants in cities throughout the world, I believe Los Angeles is the one city where you will find the most consecutive restaurants on one long avenue.  There are over 40 kosher restaurants in less than a mile on West Pico Blvd, in what should be the new Restaurant Row.  With absolutely no exaggeration necessary, I can tell you that I went up and down Pico over 50 times during my 5 days there. And the variety of restaurants on this strip is fantastic.  From American to Thai to Chinese to Persian to Italian to French to Israeli to Asian (not to mention all the burger, schnitzel and sushi joints) it is quite marvelous.


And of course, not every restaurant can be on Pico. There another dozen or so restaurants scattered around the LA area and dozens more in the valley. Although, one thing that did surprise me was that there haven't really been any new restaurants openings for a quite a while. The restaurant life is a cycle, and while there have been just a few closings, not many people are opening here either. But here is some breaking news: The dairy restaurant Twenty Six, will be turning meat in a month or so and the owners have plans to open a dairy restaurant just a block over in the near future.


But it seems the Doheny Kosher Market scandal has hit some of the restaurants hard, with some even switching supervisions and others contemplating it.  I was surprised that the store's name is still in large letters. I would have thought the community would not have wanted to be reminded every time they drove by.  In a weird kind of way, I almost think it's becoming a photo opp for a tourist to show his/her friends back home, that this is the market that...at least I think that, since I took a picture of it myself.


Anyway, I had a great time visiting and dining at all the restaurants, schmoozing with the owners and hearing how they are doing.  Like all kosher restaurants around the country, it's not easy, there are daily struggles and issues, but they are trying hard. So if you currently live in the L.A. vicinity or will be visiting soon, be sure to check out our Southern California section on our website here for photos, menus and all the details. The discount certificates for the So. Cal restaurants are available, so check our California Deals Section.

Let us know what you think about the L.A. restaurant scene.

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More Restaurant Openings


Grill on Wheels Kosher Food Truck

Gourmet Food Truck: Grill on Wheels

Not sure what took so long but a kosher meat food truck has finally hit the streets of New York City...on the same block as Moishe's Falafel no less. 
here for article.



TEANECK, NJBurrito'lam


The first Mexican restaurant in Teaneck will be opening 
July 17, the day after Tisha B'Av and will be located

166 W. Englewood Ave. Phone (201) 530-7676

Click here for their menu.



LAKEWOOD, NJ1880 Deli & Restaurant

1880 Deli & Restaurant  

This casual yet refined deli & restaurant opened a few months ago on W. County Line Rd. In honor of their opening they are giving our readers a 20% off discount. 
Either print this email out or mention "GKRM" and get 20% off your meal. For Dine in Only, Expires August 1st. 




Easta La Vista
They are a family-owned restaurant based in Baltimore, offering authentic middle eastern cuisine including kebobs, shawarma, falafel, soups, exotic desserts, and fresh salads. They officially opened last Monday, but the owners plan a grand opening in a few weeks. They are under Star-K Supervision.
1330 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD (in the Alley Shops)
Open Sunday through Thursday 11AM-9PM and on Fridays
Phone: 410-484-1174


SURFSIDE, FL Ike's  Diner to open soon
This dairy, cholov yisroel diner will be 
serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and will offer omelettes, pancakes, French toast, pastas, personal pizzas, paninis, fish and more. They are trying to open before the 9 Days but it might be soon after that.  They are located at 9476 Harding Avenue (next door to Cine Citta Grill).
Long Island Kosher BBQ Championship
So many of you might have heard about the debate regarding the changing of the name of Hakadosh BBQ, the popular pop up seen at many of the recent food festivals.  
If you haven't, click here for articlevideo and also Hakadosh BBQ owner Ari White's statement.
It was also said that the name may have caused Ari and his team 1st place overall in the LI BBQ Championship. 
Well, here are the full scores for every category of the Championship and you can decide for yourself.
Click here for a Full List of All the Scores or specifically: Team RankingsOverall Food RankingsBrisketBeef Ribs,ChickenBeansTeam NameBooth Decoration

CBS Morning Show Visits Gothem Burger NYC
Tony Tantillo from CBS The Morning Show came by Tuesday to hang out with owner and chef Avi Roth and to do a story on Gotham Burger! Stay tuned for the full segment when it airs.

The Reserve in Lakewood has found a way to "call" over your server without having to wave your hands or snap your fingers. Click here to find out how.


Time Out LA recently came out with their Top Ten Best Kosher Restaurants in Los Angeles.  But where was Shiloh's?  What do you think? Click here.


What is going on in Montreal? Is there a "kosher restaurant war" underway? Are the recent fire bombings of two Montreal restaurants the result of anti-semitism, a restaurant owner being jealous or criminal or just an isolated incident? Click here for the article and weigh in with your opinion.


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