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Cafe Classico 35 West 57th Street (Between 5 & 6th Aves) New York, NY 10019


35 West 57th Street
(Between 5 & 6th Aves)
New York, NY 10019

(212) 355-5411

20 oz. Prime Rib Steak
Grilled to your liking served with pesto red potatoes, or roasted garlic mashed potatoes & spring vegetables with sauteed baby mushrooms & onions
Cafe Classico 1 1/2 LB House Prime Rib Eye Steak
Grilled to your liking served with pesto red potatoes or roasted garlic mashed potatoes & spring vegetables with sauteed baby mushrooms & onions
1/2 B.B.Q. Roast Chicken
Flavored with herb B.B.Q. sauce served with rice, vegetables and pesto red potatoes
Grilled Crusted Salmon
With fine herbs & spices served with rice, pesto red potatoes or roasted garlic mashed potatoes & spring vegetables
Marinated Chicken Breast
Two breasts of chicken marinated or breaded done to your liking served with rice, vegetables and pesto red potatoes or Cajun fries & Israeli salad
Beef Kebob
Two skewers of Lean Ground Beef Grilled served with rice & Israeli Salad & grilled tomatoes
Chicken Kebob
Two Skewers of succulent chicken breast filets seasoned & marinated in saffron, char-grilled to your liking served with rice, Israeli Salad & grilled tomatoes
Shish Kebob
A skewer of tender filet of beef, seasoned & flame grilled served with rice, Israeli Salad & grilled tomatoes 

Fettuccini & Norwegian Salmon
Oven Baked fresh pieces of salmon tossed with fettuccini pasta, capers, black olives, roasted garlic & fresh plum tomatoes
Linguini alla Bolognese

Linguini pasta peppers, mushrooms, black olives & zesty marinara meat sauce 


Chicken Scarpariello

Chicken breast sauteed in olive oil with garlic, balsamic vinegar & white wine

Chicken Pizzaiola
Chicken breast, with mushrooms, red pepper, black olives in a zesty homemade marinara tomato 

Honey Glazed Turkey & Arugula
Sliced breast of turkey glazed with honey sun-dried tomato, herb mayonnaise & Arugula on 7 grain
Hard Salami, Smoked Turkey & Sundried Tomato
With cracked black pepper and marinated red peppers, crisp Romaine lettuce and herbed olive oil on pumpernickel

Grilled Breast of Chicken & Portobello Mushroom
With arugula, sliced tomatoes and black olive mayo on French Baguette

Avocado & Grilled Chicken Breast

Sliced avocados and grilled chicken breast with arugula, sliced tomatoes & creamy honey-mustard in  awrap bread



Pastrami, Chicken Salad, Honey Glazed Turkey Breast, Hard Salami, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Corned Beef, Smoked Turkey Breast, Roast Beef, Turkey Pastrami, Gourmet Tuna Salad

Jumbo Burger with sauteed mushrooms & onions

Jumbo 1/2 Lb. Turkey Burger

information about Cafe Classico
OK / Glatt Kosher / Pas Yisroel

Mon-Thu 11:30AM - 10:00PM

Delivery Hours
Mon - Thu 9:00AM - 10:00PM

Cuisine: Italian / American / Middle Eastern
Avg. Check: $25 - $35
Attire: Casual Neat

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No

WITH YOUR VIP CARD: Choice of appetizer or soup after 3PM with entree ordered. DELIVERY CITYWIDE / TAKE-OUT / LUNCH SPECIALS / ON & OFF-PREMISE CATERING


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ABOUT Cafe Classico

Since 1994, Classico has been providing Manhattan businesses and tourists alike, a place where one can get large portions for reasonable Manhattan prices. For lunch, the restaurant’s staff is quick to get out dozens of lunch orders for nearby businesses as well as take care of the patrons who come in for lunch meetings or shopping breaks. They are just blocks away from Central Park, Carnegie Hall, MOMA, Trump Tower and all 5th Avenue stores. For the evening hours, Classico morphs into a romantic and elegant venue. With soft Italian or French music playing in the background, it’s a perfect spot for a date or an ideal locale for that after-work escape.

Whether for lunch or dinner, prime seats are the ones near the window where you can overlook busy 57th Street filled with people walking to their next destination. A sense of calm falls over you since you know you’re relaxed and ready for a fantastic meal. They have a large and varied menu, so there something for everyone. A great way to start is with their tomato mushroom barley soup - it’s slightly spicy with lots of flavor and the soft barley and creamy tomato make a great combination. The crunchy and sweet cole slaw is out of this world, with pineapple being the secret ingredient. The restaurant is known for their “Sandwich Board” with dozens of selections of over-sized sandwiches and burgers. In fact, the owners are very passionate about their sandwiches. Each sandwich gets special attention down to the right bread going with the right meat. For entrees, the juicy saffron chicken with grilled tomato, wild rice and Israeli salad is highly recommended. All their steaks are of first grade quality and can be paired with several of their fines wines, including some from California and France. For the non-drinkers, they also have a non-dairy milk shake and recently added a sushi bar to the restaurant, with an authentic sushi chef from Japan. City wide delivery and fine corporate and social catering are a big part of their business. Private parties such as Sheva Brachos and birthdays parties are welcomed and encouraged.

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Check out reviews on our Great Kosher Restaurants Foodies Group: 

Review 5/27/15

Cafe Classico
M.r.adler- 05/13/09
The service in this restaurant is mediocre - no wine list - no coffee and fairly pricey for what is being offered
0 person likes
Cafe Classico
David rosen- 07/24/08
love the food
0 person likes
Cafe Classico
Angelo- 07/12/08
We are a company of italian’s eight people.
We lunched from you in the 8 July at 2,30 p.m. on the second floor, under the big mirror.
We lost custody of camera containing a memory card with our photos.
I would like to know urgently if you have found.
I thank you in advance for your kindness.
0 person likes
Cafe Classico
H. M. Salomon- 06/05/08
The best place for great food and fast service in midtown! Try the hard salami and roasted tomatoes sandwich!
0 person likes
Cafe Classico
Erica nayhan- 01/31/08
best sandwiches and salads
0 person likes
Cafe Classico
Joe cohan- 01/31/08
had the best burger. my wife's chicken marsala was also excellent.will go back soon. shalom
0 person likes
Cafe Classico
Michaelz- 01/29/08
Had a great guac and pastrami burger. Only have spicy fries, and only take cash. My friend's chicken wrap plate was also excellent.
0 person likes
Cafe classico
Jacob- 12/16/07
elan, i think you don't know what you're talking about - if that were true, then wouldn't great american be closed on sundays also?
0 person likes

Reply #1 submitted by: Elan Kornblum, Publisher on 12/16/07
I'm sorrry Jacob, but I do know what I'm talking about. The fact is, the owners have told me that because it's dairy, Great American Health Bar gets more tourists and locals on Sunday than Cafe Classico, which is meat. And therefore it makes sense for them to be open. Thank you.
Cafe Classico
Y B F- 12/16/07
Why would you be closed on Sunday?
0 person likes

Reply #1 submitted by: Elan Kornblum, Publisher on 12/16/07
Because they rely heavily on the businesses in the area. And on Sunday not much is going on.
Cafe Classico
Beverly Barton- 11/02/07
Served us frozen cake instead of apple tarts. No coffee, only green tea or regular tea. Place was very cold. Not pleasant to eat while cold. How can a restaurant not have coffee to serve with dessert? Be advised, they give you a hard time over accepting credit cards even though they are expensive. Our dinners (2 sandwiches, 2 Snapples, 2 slices of apple cake) came to over $50 before the tip. They embarrassed us last night over accepting our VISA. Does everyone walk around with loads of cash in NYC? I don't think so. Why embarrass customers? We'll never go back.
0 person likes

Reply #1 submitted by: jd on 06/04/09
They should definitely accept credit cards, this is the 21st century after all. They are relatively cheap compared to other Manhattan spots where they charge ridiculous amount of money