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Park Place 120 Raritan Ave (Between S. 1st Ave. & S. 2nd Ave.) Highland Park, NJ 08904


120 Raritan Ave
(Between S. 1st Ave. & S. 2nd Ave.)
Highland Park, NJ 08904

(732) 565-1234


FACE OFF-A great way to start the game!
Corn Dog- Batter dipped, deep fried hot dog on a stick
Chili-Good old Texas style chili
Buffalo Wings-Fried chicken wings tossed in our hot sauce
BBQ Wings-Fried chicken wings tossed in our BBQ sauce
Hot Bites- All white meat chicken nuggets tossed in hot and spicy sauce

Chicken Noodle Soup-Bowl of traditional homemade chicken soup with noodles.
Soup of the Day

The Rookie-4oz. beef patty served with ketchup, onion and pickle.
The Veteran Burger-2 - 4oz. beef patties served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle.
The Park Burger-*House Special* 8oz. ground beef grilled to your liking, topped with BBQ sauce.
Pastrami Burger-8oz. ground beef cooked & topped with sizzling grilled pastrami.
Chili Burger-8oz. ground beef cooked to perfection topped with our own hot and spicy chili
Veal Burger-A whole new taste in burgers! 8oz. lean veal topped with BBQ sauce
Turkey Burger-8oz. grilled ground turkey. A healthy and delicious change of pace!

Foot Long Hot Dog
Chili Dog

Chicken Nuggets-Hand breaded, tender strips of white meat chicken
Fried Chicken Boxes-Hand battered, Southern fried chicken. Comes with fries.
Fried Chicken Bucket-Hand Battered, Southern fried chicken.

END ZONE ENTREES-All platters served with fries
Rib Steak-Our delicious seasoned steak prepared to your specification
Skirt Steak-Tender, boneless steak
BBQ Ribs-BBQ beef spare ribs
1/2 BBQ Chicken-Half chicken grilled with our house special BBQ sauce
BBQ Chicken Cutlet-Fresh chicken breast spiced and grilled for you
Fried Chicken Cutlet-Chicken breast fried to a crispy golden brown
Beef Kabob-2 skewers of tender marinated beef
Chicken Kabob-2 skewers of marinated chicken
Pastrami & Eggs
Salami & Eggs

SHWARMA-Served with Israeli Salad Platter/Lafa/Pita/Sub

Kickin' Chicken-This fried chicken cutlet really comes with a kick!
Grilled Chicken Cutlet-White meat chicken grilled with our special spices and sauce
Fried Chicken Cutlet-Crispy, golden brown, fried chicken
Grilled Steak-Served with BBQ sauce and fried onions
Philly Steak-Thinly sliced steak served with fired onions and peppers
Assorted Deli

Steak Salad-Our deliciously marinated steak sliced into your salad
Grilled Chicken Salad-Our freshly grilled chicken, a great addition to your salad
Chef Salad-Three types of Deli freshly sliced into your salad

Spicy Fries
Sweet Potato Chips
Onion Rings
Onion Flower
Corn on the Cob
Israeli Salad

information about Park Place
Va'ad Harobonim of Raritan Valley

Sun-Thu: 11:00AM - 9:00PM

Cuisine: American
Avg. Check: $15-$25
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: Yes


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ABOUT Park Place

Park Place kosher grill located on Raritan Avenue between 1st and 2nd in Highland Park, NJ has been open now for more than five years. They’ve built a reputation for themselves for being “a great way to start the game” with an extensive menu to enjoy with friends along with your favorite sport. With friendly service and impeccable cleanliness, you’re in good hands at Park Place.

The restaurant has got you covered on all the tradition food that sport fans will love from Buffalo Wings, Fried Chicken Buckets to Philly Steaks. The larger 8 ounce burgers that are made fresh in house with high quality meat, are lean yet they maintain just enough juice and good beefy flavor which gives you the best of both worlds. Uniform thickness and consistency allows the flavor to develop fully within the burger. Their Skewered Grilled Kebabs deliver the lower-carb equivalent of a burger for when you want to savor the most basic grill experience. Don’t miss the  BBQ wings which are tasty and quite filling as well. The spicy version has a kick that will wake you up.

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Park Place offers catering and takeout options to suit your needs. If you’re looking to host a party, the upstairs room is a great setting that will afford some privacy. Decorated parve birthday cakes are to complete the picture for your next celebration. Save your appetite when contemplating a Park Place visit!

Come check out reviews on our Great Kosher Restaurant Foodies Facebook Group:

Review 3/18/15

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Park Place..... Highland Park N.J.
Sbb87- 09/06/16

This is a great place. The hamburgers are the juiciest. Absolutely the best. Cooked perfectly to order and reasonably priced. I also really like the blooming onion. It's a schlep for me to get there but when I'm jonesing for a burger, I make the drive. Even my goyesha friends say the burgers are delicious. I rarely eat meat out but this place is an exception. It can be noisy Thurs. night with the kinder and couples but I love it.. There is more room upstairs. I also want to say what a real " Mensch" the owner is. Clean looking jolly fellow with real people skills, a geuine smile just an upstanding guy. I took my 98 year old mom there 2 years ago on Pesach for her birthday. Never ate out in my life on Pesach. We had a ball. Ordered too much food. Mom loved it. I was there the other day and he remembered me and mom. Asked where we were last Pesach and reminded me that her birthday meal this year (she is 100) is on the house...Definitely worth a stop even if you are not local.

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