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Tib's 19e 161 Rue Manin Paris, 75019 France

161 Rue Manin
Paris, 75019 France

01 42 45 00 45

Bagel Kravitz-  Mayonnaise, gherkin vegetables, bell chips,
raw vegetables and fried/potato chips
Hamburger- Substitute of meat on bread, egg, fried

Nocto- Tomatoes washers, tree on toasts, oil of olive, basil on a bed
Kessaria- Mushrooms, walnut
Netanya- tomato, mushrooms, corn, cucumber, brochette of salmon, toast
Symphony- cucumber, salmon, tarama, manner shrimp and crabs, lemon, toasts, funds, hearts dauphine palm tree, corn, mozzarella

Carbonara- Sauce béchamel, champigonns, yellow of egg
Arabiata- Sauce tomato spiced with chili
Bolognaise- Sauce tomato, manner meat
Fortissimo- Sauce béchamel, salmon

Provencale- Mozzarella, tomato , oil of olive, basil, salad
Brown- Crepe stuffed to the potatoes and to the onions, browned to cheese, sauce béchamel

Jackson- Tomare, cheese, aubergines,oeuf, olives, origan
Gainsbourg- Tomato, cheese, emmental, fresh tomatoes, egg, olives, origan
Mozart- Tomato, cheese, egg, artichokes, heart of palm, mushrooms, olives, origan
Parkson- Tomato, cheese, mushrooms, tuna, egg, olives, origan
Rossini- Tomato, mozzarella, emmental, goat cheese, blue of mézenc, olives, origan
Tounsia- Tomato, cheese, mushrooms, tuna, artichoke, bell pepper, anchovy, onions, egg, tomato, olives, origan

Baked Salmon
Harissa Roll- Tuna mayo, harissa, cucumber
Salmon Cheese Roll- Tartar salmon, cheese, rice, sesame

All the above items are also available at Tib’s 17

information about Tib's 19e
Rav Katz / Kehal Yereim

Sun - Thu (All day)
11:00am - 1:00am
Sat 30 min. after Shabbat- 2am

Cuisine: Italienne , Pizza , Sushi
Avg. Check: $18- $30
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No



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ABOUT Tib's 19e

While Tib’s 17 is located in more of an office/ business/ tourist area, Tib’s 19 is situated in a residential Jewish area - similar to an American-Jewish town. Large families and kids walking up and down the street, people saying hello to each other, all with Tib’s right in the middle of the action. While one would think Tib’s 19 would be more casual than its brother restaurant, this restaurant is more stylish. The restaurant is larger and has outdoor seating on the corner of Manin Avenue. French doors are usually open so one can sit inside yet enjoy the cool Paris breeze. Booths and large tables can be found on the dining room floor with a similar large and varied menu as the one in District 17. The restaurant is owned by Ariel’s partner, Yigal and delivers the same terrific results. They stay opened one of the latest in the city and are just a few blocks off of the main Paris highway - Peripherique Boulevard.

[continued above, right]

The portions are generous, especially the salads (hard to finish) and the quality-price ratio is very good. The restaurant is often busy, so reservations are suggested but because they are open throughout the day (contrast to their name) and the restaurant’s capacity is large, you should have no trouble finding a table. For birthdays, they turn on the lights and music so be sure to come on your special day. Recommendations include the Tounsia pizza with over a dozen toppings and the parve hamburger which really does taste like meat. Everything is made fresh to order and especially with the crepes, you can let your mind wander with what ingredients you would like to select inside. Tib’s specializes in on and off premise catering and can accommodate large families and events.

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