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Pescada Carne 509 Avenue P (Between East 5th & Ocean Pkwy.) Brooklyn, NY 11223

509 Avenue P
(Between East 5th & Ocean Pkwy.)
Brooklyn, NY 11223

(347) 702-5711

Duck  Cannelloni- Succulent duck rolled in our fresh handmade cannelloni in a roasted eggplant maple sauce. Spinach, pearl onion, garlic confit & black truffles
The Cauliflower - Pan fried fresh cauliflower florets In a carrot & cardamom puree. Pickled red onions, black puffed quinoa & tomato salsa
Gnocchi and Skirt Steak-  Juicy skirt steak pared with our in house made gnocchi Green asparagus, oyster mushrooms, baby beets and tomato “butter”
Beefsteak Skewers- Select cut of rib eye skewered and grilled over an open fire. Sunchoke cream, roasted shallots, baby beets, spinach, garlic confit, red wine reduction
Sweetbreads Risotto - Velvety sweetbreads over mixed mushroom risotto with chestnut crème, dried tomato powder
Duck Tataki - Seared duck breast thinly sliced served with Cucumbers & apple salsa, pickled shallot, ground peanuts, wasabi-honey vinaigrette. Cilantro & basil
Cordon Bleau - Mushroom and liver duxel, roasted butternut squash in a mixed mushroom sauce.
Short Rib Tortellini-  Slow cooked short ribs in our house made tortellini green asparagus, corn, beet cream, pistachio, and demi-glace
Crispy Pate-  Panko coated Chicken liver, fresh polenta, caramelized shallots & pears – parsley powder
Beef Carpacio- Thinly sliced butchers choice fillet mignon Grilled tomato vinaigrette, macadamia nuts, balsamic glaze, sunchoke chips & arugula. 

Exotic Beef Salad- Chefs select cuts of beef grilled to perfection in a mixed baby greens, red onion, walnuts, beets, mango, and Pomegranate salad with orange vinaigrette
Asain Chicken Salad- Sous vide chicken, iceberg lettuce, green onion, crispy rice noodle, papaya, cucumbers, peanuts, black& white toasted sesame with a Thai peanut dressing 

Filet Mignon- Butchers cut filet mignon Mashed potato, baby bok choy, okra, broccoli, snow peas, blanched & sautéed in a white wine reduction – demi glace sauce
Lamb Chops- Tender cut of lamb chops grilled over an open char grill Potato gratin, baby bok choy, okra, broccoli, snow peas, blanched & sautéed in a white wine reduction – demi glace sauce
Surprise Steak 12 oz.-  Crescent Steak (Surprise Steak) This heavily marbled cut is the most flavorful London broil available. Cut from the lip of the rib, this tender steak is the perfect complement to any meal Potato gratin, roasted root vegetables
Bone In Ribeye Steak 22 Oz. - Select cut potato fries and roasted root vegetables – with a mixed mushroom pan gravy Seared Ahi Tuna Steak-  Fresh caught sushi grade ahi tuna seasoned and seared to a medium temperature Baby carrots, beets, roasted shallots & sweet potato, caramelized cherry tomatoes

Lod Kataif- Crispy kataif, sweet lavender infused “vegan ricotta” pulled halvah, candied pistachios, silan syrup and a touch of rose water
Lotus Napolean-  Cream of lotus, layers of lotus cream, crispy puff pastry, caramelized banana

information about Pescada Carne
Rabbi Y. Gornish

Sunday - Thursday: 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Cuisine: American
Avg. Check: $50-$70
Attire: Fine Dining

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


Instagram: Follow PescadaNewYork on Instagram
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ABOUT Pescada Carne

The place is dimly lit and romantic. Certainly a restaurant to bring a spouse or colleague. Their staff is led by Chef Lior who opened up the original dairy Pescada and he has put Chef Ben from Israel in charge of this meat restaurant. Add the sous chef Denise, who was the Executive Chef of Brooklyn Steak Co, along with Albert Bijou, the manager/consultant and Daniel, head waiter, and you've got a pretty formidable team here.

The way I look at it, and going back to the price question, if you are worried that your bill will be high, but you still want to try out the restaurant, it's all in the ordering. You want to look for appetizers that are worth sharing and filling. My wife and I got 5 appetizers and we were pretty full. And it retailed for just $107. Five really good dishes and you're out of there. I'm sure the restaurant would probably like you to order a main, but just something to think about. But, yes, we got the Surprise steak too and finished it, because it was delicious, but even with all the items I got below, (let's say excluding dessert) you could have a phenomenal meal with 6 items for just over $200, for 2 people, everything in. Take away an app or two and it's well below $200. Not as crazy as you thought it would be, right? You don't always have to leave a restaurant where you can't walk. You will eat well, you will be satisfied, and you can have a banana when you come home if you still want a bite.

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Review 6/5/18 (Helen Schlesinger)

Pescada Ave. P
Gina tawil- 03/21/17

The food was delicious and. the service was excellent

0 person likes
Pescada Ave. P
Lea- 12/24/16

From the moment we walked in for a Sunday lunch until the moment we left, every second spent inside this lovely restaurant was fantastic. The waiters are courteous, the presentation is upscale, the prices are reasonable, the menu has something for everyone, and the delicious food is obviously prepared by a team whose passion is all things culinary. The ambiance made us feel as if we were sitting outdoors in a sun soaked location, and the attention to detail (especially loved the cushioned foam underneath the tables) is remarkable. We're already looking forward to coming back for dinner.

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Pescada Ave. P
Leah- 11/29/16

love the food: from spring rolls to salads, excellent bronzino! love the desserts for dairy- this is our go to restaurant

1 person likes
New York
Raquel- 10/08/16

I absolutely love this restaurant. It's always packed because their food is so good! Really- the best kosher restaurant in Brooklyn. Their fish is always fresh, their sides are so creative and DELICIOUS. My husband doesn't usually like to go to dairy restaurants- he always prefers meat-- but Pescada is his only exception, and ONLY preference. Way to go on changing the game, Pescada!

2 people likes
Pescada Ave. P
Michelle- 10/08/16

this place seriously has the best food. im a very picky eater and there are no good kosher dairy places until now. we took my sister out for her birthday there my family was raving and now my sister (who lives in jersey) wont eat at any other dairy place besides this one. and their customer service is amazing!!!!

1 person likes
Josh- 03/22/16

Absolutely loved this place food was great service was amazing would definitely come back

1 person likes
Lea- 12/17/15

love this place

1 person likes
Blimi follman- 06/25/15

Love the food. I always order the Mediterranean salad . Go check it out.

1 person likes
Moty Scheinfeld- 06/11/15

Went last night to celebrate our 29th Anniversary. Great Experience, great service, great food. Go and check it out it's worth it.

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