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Roast 1569 Lexington Avenue (Between 100th and 101st Street) New York, New York 10029

1569 Lexington Avenue
(Between 100th and 101st Street)
New York, New York 10029

(212) 360-7200

Soup Du Jour
Quinoa Salad
Chicken or Veggie Croquettes
Chicken Wings
Chicken Tenders  

FRENCH ROTISSERIE CHICKEN - Roast Signature Spice Blend
Quarter + 2 Sides
Half + 2 Sides
Whole + 2 Sides

SOUTHER FRIED CHICKEN - Spicy Cajun or Italian Herb
2 Pieces + 1 Side
4 Pieces + 1 Side
6 Pieces + 1 Side

Thick Cut French Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Grilled Vegetables
Garlic and Herb Mashed Potatoes
Mixed Salad
Long Grain Wild Rice
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Homestyle Salad
- Fried or grilled chicken on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce with tomatoes, yellow pepper, red onions, & croutons, served with our house dressing
Italian Salad- Fried or grilled chicken over mesclun greens with cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, fried onion strings, & our balsamic vinaigrette
Southwest Salad- Fried or grilled chicken on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce with tomatoes hearts of palm, corn, black beans, tortilla strips & our chipotle ranch dressing

Signature Sandwich
- Jack's facon, tomatoes, iceburg lettuce, red onion, with Russian dressing
El Picante- Tomatoes, iceburg lettuce, red onion, pickled jalapeno slices, with Sriracha mayonnaise
The Cali Chick- Tomatoes, iceburg lettuce, red onion, avocado slices, alfalfa sprouts, with babaganoush

information about Roast
Orthodox Union

Sunday: 12pm-12am
Monday-Thursday: 11am-10:30pm
Friday: 11am-1pm

Cuisine: Home-Style Chicken
Avg. Check: $20-$40
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No



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Roast is a fast casual restaurant located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that offers home-style cuisine and warm hospitality. Their ingredients are sourced from top quality vendors to consistently satisfy their customers. Roast specializes in healthy chicken selections, allowing their customers to cater to the whole family with freshly roasted rotisserie meals with made-from-scratch sides. Some healthy favorites include the Southwestern salad with chicken, avocado, roasted corn, blue corn tortilla chips and poppy dressing, the El Picante which is a spicy chicken with sriracha, tomatoes, red onion, and jalapenos on a baguette, and of course, their signature spicy blend rotisserie chicken. Roast respects the time honored kosher cooking traditions and goes above and beyond to maintain the highest standards.

Owner Ariel Tavor’s philosophy on running a restaurant is a cooperative operation. He believes that every member of their staff is integral to their success. He opened Roast to revitalize the East Harlem area by creating jobs in the neighborhood, and provide a kosher solution to those who seek quality home-made dishes. All of their food is made fresh and bursting with flavor. With generous portion sizes and good ingredients, you can feed every member of the family, even the most picky of eaters. You’ll be sold on their signature sandwich which is piled high with chicken cutlets, Jack’s facon, tomatoes, red onion, iceberg lettuce and Russian dressing on white bread or a baguette.

[continued above, right]

Since Roast is a neighborhood restaurant they always strive give back to the community. Every so often Roast will donate free platters of food to local NYPD, FDNY, MTA, and Children's Aid members and employees. So if you are looking for food that is delicious, healthy and moral, give Roast a try!

Check out reviews from our Great Kosher Restaurant Foodies Facebook Group: 

Review 2/16/17 (Elan Kornblum)

Reveiw 7/15/16

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Review 5/8/16

Holy Schnitzel (Staten Island)
Michael DeMartino- 07/21/15

I came in for lunch and enjoyed the Cigar Platter. It was minced roasted beef with a tahini dipping sauce. The outer shell had this roasted cracker crunch and the inside had a light chew which balanced it out. It was a really great meal, would recommend. It's also a cozy place. They have just enough seats so it doesn't feel crowded but still small enough to have that "hole in the wall" type of feel to it. I also enjoyed the decor of the place. I'm a graphic designer by living so the first thing I usually notice is the colors of a room. It's absolutely worth checking out if you are in the area and want a good meal. Prices are about what is expected for a New York restaurant and the platters have pretty awesome serving sizes so you don't walk away feeling cheated. Keep in mind the Cigar Platter is an appetizer so that wouldn't be what I wouldn't be something you'd eat alone.

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Brooklyn Steak Co
Michael- 04/10/14

I was just there and it was probably one of the greatest dining experiences ever. to start we got the beef poppers which were delicious and the roasted pear and baby kale salad which just totally astounded us it was without question the best salad ive ever eaten. moving on to mains we got the lamb gnocchi (amazing dish) and the short rib of beef which once again totally knocked our socks off. it was just so juicy and tender it melted in my mouth like butter. for dessert we got Fried Cheesecake its a tofu-based creation with a brownie center wrapped in cornflakes and deep-fried, with a taste and flavor indistinguishable from the real thing it was definitely amazing. overall i would definitely rate this restaurant a 10 out of 10 and i encourage everyone to eat there and enjoy!

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Safed (Israel) Kosher Restaurants
Laurie Rappeport- 01/21/13

Throughout the '50s and '60s Safed, one of Judaism's four Holy Cities, was known throughout Israel as a bohemian artsy community which did not attract many religiously‐observant visitors. The Artists Colony included many of Israel's greatest artists of the era including Moshe Castel, Yitzhak Frenel, Modechai Levanon, Tziona Tragger and Moshe Rosenthalis. Travelers note that during those years, it was almost impossible to find a kosher restaurant, with any sort of hechsher, in Safed. By the '70s the old artists were no longer able to open their galleries during the summers and the younger, secular Israeli artists preferred to stay in Tel Aviv. The Artist Quarter became populated by religious families, many from English‐speaking countries, as well as new artists who were religiously observant. Today all restaurants and eateries in Safed are kosher. There are plenty of traditional falafel and schwarma spots in the city but there are also a number of unique eateries which can fit any taste and budget.

Isadora Café and Gan Eden Restaurant

The Isadora Café is located in the Artist Quarter near the Khan of the White Donkey. The café is an outdoor coffee shop where patrons can enjoy dairy dishes including soups, sandwiches, burekkas, pastas and salads. Isadora opens during spring, summer and fall by 9:00a.m. and closes in the evenings, approximately 8:00p.m. Isadora Café is a sister‐restaurant to the Gan Eden restaurant which is located on Mt. Cana'an, next to the Cana'an Spa. Gan Eden serves a variety of fish dishes in addition to the dairy menu. Gan Eden has won accolades from several Israeli restaurant reviewers. The two restaurants are owned by the same family and both are under the supervision of the Safed Rabbinute.

HaAri 8

HaAri 8 is located on the ground floor of the Carmel Hotel along HaAri street, the road that skirts the northern border of the Old Jewish Quarter of Safed. The restaurant is small so it can provide patrons with plenty of personal attention. HaAri 8's menu is a meat menu and includes mixed grill, beef steak, lamb shops, goose liver and hamburgers, all of which are served with salads and potatos or chips. Additional menu items include snitzels, kababs, soups, fish and roasted eggplant with tehina. The restaurant has a mehadrin hechsher from the Safed rabbinate.


One of Safed's most popular eateries is a unique take‐out spot located amidst the new galleries on Josef Caro/Shlomo Alkabetz Street. Ronen, a Yemenite Jew, opened his eatery several years ago and it has quickly become a favorite among tourists from many countries. Ronen makes his lachuchs fresh so patrons can choose their fillings. The lachuch is a yeast‐based pancake which is lightly fried in olive oil in a cast‐iron pan with traditional Yemenite spices and herbs along with sliced vegetables and grated Safed goats cheese. The lachuchs can be eaten at the restaurant, either in the back or at one of the tables that are set up out on the street. Alternately, it can be wrapped and taken as a take‐out. Ronen uses all mehadrin products, including the local cheese from the Safed Kadosh dairy.

Kadosh Cheeses

The Kadosh family has been making goats and sheeps‐milk cheeses in Safed for over 100 years, ever since the first family members walked to Safed from Morocco in the early 1900s.

The dairy sells a variety of local cheeses including soft salty Bulgarian and ricotta cheeses harder cheeses such as those marinated in Merlot wine, camembert cheese and kashkaval cheese. They also sell labana (a creamy sour cheese) and yogurt. Most patrons buy the cheeses by the kilo but there are a few tables and chairs in the dairy where visitors can sit and enjoy a "laffa" (large open pita‐like bread) with labana spread over the bread and fillings of different cheeses and side dishes of stuffed grape leaves and home.

Laurie Rappeport has lived in Safed, Israel for over 25 years and worked at the Tourist Information Center in the Old Jewish Quarter for 13 years. She continues to be involved in a wide range of projects which are aimed at bringing visitors to Safed to enjoy the religious, historical, cultural and artistic sites and experiences that the city has to offer. Laurie blogs at Safed.blogspot

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Vi- 01/01/13

The food was very good although a little pricey. My husband and I went with another couple and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. For an appetizer I had the Roasted Asparagus topped with parmesan cheese. Although it smelled funky it was actually very good. For the main course I had the Chilean Sea Bass. It was very tasty and perfectly cooked. Their salads were good too. For desert I had the Whiskey Chocolate Mousse cake. It was scrumptious. Worth going back just for that. My husband ordered the Cheese cake which tasted like an Israeli Cheese cake and not something that we are used to. It was light and fluffy though. Overall, we did decide that we would go back there for a special occasion. We would love to go more often but not at Manhatten prices.

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FOOD & WINE DINNER @ Wolf & Lamb
Max- 11/14/11

<p>Wolf &amp; Lamb and Royal Wine Corp. Presents A FOOD &amp; WINE Event 4 Course Prix Fixe Dinner Thursday December 1st - 7:00 PM Salmon Tartare Fresh Lime, Jalapeno, Cucumber, Avocado, Ginger, Cilantro, Potato Crisps Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc Pan Roasted Sweet Breads Wild Mushroom Risotto, Tarragon Veal Demi Glace Cuvee Du Centenaire Cotes du Rhone 28 Day Dry Aged Prime Ribeye Roast Garlic Yukon Gold Mashed Potato, Shallots Confit, Bordelaise Sauce Chateau Rollan de By Belgian Chocolate Mousse Truffle Cake Raspberry Coulis, Spiced Chocolate Sauce -Muscat de Beaumes de Venise- $90 Per Person (Tax &amp; Gratuity not included) Space is limited. Please RSVP at 212 317 1950</p>

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Pardes Restaurant
Kimme- 11/02/11

Had dinner there tonight, 11/2/11. A most delicious dining experience. The free range belly Pizza was absolutely amazing!! The roasted duck was perfect. Relax, every item is worth the wait. We will return!

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Cafe Emunah
YYB- 02/15/11

Wow. What an amazing menu. We generally don't like dairy restaurants, because frankly, there aren't many ways to cook fish where you actually change the taste of the plain fish. This restaurant had an interesting menu and a offbeat reputation (think Tzfas and kabbala and the 60's, perhaps a bit of Lubovitch thrown in and you've got the idea), so we thought we'd give it a try for fun. Service was friendly - even the manager inquired if there was anything we needed. The food came fast, even though we did not pick the recommended specials. The bread and hummus are made in house. The bread has an unusual and tasty flavor that I could not pin down, but had us requesting seconds. The hummus was very garlicky and delicious. The extensive tea menu (yes Virginia, a tea menu) was offbeat and interesting, but we weren't too crazy about the one we chose which had a strong aftertaste. It was entertaining however, as it is served in an antique little tea brewing pot with a timer to tell you when it is properly steeped and not a moment longer. The waitress offered us a soup sampler with three different soups - two of which were cream soups and were amazing. The imitation crabcakes with mustard were very good. We had a grilled Mahi Mahi in wine sauce, with jasmine rice that was crispy like Syrian Tahdig from Colbeh (my fave), and a weird but very delicious sauce on the side for the veggies. We also had a roasted halibut, with little potatoes, in a sauce that was so delicious it was hard to share. But all that PALES in comparison to the most amazing dessert EVER. A simply named banana split, with caramelized baby bananas, homemade ice cream (and a milchig restaurant can really do that right), a hot home made brownie base that melts in your mouth, a cone of strawberries and blueberries perched on top and chocolate syrup on the whole thing, and drizzlings of some tart syrup on the plate to swoosh the ice cream through. WARNING: Order only one and share! It is HUGE! And very delicious! Bill was a bit higher than a regualr milchig restaurant, but worth every penny. They got rave reviews on Zagat as well, and they deserve it. Keep up the great work!

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Reply #1 submitted by: Elan Kornblum, Publisher on 02/15/11

I usually don't like to publicize all the recommendations I give but after such a glowing review I have to say, I feel a little like a shadchan. YYB, I'm glad you had a great time. I hope you told them how you heard about them

Reply #2 submitted by: YYB on 02/20/11

I wanted to speak with the manager to let her know, but she left before I was done. Thanks for the great referral!

Review for Olga's on Smith
Elke Reva Sudin- 11/24/09
Nestled in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, Olga's on Smith is a modern cafe restaurant befitting Smith Street's established trendy eateries. From the outside there is no indication that Olga's is catered toward a kosher crowd and the food is a great alternative for those looking outside the standard pizza and kugel restaurants. The walls are white and free of clutter. Large windows let in the natural light from outside. It is a great place to take a date or just relax during the day and the space can hold up to 100 guests for a simcha or special occasion.
The menu offers a healthy yet delectable lunch and light dinner. In the mood for a pan fried tilapia with wasabi aioli on artisan bread? Or how about a roasted red pepper and pesto panini with mozzarella? They're all served with an exotic side salad and chips and go great with a savory soup. Finish off with a home baked cookie and cafe drink. There are as many options for fish and dairy eating customers as there are for vegan ones. On the menu you will find an easy guide for which selections are veggie, vegan, gluten free and dairy free.
Olga's on Smith offer a variety of catering options for your function with their carefully put-together platters. The restaurant is also very technologically savvy, with a Facebook page and group showing off the latest specials and menu additions. Ultimately, the restaurant is a great addition to Brownstone Brooklyn's eclectic bistros and is especially welcome due to the lack of kosher eateries in the neighborhood. They offer delivery throughout the area, call to see if you are within their region.
Close to the Carrol Street stop on the F and G trains in Brooklyn.
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Gio caffe 9 day special
Saul- 07/22/09
Tilapia or salmon with 2 side dishes and dessert $17.95
sushi special
3 rolls $14.95 (any roll up to $7.00) including fish
3 vegatable rolls $11.95

Any (tuna mayo,low fat tuna, gio tuna, spa tuna,veggie avocado, roasted vegtable, egg salad,)$5.00 take out only
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The Purple Pear
Phyllis Adler- 06/16/09
I wanted to say a big thank you to your restaurant...It had been 20 years since I had seen my younger brother (we were just kids when he was able to escape our troubled home) and we re-united at your restuarant. We talked non-stop for almost 4 hours and the food was perfect - wonderful soup, roasted veggies and salmon. Great atmosphere and we could not ask for a better location in which my and my brother could review all that we missed over 20 years. What a great place - Yum. I am still talking about your food.
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