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Beast BBQ 455 Route 306 Wesley Hills, NY 10952

455 Route 306
Wesley Hills, NY 10952

(845) 777-9227


(Served with pickles, slaw, choice of one sauce, and choice of potato roll, lamb fat biscuit, or rye bread, all baked in house)
Brisket- Sliced beef brisket, slow smoked in house and coated with our house made dry rub
Short Ribs- Big, meaty, & delicious, slow smoked in our house rub
Tongue- House pastrami cured tongue, smoked tender and sliced
Pastrami- Thick sliced pastrami in our house pastrami spice blend
Half Chicken- Slow smoked & fried crispy, bacon/onion jam, pickled blueberry, corn waffle
Pulled Beef Sandwich- Our sweet & sticky pulled beef, pickles & slaw 
Spicy Lamb Shoulder- Tortillas, fresh salsa, coconut crema
Wings- Dry rub, smoked & crispy fried with your choice of sauce (so the wings stay crisp) 8 per order
Pulled King Oyster Mushroom Sandwich- Crispy shiitake, beast slaw, pickled shiitake, porcini mayo, potato roll
Seasoned Fries- Crispy seasoned smoked paprika & garlic fries served with our house ranch or your choice of sauce
Hush Puppies- Crispy outside, herbs, fluffy inside, perfectly spiced
Corn on the Cob- Spiced & roasted, huitlacoche cream
Chef Wendel's Potato Salad
Pickles- A mix of pickled vegetables
Scrappy Baked Beans- Baked bean burnt ends
Oregon Truffle Cornbread- Truffle "butter"
Onion Rings- Onion roll crust, caramelized onion mayo
Beast Slaw- Cabbage & other vegetables in a creamy truffle dressing
Sweet & Sticky BBQ- Tomato & brown sugar simmered with our secret herbs & spices
Carolina Ghost Pepper Sticky- Not for the faint of heart
Down South Vinegar- Traditional BBQ sauce with a kick
Hot Sauce- Our very own jalapeno blend
HDP Mustard- Dijon mustard with herbs
Bama White- Traditional creamy Alabama white sauce
Ranch Dressing- Chefs special fresh herb ranch
Brownies, Pecan Pie Squares, Sweet Potato Pie
information about Beast BBQ
Orthodox Union (OU)

Sun-Thurs: 5:00pm-10:00pm
Fri: Open for Lunch

Cuisine: BBQ
Avg. Check: $20- $30
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: No
Open for Pesach: No


Instagram: Follow Beastbbq on Instagram
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  The Beast Has Been Unleashed... Beast BBQ in Monsey that is. Owners Zach and Raizy Levine who are also the owners of Day 5 Sushi in Brooklyn, are what you would call restaurant aficionados.  Being fans of the former restaurant Pardes in Brooklyn, they decided to partner up with culinary genius Chef Moses Wendel, (who was the owner and chef at Pardes) to bring to Monsey a BBQ experience like no other. 

Beast BBQ is a place where friends, families, and foodies come together to enjoy Chef Wendel’s twist on BBQ cuisine.  A popular menu item and favorite is the succulent Half Chicken which is slow smoked, fried crisp with bacon-onion jam, pickled blueberries, and served on a corn waffle. There is everything from big meaty short ribs, and thick sliced pastrami, both made with an amazing house rub. The Spicy Lamb Shoulder served with tortillas, fresh salsa and coconut crema is a prime example of how Chef Wendel brings BBQ to the next level. 

You don’t want to miss the sides such as the Scrappy Baked Beans (which are baked bean burnt ends), Onion Rings like you have never tasted before served with a carmelized onion mayo, and of course the Beast Slaw consisting of cabbage and other vegetables in a creamy truffle dressing. They also have beer and cocktails served in cute mason jars that have the Beast BBQ logo on them. 

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Unleashed in March 2017, Beast BBQ is conveniently located at the Wesley Hills kosher shopping area on Route 306.  Chef Wendel has certainly made his comeback from Pardes with this endeavor. So check it out for yourself  and see what the hype is all about. 


Review 8/22/17 (Liat Reichman)

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Review 4/23/17 (Rob Rosenberg) 

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