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Basil Pizza & Wine Bar 270 Kingston Avenue (1 block off of Eastern Parkway) Brooklyn, NY 11213

270 Kingston Avenue
(1 block off of Eastern Parkway)
Brooklyn, NY 11213

(718) 285-8777

Kabocha Squash Soup
- Roasted acorn squash, yogurt, pepitas, basil oil
Watermelon and Pea Shoots- Feta, pickled red onion, quinoa, reduced balsamic
Golden Beet ‘Carpaccio’- Arugula, honey herb goat cheese, orange, candy walnuts
Arugula and beet- Fried goat cheese, pine nuts, truffle vinaigrette
Kale and Crispy Avocado- Quinoa, maple black pepper vinaigrette, grapes, Pecorino Romano
Beer Batter Fritto Misto- Seasonal fish and vegetables, romesco sauce
Tuna Tartare- Avocado mousse, crème fraiche, mango, cucumber, sweet potato chips
Smoked Bluefish Pâté- Horseradish, yogurt, grilled stone fruit, crostini
Miniature Frittata- Tempura asparagus, smoked crispy salmon, cheddar
Sweet Potato Gnocchi Gratin- Homemade mascarpone, cheddar, basil, breadcrumbs
The Lonely Ravioli- Black garlic pea purée, duck egg yolk, peas, Parmesan

WOOD OVEN PIZZA- All pizzas available with whole wheat dough
The Soto
- Smoked mozzarella, oyster mushroom, honey chili oil, ricotta, sliced garlic, fennel pollen
Bianca- Ricotta, mozzarella, garlic confit purée, rosemary, oregano
Anchovy and Egg- Black olive, chili de arbole, tomato sauce
Kale and Fire- Garlic confit, pickled habanero, cheddar
Fermented- Soy and black bean purée, smoked jalapeno, grilled maitake, feta, egg
Quattro Formaggi- Camembert, brie, gouda, muenster
Mushroom- Goat cheese, mozzarella, truffle oil
The Smoker- Smoked mozzarella, cured and smoked salmon, capers, spicy shallots, parsley
The Sweetie- Caramelized sweet vidalia onions, cheese fondue, seedless grapes, smoked sea salt, powdered sugar
Classic Calzone- Wilted arugula, tomato sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, chile de arbole, parm
Garden Calzone- Spicy roasted tomato sauce, mushrooms, broccoli rabe, cheddar, truffle oil

- Chef Soto’s twist on “nicoise”, peanut potato, frisée, crispy olives, garlic confit anchovy puree, seared hard-boiled egg, bagna cauda
Salmon- Grilled steak, hearts of palm, grapefruit, mint, sugar snap peas, red wine reduction
Trout- Roasted whole, stuffed with salmon and salmon roe caviar, smoked lentil salad
Branzino- Deep fried whole, roasted eggplant puree with anchovies and tehini, string bean salad with charmoula
Ravioli- Butternut squash and sage, wild mushroom cream, parm
Pappardelle- Roasted tomato concasse, pine nuts, balsamic, chili flakes, red wine poached egg, parm
Cannelloni- Rolled with mushrooms and ricotta, asparagus, cream, parm
Garganelli- Hazelnuts, kale, garlic, brown butter sauce, pecorino romano

information about Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Menachem Mendel Schneerson/ Cholov Yisroel

Mon - Thu: 8AM - 12AM
Fri: 8AM- 2 Hrs Before Shabbat
Sat: 1 Hour After Sundown- 2AM
Sun: 8AM- 12AM


LUNCH: Sun-Thurs 1PM-5PM
Friday 1PM-Until 2 hours before Shabbat

DINNER: Sun-Thurs 5PM -12AM
Saturday Night-1 hr after Sundown-2AM

Cuisine: Dairy
Avg. Check: $35-$50
Attire: Casual / Casual Neat

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No



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ABOUT Basil Pizza & Wine Bar

Basil, Brooklyn’s one of a kind pizza and wine bar, made its debut in 2010. It soon received acclaim from prestigious publications like The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Wine Spectator Magazine. Owned by Daniel Branover and Clara Perez, Basil features trendy cuisine that has enticed kosher diners, vegetarian diners & non-kosher diners alike. Its menu has been updated by Chef extraordinaire Jose Soto, who grew up just a few blocks away and trained at a host of Manhattan non-kosher eateries, including the great Savoy Restaurant in Soho.

Offering distinctive and exciting combinations, Basil’s menu is certainly not for the ‘hamburger-French fry-chicken nugget’ crowd. Try the Arugula Salad for a wonderful blend of flavors- warm goat cheese, beets, arugula, truffle vinaigrette and pine nuts, or the Parmesan and Asparagus Pizza- parmiggiano, smoked paprika, Vidalia onions, roasted peppers and white asparagus- for a warm, crusty and filling meal. And, of course, don’t miss the famous Basil Fries – crunchy, homemade fries topped with parmesan cheese and parsley, served with a warm garlic-mayo dipping sauce. Everything is plated to perfection by their chefs, treating every white plate as their canvas. With its modern interior and background music; the sleek, steel and marble furniture is softened by the warm glow the pizza oven casts over the room. Sample Basil’s superior collection of red and white wines and assorted beers, and don’t forget the dessert menu with items like cheese cake, funnel cake and tiramisu.

If you’re in the area, visit Chabad World Headquarters, take a walking tour, stroll along Eastern Parkway and explore the Jewish Children’s Museum. End your day with a leisurely meal here and savor the flavors of this eclectic restaurant.

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Basil #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 11/01/14
If there was ever a reason to travel to Crown Heights, than Basil Pizza & Wine Bar is definitely it. It is conveniently located just one block from the 3 train and you can easily to find parking there at night. Basil is head and shoulders above all the other dairy restaurants in New York. While they can be pricy, the food is always worth the shlep. Their innovative menu has a range of dishes that can appeal to anyone - it includes pasta, pizza and fish, but served in a way you would not typically expect. Everything is beautifully plated and tastes amazing too. I normally avoid fried food, but their Basil Fries are worth it, and the Funnel Cake paired with Basil Ice Cream is to die for. I've even made a point of traveling there for breakfast and was not disappointed. If you like delicious food that is easy on the eyes, then go to Basil!
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Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Chana a- 12/15/12

I love Basil! Great place for breakfast lunch and dinner! Great for couples,friends and business meetings. Don't leave without trying the wild mushroom pizza! They also have great seasonal options to try out from!

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Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Faigy- 11/27/12

This is my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn! The food is always delicious! Love the decor and the ambiance. Arugula salad is amazing, white asparagus pizza, don't leave without trying the basil ice cream. Try any dessert on the menu - fantastic!

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Reply #1 submitted by: sarah on 12/09/12

my kids went there they said it was good but most people claim the portions are small so when you go to a restaurant and you leave hungry that's not a good sign

Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Leah - 11/27/12

Im here all the time- excellent service- great wine choice- and I never ever leave without basil fries . My personal favorite is the mushroom pizza with goat cheese. Incredible!!!

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Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Chava- 11/27/12

Basil is an amazing environment for taking your friends out and having a great cup of Coffee or Tea, The service is amazing ,Food is great and keeps getting better, I really enjoy coming to Basil with my family and friends from out of town and show them one of the best restaurant there are in Crown Heights.

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Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Avi Cohen- 11/27/12

The food was great! Great presentation. Delicious! VERY reasonably priced considering it's the only kosher, up-scale, restaurant in Crown Heights and it serves beer and wine.

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Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Miriam- 07/26/12

I took one sister-in-law there and she was not impressed the service was poor, and the portions were small. Took another sister-in-law there the ambience was great, the service superb and the food excellent. Don't forget to order the basil fries they are incroyablé!

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Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Sara Klinger- 02/14/12

Our First time there.... Food, Ambiance & Service were Great ! I agree with David C, the portions were small and we are also not big eaters. Sara K.

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Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
David C- 11/27/11

Food was excellent but the portions were very small. We are not big eaters and we left hungry.

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Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Leah- 03/13/11

My kids were there and said it was amazing. Can't wait to go myself. Keep up the good work!

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