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Estihana Teaneck 515 Cedar Lane Teaneck, NJ 07666


515 Cedar Lane
Teaneck, NJ 07666

(201) 530-5665

Egg Roll - Choice of Chicken or Beef and Vegetables in Puffy Chinese Dough
Beef Dumplings - Beef in a Dough Pocket Served with Teriyaki Sauce
Peking Raviolis - Crescent-Shaped Dumplings Filled with Ground Chicken (Pan Fried or teamed)
Chicken Satay - Grilled Chicken Marinated in Lemon Grass Skewers
Pan Fried Wonton- Fried Dumpling stuffed with Beef
Honey Baby Ribs - Flanked Pieces Slow Cooked in a Honey Sauce
Shredded Crispy Beef or Chicken - Shredded Slices of Beef or Chicken Coated w/ Sweet & Spicy Sauce
Asian Chicken Noodle Soup- Clear Broth with Egg Noodles, Vegetable and strips of Chicken
Pad Thai- Chef's Special
Sizzling Noodles- Pan Fried Crispy Noodles topped with Beef or Chicken & assorted Vegetables
Chicken Ho Fan- Chef's Special
Sizzling Yakiudon- Whole Wheat Udon Noodles with assorted Vegetables and Teriyaki Sauce. Choice of Chicken or Beef
House Special Lo Mein- Chicken or Beef, Stir Fried Egg Noodles
Served with White Rice or Brown Rice
Lotus Chicken - Slices of Chicken Breast & Vegetables in Brown Sauce wrapped w/ Lotus Leaf & Served in Bamboo Steamer
Marinated Baby Chicken- Grilled Tender Chicken Thigh, Marinated in Special Sauce, Mixed Vegetables
General Ming Chicken - Steamed Chunks of Chicken Breast w/ General Ming’s Sauce and Mixed Vegetables
Oxtail - Braised oxtail served in Chinese Style Stew
Thai Special Steak - Wok-Seared Cubes of Prime Beef Marinated in a Hoisin Sauce served w/ String Beans
Portobello Steak - Wok-Seared Argentinean Top Rib Strips Cut into Fillets served w/ Portobello Mushrooms, Onions, & Peppers in Korean Sizzling BBQ Sauce
Mongolian Steak - Crispy Texture Mongolian Style Steak w/ Garlic Brown Sauce & Served with Sautéed Vegetables
Glazed Shortribs - Braised Short Ribs topped w/ Cranberry Sauce
Beef Teriyaki- Strips of Grilled Beef Marinated in Teriyaki Sauce with Carrots, Bean Sprouts, & Cabbage
Served with choice of Roasted Potatoes, Mash Potato, or Baked Potato
Mahi Mahi - Chef's Special
Salmon Teriyaki - Grilled Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce served with Julienne Vegetables
Sesame Crusted Tuna - Maguro Sashimi Quality, Served rare with Julienne Vegetables
Served with choice of Roasted Potatoes, Mash Potato, or Baked Potato
Steak Frites - 14 ounce Rib Steak served w/ Sautéed Onions and Shitake Mushrooms
Marinated Ribeye Steak - Served w/ Grilled Vegetables & Chili Dipping Sauce
Aged Ribsteak - 22 ounce Rib steak served in a Red Wine Sauce and Grilled Vegetables
Thai- Crunchy Tuna, Avocado, Crushed Peanuts
Dynamite- Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon, Avocado inside, Tobiko outside
Dragon Roll- Spicy Tunawith Cucumber and Avocado with  Fish outside
Atomic Bomb- Spicy Tuna, Scallion (No Rice), Lightly Battered & Fried
Esti- Spicy Cooked White Fish & Kani Salad
Tokyo Roll- Spicy Kani Salad inside with Spicy Crunchy Salmon on top
Green Dragon- Spicy Tuna, Cucumber wrapped with Avocado outside
Naruto- Cooked Whitefish, Avocado, lettuce & Cucumber with Sauce
Tataki- Spicy Salmon lightly Fried, rolled in black Pepper tataki with Sweet Sauce
Godzilla- Salmon, Tuna, & Avocado lightly Battered & Fried
Volcano- Rainbow Roll topped with assorted Cooked Fish & Sweet Sauce
information about Estihana Teaneck
RCBC Glatt

Sun-Thurs 12pm-10pm
Fri & Sat Closed

Cuisine: Japanese / Asian Fusion
Avg. Check: $18- $30
Attire: Casual Neat

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No



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ABOUT Estihana Teaneck

If you are looking for fantastic fare and very reasonable prices then Estihana is most definitely the restaurant for you. Owner Yamin Dayan, a Madrid native shows Jersey how steak should be cut and cooked. Spain is known for its meat selections and meat dishes and Yamin really brings that out at Estihana, one example being the Oxtail on the menu. This is the sister restaurant of Estihana in Brooklyn. 

The restaurant is modern with an Asian-style feel, silky wooden tables line the restaurant with a sushi bar upon entrance. Yamin's favorite and the house specialty is the Mongolian Style Steak in a Garlic Brown Sauce. Another fabulous mouth-watering cut is the Aged Rib Eye. Estihana ages its own meats and cooks them to juicy perfection. The Rib Eye is accompanied by grilled Zucchini and the option of roasted, mashed or french fried potatoes. For those who do not favor meat on the menu, there are over two dozen sushi rolls that are innovative and tasty. Appetizers include the infamous Shredded Crispy Beef, Asian Chiucken Noodle Soup, Stuffed Jalapenos with Kani, Spicy Tuna, and Spicy Salmon in a spicy sauce.

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With food so good, the clean-cut, quick-service atmosphere makes this restaurant the complete package. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly with a true love for the food at this fine establishment, especially Yamin who is very accommodating to all requests.

Now with the seasons changing, this is the perfect time to try the warm flavorful soups on the menu such as the comforting French Onion Soup served with a crispy Crostini or the light and home-like-taste of the Chicken Dumpling Soup in a Chicken Broth. Lastly, don't forget to bring your favorite bottle of wine to pair with your savory meal as Estihana is BYOB.

Chaiko Tapas
Beverly- 12/09/12

The food was delicious and the service excellent. They are now open Motzaei Shabbat and you do not have to bring your own wine. I definitely recommend the Asian sampler. This was a wonderful dining experience!

2 people likes
Chaiko Tapas
Girlzluv2talk- 01/02/12

i was by chaiko tapas many times and found that this is my favorite restaurant! from service to food...everything was delicious, pleasant, and an enjoyable meal.a few of my favorites are the PRIME RIB AU JUS, OXTAIL, RIB STEAK FRITES, and of course the CRISPY CHIKEN/BEEF!!

430 people likes