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Day 5 Sushi 1724 Coney Island Ave (off Avenue N) Brooklyn, NY 11230


1724 Coney Island Ave
(off Avenue N)
Brooklyn, NY 11230

(718) 513-6662


Crispy Rice- 6 pieces served with spicy tuna and seaweed salad

Tuna Pizza- 2 thinly sliced tuna on crispy dough with tomato, onion, cilantro, chef sauce and radish sprout on top with drizzle of truffle oil

Taco Trio- One diced fresh tuna topped with guacamole, One spicy salmon w/cucumber, and one yellowtail jalapeno with a bit of sriracha

Udon Noodle Soup- Traditional Japanese broth served with thick Udon noodles

Poached Salmon Salad- Poached or Teriyaki Salmon, romaine lettuce, mesclun, carrot, avocado, cucumber with sesame dressing and poached salmon on top

Spicy Tuna Salad- Diced tuna, avocado, cucumber, in spicy mayo dressing on top of greens



Miso Marinated Black Cod- Served with white or brown rice and sautéed vegetables in special sauce

Fish ‘n Chips- Crunchy golden fried fish with famous Day 5 fries

Sushi Salad- Cooked salmon and tempura kani pieces, mango, avocado, oshinko and cashews on a bed of sushi rice with sweet and spicy sauces



Black DragonRoll- Miso marinated cooked salmon, cucumber, avocado inside; spicy salmon and teriyaki sauce on top, seared, with spicy mayo and crunch

Fireman Roll- White tuna tempura, avocado, spicy mayo, jalapeno inside; seared black pepper tuna on top. Spicy

Double Alaska Roll- Cooked salmon, avocado; topped with layers of salmon and avocado

Famous Roll- Spicy kani salad, cucumber inside; spicy tuna, spicy salmon on top with wasabi mayo sauce

Phoenix Roll- Salmon, kiwi, avocado, cucumber

Snow White Roll- Spicy yellow tail, crunch inside; white tuna, avocado on top

Banzai Roll- Salmon skin, cucumber, scallion inside; spicy tuna, crunch on top

Day 5 Roll- Yellow tail, salmon, avocado deep fried; spicy kani salad on top with sweet and spicy mayo sauces

Spider Roll- Deep fried kani, avocado, cucumber, radish sprout, inside, mayo sauce

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information about Day 5 Sushi
Kehila Kashrus

Sun - Wed: 12:00pm - 10:30pm
Thu: 12:00pm - 12:30am
Fri (summer): 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Sat Night (winter): 1 hour after Shabbat until 1 am

Cuisine: Sushi, Fish
Avg. Check: $25-$45
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No



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Instagram: Follow DayFiveSushi on Instagram
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ABOUT Day 5 Sushi

Day 5 (the name refers to the Biblical day when fish was created) is all about an authentic sushi experience. In Japan, sushi is not just a meal – it is treated as an art and part of the culture.


Understanding and appreciating that, owners Zack and Raizy Levine opened their Brooklyn restaurant in February 2013 with a goal to recreate this level of sushi for the kosher market. Constantly pursuing perfection is part of their philosophy of running the restaurant, as is their belief in delivering full value. The Levines understand that cool names and stylish décor is not enough to win the real sushi connoisseurs - the authentic experience is what counts and makes a sushi place truly upscale. Their décor in red and espresso colors produces a wonderful ambiance of a boutique restaurant, complete with wooden furniture and exposed brick wall.


To ensure that Day 5 will take the kosher sushi dining to the next level, the owners brought on board creative Sushi Chefs, whose creative vision and training in the most respected sushi restaurants in the US is one of the keys to the restaurant’s success. In addition to delicious variety of sushi rolls, you will find many innovative appetizers, salads and entrees on the menu. One of the much raved about specialties is the Sweetheart appetizer – layers of spicy tuna, tempura flakes and guacamole on a bed of special rice, laid out in a heart shape. Another mouthwatering dish is their Tuna Pizza – thinly sliced tuna on thin crispy dough with vegetables and special sauces, topped with radish sprout and drizzled with truffle oil. If you are up for a fish entrée, Miso Marinated Black Cod is highly recommended.


What further makes Day 5 unusual is the fact that they are dairy, and thus can offer more unique options for a sushi restaurant. For example, their signature fries are topped with Parmesan, and their dessert menu includes such dairy favorites as Fried Oreos with ice cream and a variety of cheesecakes. The dessert menu varies from day to day, and may include such finger-licking items as Churros, Fried Oreos, Fried Ice Cream, and more. Be ready to be surprised! Customers are also appreciative of the restaurant’s catering, takeout and delivery service, as Day 5 Sushi make sure nothing “gets lost in translation”.

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If you tried Day 5 Sushi the chances are you are now a loyal customer, and if you haven’t, perhaps it’s a high time to do so.


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Day 5
Albert- 01/21/14

Day five on Coney Island ave wow !!!

A great cozy place to have one of the best meals I've had in a long time

Sushi was good but my favorite dish was the tuna pizza if you live in California it's worth a plane ride

And I'm not a big fan of fried foods but was forced into trying the fried Oreos  all I have to is OMG!

Bravo to the owner and chef plus being in the business for over 25 years I have yet to meet a more qualified manager Ari a big plus to this establishment

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Day 5 Sushi
Rachel Levine - 12/15/13

This is the best sushi in the world! I come here every day(literally my parents own it). Try the day 5 fries, crispy rice, tuna pizza and delicious desserts!

1 person likes
Day 5 Sushi
Flatbush maven- 03/08/13

Great food, interesting dishes, very nice presentation. overall i'm very impressed with day 5 I would definitely recommend it to all of my friends.

2 people likes
Sushi Moto
Ziddo- 02/12/12

friend of mine recommended this place to me. i was surprised at how good it actually was. not just the food.. the atmosphere of the store was great. they had a very interesting menu with things like japanese pizza which i never saw before. all in all sushi moto was really good and i recommend it too

0 person likes