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Rolls Sushi & Salad 2928 Avenue P (off Nostrand Avenue) Brooklyn, NY 11229

2928 Avenue P
(off Nostrand Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY 11229

(718) 998-2026

Jalapeno Poppers - Tempura Jalapeno Stuffed With Spicy Salmon or Tuna
Kani Bites – Tempura
Krispy Rice Pizza - Crispy rice topped with spicy salmon or tuna and crunch
Roll Mango Appetizer - Mango warped in black pepper tuna, chef sauce
Sushi Salsa - Spicy salmon mixed w/ chopped mango & onions on a bed of tortilla chips & sliced avocado 

- Romaine & lettuce mix w/ red pepper, mango, craisins, almonds & sweet balsamic dressing
Seasoned Salmon Salad
- Cooked strips of salmon on a bed of salad dressed w/ ponzu sauce
Sushi Salad - Kani salad w/ rice topped w/seaweed
Tartar Salad - Salmon or tuna sashimi shredded kani & avocado on a bed of salad topped w/ spicy mayo

Cherry Blossom
- Salmon, tuna & avocado
First Class Roll
- Spicy salmon, avocado mango & almonds
King Kani
- Shredded kani, asian mayo, crunch
New York
- Salmon, apple, crunch
 - Fresh salmon, cucumber & non-dairy cream cheese
- Salmon skin, kani & spicy mayo

Delicious Roll
- Spicy tuna, avocado, fried onion. outside black pepper tuna, spicy salmon
Dessert Roll
- Banana tempura, apple, mango tempura style roll. outside: sweet sauce
The Fish Tank
- Salmon, tuna, yellowtail, crunch & avocado w/salmon on top w/spicy mayo & honey wasabi
Krispy Seafood Roll
- All fish tempura. Salmon, tuna, avocado, spicy sauce. outside caviar & scallion
- White tuna, kani tempura. outside avocado lemon
- Spicy salmon, fried onion. outside: black pepper salmon & avocado
WOW Dragon
- Salmon, avocado. outside, tuna, salmon, yellowtail
- Apple, fried onion, shredded kani tempura topped w/ sweet sauce & spicy mayo
Boston Supreme
-Kani, cucumber, lettuce, mayo topped w/salmon
- Salmon & avocado topped w/avocado, asian mayo & sweet sauce
Clean Green
- Salmon & avocado topped w/ kani salad
Crazy Tuna
- Spicy tuna, crunch & avocado topped w/ black pepper tuna
- Salmon, avocado topped w/ fried onion & shredded kani tempura
Dragonfly - Kani tempura, avocado topped with spicy salmon, avocado
Emperor - Spicy salmon, avocado topped with tuna, avocado
Fantastic Roll - Cooked tuna, sweet mayo, lettuce topped w/ avocado
Five Alarm Roll - Spicy kani crunch & jalapeno topped w/ spicy salmon & spicy tuna
Flatbush Roll - King kani & avocado topped w/ black pepper salmon
Fruity Roll - Mango, apple, almonds & kiwi on top
Heaven Roll - Spicy tuna, sweet potato & cucumber topped w/ avocado
Jade Roll - Salmon tempura, cucumber topped w/ avocado & honey wasabi
King Alaska - Salmon, cucumber, avocado topped with shredded kani
Marine Park Roll - Kani‌ salad topped with salmon, avocado
Mexican - Kani tempura, avocado, jalapeño, cream cheese topped w/ spicy salmon
Napolean - Spicy white tuna, crunch, cucumber topped w/ avocado & honey wasabi
Nostrand Roll - Black pepper tuna, mushroom topped w/ avocado & fried onion
Ave P Roll - Kani tempura & salmon tempura, mango & avocado topped w/ black pepper tuna
Queen Roll - Kani, cream cheese, avocado topped w/ fresh salmon
Red Dragon - Kani tempura topped w/ spicy tuna, crunch
Ringomaguro Roll - Cooked tuna, apple, avocado, fresh tuna on top seared w/asian mayo & potato crunch
Rolls Royce - White tuna, cucumbers, lettuce, w/spicy salmon mixed w/mango on top of each pc. seaweed outside
Samurai - Sweet potato tempura, avocado topped w/ spicy kani, crunch
Stop Drop & Roll - Black pepper tuna, spicy tuna, jalapeno & avocado w/shiracha sauce on top
Shogun - Salmon, cucumber topped with salmon, avocado
Spring Roll - Tuna, cucumber topped with salmon, mango
Schnitzel Roll - Fried tilapia, lemon, fried onion & portabella mushroom topped w/ avocado & spicy mayo
Sweetheart Roll - Spicy tuna, crunch topped w/ tuna (shaped like a heart)
TNT - Fried salmon skin, avocado topped w/ salmon, crunch & sweet sauce
Tropical - Salmon, avocado, cream cheese topped w/ mango & sweet chili sauce
Twirly - Kani tempura, salmon, cucumber topped w/ fried shredded sweet potato
Ultimate Salmon Spice - Spicy salmon, salmon & spicy kani w/avocado on top
Viki's Roll - Cooked salmon, avocado, mushrooms, fried onion, crunch, seaweed outside
White Dragon - Spicy kani, crunch topped w/ white tuna & avocado
YT Jalapeno - Spicy‌ white tuna, cucumber topped w/ yellowtail, jalapeño & spicy mayo
Zen Roll - Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cucumber & spicy mayo topped w/ avocado

Eifel Tower
- Kani tempura, avocado & cream cheese topped w/ spicy kani
Electric Shock - Spicy‌ kani, crunch & smoked salmon topped w/ cooked black pepper salmon & avocado
Fuji Roll
- Cooked salmon, avocado topped w/ spicy kani
Italian - Cooked salmon, sun-dried tomato, red pepper topped w/ kani
- Shredded kani & crunch topped w/ avocado
Krazy Kani
- Kani tempura & avocado topped w/ spicy kani & crunch
- Cooked salmon, avocado topped w/ fried tilapia jalapeno & spicy mayo

- Black pepper tuna & salmon, portobella mushroom & fried onion
- Tuna roll inside a spicy salmon roll
- Black pepper tuna, avocado & jalapeño topped w/ crunch & hot sriracha sauce
Fried Vegetable Roll - Fried onion, mushroom & sweet potato, tempura style
Godzilla - Tuna, salmon, yellowtail & fried onion
Hurricane - Spicy white tuna, kani, apple & jalapeno
Rock N' Roll - Spicy tuna, cooked salmon, avocado & cucumber
Super Onion
- Cooked salmon, cooked tuna & fried onion
Tiger Eye
- Spicy white tuna, spicy salmon, avocado & fried onion

Avocado Wrap
- Ripe Haas avocados w/ lettuce & tomato
Caesar Salmon Wrap
- Cooked salmon strips w/ lettuce, tomato & caesar dressing
Fried Tilapia Wrap
- Crispy fried tilapia w/ lettuce, tomato, pickles & tartar sauce
Salmon Teriyaki Wrap
- Cooked salmon strips w/ lettuce, tomato, sautéed onions & teriyaki sauce
Tuna Shawarma Wrap - Albacore tuna w/ sautéed onions, cooked mushrooms & shawarma seasoning

information about Rolls Sushi & Salad
Kehilla Kashrus

Sun–Thurs: 11 AM – 10 PM
Friday: 11 AM – 2:30 PM
Saturday: 6 PM - 1 AM
(Friday & Saturday hours change seasonally)

Cuisine: Sushi
Avg. Check: $8-$16
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


RESERVATIONS Not necessary

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Facebook: Like Rolls Sushi & Salad on Facebook
Instagram: Follow RollsKosherSushi on Instagram
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ABOUT Rolls Sushi & Salad

Since 2012, Rolls Sushi & Salad, located in the heart of Marine Park, has brought a fresh and modern approach to the standard sushi market with its dine-in and take-out. People on the go enjoy daily lunch specials which they earn discounts on future orders when ordering online. For the diners, as soon as you walk through the door, you notice Rolls’ clean and neutral decor with earthly green tones and a counter made from stacked oak. 

That feeling extends to the menu which hosts a variety of standard and unique sushi rolls in a clear and efficient menu layout. Rolls head chef, Jason, comes to the kosher market with over 15 years of experience in an upscale non-kosher restaurant. His fresh outlook is represented through his rolls, which he updates every month. Appetizers start off from the simple crunchy Vegetable Moroccan Cigars to the Krispy Rice Pizza (Crispy Rice topped with Spicy Salmon or Tuna and Crunch). Some of the biggest hits are their special sushi rolls such as the Curly (Salmon, Avocado Topped with Fried Onion, Shredded Kani Tempura) and TNT (Fried Salmon Skin, Avocado Topped with Salmon, Crunch, & Sweet Sauce). The regulars who come from Flatbush to Williamsburg prefer the Rolls Royce (White Tuna, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Spicy Salmon Mixed with Mango on Top of each piece) and the Boorey Roll (Large 6 piece of White Tuna, Tuna, Cucumbers & Avocado). The real sushi fun begins when you try their tempura rolls like the Godzilla (Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail & Fried Onion) and the Tiger Eye (Spicy White Tuna, Spicy Salmon, Avocado, & Fried Onion). And it wouldn’t be a complete Sushi meal without Banana Tempura for dessert!

[continued above, right]

Some of the most amazing sushi presentations you will see is when you order anyone of their party platters. For example, the Sweetheart Sushi Platter, shaped in a heart is a successful and romantic display for weddings or engagement parties. Additionally, free delivery with a $15 minimum is always available and Curbside Service. The owner, Boorey Deutsch, who has been in the restaurant industry for almost a decade, stands by his slogan that “It’s Not a Party until the Sushi Arrives”! Indeed.


Review 12/16/16 (Leora Schiffman)

Hinda hochman- 10/26/14

I've had the opportunity to go to Rolls on a few occassions. I love sushi and the restaurant is conveniently located in Brooklyn on Nostrand Avenue not too far from my children's school or my home. Sometimes I would stop by for a snack on my way home. I also had a friend who worked there and would bring gorgeous platters to our home and my parent's Chanukah party. My personal favorite is the New York roll. I don't think I've seen apple in sushi anywhere else. While the menu is quite vast, I do wish they had more cooked roll choices. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

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