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Mr. Nosh 3323 Avenue N (off Flatlands Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11234

3323 Avenue N
(off Flatlands Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11234

(718) 253-1400

Fried Honey Chicken Wings
BBQ Beef Sticks
BBQ Spare Ribs
Fried Beef Dumplings
Szechuan Wonton
Combo Dumplings
Pastrami Egg Roll
Cold Noodle Soup W. Sesame Sauce
Meatballs with Garlic Sauce
Chicken Sticks

Chef's Sesame Chicken
Orange Flavored Chicken
Chef's Hunan Chicken
Szechuan Beef
Szechuan Chicken and Beef
Chef's Szechuan Chicken
Chicken, Beef and Veal, with Garlic Sauce
Lemon Chicken
Boneless Chicken
Pinapple Chicken
Sesame Beef
Da Chien Chicken
Two Flavor Chicken
Triple Delight
Wor Shu Duck
House Special Duck
Hunan Chicken and Beef
Subgum Wonton
Hunan Veal
Sizzling Beef
Fong Wong Gai
Chef's General Tso's Chicken
Steak Kew
Chicken Beef Two Sauteed
Two Flavored Beef
Sizzling Chicken Pot
Orange Flavored Beef
Hunan Beef
information about Mr. Nosh
Rabbi Yechiel Babad

Sunday-Thursday 11:00am - 11:00pm
Friday 11:00am - 3:00pm
(During winter) Open 1 hr. after Shabbos-11am

Cuisine: Chinese / American
Avg. Check: $18-$25
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: No
Open for Pesach: No

Free Local Delivery! Delivery Area Outside 1 Mile Radius has a cash delivery fee of $5 unless order is $30 or more! Max Delivery 5 Miles

RESERVATIONS Not necessary

Facebook: Like Mr. Nosh on Facebook
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ABOUT Mr. Nosh

Mr. Nosh is not just a neighborhhod Chinese restaurant located in Marine Park, it is happens to be one of Brooklyn's best Chinese kosher restarants. It is located on the corner of 35th Street and Avenue N, right where Flatlands Avenue begins. The restaurant is a family and friendly oriented, brightly lit establishment, with locals frequenting it several times a week.

Yossi, the restaurant's proprieter, is proud of the quality of food that his chefs put out and boy, do they do it fast.  Within minutes of ordering, you are sitting down enjoying the ever popular Wonton Soup and flavorful Barbecue Beef Sticks.  The house favorite are the classic Sesame Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken, which are both lightly fried, giving it a crispy outside and tender soft inside texture.  That can also describe their egg roll, which unlike other Chinese restaurants, has a consistent beef, carrot and cabbage filling that doesn't fall out of the egg roll in little pieces if you turn it over, but stays fresh and warm in it's golden brown coating.  Other dishes like the Chicken and Broccoli, Beef, Pepper & Onion and any of their Lo Mein plates are eaqualy tasty and filling. One can see from the pictures above that the food looks delicious and if you come in and try them for yourself, you will agree that it's tastes delicious as well.

[continued above, right]

The restaurant also specializes in Chinese platters, which work great for house partes and office catering. For your convenience, they offer online ordering and are open late until 11pm. Delivery is free within a mile of the restaurant and they will deliver up to 5 miles away so wherever you are in Brooklyn, you can enjoy authentic and fantastic Chinese fare.

Mr. Nosh
Zack- 03/10/14

Food is pretty good and the service as well. It's just if you take your leftover food to go MAKE SURE to ask for a sealed container instead of the foam cheap open all around thing that they provide. That is if you want to avoid a hefty dry cleaners bill along with losing your food and gaining aggravation.

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