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Soho Asian Bar and Grill 19004 NE 29th Avenue Aventura, FL 33180


19004 NE 29th Avenue
Aventura, FL 33180

(305) 466-5656

YAKITORI VEGETABLE SKEWERS- Mixed grilled vegetables
YAKITORI RIB-EYE SKEWERS- Grilled cubed rib-eye drizzled with teriyaki sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds on a bed of mixed greens
STUFFED MUSHROOMS- Fried sun dried tomato filled mushrooms, served on top of a tartar sauce
CHEF'S SWEETBREADS- Spicy-sweetbreads sautéed with garlic, cilantro and Moroccan olives
BEEF CARPACCIO- Soy sauce, sesame seeds, fresh lemon jalapeno, cilantro, and ginger
AVOCADO SPRING ROLLS- Deep fried wrap with fresh avocado, onion, sun dried tomatoes, and cilantro 

SEAWEED SALAD- Marinated seaweed sprinkled with sesame seeds
POPCORN SHRIMP- Imitation shrimp tempura with special sauce on top of iceberg lettuce

COSOMI SALAD- Daily fresh chopped tuna, orange, cucumber and avocado mixed with chili sauce

YELLOW-TAIL TATAKI- 5 slices of a Japanese yellow tail topped with jalapeno peppers and served with ponzu sauce

TUNA TATAKI- Thinly sliced seared tuna in ponzu sauce and sesame oil 






SOHO'S FRIED RICE- Rice, carrots, diced bean sprouts, scallion and garlic

VEGETABLE LO MEIN- Wok seared with green onions, bok choy, mushroom, broccoli, sprouts

PAD THAI- Rice noodles, scallions, bean sprouts, and cashews

SPICY NOODLES- Rice noodles, pepper, broccoli, and mushroom tossed with scallions and fiery sauce

SINGAPORE NOODLES- Rice noodles, celery, bok choy, pepper, onion, baby corn and curry

GARLIC NOODLES- Lo-mein noodles with sweet-spicy garlic sauce topped with sliced cucumbers

SOHO'S MIXED VEGETABLES-Bok​ Choy, broccoli, mushrooms, mixed peppers, bean sprouts and onions served steamed or sir-fried with white sauc 


MONGOLIAN CHICKEN- Stir-Fried with chicken with sliced scallions and garlic

KUNG PAO CHICKEN- Stir-Fried with scallions, mixed peppers, and toasted nuts, garlic

GENERAL CHICKEN- Pepper, onion, scallion, sesame

CHICKEN BOK CHOY-Stir-Fried chicken and fresh baby bok choy

SOHO'S SZECHUAN CRISPY CHICKEN- Crispy flash-fried chicken, carrots, scallions and chili sauce


MONGOLIAN BEEF- Seared tender beef with sliced scallions, garlic sauce

BEEF BOK CHOY- Tender beef, stir-fried with garlic and baby bok choy

SWEET AND SOUR BEEF- Onion, peppers, pineapple, sweet and sour sauce

CURRY BEEF LO MEIN- Tender beef, mix paper with curry sauce & coconut milk

SOHO'S SZECHUAN CRISPY BEEF- Crispy flash-fried tender beef, carrots, scallions and chill sauce 

On the Grill

RIB STEAK- 16​ Oz marinated, aged, and fire grilled

NAPOLEON- Hanger steak with mashed potato, portabella mushroom baby chicken, medallion and porcini sauce

LAMB BURGER- 100% Seasoned lamb, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pepper served on a sesame seed bun

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST- Fire grilled chicken and deliciously seasoned

LAMB CHOPS- On a bed of mashed potatos and Chinese green pea in a shallot sauce. 


CALIFORNIA ROLL- Imitation crab, avocado and cucumber with sesame seed I/O

SOHO ROLL- Hamachi and avocado, topped with cilantro and jalapeno, dotted with spicy mayo and torched

RAINBOW ROLL- California roll, Topped with tuna, Salmon and hamachi with avocado

JUKE ROLL- Cooked Salmon, avocado and cucumber roll topped with red caviar I/O

MOOSHI MOOSHI ROLL- Tuna and tempura flakes, topped with avocado, seared salmon and jalapeno drizzled with chili sauce and dotted with spicy mayo

LOBSTER BOMB- Lobster​ Roll with avocado & asparagus topped with lobster & our 3 special sauces served with two tempura lobster tails inside of a martini glass

TUNASU- Cucumber rolled with tuna and avocado in ponzu sauce 

Tempura Rolls​

JB TEMPURA- Salmon, Imitation cream cheese and scallion drizzled with eel sauce

SOHO TEMPURA ROLL- Hamachi, cilantro, jalapeno and avocado, torches with spicy mayo



information about Soho Asian Bar and Grill

Mon - Thu: 5:30 PM - 1:00 AM
Fri - Closed
Sat: 1 Hour after Shabbat - 1:00 AM

Cuisine: Asian
Avg. Check: $20-$30
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: No
Open for Pesach: No



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ABOUT Soho Asian Bar and Grill

Decorated in warm cream colored walls and with purple and gold LED lighting behind the bar, Soho Asian Bar and Grill in Aventura might at first seem like a South Beach nightclub. In fact, owner Shlomi Ezra stated that is exactly what he is going for, he wanted to bring a little bit of South Beach to the kosher world.  Soho offers kosher diners a place to “go out” rather than just a dining destination.   An establishment where according to Mr. Ezra, “”no one feels like an outsider.” 

Soho has a large variety of tapas including both Asian and Middle Eastern inspired appetizers, such as the Yakitori Skewers (available in both fish and chicken) fish kabobs and the popular sweet bread.  Two bars offer specialty drinks such as mojitos and margaritas to accompany the tapas and a 300 square foot wine cellar houses kosher wine from all over the world.  Also available are a large variety of refreshing fresh squeezed juices such as carrot and ginger, and lemonade with mint. 

For those looking for a full dinner rather than drinks and appetizers Soho can certainly accommodate.  There are close to 140 items on the menu that focuses on Asian, Asian fusion and American Grill entries.  Among the Asian entrees of particular note is the Szechuan Crispy Chili Fried Beef, something not readily available at most kosher restaurants, in fact not always found at every Chinese restaurant.  Mr. Ezra is especially proud of Soho’s famous meat sushi, which includes the Chimi Roll (skirt steak and roasted peppers topped with chimichurri), the Chiquita Roll (chicken tempura, avocado and plantain topped with cilantro) and the one-of-kind Chicken and Waffles!  Among the American Grill entrees, the most popular is the Napolean featuring layers of hanger steak, mashed potato, portabella mushrooms,  baby chicken and porcini sauce.  All of the food at Soho is homemade, including the desserts like their seasonal sorbet, Belgian Waffles and ethnic specialties such as pavlova (a Russian meringue topped with ice cream and passion fruit sauce) and kadaif (a Middle-Eastern pastry soaked in sugar syrup.

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Soho is equally popular with the family dinner crowd as it is with late night younger crowd.  One popular feature is that children eat free between 5pm and 7pm with each paying adult.  Shlomi Ezra’s business philosophy is “do the best or don’t do it at all” and Soho Asian Bar and Grill brings the best of the hip eclectic South Florida scene to the kosher diner in Aventura.


Review 12/23/16 (Malki Sinensky)

Review 12/23/16 (Cohen Zalman)

Review 7/5/16 (Alex Zilberberg)
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