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Great Kosher Restaurants
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President & Publisher: Elan Kornblum
Great Kosher Restaurants Media Group
1872 Stuart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Tel: 718-336-4201

To contact us about advertising:

For general inquiries:

The “Great Kosher Restaurants” Network is revolutionizing the kosher dining scene. Whether you're a local New Yorker looking for a place to dine from the abundance of kosher restaurant choices or a traveler searching for a spot in Argentina or Paris, Great Kosher Restaurants International is a must for anyone who eats kosher. Within the last year we’ve made it even closure lace easier for people to seek out and dine at kosher restaurants. Together with this site, our wildly successful Great Kosher Restaurant Foodies Facebook group has given diners the chance to post and share about all of their great restaurant experiences. There is a constant influx of delicious looking photos, detailed reviews and discussions on the group at all times, except on Shabbat, of course!

With the Facebook group we have provided a space that connects closure piece weave owners to their customers. Owners can share daily specials, news and even resolve any issues that may arise all in a safe, moderated space. We connect diners to other diners creating connections and friendships simply through food. As Jews, our lives constantly revolve around the foods we eat. Pair that with the social media world we live in now and it is only natural that our group has become a foodie world with over 18,000 members and counting.

After eight very successful editions of the Great Kosher Restaurants International magazine, we are thrilled to be unveiling our ninth installment very soon. The next edition, a glossy 256-page coffee table book will highlight over 300 top kosher restaurants from around the world with over 400 stunning color photos, menus and descriptions.
We can’t wait to share it with you!

The comprehensive magazine is laid out in a neat and easy to read manner. It is separated by city, starting with dozens of New York restaurants from all five boroughs and beyond. Other states highlighted include New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, California and Florida. The magazine has also increased their expansion outside the Continental United States, featuring restaurants in Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Israel, London, Paris, Belgium, Scotland, China and much more.

If our magazine, website and Facebook group aren’t enough, we also provide our readers with a bi-weekly award winning newsletter, iPhone and Android app and regularly updated Instagram and Twitter posts. All of our platforms are focused on providing breaking kosher restaurant news as well as necessary restaurant information such as hours of operation, phone numbers and menus. They are all geared towards helping you make a decision of where to eat and if you haven’t already
figured out, we take dining out very seriously. We are available any time of the day to answer your questions, get you a coveted reservation or help with any issues.

We have also created a very popular Dining Club in association with the magazine, with the website, www.GreatKosherDeals.com where members are able to purchase restaurant certificates at a 5%-50% discount. The Dining Club has so far saved its members over $250,000 in restaurant bills over the past several years. So if you are looking to dine out and save money this is the best way to do it.

The next time you are looking for a place to eat, check out “Great Kosher Restaurants” first. It’s our mission to make sure that you have an overall great kosher dining experience, wherever you may be!

For an emailed press release, more information on the magazine, website or Dining Club, call Publisher
Elan Kornblum at 718-336-4201

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