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Great Kosher Restaurants
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January Openings, Events, and Updates

Patis Bakery at the Chabad Annex on the Upper West Side IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!! Go check it out! Click here to weigh in. Located at 676 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY (off West 93rd Street).
So did you hear the news that AKIMORI Sushi from Brooklyn is now at BONITO in the Chelsea section of Manhattan? January 7th was the first Saturday night they were open and they had some of the highest quality sushi. Click here to weigh in and for photos of their samplings. Available for dine in, take out and delivery all around the island. Now is your chance to enjoy it in the Big Apple. Make your reservations, call or order online. Full Bonito menu also available. Located at 31 West 17th Street (off 6th Avenue), NY NY. #(212) 209-8822.
I was at the new Cho-Zen Restaurant on the Upper East Side early this month for the first time and it brought back memories eating at their sister restaurants in Long Island and Queens. This is like the younger, millennial, "Zen" version of those long time established restaurants, with real oak throughout the restaurant, a waterfall wall in the back with soothing music. They even have a cool dumbwaiter. Not the waitress Click here to check out the spread including some closeups of their Buffalo wings, sesame chicken and spicy crispy beef. Sushi was soft to the taste and the roll was fantastic. If you haven't been there, give it a try. To place your order, call 212-717-8818. Located at: 1553 Second Avenue, between 80th and 81st Street.
Who wants to go to Brazil? Or perhaps the next best thing: Talia's Steakhouse & Bar has unveiled their next International Cuisine Pop Up. Kosher Brazilian Week starts next week! Tuesday, 1/17 - Friday, 1/27. Talia’s is excited to host Chef Camila Rinaldi for a Brazilian pop-up dinner! Make your reservations by calling 212-580-3770, emailing info@taliassteakhouse.com, or click here. Preorder for takeout and delivery here. Local Pickup & Delivery for Friday, 1/20 & 1/27: First delivery starting 11:30 AM - Final delivery time is 3:30 PM. Click here for more information and to weigh in. Information regarding suburban deliveries will be announced shortly! Kosher Supervision: Mehadrin Kashrus Directed by Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein. Meat is Beit Yosef and Shor Habor. Located at 668 Amsterdam Avenue (Between 92nd & 93rd Street), 10024, New York, NY.
KFWE is returning to Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers in NYC on Monday, February 6, 2023. Tickets are on sale now, click here to order and click here for $25 off GKRF code for NYC. Demand for tickets is greater than it’s ever been, and they will go quickly. Don’t miss out on this amazing event. Please note, KFWE is a 21+ event. No persons under 21 (including infants/children) will be allowed entry. They'll be featuring hundreds of wines from around the world, and the wine is just the start. Click here for more information.
Urbana in Boro Park has been taken over by the owner of Bordeaux and Pescada and is now open! New menu dishes include fettuccine alfredo, cappuccino, sweet salmon. Tuscany salad, and pizza. Click here for pictures and to weigh in. They are located at 1305-53rd Street, off 13th Avenue.
Next door to Bravo Pizza, the same owner opened Yossi's Bagels and Paninis Opened at 902 Kings Highway. Looks nice inside. Good option in the area. Soft Opening phase right now. Click here to weigh in.
The owners of Cork & Slice will be converting their Happy Slice Co. into Cork and Slice. The last day of Happy Slice was 1/12/22. Friday morning they put up coming soon signs for CORK & SLICE. Hopefully about a month of renovations. Located at: 509 Avenue P, off Ocean Parkway. Click here to weigh in.
Tempura in Brooklyn on Avenue K, off Coney Island Avenue is opening next week! Click here for a video of me doing some taste testing and going over the menu. Pasta, sushi, fish, salads, poke bowls. And guys, they have a FULL LIQUOR LICENSE. Game changer.
So as you can imagine there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes here at GKRF. One of them is helping restaurants navigate the kosher industry. Back in August, I visited the Häagen-Dazs Cinnabon Dumbo Bk ice cream store in DUMBO. All of their ice cream has a certification under the OU and they also have Cinnabon in the store! But the store where they bake the cinnabons was not under supervision. Since then I have been in touch with the owner of the store and Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman and I happy to announce that as of a few weeks ago, the store is under rabbinical supervision. Click here to weigh in and see comments for certification. Now everyone can feel more comfortable eating everything there. Located at 11 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY. # (585) 398-6563.
I'll take a little credit for this, because I made the shidduch. Please be aware that TASTE OF AKKO on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn is now under the supervision of Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman. It was previously under Rabbi David Navarro. This is a nice, small, authentic Israeli Hummus and Falafel Joint and they recently introduced more fish and dairy items. Cholov Yisroel / Bishul Yisroel. Owned by a Shomer Shabbos family. Open from 9am to 9pm Sunday-Thursday and Friday closing at 3pm. Click here to weigh in. Located at 1724 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. (718) 552-2818.
Please be aware that "Glatt Coney" on Coney Island Avenue and "Glatt Kosher Chinese" on 18th Avenue (same ownership) is now under the supervision of Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Krausz and the Kosher Certification of Udvari. They were previously under the OK Supervision. I have spoken to the OK and they have told me they have been working with Rabbi Krausz for a smooth transition over the past 2 weeks and there wasn't any Kashrus reason for the change. Please continue to support these Glatt Kosher restaurants. Their office is located at 227 Rutledge Street, Brooklyn NY. #(718) 305-6777. Click here to weigh in. Glatt Coney is located at 1558 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY. #(718) 676-7781. Glatt Kosher Family Chinese is located at 4305 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY. #(718) 972-8085.
Unfortunately, Malki Palki, the Rego Park sushi restaurant closed. Their last day was January 15th. They want to thank everyone for the unending support. Click here to weigh in. They were located at: 63-55 Alderton St (near Queens Blvd), Rego Park, NY. Phone: (844) 444-8074. Under the Vaad Harabonim of Queens (VHQ).
Art of Grill presents Live Music Night every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm, featuring Ketrin C. Jazz and Lounge Music. Make your reservations. Click here to weigh in and here for their website. Located at 97-13 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY. #(718) 619-8669.
Kashrus Alert as of the 13 Teves 5783 January 5, 2023 from the VKM. "At the behest of Chashuve Rabbonim, we are proud to announce that Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin (VKM) is expanding its professional and high quality Kashrus services to the Queens community." This week we are honored to share that the following establishments have been
Certified Kosher by VKM:
* Pizza Palace (63-60 108 street, Queens, NY)
* Sushi Fussion (105-43 64thrd, Queens, NY)
* Café Utopia (6107 Utopia Parkway, Queens. NY)
* Kandi Kastle (72-12 Main St, Queens, NY)
Click here for more information. Visit www.KosherVaad.com for more Information. Email: KosherVaad@gmail.com.  Tel: 732-VKM-8085 / 732-856-8085. Here's a short video from Rav Noach Isaac Oelboum Shlit”a and Rav Elya Brudny Shlit”a rely on Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin (VKM). Click here to check it out.
The Midtown Manhattan meat restaurant, Paprika 2.0 partly owned by Colbeh, will be opening next month with a new menu along with traditional Shabbat take outs. The 80 seat restaurant will have 2 rooms, one for casual and takeouts and one for sit down menu. They will have a pizza oven to cook some great bread, laffa, and dishes right on the oven. Click here to see the construction and to weigh in; The owners would like to ask the group a question. What do people like as a best dish appetizer and main course at Israeli restaurant? They are finalizing the menu and would love to add a dish which will be chosen by the group to be on the menu for them. Click the above link to comment. Located at 8 Bond Street.
The meat restaurant Mur has re-opened in their former space and they will be officially opening up their newly renovated huge dining room next door on February 8th. Reservations for that will begin January 16th. Click here to weigh in, and here to see the menu. Located at 310 Central Avenue, Lawrence, NY. #(516) 260-6341.
Great news for the Lakewood area; Chef Jason Cappetta is back and has opened Rosemary Artisanal Bagelry, a cute breakfast and lunch cafe. For those who know the industry, Jason helped open up Ottimo Cafe and Bun Burger Kitchen in Lakewood. In his latest project, he has hired a bagel master where all their bagels are boiled and baked in house every morning. All of their salads are made fresh and soups daily. Click here for a look at the food and to weigh in. They had their soft opening on January 2nd. Located at 1135 E Veterans Hwy, Jackson Township, NJ. Open Sunday through Thursday from 7:00am to 4:00pm and Friday from 7:00am to 1:00pm. #(732) 835-3000. Email them at hello@rosemarybagelry.com. Their website is www.rosemarybagelry.com.
So this is very cute. Elegant Desserts NY and Gelbstein's Bakery in Lakewood are selling frog cupcakes this week. Bring the parsha alive and have fun with it. Click here to purchase them. Vanilla Cupcake with Frog Character Topping, pack of 6. Click here to weigh in. Retail Location: 415 Clifton Avenue, Lakewood, NJ. # (732) 363-3636. Wholesale Location: 1995 Rutgers University Blvd, Lakewood, NJ. # (732) 363-3636.
HBK Burger in Aventura has been sold. New ownership took over in December; the name has changed to PRIME GRILL (no relation to the one from NY). Click here for the menu with the new name, and to weigh in. Located at 2958 NE 199th Street, Aventura Boulevard, FL.
Oak and Ember opened Tuesday, January 10th at 6pm. Opening night featured a complimentary cocktail or glass of wine with each entrée during opening week, January 10th-12th. It's a new menu and a new vibe. Oak and Ember is family friendly. Chassidish & HCK Meats available. Oak & Ember is located at 7600 W Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL. Click here to weigh in.
MIAMI GLATT serving Kosher Daily & Shabbat Meals, had their Soft Opening 1/13/23! They have taken over the space at the Mimosa and open for prepaid Shabbat meals. Dine in, take out and delivery available. Check out their Thursday night Heimishe spread under MDK. Click here to weigh in. Located at 4747 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL. # (347) 850-4747.
Naan no more; the final Glatt Kosher Indian restaurant in North America has fallen. We did give you all a heads up that this may happen but I was hoping they would last until the end of the season. SABABA GRILL INDIAN Cuisine in North Miami has closed. The manager is hoping to maybe open somewhere else in the future and if you're interested in investing in it, please reach out to me. Click here to weigh in. They were located at: 2218 NE 123rd St, North Miami, FL.
Smash House Miami has renovated and is now fully open for dine in service. This is very convenient for those who can't wait to dig into their smash burger. Available also for take out and delivering from Miami Beach to Hollywood. Click here to weigh in. Located at: 1550 NE 164th Street, North Miami Beach, FL. #(305) 351-9545.
The bakery café is currently certified under two hashgachas as it transitions from Chai Kosher to Miami Dade Kosher. Both hashgachas are overseen by Rabbi Spitz, (786) 318-4118. Miami Dade Kosher Certificate can be viewed here ZTB Kosher Certificate 2023. BREAD is Parvae, Pas Yisrael, Non Yoshon, with hafrashat challah taken on each batch. PASTRY is Dairy, Non-Cholov Yisrael, with some non-dairy products made in dairy equipment (DE). CAFE is Dairy, Non-Cholov Yisrael. They have a mashgiach on staff 6 days/week. All fresh greens are washed and inspected by their mashgiachs. All burners and flames are turned on by our mashgiachs. All new plates/utensils/cooking equipment are toiveled in mikvah by their mashgiachs. All ingredients are inspected for proper kosher certification by their mashgiachs. Bakery/Cafe is closed every Saturday & all Jewish holidays. Zak The Baker has been continuously certified kosher since 2014. If you have any questions regarding their kosher status, please feel free to visit and speak to their mashgiach, or call Rabbi Spitz, the supervising Rabbi of our hashgachas. Located at 295 NW 26th St, Miami, Fl. #(786) 294-0876.
KC Market is delivering to Orlando on Thursday, January 26th! Send orders in this week to guarantee a spot. Order online at KCMarketfl.com. Delivery available from Miami Beach to Palm Beach and in between. Located at: 5650 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL. # (954) 963-1313.
We have all seen people flock to Florida with many visiting and moving down there. Here's a great chance for a restaurateur to come in to an existing, successful, turn key business. The current owners Amos and Meital Vaknin Chanero have been running the dairy Cholov Yisroel cafe for a decade and have moved to Israel. Amos is in town until March and is available to meet with interested buyers. They have worked very hard on building a loyal, customer base with many catering accounts from shuls and organizations. They can show receipts and increase in business year over year. They just had one of their best years and Hollywood is growing by leaps and bounds. They are minutes from FLL airport, right off I-95, in a shopping mall with ample parking. Outdoor seating. If interested, please message me or call Amos at (305) 776-5227. Click here to weigh in. Located at: 4009 Oakwood Blvd, Hollywood, FL. Click here for their website.
Grab a Bagel, don some teffilin. This is genius and a beautiful idea; the new Teffilin stand at Lox N Bagel. So if you’re waiting for a bagel and haven’t put on Teffilin, there’s a pair of Teffilin, Siddur (prayerbook) and kippah. Generously sponsored by Matthew H Maschler & Signature Real Estate Companies. Click here to weigh in. Located at: 21065 Powerline Road, Boca Raton, FL. Phone: (561) 245-8363.
The Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles is excited to share that they have partnered with renowned caterers, Food Art, to provide a "Shabbat & Stay" overnight package. Guests will book a 2 night stay for arrival on Friday, and included, they will enjoy signature meals for Shabbat Dinner and Lunch using the freshest ingredients, brought directly to your room or suite by the resort’s In Room Dining team. How convenient. For pricing and to book, click here. It is important that when the guest is making their overnight reservations, they must include the number of people staying in their room so that the proper number of meals are delivered. Terms & Conditions: Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or rate. Blackout dates may apply, and rates are subject to availability. All reservations must be made no later than Wednesday prior to a Friday check-in. Click here to weigh in. Plus, lock in savings on rooms and suites when you prepay for your stay. Book in advance on their non-refundable rate and save up to 30% off their daily rate. Click here for special offers and details. Located at: 18001 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL, 33160. Hotel Direct: (844) 237-7124.
Crunch now offers delivery. Plus, have you tried their new menu and sushi since they brought in renowned ChefSeul Kim? Click here to weigh in. Crunch is located in the WIFI Building.
8170 N McCormick Blvd, Skokie, IL. (847) 410-7601. Click here for their website.
Mendel Segal sent us a video in the last week of December (hence the snow), of his upcoming restaurant, "Mendel's KC BBQ." Click here to check it out. It's opening soon, and one of the foodies from our group visited lately and took a ton of pictures! Click here to check them out, along with his rave about the place. Thank you Vinni Newmark; happy to have you in the group. Located at 20314 Chagrin Blvd, Shaker Heights, OH.
KFWE is back! Live and in person from the entertainment capitol of the world, Hollywood, CA. The year’s best Kosher food and spirits celebration is returning bigger and better than ever. Demand for tickets is greater than it’s ever been and they will go quickly. Don’t sleep on this amazing opportunity. For more information, click here, click here to order tickets, and click here for $25 off GKRF code. VIP tickers have already sold out.
GKRF member shared the new kosher Hibachi delivery place. They bring food, fun, and entertainment to your dinner party! Their experienced private hibachi chefs prepare a multicourse meal right in front of your eyes, all while providing a fun, interactive show. Call or text (818) 308-5069. Click here to weigh in.
THAT'S AMORE THURSDAY IS BACK! Thursday night party atmosphere, DJ starts at 8pm. Bottle Service Available. Click here to make your reservations on their website. Click here to weigh in. Located at: 9025 Wilshire Blvd. (Corner of N Wetherly Dr.) Beverly Hills, CA. #(310) 247-1239.
We live in truly miraculous times. You can now shop kosher in Hawaii. happily announced the grand opening of Maui Kosher Market on January 16th, 2023. They take pride in delivering Glatt Kosher meat, chicken, and Cholov Yisroel Dairy products to your home or hotel in Maui, Hawaii. Coming to Maui for vacation, don’t worry about packing kosher food, they have you covered! Click here to weigh in, and here for their website. # (808) 460-4025. For more information, email info@mauikoshermarket.com.
Morocco Kosher Travel is thrilled to announce a collaboration with famous Chef and restaurant Owner of Moroccan origin: Levana L. Kirschenbaum Levana will be their Guest of Honor during their guaranteed departure, 8 days tour of Morocco, from Monday, February 20th to Monday, February 27th, 2023. Come and experience the cities of Casablanca, Marrakech and Essaouira! An exciting trip that will take them to the Kivrei Tsadikim, Morocco's rich and diverse culture as well as charming oriental camel rides thru the desert. A Spectacular Farewell Moroccan Feast will be prepared by Levana! Discover Morocco with all it has to offer, with no compromise on luxury, comfort, and high-end kosher food. $3,200 per adult based on double occupancy. $3,800 for single occupancy. All accommodations, meals, local transports and excursions are included Airfare and tips not included. For more info and inquires, go to: www.moroccokoshertravel.com. Call 866-FLY-KOSHER or email: mk@moroccokoshertravel.com. Who is Morocco Kosher Travel: They are the first US based company that specializes in Morocco under the Orthodox Union certification. Their company, led by a good friend of ours and veteran in the kosher hospitality industry Mickael Knafo is based in the US with American representatives that are originally from Morocco. So, you will get the expertise of Morocco s Jewish, cultural and historical tour from an American Standpoint. Morocco Kosher Travel specializes in Private Custom Tours where you can arrange your own itinerary from an array of options. It’s a company you can trust with your dietary needs as well as the expected level of comfort you are used to in the US without compromising the authenticity of your trip.
Still looking to book for Pesach? Flights are going up. Here is a VIP KOSHER TOUR Flash Sale for Passover 2023 Paradisus Resort, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. 2 free round trip airfare tickets from JFK (value $3,400) with every room sold. (Leaving Tuesday, April 4th at 9AM from JFK, returning on Friday, April 14th. leaves at 5:30AM or 7AM to JFK). Only for the next 25 room sold. Exclusions apply. Promotions can't be combined. Program is 85% sold out. For questions and inquiries, call VIP Kosher Tours at (877) 220-1818 or email: info@vipkoshertours.com. Let them know we sent you. Full pricing, room information at www.VIPKosherTours.com. Just 45 minutes from Cancun Airport, Paradisus in Playa Del Carmen is an all suite resort. It has 8 pools, massive private beach for all the guests, 14 different chef restaurants, and all day meat and dairy buffets. For more information, click here.
Three kosher Cruise options are on the horizon, two to Alaska, and one to the Bahamas. The Kosher Cruise options are as follows: Quantum of the Seas (Alaska Glacier Cruise leaving from Seattle) sets sail on August 7, 2023 The same Cruise sets sail on August 14, 2023. The Oasis of the Seas departs Sunday, August 20, 2023 Sailing from Bayonne, New Jersey to Bahamas. My friend and Travel Agent, Sharon Leeds can get you a great deal! The prices are lower than if booking directly on the Royal website and Sharon provides excellent customer service. Click here to sign up for Sharon's newsletter. For more information, click here.
I want to wish my buddy Reuven Rob Moz Mozorosky, owner of Chickies a huge Mazal Tov on his beautiful wedding January 8th, 2023. He has the nicest, whitest teeth I've ever seen and he and his family are just the sweetest, kindest, most giving people you'll find. Wishing nothing but the best for them and may we only share in simchas. Click here to weigh in.
In memory of Nessim Sahalon, a"h, I have created a Meal Train for their family during Shiva and next couple of weeks in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. (64th Street and 23rd Ave). We are all heartbroken by the tragic death of one of our own in the food industry. I have been in touch with Nessim's sister, who is on the group, and she thanks everyone for their prayers and condolences. She has asked if we can help supply meals for their family in their time of grief, and so this is what we do. Please click here please help prepare meals if you can. Thank you. May we only be on the giving end for simchas.
Shlomi Lavi is the owner of Falafalafa, a delicious little falafel shop in Marine Park, Brooklyn. Thousands of us have been in there and met Shlomi and his father. Sadly, Shlomi's father passed away the other week and the family is in dire need to pay for hospital and funeral expenses as well as take care of the family, one child who is autistic. It wasn't easy and it wasn't like Shlomi to ask for help, but he asked if everyone can read the below and help his family out. Please donate what you can by clicking here. For more information, click here. Thank you.
Great Kosher Blog
Saturday, June 10, 2023
The Restaurant Guy Elan�Kornblum, also known as "The Restaurant Guy" is the Publisher and President of Great Kosher Restaurants International, the award-winning, full-color worldwide publication and its accompanying website. �Elan�has covered the kosher restaurant industry for the last 10 years and is the leading authority when it comes to kosher restaurants.