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Early March 2021 - Openings, Closings & News

KosherWine.com's big Peach sale is here! Unlike Pharaoh, they are ready to let your wine go—with savings of up to 45% off. With over 1,000+ options, you'll find something for all four sons (and your finicky brother in law). From low alcohol wines that will make sure you make it to “Next year in Jerusalem” to premium wines that you won’t want to pour out for the plagues, no palate will be left behind. Click here to get right to the sale page. Order 12+ bottles and get FREE shipping on all your wines. And if you live in Orlando or Miami, they've partnered with two Walgreens locations that will securely hold your wine until you arrive to pick them up - read more about it here. And if these deals weren't enticing on their own, GKRF has EXCLUSIVE coupon codes: use code GKRF5 for an extra 5% off sitewide, and use code GKRF15 for $15 off your order of $200+.
On March 8, we celebrate International Women's Day - and at GKRF, we give a special round of applause and support to all the #wonderwomen out there who own and run great kosher restaurants! I'm sure it has not been easy, and we thank you for all the time and effort you have all put in juggling your restaurant and your family
Btw, you don't want to mess with any of these strong women, I'll just tell you that! Click here to see the post on our Facebook group and here on Instagram, and tag your favorite female restauranteur in the comments!
GKR has a mini video tour of the latest progress at Spice Bar & Grill! Now that indoor dining is open again in NYC, their grand opening inches closer. Stay tuned for those long-awaited details - but for now, click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
A cross between a classic Israeli hummusiya and a nice sit-down restaurant, Pital'e gives you a taste of the Middle East in Boro Park! At the former location of Ess n Bentch, Pital'e brings new flavors to the area with ariyas, kebabs, shawarma, falafel, roasted eggplant, and more. They have an outdoor dining setup, as well as a fresh, modern indoor dining experience. To make a reservation, email pitaleboropark@gmail.com or call (347) 295-2413. To view my live videos from their soft opening, click for part 1part 2, and part 3. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
First opened way back in 2003, Tea for Two - T Fusion's dairy sister - is a subject of Marine Park nostalgia. Well, nostalgia no longer now that it's been rebooted at 3219 Quentin Road (formerly Isabella Kitchen). Now that it's the only higher-end dairy restaurant on this side of Ocean Parkway for many many blocks, we hope to see old hands and new diners alike here. You can make reservations on our website, here. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Brooklyn's gotten its own kosher açaí bowl shop! Baya Bar is the cool new place for smoothies, açaí bowls, cold pressed juices, avocado toast, pitaya bowls, fresh juices, and coconut bowls! There are no added sweeteners, and only organic base ingredients with organic dairy alternatives for a tasty AND healthful experience. To read more about them, visit their website at www.TheBayaBar.com.
This 1301 Ave J location is under the supervision of Rabbi Mehlman, will have a mashgiach on-premises at all times; closed on Shabbos, open on Motzei Shabbos. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Get ready to welcome a new authentic Israeli hummus bar to town! If you've ever been to Burgers & Grill in Washington Heights, you'll be a fan of the flavors that are to be found at this Middle Eastern restaurant opening in the heart of Flatbush. So keep watching the storefront at 1202 Avenue J, and get hungry for falafel, sabich, shakshuka, hummus ful, hummus mushroom, and more. Watch out for a huge Grand Opening special after Pesach! Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Check out the latest addition to the Breadberry family: their new dedicated Sushi & Poke Bar station! Poke bowls are build-your-own featuring multiple bases, proteins, veggies, crunches, and sauces - so you can exactly what you're craving every time! Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Remember when everyone was keeping sourdough starter in a jar last year? Well, Albert Bijou and the Perizia staff have perfected that, and are ready to serve you sourdough crust pizza! Sourdough isn't just a trend: there are many health benefits to using dough that's fermented this way, such as making it easier for the body to digest gluten, keeping you satiated for longer, and providing a source of probiotics! All that with delicious Perizia pizza? Sign us up! Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Japan meets Brazil at 185-01 Union Turnpike with TWO new kosher restaurants opening side-by-side. Kampai will be opening in the former location of Meo, while Brazilian Grill will be the first kosher Rodízio - a classic all-you-can-eat style restaurant. Get two distinct flavors in the heart of Queens. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
A brand-new burger joint will be opening at 6429 108th Street after Pesach: say hello to Burger Spot! Click here to see a sneak peek of the space on our Facebook group, and get hungry for smash burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs & more.
Shimmy on over to Chimi BRGR for burgers, fries, chili, and shakes! By the owners of Chimichurri Charcoal Chicken - and right next door to their Cedarhust location! - you can now get the classic Chimichurri taste and quality you've grown to know and love in a burger. Click here to view their menu. Under the strict Orthodox supervision of Mehadrin of the 5 Towns, Rabbi Yehuda Eliyahu, and Rabbi Sholom Silberberg. Click here to view the post on our Facebook group.
All restaurants in the state of New York outside the five boroughs are currently at 50% dining capacity. On Friday March 19, they'll be allowed to open at 75% capacity! NYC, let's catch up! Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Glatt Fusion in West Orange is under new management - by Kosher Express in Fairlawn! The location will be renamed Kosher Express West Orange. Hatzlacha to the new owner, Jay Hirschorn! Click here to see the post our Facebook group.
The ever-popular Nahum Bakery in Deal, NJ will be branching out to Nahum Grill! They hope to be open for Pesach, which will surely be popular once the summer season kicks off. They're located at 268 Norwood Avenue - last year, Ronit Nahum expanded the Nahum Bakery to the front of the plaza in two contiguous storefronts on Norwood Avenue, one half which they set up for indoor seating and a pizza and ice cream countertop. Now she is adding a new section in between the front and the back, where she plans to do delivery/takeout of fast-food items, and on Fridays to sell prepared foods for Shabbat. They also do catering for parties, and sell frozen cooked foods. So very much looking forward to this latest addition to the family! Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
A non-kosher restaurant has taken over the NOMA location at Aventura Waterways, and has been operating since mid-February. It looks the same but isn't the same, so make sure that your friends know. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
As of March 6, STREET Kitchen has closed, as one of their employees has tested positive for covid. They'll let you all know when they're ready to open their doors again. But for now, we can all take a rest from the reservations race. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Out of caution and the prioritization of the health and safety of their staff and customers, Mendel's Backyard BBQ closed temporarily last week, but has reopened as of March 7! Be sure to make reservations ahead online - and fast, before this popular restaurants is booked! Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
After a few exclusive soft-opening events, Oak & Ember in Boca Raton officially opened to the public on March 1th! They will have five-course chef's tastings on Mondays and Thursdays, so be sure to keep an eye on their social media pages. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
The newest addition to the Fountains Center kosher family is nearly ready to open for business - and this time we're heading east to China! Eiden Wok Kosher Chinese is named after owner Seth Warshaw's daughter; bring your own family for a flavorful dining experience! While previously scheduled to open on March 8, they've postponed opening until March 10 at 4pm due to a gas leak. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Spring has sprung, and Orchids Garden - one of the oldest, most classic restaurants of South Florida - has bloomed! With new owner Josh Isaacs, new managers, the same chefs you know and love, a new logo, and new energy: there's so much to love, so stop by! You might see some action as they continue to spruce up the location. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
South Florda gets Yankee-style pizza at Bravo, who had their soft opening on Sunday, March 7. Catch them at 1550 NE 164th Street, and try some of their tried and true hit items - like their famous Grandma Pie, white spinach pie, spicy french fries, and the classic cheese pie. Give them a round of applause for their dedication to deliciousness! Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
If it's too early for Grill Time and you want some pastry or sambousek with your coffee, have no fear! Metsuyan Bakery is here, and has opened right next door at 16145 Biscayne Blvd. The long-time restaurant has been split down the middle and made separate entrances to the meat restaurant and the dairy bakery/cafe. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Bring some South Florida sunshine to your table with Miami Arak - now available at Hungarian Kosher Market in Chicago! Located at 4020 Oakton St, Skokie. Enjoy smooth flavors like Toasted Marshmallow, Bubble Gum, Lychee, Espresso, Lemon Lime, and of course, the classic Original. Just $25 a bottle! Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
After months of being closed, Toast Cafe is once again open for business, on its outdoor patio! Drive by at 15001 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks - they're open from 8am to 4pm, and remember their WEEKDAY BREAKFAST SPECIAL 15% off from 8am-11am. See what they're about at www.toast-coffee.com. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
Welcome to this new restaurant at 8947 West Pico Boulevard: Beverly Hills Bagel Co! They're serving bagels and everything else in the breakfast-kitchen-sink, like omelets, pancakes, challah french toast, donut sandwiches, salads, and more! Show them some love, and start your day off right - with delicious food. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
As of March 7, Israel has allowed restaurants, cafes, and event halls to open nation-wide! In light of all the lockdowns, this is great news for businesses, as well as for everyone who's been going a little stir crazy. The limit on gatherings will be eased to 20 people indoors and 50 people outdoors. Previously, standalone stores, malls, open-air markets, museums, and libraries had been permitted to open to the public in February. Click here to see the post on our Facebook group.
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