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Prime Pizza in Brooklyn Changes to Prime Chef's Club Room; "GKR" to help run it

Prime Pizza in Brooklyn Changes to Prime Chef's Club Room; "GKR" to help run it
While Prime Pizza opened a few months ago, in a meeting with owner Joey Allaham last week, he told us he had too many questions about the side by side restaurant with Prime Burger and he is changing concepts. So under the lead of Great Kosher Restaurants Magazine, he is turning the pizza space into the "Prime Chef's Club Room," an exclusive space for multi purpose events. Think of it as the new culinary frontier in kosher dining. Diners will get the chance to experience one of a kind meals and events with famed chefs and aspiring ones.
Imagine a space where an up and coming chef can work in a commercial, kosher-supervised kitchen, to hone his/her skills and where they can host private tastings or events for their family or clients. Imagine a space for culinary classes or even a prep kitchen for caterers or private chefs to use for on and off premise events. We hope to have rotating chefs from Prime restaurants as well as other skilled chefs, teachers and authors to show off their culinary chops and creative minds. Think: Lunch & Learn, Dinner & Dialouge, Butcher Classes, How to Make This....The possibilities are endless.
Since the room can only sit 16, each event held there is guaranteed to be an exclusive and intimate dining experience. This is a chance for adventurous foodies to expand their palate without leaving their backyard.
Let us know which chefs you would like to see host an event and we will use our foodie magic to make it happen!
The space hold 16 seats for table seating and 30 for standing room. All bookings will be done through a dedicated email we have set up at:
If you are interested in renting the Prime Chef Club Room, please contact us. The Prime Chef's Club is located on East 12th Street off Avenue J.