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Great Kosher Restaurants
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The earliest kosher restaurants & delis in NYC were ... ?
Arieh Lebowitz- 10/04/21

A friend asked me if there was any information, either in articles, books or anecdotes, about the first kosher restaurants, delis and such in New York City. Any insights, suggestions, and clues would be deeply appreciated! Gut Shabbes, and of course Gut Yohr! Arieh Lebowitz / Executive Director / Jewish Labor Committee

Great time at Eighteen
James- 08/12/21

Went with 12 people and everyone's meal was great. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting to try something new.

Stinger's Bar & Grill
Cantors Daniel and Ruth G- 08/12/21

We will be attending the Blue Claws game on Aug. 17 with the Jewish Federation of Ocean County. We are told that Stinger's is sending a food truck to the game. Since one of us is vegetarian, please tell us if you will have any main course foods which do not contain meat. Thank you!

Kosher food
Rochelle- 08/12/21

Can you please get some kosher restaurants on the west coast of Florida Like in Venice, North Port,. Punta Gorda, Fort Meyers We have Nothing and there are plenty of people who want it.

Rimon Cafe Mamilla
Thelma Levy- 08/12/21
Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Maria Appel- 08/12/21

Love this place! Their food is always fresh and delicious! The owners and staff are super friendly and accommodating.

Simply Sushi Cafe 08/12/21

I think that the main success of Simply Sushy is simply the attitude of the service. Every summer i spend two months in woodridge , and I will never miss the approach of chaiim to each individual customer. Of course the food itself is fantastic too.Hope to see them again this summer. Ronen

Doma Land + Sea
ND- 02/01/21
We really enjoy eating at Doma, the food is always delicious and perfectly cooked. They make the best kosher steaks you can get!
This time, the owner went above and beyond for us. I accidentally left my purse at the restaurant. When the owner found it, there was no name or ID. But he saw a loyalty card for a local store and called them just to get my contact information, then he called me and dropped it off at my house! Talk about service!
Tempura/ Table & Tennis (Brooklyn)
J Weinberger- 12/24/20

Great placed! Sushi is fresh and is extremely fresh and tastes amazing. Hosted an event here and they were great to work with. Check this place out!

Al Dente
Lisa- 12/24/20

Fungi Crema Tartufo & Arancini were PERFECTION Great service and amiable staff.

Thomas Weiss- 11/30/20
Hi Stuart,

Please check 10/27/2020 receipt. Server Sandra G. Table 22.
I see service charge charged times two.

If agreeable, please apply the $25.00 credit to future meals-which we enjoy immensely.

Tom Weiss
Rothschild TLV
Mickie Preis- 12/17/20
Unbelievable food! hands down the BEST Kosher meal I've ever had at a restaurant. Thank you chef TAL for a great experience, I wish you lots of success- you deserve it. We will be visiting again soon.
Estihana Teaneck
Mr and Mrs Yosef Veltman- 11/03/20

BH Had the most amazing experience today! Estihana made my birthday the best celebration! The food so tasty, delicious and fresh! Thefood presentation was gorgeous!! The best waiter in NJ is at Estihana's. Fidel is his name!!! So happy, upbeat, attentive, friendly. Brought out the outstanding bday dessert with spark flame candle and sang with full heart to me ," Happy Birthday. He ran to bring another waiter to sing together. I have it on video!!! Fidel also learned some Hebrew words like B"H !

Fish Grill (Lakewood)
Yaacov- 11/03/20

Pros: Delicious food beautifully plated and presented. Generous portions. Speedy service. Cons: Food is served on on disposable plates and not china. The disposable dishes, however, are high quality. All in all, a place I wish I had discovered earlier, and one I will IYH be sure to frequent going forward.

Kosher in Midtown
Murray- 07/31/20

 Kosher in midtown is one of the most consistent restaurants you'll find in NYC. No surprises, food is always fresh and delicious. They offer lunch specials which are a great value!!

Papagaio Jerusalem
Sharon Lazenga- 07/31/20

I came to this Restaurant with 3 of my teenaged Grandchildren. I have been here many times before and as usual was not disappointed !! The Restaurant is always clean and inviting as are the staff!! The food as always succulent and melt in your mouth tasty !! The staff patient ( which with youngsters is very important) as always patient and obliging!! Another great visit!! Highly recommended !!

Ace Of Steaks
Shalom Stanfield - 07/31/20

I flew my wife out for our anniversary. We were under tight time constraints (regrettably). They went way above and beyond. They surprised my wife with a bucket of her favorite beer chilling in ice, and appetizers on the table waiting. The food was amazing, the staff incredible, the time unforgettable. We can not stop talking about it. Next time (hopefully soon) we slow down and make ace of steaks the destination it is.

Venetian Cafe
Dan- 07/31/20

It was beautiful-peaceful and relaxing. Staff was outstanding. The restaurant was exceptional along with the hosts and servers.

Sarah's Brick Oven
Leah Cohen- 07/31/20

Love this place. Inside has a cool vibe, but of course, we cannot use it. I usually order sometching different each time I return to a restaurant, but I just love the sabich Maloach. Great food Great service Great prices.

Shnitzi on Coney Island Ave.
Carol- 07/31/20

Shnitzi on Coney Island Ave has the most wonderful takeout and delivery specials right now.

Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Robert Cohen - 07/31/20

Thank you so much for the wonderful dinner, courtesy and service. Your efforts to serve Cherry Hill is great Chesed, and greatly appreciated. As a people with a history of survival, emunah, bitochon, we are truly one nation, and your efforts exemplify our strength when we unify and work for each other's benefit.

Essen NY Deli
Joel- 07/31/20

Fantastic service Delicious food Highly recommended

King David
Paul Bermanski- 07/31/20

 We were a large group for Shabbos dinner. The evening was spectacular. The food delicious, unusual, and plentiful. Moshe and his staff are a joy. Warm friendly and made us feel like family. Other families in the restaurant who were a separate group began Zemiros and everyone joined in!! It was wonderful. I'm looking forward to my next meal there.


Sarah- 07/31/20

Had a fantastic experience. Decor is beautiful and food was so unique and flavorful. I ordered the season harvest appetizer- best thing ever! I loved the sauce underneath the veggies. I also ordered the spaghetti squash gratin which was amazing and it's a gluten free item in lieu of pasta which is a bonus. The tuna pizzette was amazing as well. The bourbon pudding and creme brule were delicious... i could go on and on...Still dreaming about my meal. Will be back!

David- 07/31/20

Authentic Israeli food, the only place in the city you can feel like you sitting in the shuk Jerusalem and having grandma's meal. Food fills with memories and great taste

Lox Cafe
Kathy Brody- 07/31/20

The New York City Salad was fab! Nice size platter, very fresh, colorful, light and delicious. Loved the sweet grapefruit, the toasted walnuts with agave, the lox and all the other yummy veggies on the plate. Didn't see any fennel but maybe the market was out of it. Keep up the good work!

Bay Cafe
Hope- 08/10/20

I love their food! Great milchig restaurant with a wide variety of dishes. I highly recommend the Bay Cafe.

Izzy's Smokehouse
Martin berkowitz- 07/31/20

was amazing experience, and delicious food.

Bravo Pizzeria & Restaurant Queens
Rosalie S.- 08/10/20

We had their cheese pizza...2 of them. In a word...delicious!! Thin crust, and just the right amount of cheese and sauce.

Cinnaholic (Boca)
Sheree- 08/10/20

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The best, by far, of any dessert anywhere! We were all blow away by the quality and flavor. Only problem is......they are addictive!

Ken's Diner
Earle Glicksman- 04/29/19

Still there! Still the best. Earle Glicksman

Bay Cafe in Brooklyn -
Meira Mendelson- 08/10/20

We were fortunate to learn about the Bay Cafe in Brooklyn from Great Kosher Restaurants dot com. It opened just a few weeks earlier. The design and atmosphere in the restaurant is very nice. The Owner-Manager Steve was personable, friendly and eager to please. He was fabulous. We tried this restaurant for brunch since they featured various crepes on their menu and it is a favorite of mine and their crepes were outstanding. We looked into the dinner menu and decided to come back for dinner. Steve, the owner had Branzino Fish specially prepared for me and it exceeded any expectations. And the Ravioli that my husband had was great. And you can't beat their reasonable prices. And they have FREE valet parking! In New York, incredible !!! Thank you again for all the service and information that Elan of Great Kosher Restaurants provides. Keep up the great work! Rabbi & Meira Mendelson, Cleveland, Ohio. We were there April 8th 2019

Le Marais
Albertorojas.- 04/05/19

I was there working on 90¨s a nice place, friendly to stay.

Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Candy Singer- 04/05/19

Thank you for helping us create a wonderful Simchat Bat for our granddaughter. The food was delicious and our guests were delighted with all the choices of cooked foods and salads. We know we will use you in the future. Many many thanks from my husband and me.

Bordeaux Steakhouse
Terry Novetsky- 04/05/19

We had an anniversary dinner last night at Bordeaux. The service was excellent - gracious, knowledgeable of the menu and extremely attentive. The food was superb - beautifully presented, creatively prepared and delicious. I highly recommend Bordeaux.

Pho-Men on Troy
Jeremy- 04/05/19

The food was great and customer service was amazing. The food: The food my friend and I got tasted really good and wholesome with the right balance of Asian spices. The Bubble Teas were something else... so delicious with a large variety of flavors to choose from. The service: I was in the company of a special needs individual and the service the waiter provided him (as well as myself) were unparalleled. The server took the time to explain to him the whole menu and was patient with him even after he entirely changed his mind on the order after the order was being prepared. When it came to picking bubble teas, the waiter explained to him how passion fruit and pineapple differed as well as the essential difference between mint and lemon mint. It really showed us that the entire staff cared and wanted us to have the best experience possible.

Pho-Men on Troy
Linda Freedman- 04/05/19

We went for the Pre-Fix at lunch time today. Food was great. We were so full we took the dessert home and had them wrap up our mains! We really liked our bubble teas (Pnina Colada and Bluberry Lime)! Very worth it!

Mocha Burger
M. Lomnitz- 08/27/20

Food was great and everyone had a good time.

Purple Pear
Anonymous- 05/15/18

I went by on 5/14/18 to buy lunch, the food was amazing as well as the service, i also did research about the kosher supervision organization, and i got the best regards. thanks

Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Glenn Berman- 05/15/18

What option do you offer for catering a 5 year old's birthday party? We'd need either something hot (in tin trays to reheat, like mac & cheese or pasta) or cold sandwiches. What kind of pricing> I'd guess about 15 16 kids.

Bravo Pizzeria & Restaurant Queens
Leah Spilman- 05/15/18

Waiter service?

Upside Craft Burgers
Chaim- 03/16/18

Fantastic place. Food is so good. I had the greatest burger I've ever had. Service is excellent. Go Go Go there and really enjoy yourself. Can't wait to go again.

Yahav- 02/22/18

Incredibly surprising!! The dessert is a MUST! less than $20 bucks, although the combo ($21) is really worth it!! The food was not expensive, you can find a dish for $30's though the quality of the food really feels like a chef restaurant. Definitely coming back again!

La Cuisine
Yisrael Fishman- 02/06/18

Wow, the burger is one of the best I ever ate. Highly recommend. The staff are amazing. Overall I was very surprised and happy with my first visit.

K Grillhouse
Ken Chorzewski- 02/06/18

A gem of a steakhouse that offers delicious food at very reasonable prices. The staff is both knowledgeable and courteous. The menu is both inviting and filled with most interesting dishes. This is a great place to meet with friends while enjoying some of the finest foods.

Dixie BBQ
Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins- 01/21/18

Great food fast service even though it was packed. We had a business meeting ate and talked on the picnic tables outside price was decent. We missed Blaze when it closed , but this is already surpassing it. We just need a way to call in orders for pick up

Cho-Sen Village
Tatyana - 01/21/18

amazing food!

Savor Cafe
Chana- 01/21/18

We came with an Adult Special Needs group of ten. The owner and waitresses were very helpful and friendly. The food is delicious. We ordered personal pizzas, the vegetarian pizza is especially good. We hope to return soon!

Don Gaucho Steakhouse
Dr k- 01/21/18

brought family out for dinner to new place and had amazing dinner. we tried multiple appetizers and tried each others entree's and were extremely happy with all selections. service was great and atmosphere very laid back and enjoyed by all. owner Tomer was on site , friendly and embracing and very hands on. will defin come back for more and bring /recommend to all. KUDOS

Skewers Steakhouse
Avi Goldstein- 01/21/18

Skewers is a very fine steakhouse. We have eaten there several times. Try the homemade chummus with lafa. Have them burn the lafa on the grill! (Keep in mind, that makes the lafa fleishig.) I recommend the beef skewer, well done.

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