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Haifa Restaurant
Jim conner- 08/11/15

well i have to say haifa restaurant deserves 5 star all the way service was great , food was great, and the new atmosphere was great, the food prices were perfect and even the owners of haifa came out to greet us and make sure every thing was ok i will be back.

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar
Phyllis Reich- 08/05/15

We tasted a variety of foods. Everything was excellent, though portions were not generous. I plan to bring my family into the restaurant.

Yotvata Rome
Harold Bergstein- 07/28/15

Great restaurant. My wife and I very much enjoyed both the food and service.

NOBO Teaneck
Motti Schleider- 07/21/15

Once again another meal at NOBO was a smashing success. Chef Josh Massin is doing things in kosher food that are unparallelled. As someone who does not keep kosher i can seriously say that the food is on par with great restaurants in the treyf world, serving innovative and delicious food. The lamb riblets were amazing, the house pickled vegetables a delight. The charcuterie plate was in a world stunning and without any peer in the kosher world. Having been to the April Bloomfields "Spotted Pig" in the last month, i can comfortably discuss her cooking in the same realm as the work Josh Massin is doing.

Fay- 07/21/15

i have been there several times, the food is delicious and not expensive. service very good, pleasant ambiance

Brooklyn Steak Co
Helene Flatow- 07/21/15

3 of us had dinner at Brooklyn Steak Co. The steaks were incredible. Delicious, cooked exactly as the we each requested ( medium rare, medium and medium well) and "like buttah"! Mashed potatoes were so good we took home what we didn't eat and sauteed veggies were well seasoned. Waiter was helpful and friendly. Can't wait to go back.

Simply Sushi Monticello
Nikki- 07/21/15

Best place ever!! Delivered a sushi platter to my son who was working nearby! Great service!

Mocha Burger
Malki Sinensky- 07/21/15

We went last night. The service was great, it was fast, courteous and the staff was attentive. The food was delicious! looking forward to our next visit.

Bagel Time Cafe
Stephen and esther Krown- 07/21/15

you guys have done great! congrats!

Holy Schnitzel (Staten Island)
Michael DeMartino- 07/21/15

I came in for lunch and enjoyed the Cigar Platter. It was minced roasted beef with a tahini dipping sauce. The outer shell had this roasted cracker crunch and the inside had a light chew which balanced it out. It was a really great meal, would recommend. It's also a cozy place. They have just enough seats so it doesn't feel crowded but still small enough to have that "hole in the wall" type of feel to it. I also enjoyed the decor of the place. I'm a graphic designer by living so the first thing I usually notice is the colors of a room. It's absolutely worth checking out if you are in the area and want a good meal. Prices are about what is expected for a New York restaurant and the platters have pretty awesome serving sizes so you don't walk away feeling cheated. Keep in mind the Cigar Platter is an appetizer so that wouldn't be what I wouldn't be something you'd eat alone.

Dougies Express Woodbourne
Mutty brand- 06/30/15

it was great and we wish tons of HATLACHA in all you do

656 Ocean
Mrs. Bee- 06/30/15

The food is awesome! service outstanding, place looks great very reasonably priced! would definitely recommend and come again

Blimi follman- 06/25/15

Love the food. I always order the Mediterranean salad . Go check it out.
The Kosher Gourmet- 07/02/15

Stopped by Izzy's Smokehouse tonight. It was closed so I knocked a bit and someone finally opened the door. Izzy sold me a pound and a half of smoked brisket, which came with some home made pickle's and red cabbage type of cole slaw I bought some pit smoked brisket n beans He did not have anything else to sell me. Straight out - The stuff he sold me was wow - I am a true gourmet and at a loss for words. He is not yet open and yet is already ranked in the top five Kosher meat places in the USA. I just don't know the other four, lol He mentioned he may sell take out for Shabbos tomorrow, and then close next week to refine the kitchen. I seriously cannot recommend a better place to buy smoked meat. Then again there were no real options until now.

Moty Scheinfeld- 06/11/15

Went last night to celebrate our 29th Anniversary. Great Experience, great service, great food. Go and check it out it's worth it.

Kosher Cafe and Bakery in Las Vegas
The Kosher Gourmet- 06/11/15

Kosher Cafe and Bakery in Las Vegas The Bagels are fantastic I kid you not May be the best I have ever had I live in Brooklyn The owner told me he had never produced a bagel in his life. I refused to buy one and he slipped one (plain) into my bag unasked and unnoticed by me. It was fantastic. As an aside some of his baked goods were very good, Challa was good

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar
The Kosher Gourmet- 06/11/15

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar 69-44 Main Street Flushing, NY 11367 They opened last night. The ambiance was good for New York and great for Queens The food presentation was excellent Now on to the food "Tuna Poke" Spot on winner and it was properly marinated Funny name for a great dish "Short Rib" Good "Veal and Chicken Meatballs" Good "Charred Corn and Marrow" Tasty They need to provide utensils to eat it with, since it is served on the cob "Beer" Excellent choices "Flat Bread #2 Flat out winner Deserts Tried the Olive Oil Cake and the Flowerless Chocolate They were light which was nice As far as taste they were better than average The overall impression is that this restaurant will become a strong contender for the number one Kosher place to go to in Queens The Kosher Gourmet

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar
The Kosher Gourmet- 06/11/15

They opened last night. The ambiance was good for New York and great for Queens The food presentation was excellent Now on to the food "Tuna Poke" Spot on winner and it was properly marinated Funny name for a great dish "Short Rib" Good "Veal and Chicken Meatballs" Good "Charred Corn and Marrow" Tasty They need to provide utensils to eat it with, since it is served on the cob "Beer" Excellent choices "Flat Bread #2 Flat out winner "Deserts" Tried the Olive Oil Cake and the Flowerless Chocolate They were light which was nice As far as taste they were better than average My overall impression is that this restaurant will become a strong contender for the number one place to go to in Queens

Upper Crust - Upscale Eatery
Jacob- 06/11/15
Ba-Li Laffa
Frayda- 05/28/15

My family ate here last year. The food was great, ambiance was very nice, and the staff was very pleasant.

Motti- 05/28/15

Ate at Nobo, The tartar was delightful, the sweetbreads were better then what i had at David Chang's restaurant, Momofuku Ssam Bar. There was a delicate touch here i have not seen before with kosher food. The seabeans with the tartar, was deft. The shortribs were tender and deeply beefy, and the purslane for a green on the plate is surprising and thoughtful. The grits tasted rich and hard to image had no dairy. Duck sous vide two ways, phenominal. For desert we had the sorbet sampler, each was delicate, and balanced, the tamarind was notable, as we the leechee. If i got the check at a treyf restaraunt and ate the meal i did i would have been very happy...

Traditions Eatery
Carolyn & Alan Casden- 06/11/15


El Gaucho Glatt
Customer- 05/28/15

I have been here 3 times and each time the food and service were awesome. I've been to decent steak houses where the food is great but when I visit again the food was terrible. I recommend this place to all.

Reply #1 submitted by: Shmuel David on 06/11/15

The Wok N Grill
Zevie- 05/28/15

Just came back from dinner with my family at Wok n Grill. We were very impressed overall. Food was absolutely delicious and very fresh. Large portions at a great price, with very friendly service. Highly recommeded! We will iy"H be back.

Shanghai Diamond Garden
Steve- 05/28/15

Food was exceptional, down to the noodles for the soup !!!!

Cafe Venezia
Mezinke Sheva brachos - 06/11/15

Preparing for a family sheva brachos I didnt know what to expect. I was skeptical thinking about the amount and variety and our budget ,what would my family say and think. Boy was I wrong. As we were greeted into a spacious space beautifully decorated and exquisitely set. Coffe and tea waiting enough for all without having to wait for a waiter etc. On the table 3 choices of salads drinks and just a very heimishe feeling. From then on food just kept coming out with very friendly and professional waiters. The staff was great and accommodating, they even lowered the music when it came time for the gevaldike divrei Torah that was given followed by the showering of brachos to the beaming chosson and kallah. Dessert was mouthwatering and they didn't bother us when we stayed a tad late. It was a great simcha and I'd like to thank cafe Venezia. Mazal tov on your simcha

House of Dog: Boca Raton
One of the best bonding L- 03/05/15

charles Landsberg

Prime Wok n Grill
Izzy- 06/11/15

OMG, THIS PLACE ROCKS Driving down Coney looking for something to eat, a "under new management " sign hits my eye. I went in and the food and service are amazing. Also the pricing was amazing, and the place was very clean. I will be coming back quickly.

Prime Wok n Grill
Ari- 03/05/15

I happened to check out this place last week and was greatly impressed! Food was delicious, service was top notch, and so was the ambiance...! I'll be coming back very often... wonderful place!

Fay- 03/05/15

Ate here several times during vacation. The food was SUPERB! Highly recommend this restaurant. Every dish we ordered was deliciously tasty, perfectly seasoned! The service was generous, friendly and accommodating. Enjoy the experience!

Chai Wok
Faye- 02/17/15

The food was fantastic, extremely flavorful and delicious! We enjoyed EVERY dish we ate. They have a lovely menu and well priced too. Highly recommended. ENJOY!

Prime Wok n Grill
Sarah- 06/11/15

Great place for a relaxing night out with your spouse, great menu, especially the specialty steaks. It is in overall an upper class and pleasant steakhouse where we enjoyed some private time!

Prime Wok n Grill
Yossi- 02/17/15

I passed by for a quick lunch and I must say that I was really impressed with the friendly service i got, specifically the (new) manager Avi. The food is fresh and served in a clean and overall high class manner. I would certainly recommend this restaurant.

Colbeh Great Neck
Dominique Jean- 02/11/15

COLBEH is an excellent restaurant. Service is one of the best I had in New York.Food is excellent and healthy. The staff at COLBEH will make you want to come for more.I hosted a luncheon at COBEH everyone was pleased, there were plenty of food and great service.

Talia's Steakhouse
Great experience!- 01/28/15

My girlfriends and I were looking to go someplace kosher for dinner. Talias was close to where we were on the Upper West Side, and a friend had recommended it, so we decided to give it a try! It was really busy, so we had to wait for a seat, but the staff was really nice. They got us a seat as soon as they could, even moving around some of the tables to accommodate us. It was well worth the wait because the food was excellent!!! I had the Moroccan salmon, and my girlfriends all got the steak. We had some pretty delicious cocktails too. We tried to eat everything but couldn't. It was the best meal I've had in a long time. We are definitely coming back.

Prime Wok n Grill
YitZee- 02/11/15

"""UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT"""" and I got to tell you the new manager, Avi is doing a great job at it. Just ordered a Chinese and Japanese dish along with 2 appetizers, the food was delicious, delicious, delicious. the Customer Service was fabulous and there was nearly no wait for the food to come out. My Wife is a great chef and she was very pleased with the food. and we will definitely return. another reviewer here mentions something about a 10 ft. table which i didn't see and I assume was removed. Overall, a great place for a family meal or a quiet date night at an extremely reasonable price.

Reply #1 submitted by: Yakov on 02/17/15

I don't like asian cuisine, but I see that they have steaks, are their steaks good?

House of Dog: Boca Raton
Howard Gases- 01/28/15

Was recently at your restaurant and was very impressed with the food and atmosphere. If you ever would consider another location in NJ and would be interested in an investor please be in touch. You have a great place!!

Fish Plate
Rivka Weinberer- 01/28/15

Just wanted to say that the food was so fresh and delicious. They cook it right away when you order it. We went on a quiet weeknight so the service was super quick. Very satisfying and priced quite reasonable!

Geraldvonberger2002- 01/28/15

This actually sounds like really good food. I'm not usually much for eating healthy food, but the stuff on this menu sounds delicious. There seem to be a lot of kosher restaurants opening all over the place. I've talked to a few of my friends and they tell me the kosher food is the way to go. If they can make the food healthy and taste good at the same time, I'm all for that. I'll have to try a few of the kosher places around my house to see if I like them.

Gaucho Grill / Metsuyan
Jaicky Tammam- 01/28/15

Jan 2015 - Ate here four times over three days during a business trip. Primarily Spanish speaking waiters, but I had locals with me twice, so that helped. Good place to take business associates. Tried the following all of which was excellent - Empanadas, Chorizo, Rib Eye Steak, Filet Mignon, the sampler appetizer, another kind of sausage. the last night I went to Metsuyan and shared the rib eye tacos to start along with the spring rolls, and the tacos was so good, i ordered it again as the main.

Ernie & Ellie
James- 01/04/15

i love this restaurant, i am a customer for many years, yet the customer service when i order on the phone for home delivery should be more welcoming, besides that , the food is awesome, thank you.

Brooklyn Steak Co
Ben Shollar- 01/27/15

My wife and I decided to try Brooklyn Steak Co. for my birthday last week. We had certificates from Great Kosher Deals and were looking for a new experience. While the ambience left something to be desired (dim lighting and monochromatic decor) and we had to wait 45 minutes for service ( the restaurant was understaffed that evening, and the manager and wait staff were very apologetic), the food was amazing. Our steaks (on the rib for me, entrecote for the missus) were grilled perfectly and were served on beds of exquisite french fries (regular for me, sweet potato for the missus), and the cobbler we had for dessert was perfect. You may have to be patient, however you will enjoy a great dining experience.

House of Dog: Boca Raton
Yosef- 12/28/14

Very interesting place. Pic of Jimi Hendricks and signs for quarter hot dog. Large menu. Great wings, good quantity. Chicken schnitzel was excellent. Then there were the hot dogs. Good eating. Nice portions, enjoy.

Moshe- 12/28/14

the food was very delicious and as much as people had Shabbat after the owner was organized well to get us place

East Side Kosher Deli
Steve Stein- 12/26/14

I have been traveling on business to Denver for close to 20 years from NJ (including being stranded during Hurricane Sandy), and I never miss coming to ESKD nearly every night from downtown. I have sampled every cuisine you offer, with great pleasure. I just heard that ESKD is changing ownership, so just wishing the Schreibers all the best and thanks for one of the best kosher places in the US, certainly west of the Mississippi.

Mike's Bistro 12/26/14

In my experience, there has never been, a kosher restaurant, until Mike's Bistro that met EVERY excellent standard possible. The food was out of this world fantastic! Our waiter, Lonnie, anticipated our needs, was very personable and very professional, and the atmosphere was just beautiful. Although it is very pricey, it was worth every cent.

Lamed Vav Review
Zalmy Silver- 12/12/14

Before reading any further, please skip directly to the pictures above.... the owner spared no expense creating a STUNNING atmosphere. the bar is sparkling new, the wine rack is a wonderful centerpiece, and the artwork/chandeliers lend an atmosphere of being in an expensive, high class environment.... typically associated with the requisite high prices to go along with it.

Now, what if i told you the most expensive item on the menu started with a "three"? Yup. $39 for a veal chop, or prime rib-eye steak, the 2 most expensive things on the menu (with many items being far, far less).... are you surprised? Bc i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I cant recall seeing a place with such aesthetics with such low prices. Its really a fantastic value for anywhere, let alone the tri-state area where you can expect to pay a good 30-50% more for the same dishes in an upper-class restaurant.

That being said, the food itself was actually very good. We had 3 appetizers, and 3 main dishes, as well a hungarian goulash soup. The soup was very hearty and almost filled me up! obviously, im kidding, because that would be impossible, but for a normal person, it could happen. The best of the 3 appetizerswere sweetbreads, which were perfectly fried/sauteed to a nice crisp, with excellent flavor. I'd recommend going with that one, as the other 2, the portabello stack and risotto, although werent bad, didnt compare.

The entrees we had were the steak,the veal shoulder, and of course, a burger. The burger was actually done VERY well, and cooked just right- really delicious, although i would have liked it to be a little bigger based on the price. The steak was cooked perfectly (medium rare, bc anything else is a crime, possibly punishable by death), and delicious. My favorite dish was by far the veal shoulder- i loved the demi glaze and the meat was melt in your mouth delicious. RECOMMENDED.

We didnt order dessert, but they have a full display case stocked with many options, so you will definitely find what you want.

That being said, i would def recommend stopping by and giving this place a shot. they have a FULL bar, a tv, beer, and really good food, ESPECIALLY when you factor in the ambiance you will receive. The one main change i feel they should make is to use that bar to their full advantage and offer a seperate "bar" menu, with burgers, sliders, perhaps even chicken wings- that way they can attract both people looking for a quick, fun dinner, as well as the ppl looking for a more special, upscale dinner, bc this place is done way too nice to go to waste. If you are willing to travel just a bit further from manhattan or the long island area, you should definitely check this place out.

#Hochmaniacs #gkrmhunt
Varda- 11/09/14

I love their food !!! Colbeh moved over a few but sacrificed nothing . Their delicious appetizers like the persian potato salad, gondi are a meal in themselves. If you to experience the true flavor, order ghormeh sabzi and taddik. The stew is a delectable blend of greens , tumeric, omani lemons (persian lemons ) with cubes of soft meat. Put it over the taddik, crispy, crusty rice......DELISH. Of course, if you think Big, just get the combination platter which gives you samples of joujeh, kofta kebab, barg.....all delectable cubes of meat or chicken, or ground meat with tantalizing spices. Green rice wuth lima beans, orange rice, all amazing. And the bread, just wear elastic waists because you will want to eat one basket per person. Bring a hearty appetite and you will not be disappointed !!!!!

Charles Hochman- 11/09/14

Today, I had the pleasure of travelling to Park Slope to Chagall Bistro. Chagall Bistro is a French steakhouse. I tasted the steak tartare there, which is a prime beef, raw tartare with capers, shallots, chives, yolks, mustard and purple potato chips. It is incredibly light and tasty and truly acts to prepare your palate for the incedible main course to follow. They have an incredibly choice of kosher wines to accompany your meal. If you are looking for a restaurant experience that is different than any other kosher restaurantin Brooklyn, you can't find a better choice than Chagall Bistro.

Charles Hochman- 11/09/14

I went to Orchidea as part of the scavenger hunt today. The restaurant is conveniently located in Boro Park in Brooklyn in walking distance to Maimonides hospital. They have a really yummy looking buffet daily from 12:00 to 4:00. It includes sushi, pasta, fish, salads and soups. I tasted the cream of broccoli soup which was very good and the flavor lasted for hours. For a restaurant that advertises itself as Japanese, the variety of cooked fish and pasta entrees that they have available is very impressive. I look forward to my next visit.

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