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Great Kosher Restaurants
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Wonderful dining experience
Linda Rosenberg Halbkram- 07/19/16

My husband, who is disabled and confined to a wheelchair, and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary this past May in Atlantic City. We arranged to have dinner at the Jerusalem Glatt Kosher Restaurant in Ventor, a town adjacent to AC. We called to make a reservation and were told they would be closing at 8:30 that evening. We quickly made our way over to the restaurant, as it was already past 6:30 when we called. Upon arrival we were greeted and seated immediately. After ordering a beautiful dinner, my husband became ill at the table. He proceeded to fall asleep. The owner and manager of the restaurant were completely solicitious and very caring. I finished eating my dinner, which was delicious and very well prepared. They pack up my husband's dinner and helped us to our car. I was very touched by their care and concern. The bill was a little pricey, but the service was fabulous. I meant to write them a thank you - but you can do it for us.

Hy Life
Walter- 07/19/16

I recently had an old college freind come visit. We decided to go out to dinner. I chose Hy Life, and I'm glad I did. The decor and ambiance is outstanding. We both ordered Burgers. All I can say is WOW! Fresh, done to perfection, juicy. The service superb. attentive but not overbearing. Great Job. Highly recommended

Esti's Besty's
Gerry- 07/19/16

Great pizza. Nice staff and Esti is wonderful. Enjoy the Bourekas.

Mocha Bleu
Diane himber- 06/22/16

a delightful delicious and delightful culinary experience--the manager, Marc, was courteous, professional and quite charming. Food was excellent and presented elegantly> I would certainly encourage those who relish a fine dining experience to patronize Mocha Bleu

Baguette Express
Debbie- 05/16/16

Everything was delicious. Juicy burger with warm pastrami...My kids raved about it. The service was super EXCELLENT. Very nice and patient with our order. Definitely highly recommend this place.

Mike's Burgers
The Legendary Danny O'Dou- 05/16/16

I don't give out endorsements easily, save with my old friends at Chosen Island and the giant eggrolls and excellent sushi at Wok Tov, I have never given out my Legendary review of any Burger places. That is until I took out at Mike's Burgers - this meat griddle is worthy of the patronage of The Legendary Danny O'Doul and I would recommend it whole-heartedly to all my Meatgan friends (Meatgan is the opposite of Vegan which is just a silly waste of time and gastronomy. I love burgers from MIkes! Keep it up! The Legendary Danny O'Doul

Chez Benny
Gad.bensoussan@gmail.com- 05/16/16

Love this place. Lots of circulation so food is fresh. Good tasting food Mediterranean or Chinese. I go with work friends as well as with my family. Owner is great. Price is good, food is good definitely worth it /Gad

Jerusalem Glatt Kosher Restaurant
Polly Goldberg- 05/16/16

Our Seder and second-days meals could not have been better. The best kosher catering we have ever had the pleasure to eat.

Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Anonymous- 04/14/16

Great Food

Sushi Fussion Manhattan
Yehudit- 04/14/16

Finally I see this little place here!. Even though you can't sit down and be served there, the product itself is amazing! I work nearby and order quite often. Always very fresh sushi, fast, courteous guys. And - at a price that's better than in Brooklyn. Thank you!

Olive Tree
Joclyn Stern- 03/22/16

I had the Southwest Egg roll appetizer VERY GOOD. Pistachio Chilean sea bass for main. Also VERY GOOD. They offer Gluten Free pasta & Pizza. Owners very nice. Will definitely go back.

Josh- 03/22/16

Absolutely loved this place food was great service was amazing would definitely come back

Olive Tree
Ruth Braunstein- 02/16/16

Excellent food, gorgeous presentation, very fair prices, fastidious service.

Miriam- 01/20/16

The place is beautiful, the food was fantastic. We had the seared fish tacos, and eggplant appys. The sunchoke pasta was divine, the salmon cooked perfectly, and the hot chocolate shuffle divine. It tasted like it had some sort of cheese in it. Definitely recommend!

Joe- 01/20/16

could not have been better

Dougie's Baltimore
Moshe Wealcatch- 01/20/16

Consistently great food, great service, menu is huge, food is always fresh. Restaurants need to copy this business model. Seriously.

Grind Espresso Bar
Miriam - 12/29/15

Food and service incredible, the veggie burger wrap is out of this world.

Prime Burger (Brooklyn)
Lanny Baron- 12/21/15

The quality of the food is EXCEPTIONAL! The 12oz Prime Burger was SO GOOD, I ordered a 2nd one immediately. My wife said she never had a burger so good as the burger from Prime Burger. The staff is very friendly and Hassan whom appeared to be the manger was excellent and very good to my wife and myself. I was in the meat business for 30 years and KNOW what beef is. You WON'T find a BETTER burger ANYWHERE. I can't wait to go back to the Prime Burger!

Ellen- 12/17/15

Excellent food with very friendly and accomodating staff. Highly recommended.

Lea- 12/17/15

love this place

Mike's Burgers

Thank you Mike, for making our Rosh Chodesh Dinner with our friends so very amazing and delicious. You have won us over for good. The generous portions and delicious taste was the talk in our group for a long time. We have decided that this will be the place for our birthday and occasion gatherings. Keep up the good work and you deserve much much luck in your business. It is always a great pleasure working with you for big and small affairs. Thank you , Judith Greenberger

Simply Sushi
Patricia K- 12/17/15

Your menorah sushi was awesome! Thank you for bringing real sushi to the kosher market. Really good

Dan K.- 12/04/15

IRISistible has wonderful French pastries. We were fortunate enough to be there on a Sunday morning, when they also serve breakfast. This was a real treat, as they serve French toast, eggs, and more, all delicious and beautifully presented. Between the food and the decor, It felt like we were in Paris.

Riverdale K-grill
Harris Cutler - 12/04/15

Great great restaurant. Riverdale's best kept secret. Chef is outstanding. We had a perfect dinner there tonight. Let the waiter and the manager direct you on what to order. If you are lucky you can meet the Chef, a genius, and the owner, a great family man and businessman.

Reene- 11/02/15


Cho-Sen Island
M- 11/02/15

The food at Cho Sen island was great and we especially appreciated that they were so accommodating to a gluten-free member of our group. She was able to order from the regular menu and they made sure to use gluten-free sauces and a clean wok, as well as letting her get a different soup than the regular lunch special soups.

Colbeh Great Neck
Elizabeth- 09/08/15

Fantastic time at Colbeh tonight! The food was plentiful and delicious and the staff was so warm and welcoming. To quote my father on our way out: :"We're never eating anywhere else!"

Accents Grill Atrium
Ruben L- 09/03/15

Stopped in on way to Virgina. Dinner for 4 was affordable and tasty. Food and service was excellent.

Mocha Burger
Bruce stien- 09/03/15

This place rocks, check out there buffalo wings.

Corner Cafe
Mark S.- 09/03/15

Delicioussssss food!

Haifa Restaurant
Jim conner- 08/11/15

well i have to say haifa restaurant deserves 5 star all the way service was great , food was great, and the new atmosphere was great, the food prices were perfect and even the owners of haifa came out to greet us and make sure every thing was ok i will be back.

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar
Phyllis Reich- 08/05/15

We tasted a variety of foods. Everything was excellent, though portions were not generous. I plan to bring my family into the restaurant.

Yotvata Rome
Harold Bergstein- 07/28/15

Great restaurant. My wife and I very much enjoyed both the food and service.

NOBO Teaneck
Motti Schleider- 07/21/15

Once again another meal at NOBO was a smashing success. Chef Josh Massin is doing things in kosher food that are unparallelled. As someone who does not keep kosher i can seriously say that the food is on par with great restaurants in the treyf world, serving innovative and delicious food. The lamb riblets were amazing, the house pickled vegetables a delight. The charcuterie plate was in a world stunning and without any peer in the kosher world. Having been to the April Bloomfields "Spotted Pig" in the last month, i can comfortably discuss her cooking in the same realm as the work Josh Massin is doing.

Fay- 07/21/15

i have been there several times, the food is delicious and not expensive. service very good, pleasant ambiance

Brooklyn Steak Co
Helene Flatow- 07/21/15

3 of us had dinner at Brooklyn Steak Co. The steaks were incredible. Delicious, cooked exactly as the we each requested ( medium rare, medium and medium well) and "like buttah"! Mashed potatoes were so good we took home what we didn't eat and sauteed veggies were well seasoned. Waiter was helpful and friendly. Can't wait to go back.

Simply Sushi Monticello
Nikki- 07/21/15

Best place ever!! Delivered a sushi platter to my son who was working nearby! Great service!

Mocha Burger
Malki Sinensky- 07/21/15

We went last night. The service was great, it was fast, courteous and the staff was attentive. The food was delicious! looking forward to our next visit.

Bagel Time Cafe
Stephen and esther Krown- 07/21/15

you guys have done great! congrats!

Holy Schnitzel (Staten Island)
Michael DeMartino- 07/21/15

I came in for lunch and enjoyed the Cigar Platter. It was minced roasted beef with a tahini dipping sauce. The outer shell had this roasted cracker crunch and the inside had a light chew which balanced it out. It was a really great meal, would recommend. It's also a cozy place. They have just enough seats so it doesn't feel crowded but still small enough to have that "hole in the wall" type of feel to it. I also enjoyed the decor of the place. I'm a graphic designer by living so the first thing I usually notice is the colors of a room. It's absolutely worth checking out if you are in the area and want a good meal. Prices are about what is expected for a New York restaurant and the platters have pretty awesome serving sizes so you don't walk away feeling cheated. Keep in mind the Cigar Platter is an appetizer so that wouldn't be what I wouldn't be something you'd eat alone.

Dougies Express Woodbourne
Mutty brand- 06/30/15

it was great and we wish tons of HATLACHA in all you do

656 Ocean
Mrs. Bee- 06/30/15

The food is awesome! service outstanding, place looks great very reasonably priced! would definitely recommend and come again

Blimi follman- 06/25/15

Love the food. I always order the Mediterranean salad . Go check it out.

The Kosher Gourmet- 07/02/15

Stopped by Izzy's Smokehouse tonight. It was closed so I knocked a bit and someone finally opened the door. Izzy sold me a pound and a half of smoked brisket, which came with some home made pickle's and red cabbage type of cole slaw I bought some pit smoked brisket n beans He did not have anything else to sell me. Straight out - The stuff he sold me was wow - I am a true gourmet and at a loss for words. He is not yet open and yet is already ranked in the top five Kosher meat places in the USA. I just don't know the other four, lol He mentioned he may sell take out for Shabbos tomorrow, and then close next week to refine the kitchen. I seriously cannot recommend a better place to buy smoked meat. Then again there were no real options until now.

Moty Scheinfeld- 06/11/15

Went last night to celebrate our 29th Anniversary. Great Experience, great service, great food. Go and check it out it's worth it.

Kosher Cafe and Bakery in Las Vegas
The Kosher Gourmet- 06/11/15

Kosher Cafe and Bakery in Las Vegas The Bagels are fantastic I kid you not May be the best I have ever had I live in Brooklyn The owner told me he had never produced a bagel in his life. I refused to buy one and he slipped one (plain) into my bag unasked and unnoticed by me. It was fantastic. As an aside some of his baked goods were very good, Challa was good

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar
The Kosher Gourmet- 06/11/15

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar 69-44 Main Street Flushing, NY 11367 They opened last night. The ambiance was good for New York and great for Queens The food presentation was excellent Now on to the food "Tuna Poke" Spot on winner and it was properly marinated Funny name for a great dish "Short Rib" Good "Veal and Chicken Meatballs" Good "Charred Corn and Marrow" Tasty They need to provide utensils to eat it with, since it is served on the cob "Beer" Excellent choices "Flat Bread #2 Flat out winner Deserts Tried the Olive Oil Cake and the Flowerless Chocolate They were light which was nice As far as taste they were better than average The overall impression is that this restaurant will become a strong contender for the number one Kosher place to go to in Queens The Kosher Gourmet

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar
The Kosher Gourmet- 06/11/15

They opened last night. The ambiance was good for New York and great for Queens The food presentation was excellent Now on to the food "Tuna Poke" Spot on winner and it was properly marinated Funny name for a great dish "Short Rib" Good "Veal and Chicken Meatballs" Good "Charred Corn and Marrow" Tasty They need to provide utensils to eat it with, since it is served on the cob "Beer" Excellent choices "Flat Bread #2 Flat out winner "Deserts" Tried the Olive Oil Cake and the Flowerless Chocolate They were light which was nice As far as taste they were better than average My overall impression is that this restaurant will become a strong contender for the number one place to go to in Queens

Upper Crust - Upscale Eatery
Jacob- 06/11/15
Ba-Li Laffa
Frayda- 05/28/15

My family ate here last year. The food was great, ambiance was very nice, and the staff was very pleasant.

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