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House of Dog: Boca Raton
Howard Gases- 01/28/15

Was recently at your restaurant and was very impressed with the food and atmosphere. If you ever would consider another location in NJ and would be interested in an investor please be in touch. You have a great place!!

Fish Plate
Rivka Weinberer- 01/28/15

Just wanted to say that the food was so fresh and delicious. They cook it right away when you order it. We went on a quiet weeknight so the service was super quick. Very satisfying and priced quite reasonable!

Geraldvonberger2002- 01/28/15

This actually sounds like really good food. I'm not usually much for eating healthy food, but the stuff on this menu sounds delicious. There seem to be a lot of kosher restaurants opening all over the place. I've talked to a few of my friends and they tell me the kosher food is the way to go. If they can make the food healthy and taste good at the same time, I'm all for that. I'll have to try a few of the kosher places around my house to see if I like them.

Gaucho Grill / Metsuyan
Jaicky Tammam- 01/28/15

Jan 2015 - Ate here four times over three days during a business trip. Primarily Spanish speaking waiters, but I had locals with me twice, so that helped. Good place to take business associates. Tried the following all of which was excellent - Empanadas, Chorizo, Rib Eye Steak, Filet Mignon, the sampler appetizer, another kind of sausage. the last night I went to Metsuyan and shared the rib eye tacos to start along with the spring rolls, and the tacos was so good, i ordered it again as the main.

Ernie & Ellie
James- 01/04/15

i love this restaurant, i am a customer for many years, yet the customer service when i order on the phone for home delivery should be more welcoming, besides that , the food is awesome, thank you.

Brooklyn Steak Co
Ben Shollar- 01/27/15

My wife and I decided to try Brooklyn Steak Co. for my birthday last week. We had certificates from Great Kosher Deals and were looking for a new experience. While the ambience left something to be desired (dim lighting and monochromatic decor) and we had to wait 45 minutes for service ( the restaurant was understaffed that evening, and the manager and wait staff were very apologetic), the food was amazing. Our steaks (on the rib for me, entrecote for the missus) were grilled perfectly and were served on beds of exquisite french fries (regular for me, sweet potato for the missus), and the cobbler we had for dessert was perfect. You may have to be patient, however you will enjoy a great dining experience.

House of Dog: Boca Raton
Yosef- 12/28/14

Very interesting place. Pic of Jimi Hendricks and signs for quarter hot dog. Large menu. Great wings, good quantity. Chicken schnitzel was excellent. Then there were the hot dogs. Good eating. Nice portions, enjoy.

Moshe- 12/28/14

the food was very delicious and as much as people had Shabbat after the owner was organized well to get us place

East Side Kosher Deli
Steve Stein- 12/26/14

I have been traveling on business to Denver for close to 20 years from NJ (including being stranded during Hurricane Sandy), and I never miss coming to ESKD nearly every night from downtown. I have sampled every cuisine you offer, with great pleasure. I just heard that ESKD is changing ownership, so just wishing the Schreibers all the best and thanks for one of the best kosher places in the US, certainly west of the Mississippi.

Mike's Bistro 12/26/14

In my experience, there has never been, a kosher restaurant, until Mike's Bistro that met EVERY excellent standard possible. The food was out of this world fantastic! Our waiter, Lonnie, anticipated our needs, was very personable and very professional, and the atmosphere was just beautiful. Although it is very pricey, it was worth every cent.

Lamed Vav Review
Zalmy Silver- 12/12/14

Before reading any further, please skip directly to the pictures above.... the owner spared no expense creating a STUNNING atmosphere. the bar is sparkling new, the wine rack is a wonderful centerpiece, and the artwork/chandeliers lend an atmosphere of being in an expensive, high class environment.... typically associated with the requisite high prices to go along with it.

Now, what if i told you the most expensive item on the menu started with a "three"? Yup. $39 for a veal chop, or prime rib-eye steak, the 2 most expensive things on the menu (with many items being far, far less).... are you surprised? Bc i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I cant recall seeing a place with such aesthetics with such low prices. Its really a fantastic value for anywhere, let alone the tri-state area where you can expect to pay a good 30-50% more for the same dishes in an upper-class restaurant.

That being said, the food itself was actually very good. We had 3 appetizers, and 3 main dishes, as well a hungarian goulash soup. The soup was very hearty and almost filled me up! obviously, im kidding, because that would be impossible, but for a normal person, it could happen. The best of the 3 appetizerswere sweetbreads, which were perfectly fried/sauteed to a nice crisp, with excellent flavor. I'd recommend going with that one, as the other 2, the portabello stack and risotto, although werent bad, didnt compare.

The entrees we had were the steak,the veal shoulder, and of course, a burger. The burger was actually done VERY well, and cooked just right- really delicious, although i would have liked it to be a little bigger based on the price. The steak was cooked perfectly (medium rare, bc anything else is a crime, possibly punishable by death), and delicious. My favorite dish was by far the veal shoulder- i loved the demi glaze and the meat was melt in your mouth delicious. RECOMMENDED.

We didnt order dessert, but they have a full display case stocked with many options, so you will definitely find what you want.

That being said, i would def recommend stopping by and giving this place a shot. they have a FULL bar, a tv, beer, and really good food, ESPECIALLY when you factor in the ambiance you will receive. The one main change i feel they should make is to use that bar to their full advantage and offer a seperate "bar" menu, with burgers, sliders, perhaps even chicken wings- that way they can attract both people looking for a quick, fun dinner, as well as the ppl looking for a more special, upscale dinner, bc this place is done way too nice to go to waste. If you are willing to travel just a bit further from manhattan or the long island area, you should definitely check this place out.

#Hochmaniacs #gkrmhunt
Varda- 11/09/14

I love their food !!! Colbeh moved over a few but sacrificed nothing . Their delicious appetizers like the persian potato salad, gondi are a meal in themselves. If you to experience the true flavor, order ghormeh sabzi and taddik. The stew is a delectable blend of greens , tumeric, omani lemons (persian lemons ) with cubes of soft meat. Put it over the taddik, crispy, crusty rice......DELISH. Of course, if you think Big, just get the combination platter which gives you samples of joujeh, kofta kebab, barg.....all delectable cubes of meat or chicken, or ground meat with tantalizing spices. Green rice wuth lima beans, orange rice, all amazing. And the bread, just wear elastic waists because you will want to eat one basket per person. Bring a hearty appetite and you will not be disappointed !!!!!

Charles Hochman- 11/09/14

Today, I had the pleasure of travelling to Park Slope to Chagall Bistro. Chagall Bistro is a French steakhouse. I tasted the steak tartare there, which is a prime beef, raw tartare with capers, shallots, chives, yolks, mustard and purple potato chips. It is incredibly light and tasty and truly acts to prepare your palate for the incedible main course to follow. They have an incredibly choice of kosher wines to accompany your meal. If you are looking for a restaurant experience that is different than any other kosher restaurantin Brooklyn, you can't find a better choice than Chagall Bistro.

Charles Hochman- 11/09/14

I went to Orchidea as part of the scavenger hunt today. The restaurant is conveniently located in Boro Park in Brooklyn in walking distance to Maimonides hospital. They have a really yummy looking buffet daily from 12:00 to 4:00. It includes sushi, pasta, fish, salads and soups. I tasted the cream of broccoli soup which was very good and the flavor lasted for hours. For a restaurant that advertises itself as Japanese, the variety of cooked fish and pasta entrees that they have available is very impressive. I look forward to my next visit.

# hochmaniacs
Naomi lieberman- 11/09/14

Just found out one if my daughters friends father owns etc in teaneck. Cant wait to try again. Always like giving friends parnassa. Wants to buy a certificate for date night with my hubby. Nice quiet place to get away from our four lovely kids. Jk. But do you have a suggestion?

Brasserie halevi Review:
Joy Rosenthal- 11/09/14

brasserie halevi is an outstanding restaurant. From the moment I walked in I felt I was part of the family. With the warm welcome from the hottest to the waiter and waitress eagerly waiting to take my order to make sure I have an amazing experience. When I went me and my Friedman ordered the lamb lollipops and the tuna tartare, and both dishes were delicious. The tuna was fresh and they did not over season it so I was able to enjoy both the tuna and the seasoning. The lamb was incredible the first part was a fried and was very fresh with a nice crunch. As I moved up the lollipop I had a piece of smoked lamb and that was deliciously I bursting with flavor. After that I had the 2 way duck and I can go in and on how amazing both ducks were. One of them was baked and the other seared and it was the best duck I have ever had. And for desert I had a strawberry short cake and I could not believe that it was pareve it was better than all the dairy strawberry shortcakes I have ever had.

Upper Crust Review
Joy Rosenthal- 11/09/14

Amazing food! Amazing atmosphere! I have been there only a few times, but I pass by a lot and I always see a line of people who are willing to wait for available table which shows how great the place is and they don't want to go anywhere else. Very kind and friendly personal waiters . My favorite things to order are the onion soup and skinny pizza. Sometimes I get salad. You will never go home hungry. One day ill try the yummy looking desserts till then I would recommend it to everyone Go the next time you are in the five towns.

El Gaucho Glatt
Chayala Davis- 11/09/14

I admittedly never knew about Argentinian Beef (steak) prior to going to El Gaucho Glatt. It was conveniently located for us between Flatbush & Boro Park, and was a special treat for lunch for my son, daughter-in-law, my husband and myself. The ambiance was nice, but the amicable owner, and pleasant efficient server, were extremely accommodating and made the experience special. We had delicious empanadas as appetizers; a variety of hearty soups (I chose the butternut squash- yum!); and we all ordered medium-rare steaks (grilled to perfection!), with either mashed potatoes or french fries (very generous portions); we had salads and I must say that they were very visually appetizing- I've never seen cucumbers served the way they were: cut attractively without the seeds. Full as we were, my son insisted that we have the chocolate molten lava cake .. it was heavenly! We look forward to going back!

Reply #1 submitted by: Your recommendation is in on 01/04/15

Many thanks for yur wonderful feedback, which I'll be sure to pass along to the entire team. We all look forward to welcoming you back again very soon.

Regards, Shmuel David

Team Kosheryum Jerusalem Steakhouse on Ave J
Team Kosheryum- 11/09/14

Jerusalem Steakhouse on Ave J is a great restaurant. Between the food and the service you're really getting an experience to enjoy. My favorite side order is always the Israeli salad I enjoy adding in the beets as well to give it a little crunch. I really like their steaks and the baby chicken skewers. No matter what you order your guaranteed a great meal. They make their lafa on site and you can really taste the difference. This time of year make sure to order the yeminite soup for a little warmth and a great deal of flavor. team ‪#‎kosheryum‬

Chop chop Review:
Joy Rosenthal- 11/09/14

If your'e looking for a place to eat in Washington Heights you must not pass up on Chop Chop. As a college campus this is the requisite late night chinese takeout place (which also has indoor seating for your convenience) and for those of us on the Bennet side, they do deliveries! Not only do they do deliveries, they're listed on seamless which as most people know, offer many coupons and discounts which makes ordering a breeze. Just keep in mind they may not listen to your requests on time so be sure to be there when your food arrives or you may find your hungry neighbors have taken it hostage!

‬waffelino Review: ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬
Joy Rosenthal- 11/09/14

waffelino They had a large selection of waffles so many flavors to have. I had the chocolate chip and my friend had a plain one both equally yummy. You could top them with fruit, cookies, chips, cereals, sprinkles, syrups . Naturally they had a very large selection of both parve and dairy syrups to choose from which is really good if you just had meet that some are parve. The waffles were large and they came out excellent. They were really surprise hoe good they tasted . The place was clean with lots of seating. We were really enjoyed we will be back soon

Prime Bistro #Gkrmhunt #hochmaniacs
Nechama- 11/09/14

Prime Bistro is a very upscale and elegant restaurant in Lawrence that offers valet parking. There's usually plenty of parking and there's a lot right behind but hey if you can afford the menu at prime bistro whats a few more dollars to valet?! The best steak on the menu is the surprise steak which they pronounce sooprees steak. It's really really good and I love my meat medium rare. There aren't real choices of side dishes so hopefully you'll like those fried onions that really compliment the steak. The ambiance is peaceful and they really wait on you so definitely a wise choice for a nice birthday or anniversary dinner.

Wolf and Lamb NYC Review: ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬
Joy Rosenthal- 11/09/14

Wolf and Lamb NYC Review: ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬ The other night I was privileged to be invited out by my friends (#rarestakes) as part of the #gkrmhunt as well as to celebrate my friend's birthday. Wolf and Lamb was our restaurant of choice. The somewhat smokey interior gave a unique flavor to our food and it was so packed with people that although we had to shout to be heard, it was a good indication of the popularity of the place. All of our entrees arrived in record time considering we all ordered steak/meat and I have to say my veal hamburger was tre fabuloso! I also had the homemade onion rings and I have to admit that although I have a personal preference for the fake frozen kind, these were fantastic. It was definitely an experience eating there!

Fish Plate #gkrmhunt #hochmaniacs
Nechama- 11/09/14

Fish Plate #Gkrmhunt #Hochmaniacs The food is really good but its definitely of the fast food type. Their crabby patties are delish and the salmon burger kicks. It's best to call in your order so you don't have to wait since they don't have so much help filling orders. It's a small place and about a block away from the main part of town but also right across from Cedarhurst park. Their menu has grown and they offer pastas too. They have all types of fish and their wraps are quite tasty. My kids love the fries! During the nine days this place is so packed that you need to get your order in early and theres definitely no seating space so plan on waiting.

Mozart Cafe Review:
Joy Rosenthal- 11/09/14

Mozart Cafe Review: ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬ If you're looking for a great place to stop for breakfast with a great price I recommend Mozart Cafe in Sunny Isles. My family loves to go out for breakfast so we've gotten to be kind of aficionados. We always look for a couple things in choosing a restaurant, first of course is timing. Mozart opens early and closes late. perfect for people on vacation with wacky schedules. They have a large breakfast selection but if you're going for simple I'd go for the standard Mozart breakfast which comes with hashbrowns, and eggs and Israeli salad and toast. They also offer Israeli style Iced Coffee which any seminary girl can tell you is deeeelicious!

Carlos and Gabbys Review
Joy Rosenthal- 11/09/14

Carlos and Gabbys Review: ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬ Carlos and Gabby's is billed as a Mexican style food restaurant but never fear if you have a preference for American style food, they have that aplenty! My company has always gotten a fair deal by using Carlos and Gabby's to cater events for us. They give us a good price and a good quantity of food and they always arrive on time. Their hamburger/steak sandwiches are a unique take on the regular hamburger and the steak is always cooked just right. Their popcorn chicken is not for the light of stomach but for those who love the fried battered food, this is a definite must! If you're in the mood for a little spice on the side definitely give their spicy fries a chance, they take the word spice quite seriously!

Qcumbers Review
Joy Rosenthal- 11/09/14

Qcumbers Review: ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬ I work in a place where we frequently order a catered lunch from the Qcumbers restaurant in Cedarhurst. They always arrive on time with quite a varied salad bar setup we may as well be ordering in the restaurant itself! They bring at least ten different kinds of salad dressings. I highly recommend the creamy garlic and they have a huge variety of toppings. I find that the majority of the time their ingredients are fresh and if we ever have any issues with an ingredient they always replace it free of charge. They also usually come with wraps and soups. I have to say I'd prefer their soups to be slightly thicker but I can't complain about the flavor mushroom barley is my personal favorite. The choices of lettuce for us are either romaine or iceberg and both are usually very fresh and crunchy. If you're looking for a good salad place to cater I'd definitely consider this guys as one of your choices.

House of Dog Review: ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬
Joy Rosenthal- 11/09/14

house of Dog Review: ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬ If you wants really good hot dog house of dogs is the place to go. The place is set up like an old fashion yet hip place. With all the old fashion coke signs a jukebox it makes your dining experience super cool. Had hot dogs with fries there twice and both times they were amazing! The chicken schnitzel was also delicious! I also ordered dessert one time it was s'mores that you make your self they give you gram crackers chocolate and marshmallow that you get to melt your self over a fire, it was super cool! And very yummy. I Would go back!

Chosen Island
Nechama- 11/09/14

Chosen Island is definitely one of the all time finest restaurants in our town. But remember, you MUST have a reservation especially on a Sunday night or you will have to wait. You can probably make a reservation through GKRM and avoid hanging around the front of the restaurant till a table becomes available. The dumplings are the best appetizer and you can order their peanut dipping sauce which is really the BEST!! They also have the best sushi and the best combination rolls. The lo meins are all awesome and we order it on Thursday nights as a side dish for Shabbos when I'm crunched for time.

Spoons Boro Park
Bracha komarov- 11/09/14

Last winter I got together with an old friend in Spoons of Boro Park. Spoons is an elegant, yet decently priced, dairy restaurant and is conveniently located on 13th Avenue. Despite being busy that Saturday night, the service was pleasant and quick. We had some delicious, fresh salads. I like that this restaurant has many choices from fattening to healthy (with healthy dressing choices). They have pastas, paninis, salads, fish and of course, sushi! Although I had a salad when I was there, I would be happy to return to try some of their other delectable dishes. I've heard good things from others about Spoons BP, too. Thanks for the delicious and pleasant meal!

Milk 'N Honey #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/09/14

Milk 'N Honey is a place with a variety of different foods for one to choose from. You could get anything from breakfast to lunch or supper. For breakfast you could get a coffee or tea with a cookie or Danish or real food like pancakes, etc. For lunch or dinner, you choose a bagel/sandwich with tuna, cream cheese and more. You could make your own salad with many different dressings or even make your own pasta. You could also order sushi or pizza and much, much more. Milk 'N Honey definitely has a large variety of dairy foods and is a great place to stop by for any meal.

Mike's Bistro review
Shira A- 11/09/14

Mike's Bistro is a high class restaurant. If one has a business meeting, date or wants to treat someone to a fancy dinner, Mike's Bistro restaurant is the place to go. The atmosphere is nice, peaceful and quiet. The portions of food are large enough that a pair of two could just order a few starts and share them all. The service time at Mike's Bistro is fast. The lighting and light music in the background makes for a romantic atmosphere for a date to get to know each other. The food is eloquent and tasty. I had a great first date experience there.

Kosher Deluxe #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/09/14

Kosher Deluxe is a great fast food restaurant. There is a sushi bar and a fast food section. Food is speedily made, packaged and ready for either takeout or for sit down. There are a lot of cash registers which keeps the lines moving. There are also a lot of chefs to cook the food, making for a short wait time. The food is very affordable and tasty. There are fresh hot foods to order or pre-packed sandwiches, fruit or desserts from the fridge. If you need a quick lunch or dinner Kosher Deluxe is a great choice.

Jerusalem Cafe #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/09/14

Jerusalem Cafe has a variety of food options, such as, pizza, pasta, salad, fish, etc. My friends and I go all the time for someone's birthday. There are options that accommodate everyone's diet and preference. There is a lot of space that could accommodate a big party. The couches make for a more comfortable and relaxing meal. From the time you walk in, order and then sit down, the time is barely a few minutes. There is enough staff to take your order and make your food, which then allows you to sit down with your food in no time; this, for me, is a great aspect I look for when choosing a restaurant.

Eden Wok #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/08/14

Eden Wok has a big variety of foods. You could get a soup, Chinese, sushi and more. The restaurant has a great and friendly atmosphere. It is a friendly place; a place one could just sit with a bunch of friends, chill out and read a paper or to bring your family to. If you work in the area, Eden Wok is a great place to run to during your lunch break. They have fast service and they also give you an option to set up an account with them and/or create a tab; this makes for an easy and more convenient payment method. Whether you just want a drink or a meal Eden Wok staff with greet you warmly and welcomes your stay.

Wolf & Lamb #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/08/14

Wolf & Lamb is a place for both families and dates. The staff there was very nice and hospitable. When I went there on a date, during one of their busy times, the staff was still able to be nice and accommodating; they gave us an option of which open table we wanted, even though it would�ve been faster for them just to place us somewhere. The food was delivered fairly quickly. My water glass was never empty as the bus boy was on top of always refilling our glass. When going with a party there is also an upstairs section. If you would like a restaurant that is a mix of family oriented and fancy service, Wolf & Lamb is surely the place to go.

Mr. Broadway #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/08/14

 If you would like a restaurant with diverse accommodations abilities, then Mr. Broadway is the restaurant to go to. If you wanted food to quickly order and take out, takeout food they have. If you’d like to quickly sit down and grab a bite to eat, then Mr. Broadway can accommodate. And lastly, if you’d like to reserve for a party, with waiter service and nice accommodations, no matter the size of the party, they could supply for that as well. Mr. Broadway has options for fast food and items for those who like more class. Despite which dish you’d prefer, they are equally as tasty and definitely a restaurant to check out.

China Glatt
Bracha komarov- 11/08/14

China Glatt is in a great location on 13th Avenue. It is very elegant and a nice place to eat out for a special occasion or a lunch out with friends or family. They have a variety of Chinese and sushi dishes for all different tongue tastes. I attended a bar mitzvah there years ago and it was really beautifully set up and the food was delicious. I was also there for a birthday party and "just stam." The food is so good! Most times we eat there we go for the Pu-Pu Platter -- you just can't beat being able to taste so many different dishes. I would definitely recommend this place to others!

Corner Cafe
Bracha komarov- 11/08/14

Corner Cafe is located on the corner of Ditmas Avenue and Dahill Road. It is one block from the train station on McDonald Avenue. I used to work in the neighborhood of Corner Cafe and popped in there several times for lunch or snack on the go. Although it's been a few years since I was there, I recall that I appreciated all the choices and how clear they were presented. The dessert section was very appetizing. The prices were decent. The staff was friendly. Although I haven't had the chance to eat there in a while, if I would find myself in the neighborhood and was going to eat out, I'd definitely consider Corner Cafe!

Spoons Flatbush
Bracha komarov- 11/08/14

I have had the good fortune to eat at Spoons in Flatbush several times. Its location is great -- right on Avenue J and East 29th Street. We tried several different dishes the few times we were there. The wraps and paninis are delicious and flavorful. If you like cheese, like me, you will have a hard time choosing between all the delectable choices! The salads are fresh and yummy. When we were there for my birthday, I had to take the cheesecake dessert to go because I was stuffed from all the yummy food. The dishes are nice sized, which is great. I would definitely go there again for a special occasion or just a day or night out with friends!

Cafe Renaissance
Bracha komarov- 11/07/14

My class had a get together (reunion) in Cafe Renaissance a few years ago. This fine restaurant, located on Kings HIghway near East 8th Street, was chosen because of it's delicious and elegant dining. We were given a nice, roomy area for our class. Things were clean and well presented. The food was delicious. There were so many options to choose from. All the appetizers, salads and mains that we tried were enjoyed. We had Tiramisu for dessert and it was delicious. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The prices might be slightly higher than some other cafes, but it is probably because of this is not JUST a place to eat out. It's a place to dine out in style.

NU Cafe 47
Bracha komarov- 11/07/14

I have been to Nu Cafe 47 a couple of times and was impressed each time. Located in Boro Park, its convenient location was a choice location for the two sheva brochos I attended there. The sheva brochos I attended there were set up elegantly. The food was delicious and there were many options. I especially appreciate how Chef Abie has so many choices for people on different diets or who have food sensitivities. There are also many healthy options for the health-conscience. When I dine in Nu Cafe 47, I don't feel like I'm eating out "junk" fast food but rather tasteful, healthy nutrition. This is a great place for eating out or to make a simcha.

Hinda Hochman- 11/07/14

Both myself and my husband have had the opportunity to visit Sushi Tokyo on Kings Highway in Brooklyn recently. My husband tried the black pepper crusted tuna roll. It was so delicious he had no problem downing it in less than a minute as per Elan Kornblum's challenge. My husband is definitely looking forward to going there again. As for myself, I stopped by there to take a costume picture and sing the national anthem. The staff was quite friendly and amenable. The restaurant seemed very comfortable with plush cushions and a few more private seating areas. Their platters were gorgeous and they seem to function well under the pressures of a large order. I caught them at a busy time. I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Rafaellos #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 11/06/14

Raffaello Amore Italiano has really delicious and unique pizza. All the slices are thin and square shaped with interesting, tasty toppings. The truffle oil slice with mushrooms is absolutely amazing and the potato slice is yummy too. I took my nieces and nephews there for lunch and they wanted to order more pizza after they had finished their first slices. It's conveniently located in midtown which makes it a good place to go for lunch if you work in the area or just spending time in the city. The store has a pleasant seating area and looks pretty clean for a pizza shop.

Prime KO #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 11/07/14

The best way to maximize your experience at Prime Ko is to order lots of appetizers and skip the mains. Not that the main dishes are bad, but the appetizers are much better and you get more for your money. I’ve been there many times and my favorite dish is the Tuna Tartare. Prime Ko also makes really good mixed drinks and they will customize one to your liking. The decor is very nice and it is a great addition to the Upper West Side since there are not many upscale restaurants here. Nice place to go for family dinners, dates or business meetings. — at Prime KO NYC.

The Great Kosher Restaurants Scavenger Hunt


Chagall Bistro #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 11/07/14

Review for Chagall Bistro ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬

Chagall Bistro is a charming French restaurant in Park Slope. The ambience is very pleasant; cozy and dark with fresh flowers and candles on every table. The waiters and managers are extremely gracious and friendly. But the food is really special - so beautifully plated that you almost don’t want to eat it and spoil the presentation. When they first opened I was there with my family and we had mixed feelings about going back. Some of the food wasn’t up to par, but I think they have vastly improved since then. I am glad I gave it a second chance because I really enjoyed my dining experience and everything I ordered was delicious.

#noshersdreamteam #GKRMHUNT
Blatt- 11/06/14

Dining at the NU 47 Cafe is a great experience. I enjoy indulging in healthy treats that are pleasant to the palate. The restaurant is run by the very friendly Abie and his wife. Abie has been educated as a chef in fine institutes and because he was watching his personal nutrition, he invented recipes that are recommended for diabetics, and people who suffer from other ailments such as celiac disease. Some popular desserts are cookies and muffins that work as appetite suppressants and will keep you satisfied for hours. Recently Chef Abie was a guest on the Rachel Ray show discussing his wonderful creations. Nutritionist recommend hid products and buy them wholesale to resell to their clients. Cafe NU 47 is well worth the trip!

Lisa- 11/06/14

La Gondola was a beautiful restaurant to dine in on a weeknight. The parking was easy and inexpensive compared to some other LA restaurants. I'm glad I had a made a reservation because the place was packed by 8pm. The staff was kind and helpful the entire evening. The atmosphere was loud and elegant at the same time. Definitely a place for families with children. We ordered the Antipasto De La Casa, BBQ Beef Ribs, and the Chicken Tapas. The food arrived quickly and it was presented beautifully. The Antipasto consisted of stuffed grape leaves, olives, mushrooms, peppers, and eggplant salads. This dish is for people who enjoy salty food. One order of the BBQ ribs was more than enough for two people. The ribs and chicken tapas were delicious. La Gondola is nice break from cooking.

Hinda Hochman- 11/06/14

Sushi Tokyo is a quaint restaurant on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue J in Brooklyn. I've eaten there on a few occasions and I have also gotten food to go. Instead of a bread basket one is given a bowl of edamame. The eating area is cozy and the staff are friendly. Besides for sushi they also serve an assortment of soups including some traditional Japanese soups like miso soup, which happens to be my favorite. I also enjoyed their vegetable rolls mixed with avocado and crunch. I'm happy that they offer an abundant of rolls with avocado because really enjoy eating avocado. So, of you are looking for a healthy affordable meal, Sushi Tokyo is a good place to go.

Hinda Hochman- 11/06/14
Today I had the pleasure of going to Ready to Roll on East 15th between avenues I and J in Brooklyn. I had the avocado roll as part of Elan Kornblum's great kosher restaurant scavenger hunt. The roll was very good! They were very accommodating! The store is very cute! Had I brought my children they wwould have loved to sit at the bar. For those not so adventurous as to sit on bar stools, there are also some regular tables and chairs. I am definitely looking forward to going back there to try some of their other rolls. Some of their rolls sound quite yummy like the schnitzel roll. They also have some appetizers and salads for your dining pleasure.
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