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Great Kosher Restaurants
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Eden Wok #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/08/14

Eden Wok has a big variety of foods. You could get a soup, Chinese, sushi and more. The restaurant has a great and friendly atmosphere. It is a friendly place; a place one could just sit with a bunch of friends, chill out and read a paper or to bring your family to. If you work in the area, Eden Wok is a great place to run to during your lunch break. They have fast service and they also give you an option to set up an account with them and/or create a tab; this makes for an easy and more convenient payment method. Whether you just want a drink or a meal Eden Wok staff with greet you warmly and welcomes your stay.

Wolf & Lamb #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/08/14

Wolf & Lamb is a place for both families and dates. The staff there was very nice and hospitable. When I went there on a date, during one of their busy times, the staff was still able to be nice and accommodating; they gave us an option of which open table we wanted, even though it would�ve been faster for them just to place us somewhere. The food was delivered fairly quickly. My water glass was never empty as the bus boy was on top of always refilling our glass. When going with a party there is also an upstairs section. If you would like a restaurant that is a mix of family oriented and fancy service, Wolf & Lamb is surely the place to go.

Mr. Broadway #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/08/14

 If you would like a restaurant with diverse accommodations abilities, then Mr. Broadway is the restaurant to go to. If you wanted food to quickly order and take out, takeout food they have. If you’d like to quickly sit down and grab a bite to eat, then Mr. Broadway can accommodate. And lastly, if you’d like to reserve for a party, with waiter service and nice accommodations, no matter the size of the party, they could supply for that as well. Mr. Broadway has options for fast food and items for those who like more class. Despite which dish you’d prefer, they are equally as tasty and definitely a restaurant to check out.

China Glatt
Bracha komarov- 11/08/14

China Glatt is in a great location on 13th Avenue. It is very elegant and a nice place to eat out for a special occasion or a lunch out with friends or family. They have a variety of Chinese and sushi dishes for all different tongue tastes. I attended a bar mitzvah there years ago and it was really beautifully set up and the food was delicious. I was also there for a birthday party and "just stam." The food is so good! Most times we eat there we go for the Pu-Pu Platter -- you just can't beat being able to taste so many different dishes. I would definitely recommend this place to others!

Corner Cafe
Bracha komarov- 11/08/14

Corner Cafe is located on the corner of Ditmas Avenue and Dahill Road. It is one block from the train station on McDonald Avenue. I used to work in the neighborhood of Corner Cafe and popped in there several times for lunch or snack on the go. Although it's been a few years since I was there, I recall that I appreciated all the choices and how clear they were presented. The dessert section was very appetizing. The prices were decent. The staff was friendly. Although I haven't had the chance to eat there in a while, if I would find myself in the neighborhood and was going to eat out, I'd definitely consider Corner Cafe!

Spoons Flatbush
Bracha komarov- 11/08/14

I have had the good fortune to eat at Spoons in Flatbush several times. Its location is great -- right on Avenue J and East 29th Street. We tried several different dishes the few times we were there. The wraps and paninis are delicious and flavorful. If you like cheese, like me, you will have a hard time choosing between all the delectable choices! The salads are fresh and yummy. When we were there for my birthday, I had to take the cheesecake dessert to go because I was stuffed from all the yummy food. The dishes are nice sized, which is great. I would definitely go there again for a special occasion or just a day or night out with friends!

Cafe Renaissance
Bracha komarov- 11/07/14

My class had a get together (reunion) in Cafe Renaissance a few years ago. This fine restaurant, located on Kings HIghway near East 8th Street, was chosen because of it's delicious and elegant dining. We were given a nice, roomy area for our class. Things were clean and well presented. The food was delicious. There were so many options to choose from. All the appetizers, salads and mains that we tried were enjoyed. We had Tiramisu for dessert and it was delicious. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The prices might be slightly higher than some other cafes, but it is probably because of this is not JUST a place to eat out. It's a place to dine out in style.

NU Cafe 47
Bracha komarov- 11/07/14

I have been to Nu Cafe 47 a couple of times and was impressed each time. Located in Boro Park, its convenient location was a choice location for the two sheva brochos I attended there. The sheva brochos I attended there were set up elegantly. The food was delicious and there were many options. I especially appreciate how Chef Abie has so many choices for people on different diets or who have food sensitivities. There are also many healthy options for the health-conscience. When I dine in Nu Cafe 47, I don't feel like I'm eating out "junk" fast food but rather tasteful, healthy nutrition. This is a great place for eating out or to make a simcha.

Hinda Hochman- 11/07/14

Both myself and my husband have had the opportunity to visit Sushi Tokyo on Kings Highway in Brooklyn recently. My husband tried the black pepper crusted tuna roll. It was so delicious he had no problem downing it in less than a minute as per Elan Kornblum's challenge. My husband is definitely looking forward to going there again. As for myself, I stopped by there to take a costume picture and sing the national anthem. The staff was quite friendly and amenable. The restaurant seemed very comfortable with plush cushions and a few more private seating areas. Their platters were gorgeous and they seem to function well under the pressures of a large order. I caught them at a busy time. I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Rafaellos #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 11/06/14

Raffaello Amore Italiano has really delicious and unique pizza. All the slices are thin and square shaped with interesting, tasty toppings. The truffle oil slice with mushrooms is absolutely amazing and the potato slice is yummy too. I took my nieces and nephews there for lunch and they wanted to order more pizza after they had finished their first slices. It's conveniently located in midtown which makes it a good place to go for lunch if you work in the area or just spending time in the city. The store has a pleasant seating area and looks pretty clean for a pizza shop.

Prime KO #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 11/07/14

The best way to maximize your experience at Prime Ko is to order lots of appetizers and skip the mains. Not that the main dishes are bad, but the appetizers are much better and you get more for your money. I’ve been there many times and my favorite dish is the Tuna Tartare. Prime Ko also makes really good mixed drinks and they will customize one to your liking. The decor is very nice and it is a great addition to the Upper West Side since there are not many upscale restaurants here. Nice place to go for family dinners, dates or business meetings. — at Prime KO NYC.

The Great Kosher Restaurants Scavenger Hunt


Chagall Bistro #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 11/07/14

Review for Chagall Bistro ‪#‎gkrmhunt‬ ‪#‎rarestakes‬

Chagall Bistro is a charming French restaurant in Park Slope. The ambience is very pleasant; cozy and dark with fresh flowers and candles on every table. The waiters and managers are extremely gracious and friendly. But the food is really special - so beautifully plated that you almost don’t want to eat it and spoil the presentation. When they first opened I was there with my family and we had mixed feelings about going back. Some of the food wasn’t up to par, but I think they have vastly improved since then. I am glad I gave it a second chance because I really enjoyed my dining experience and everything I ordered was delicious.

#noshersdreamteam #GKRMHUNT
Blatt- 11/06/14

Dining at the NU 47 Cafe is a great experience. I enjoy indulging in healthy treats that are pleasant to the palate. The restaurant is run by the very friendly Abie and his wife. Abie has been educated as a chef in fine institutes and because he was watching his personal nutrition, he invented recipes that are recommended for diabetics, and people who suffer from other ailments such as celiac disease. Some popular desserts are cookies and muffins that work as appetite suppressants and will keep you satisfied for hours. Recently Chef Abie was a guest on the Rachel Ray show discussing his wonderful creations. Nutritionist recommend hid products and buy them wholesale to resell to their clients. Cafe NU 47 is well worth the trip!

Lisa- 11/06/14

La Gondola was a beautiful restaurant to dine in on a weeknight. The parking was easy and inexpensive compared to some other LA restaurants. I'm glad I had a made a reservation because the place was packed by 8pm. The staff was kind and helpful the entire evening. The atmosphere was loud and elegant at the same time. Definitely a place for families with children. We ordered the Antipasto De La Casa, BBQ Beef Ribs, and the Chicken Tapas. The food arrived quickly and it was presented beautifully. The Antipasto consisted of stuffed grape leaves, olives, mushrooms, peppers, and eggplant salads. This dish is for people who enjoy salty food. One order of the BBQ ribs was more than enough for two people. The ribs and chicken tapas were delicious. La Gondola is nice break from cooking.

Hinda Hochman- 11/06/14

Sushi Tokyo is a quaint restaurant on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue J in Brooklyn. I've eaten there on a few occasions and I have also gotten food to go. Instead of a bread basket one is given a bowl of edamame. The eating area is cozy and the staff are friendly. Besides for sushi they also serve an assortment of soups including some traditional Japanese soups like miso soup, which happens to be my favorite. I also enjoyed their vegetable rolls mixed with avocado and crunch. I'm happy that they offer an abundant of rolls with avocado because really enjoy eating avocado. So, of you are looking for a healthy affordable meal, Sushi Tokyo is a good place to go.

Hinda Hochman- 11/06/14
Today I had the pleasure of going to Ready to Roll on East 15th between avenues I and J in Brooklyn. I had the avocado roll as part of Elan Kornblum's great kosher restaurant scavenger hunt. The roll was very good! They were very accommodating! The store is very cute! Had I brought my children they wwould have loved to sit at the bar. For those not so adventurous as to sit on bar stools, there are also some regular tables and chairs. I am definitely looking forward to going back there to try some of their other rolls. Some of their rolls sound quite yummy like the schnitzel roll. They also have some appetizers and salads for your dining pleasure.
#GKRMHUNT #Hochmaniacs
Nechama- 11/02/14
On Succos we had the pleasure of enjoying a full meal at Uppercrust. We especially love all the pasta dishes and our favorite was the gnocchi. We also really enjoy the mac n cheese balls appetizer with the creamy dipping sauce. The ravioli is pretty good and the serving size was pretty fair (not the 4 or 5 pieces form a fancy restaurant but maybe closer to 8 or 9 pies). Our final pasta dish was the tortellini which was tricolored and had an alfredo sauce. The mini calzones are probably one of the better items on their menu. The pizza is made in a brick oven so if you like that kind of pizza they have many interesting flavors and toppings. I personally like doughy underbaked pizza so brick oven pizza is not my taste.
#gkrmhunt #hochmaniacs
Nechama- 11/02/14
This is definitely my kids favorite fast food "flaishig" place on Long Island. The chicken fingers are the juiciest and best in town by far! If you order before 3 there are great lunch specials that include fries and soda. Our all time favorite wrap is the Cedarhurst wrap with sizzling pastrami and chicken and the best sauces in the world. There are more private tables off to the left side or you can sit bench style in the center of the restaurant. They even serve a Mexican chulent. Our favorite dipping sauce is the avocado ranch. It's definitely not the most diet friendly place but you can order a salad with grilled chicken pieces which is a lot safer than the sumptuous sandwiches and wraps.
#gkrmhunt #hochmaniacs
Nechama- 11/02/14
This new French restaurant that opened recently in Cedarhurst is quite elegant. The ambiance is wonderful and the lighting is quite different with its purplish hues. Last time we dined there we sat up at the bar as my daughter chose the seating. The staff is very friendly and the surroundings are comfortable. The lamb lollipops are definitely one of the best appetizers on the menu. We also enjoyed our mains duck two ways and French cut chicken breast. The presentation is very impressive and the portions are not big enough to make you feel too full. The prices may be a bit high but the service is great and its a higher caliber place. Definitely for a special occasion. They even have a party room for sheva brachos and other smachot.
#gkrmhunt #hochmaniacs Coffee Bar Lawrence NY
Nechama Schechter- 11/02/14
It is always pleasant walking into the new coffee bar. Now that it is redone you can lounge on the comfy black sofa chairs while waiting for your friends to show. There is plenty of seating and I've hardly ever had to wait for a table. The place is usually pretty full and somewhat noisy. They serve starbucks coffee and have loads of different syrups they can blend in. I enjoy omelets and they usually fry them to perfection. One time they had given me a well done omelet and when the waitress brought it over and she saw the look on my face she immediately asked how she could help. She brought it back and within a few minutes I had a new "runny" omelet which is the way I like it. Heather is my favorite waitress there and we always feel very comfortable when she's around. I can't leave out our favorite pasta sauces!! We generally pick up a container of the Alfredo sauce before a yom tov as it really is so good and creamy with the best flavor.
Review of Pardes #hochmaniacs #GKRMhunt
Rivka Weinberger - 11/02/14
Having been to Pardes a bunch of times, I have to say I am always impressed with the food and service. The food always showcases the best offerings of the season. Seasonal produce is offered with regular proteins elevating the gastronomic experience. The portions are small and mostly appetizer sized. There are few entrees and they are rather expensive. But for a special occasion it is a great place located in Brooklyn where we can drive and find free parking. Not a place for a plain old dinner out but worth the price for a special evening.
Varda- 11/02/14
Having attended the Yemenite shul - Tiferet Yisrael for the 2 years I lived on the UWS, I have tasted my share of delicious home cooking. so when I heard that Moshe and Rikki Damti opened a restaurant...wow ! We went straight for the good stuff. Nothing will help clear your sinuses but not burn your tongue like a nice bowl of Yemenite Soup with meat. Rich, tasty and a meal in itself. Make sure you ask for the kubana !!!! Like challah on a cloud ! The malawach was hot, crispy and fluffy, and we had to ask for more crushed tomato it was so big. The falafel were not too spicy, a problem in other places, they were very fresh tasting. With some nice mint tea to relax after the great food, it was a pleasure to enjoy this "homestyle cooking ". Can't wait to go back on a Sunday and try their Jachnun special !
Hochmaniacs down South
Varda- 11/02/14
Where oh wher has my little dog gone ? he is part of the decor at House of Dog Boca. We had the pleasure of eating in their sukkah. I have always wanted to taste corn dogs and borrowing a nibble from the corn dog and fries appetizer hit the spot. You need to know the ordering instructions ahead of time so you can get right to the eating !!!!! You pick your base hot dog, hamburger, meats, chicken even veggie burger option. decide whether you want wrap, baguette and then good luck, there about 300 permutations of toppings to add on or pick from regional combos like the Big Apple with apple cured facon, onions or the acapulco........why we ordered 2 fries ? Who knows ? They were so flavorful they filled us up immediately. And free refills on the fountain drinks ! Just remember to wear comfy eating clothes ! anf for all you KISS fans, there is a surprise behind closed doors !!!
Palace Cafe #Hochmaniacs review
Varda- 11/02/14
Where to go with kids : put Palace Cafe at the top of the list. After a fun afternoon at the museum a nice warm and quick meal was our next stop. Who wouldn't. Love a place that serves breakfast all day. My picky eater took 5 minutes deciding from the myriad choices of pizza, before settling on broccoli. What to do when you are on a calorie and carb restricted health plan, a yummy omelet full of veggie and house salad. the staff was helpful and patient and every question was answered with a genuine smile. We even brought home the soups of the day for dad ! They were good as Kosher Palace, but now they are GREAT !!!! clean, friendly, quick and tasty ........
Charles- 11/02/14
As good as the food at the mother ship is, Wolf and Lamb Steakhouse in Brooklyn is the perfect restaurant for many needs. Located at Coney Island Avenue and Avenue M, athe the of Foil store, the ambiance iat Wolf and Lamb makes it great for many needs. The items on the menu work well for both a romantic dinner or a business lunch. The servers are helpful an knowledgeable, offering the perfect wine or beer to pair with your choices. The food however is what keeps you coming back. With a presentation to rival anything you would see on TV the look pales in comparison to the taste. Whether you need a meal with a client, spouse, or friends you will be hard pressed to find a better restaurant in Brooklyn.
Estihana Teaneck #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Yocheved Temima- 11/01/14
The other day I had the pleasure of dining at Estihana. I really enjoyed every second of my dining experience. From the person who greeted us, to our waiter, everyone was so friendly. We sat down and right away are water glasses were filled. We got the crispy beef and onion soup. The onion soup was really good and the crisp beef was so delicious that I finished it really fast. I can't wait to go back again. Highlights include really friendly staff, great food and pretty decor. If you need a good restaurant recommendation, I would definitely add Estihana to your top ten list. I will be going again next week, I even got a coupon from greatkosherdeals.com.
Bracha komarov- 11/01/14
I recall going to Subsational years back -- it is a shame their other location closed. However, I have been to this location on Coney Island , along with my husband, several times. I like the casual, friendly environment. Their subs are delicious. There are so many choices to choose from -- we'd order two and split so we can try both. The prices are definitely affordable for what you are getting. Some of the items I'd recommend are: the burritos, the health salad, and the Chicken Santiago sandwich. They also have kid specials, which are great for when dining out with little ones, and platters, which are a more elegant than a sandwich (though I usually stick to subs!).
Cafe Venezia
Bracha komarov- 11/01/14
Back in June, my high school class celebrated our 15th year reunion. While I originally suggested a different restaurant, one classmate recommended Cafe Venezia -- and the other agreed -- and for good reason! I don't think I have been there before and now I know to return there when I want elegant dining! It is located right in my neighborhood -- a definite plus! The staff was very accommodating and gave us a nice table with room for us all (plus my friend's baby carriage). The staff was friendly and food was served in good timing. I had a salad (I think it was the Arugula salad) and it tasted fresh and tasty!
Ready to Roll
Bracha komarov- 11/01/14
Conveniently located on East 15th Street off Avenue J, Ready to Roll Sushi is one of my favorite places to get sushi. Their sushi is always fresh and they have a large variety of different types - both vegetarian and with fish. My favorite is the California Roll. I also love kani salad. I once ordered from their salad bar and it was really delicious and the price was fantastic, too! I know that my brother-in-law, a sushi fanatic, often goes there for sushi, so that is enough to prove that it's a great sushi spot. I recommend it to anyone living in the area or visiting!
#gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Yocheved Temima - 11/01/14
The food was absolutely amazing, the workers were very nice and friendly. Sometimes it takes a while for the food to come but when it comes you forget that you were annoyed it took so long because the food is yummy. Its always very fresh because its make when you order it.the Burgers are juicy and filling. The homemade fries are really good. Sometimes i get salads that are huge I can nevr finish it so I have lunch the next day. wow talking about it is making me want to go right now I'm getting so hungry. its a very Nice environment and clean I go there all the time. One of my sibling lives in brooklyn and its his favorite place to dine. I go almost every time I'm in brroklyn which is a lot
LChaim's #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 11/01/14
LChaim's Restaurant made my vacation to Scotland this summer all the more enjoyable. Kosher food is hard to come by when traveling, so it was a pleasure to have everything delivered straight to our hotel in Edinburgh. We spoke to the owner Sora on the phone many times before our trip and she patiently answered all our questions. The food all came labeled very clearly and had clear instructions for the hotel on how to keep it kosher and heat up properly. They even sent us a cake for my birthday which was surprisingly delicious. If you plan on traveling to Scotland don't pack your suitcase with tuna and salami, just order food from LChaim's!
Basil #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 11/01/14
If there was ever a reason to travel to Crown Heights, than Basil Pizza & Wine Bar is definitely it. It is conveniently located just one block from the 3 train and you can easily to find parking there at night. Basil is head and shoulders above all the other dairy restaurants in New York. While they can be pricy, the food is always worth the shlep. Their innovative menu has a range of dishes that can appeal to anyone - it includes pasta, pizza and fish, but served in a way you would not typically expect. Everything is beautifully plated and tastes amazing too. I normally avoid fried food, but their Basil Fries are worth it, and the Funnel Cake paired with Basil Ice Cream is to die for. I've even made a point of traveling there for breakfast and was not disappointed. If you like delicious food that is easy on the eyes, then go to Basil!
#gkrmhunt #noshersdreamteam
Tery Blatt- 10/31/14

We frequent Tibierias in mid town often. We have a current student at Stern and a graduate of Stern who now goes to Suny Optometry school, both are close to Tiberias centrally located restaurant. We love to visit them and go out to eat at Tiberias. The food is fresh and tasty. My entire family would agree that a lunch or dinner at Tiberias is filling and healthy. I like to order the salmon, with the stir fried veggies on the side. My girls like the salads. My daughters seem to always be at Tiberias to celebrate their friends birthdays .Tiberias is definitely a great chose for your all your dining pleasures!

Shira- 10/31/14

great food! :)

Hinda Hochman- 10/31/14

I have had two experiences with Prime Wok n Grill since they switched ownership, one positive and one slightly negative. The first time was back in September for my son's eleven and a half birthday, but also to celebrate that he had been learning daf yomi (daily Talmud), with his father. We ordered some specials consisting of soups, a main and either fried rice or regular rice. My son ordered his usual Chinese choice, sesame chicken with white rice and was quite satisfied. I ordered lo mein and my husband ordered beef and broccoli. We all enjoyed our meals. The restaurant was rather empty due to the opening of another local Chinese restaurant, so we got a lot of individual attention. The second time I had ordered food to go. Unfortunately, the food was not packaged well and the soup spilled all over and they had also forgotten one order. Additionally, the manager misunderstood and did not give us the specials. I felt like the meals cost way too much for takeout. Though, I do have to ay they were very kind and replaced the soup, gave us the missing order, plus a credit for a future order! :-)

Ready to Roll #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 10/31/14

Ready to Roll is my favorite place to get lunch in Flatbush. There are a lot of restaurants and takeout places conveniently located near my office, but I choose to go to Ready To Roll because their food is terrific. When I'm in a rush or have a short break I will order in advance through their website and the food is always ready to pick up just 10 minutes later. The sushi always tastes fresh, the wraps are delicious and there is also a fantastic salad bar. The staff is very pleasant and efficient, which is why I keep going back there!

Pleasantly surprised - #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Serena- 10/31/14

Today was my first time at Sushi Tokyo on Kings Highway, and I was very impressed. The restaurant was larger than I expected with nice seating areas - not like all those tiny little sushi places that can be found on almost every block in Brooklyn. As soon as I walked through the door the staff was attentive and super friendly. Right away they asked how they could help me. I got a spicy tuna avocado roll - the ingredients were extremely fresh, especially the tuna, and it tasted great too! I would definitely go back to Sushi Tokyo if I am ever in that area.

Sushi Tokyo (Coney Island)
Bracha komarov- 10/31/14

On Coney Island Avenue, betweens Avenues J and K, Sushi Tokyo is in a great location and one of my favorite sushi stores. They are open late hours,so if I in the mood for sushi late at night, I know where to do. I recently had their Coney Roll and Bagel Roll. I regretted sharing them and not buying more! It was so fresh! Their Miso Soup was yummy and healthy-looking. I especially enjoy their kani salad. The staff is extremely pleasant and store is clean. I compared their menu to another neighborhood sushi place and saw their prices were better, as well. I would definitely like to go again soon!

Hinda Hochman- 10/30/14

During my Great Kosher Restaurant Scavenger Hunt adventures today, I found myself doing the kishke tempura sushi challenge at Sushi K bar in Boro Park. Normally I would not have gone to the trouble of traveling to Boro Park, but I was intrigued by kishke tempura. I have not had anything but cooked fish or veggies in sushi. Well, I must not have been the first one to come for the challenge, because the man behind the counter was very pleasant and let me take pictures and just told me to do what I needed to do. This will be another place that I will need to come back to. There are definitely some more sushi rolls that seem intriguing to me.

Hinda Hochman- 10/30/14

Today I had quite the gastronomic adventure. While on my way to a challenge clue, from the Great Kosher Restaurant Scaventer Hunt in Boro Park, I decided to stop at Cafe Paris on 16th avenue in Boro Park. I went in just to take a picture with the takeout menu and potentially an owner, manager or chef. What a sweetheart the owner was. She asked me about the challenge and invited me to eat something. She brought me a spinach soufle with a side salad. It was quite good! I definitely look forward to tasting more the next time I am in Boro Park! Next time, I'll even pay!

Lenny's Pizza - Boca Raton Hochmaniacs review
Varda- 10/30/14
During our recent trip to visit our friends Chabad of Coconut Creek during Sukkot, we decided to take a day to travel local and see the nearest water park - which CLOSED the week before. SO, we did the paddle boats on the lake which left us HUNGRY!!!!! Where to go? Well, we are New Yorkers, we wanted PIZZA!! And everyone says Lenny's is the only place to go. So up Lyons, across the shortcut on NW 3rd and over to 441, we pulled into the mall and eventually found Lenny's. It's a good thing I knew they used to be Michaels, or we would have passed right by! We cut to the chase, it was HOT outside so their sukkah was not an option for us -they had a great family special of large pie, fries and 4 fountain drinks. The fries were light and crispy and disappeared in 5 minutes. No ketchup needed. The pizza crust is perfectly crisp, not too thick or thin, with just the right amount of cheese. And apparently the drinks were free refills!!!!! Well, they didn't stop my husband from getting one refill for the road. When you go , make sure you say Hi to Lisa!!!!!
Hinda Hochman- 10/30/14
Cherry Grill is conveniently located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Why, you might ask? Well, with a family of four hungry boys, make that five with the husband, it is located in a convenient city for some day trips that my family has taken. After taking breakfast and lunch on the go due to kosher standards, who wants to also pack dinner? We have taken advantage of Cherry Grill on multiple occasions coming from Atlantic City, Phili, Sahara Sam's and Great Adventure. My kids favorite food there is the chicken wings. All the food that we order there is great. One thing that you need to make sure of is making a reservation for a lArgentine group because they get crowded fast! Use Elan's website!
El Pasaje- Dairy
Varda- 10/30/14
For Hochmaniacs Review- El Pasaje Resto/Bar- Dairy in Buenos Aires
On our annual visit to my husband's entire family in Argentina, we ALL spent an enjoyable meal in the outdoor eating area of El Pasaje -Dairy. When I say ALL, it is because for once I could actually enjoy the meal and not have to divert my 4 year old from making a water glass bowling alley.
There is a small but action packed ball pit, play area a la Kids in Action in Brooklyn, where you child can be watched through the glass window as you enjoy the delicious food. When in Argentina, I always save some calorie points for a fugazzetta, which is a thicker, crisper pizza crust than what is found in American pizza. Layered with carmelized onion, mozzarella, and on ours, tomato, often accompanied by faina - an additional crust made of chickpea flour ( you have to try them together to understand the flavor and crunch). We had an inch left in our waistbands so we also enjoy the empanadaswith queso y tomate (cheese ans tomato) and the bollos/bohios de spinaca (spinach) a light spinach and cheese filled concotion similar to a small calzone, but with more filling than dough. The service was lovely, the food delicious and the ball pit FANTASTIC!!!! Save us a seat, we're coming back in November!!!!!!
Hinda Hochman- 10/29/14

Estihana located on Avenue J in Brooklyn introduced me to the best sushi roll ever, in my humble opinion. The volcano roll is california roll topped with fried kani, arranged in a beautiful design mimicking a volcano. Another thing that I really enjoyed there was their soup. It was a simple vegetable soup, but the veggies were so varied and it was so plentiful, one could have a meal of just soup. The restaurant is very comfortable and elegant. I especially like the little semi private booth on the front right. Some day I hope to sit there! So for a Tate of Manhattan in Brooklyn, go on and check it out!

Tiberias review - #gkrmhunt #RareStakes
Serena- 10/29/14

I ordered takeout from Tiberias tonight and was very happy with the food. All of it came packaged well which is important since takeout containers will often open and leak. The salads were very fresh and looked appetizing in a pretty container. We also ordered paninis on large whole wheat baguettes and it was was extremely filling and tasty. The paninis came with a nice amount of salad and chips on the side. I would definitely recommend Tiberias to other people- they are open nearly 24/7 which is perfect if you want somewhere to eat at 2 am! The decor is nice as well.

Hinda hochman- 10/29/14

Recently I went out on a date with my husband to Chosen Island in the five towns. The restaurant is beautifully laid out and accommodating to families. Our meal out introduced my husband and I to beef negamaki, which is scallions wrapped around beef. I normally don't like scallions, but this was delicious! We aso got sesame chicken which we normally order when we get Chinese food. That too was also delicious. Another dish that we tried was beef and broccoli which is another dish that we normally order. Once again, not only were we not disappointed, but we enjoyed it very much. I definitely recommend this restaurant. It is definitely worth the travel to Lawrence from Brooklyn despite potential traffic.

Hinda hochman- 10/29/14

Thirteen years ago I had the pleasure of dining at Pat's restaurant in Los Angeles, California. My husband and I were on our honeymoon at the time. We happened to be meeting up with my parents who were also vacationing there. While I do not remember what we ordered, I do know that we were satisfied. It was a beautiful ambience with very good food. What was especially entertaining was seeing Bob Saget, who played the dad on Full House! If you want a celebrity siting with delicious kosher meat food, this is the place to go! We had a great time and so will you!

Le Marais - the best steakhouse in NYC!
Serena C- 10/29/14

Le Marais is by far the best kosher restaurant in Manhattan. I have been going there for years and the food is consistently good and decently priced. I always recommend it to friends from out of town and Le Marais never fails to impress. They are also open pretty late so it's a great place to eat after a Broadway show! Perfect for when you need to satisfy a craving for steak tartare.

Pitopia review #noshersdreamteam #gkrmhunt
T. Blatt- 10/26/14

Pitopia is so much fun to go to. The prices are so reasonable and easy to digest. Pitopia is a fun outing for the entire family, young and old. the colorful decor is pleasant to look at and appealing to the eye. On the other hand the colorful tasty, fresh food is appealing to the palate. The sandwiches are served in sturdy disposable boxes that make you think you are eating fast food, when in fact the food you get is healthy and nutritious. The all you can eat salad bar is plentiful and fully stocked at all times. The sauces that are available add to each dish. I recommend Pitopia to anyone passing through the city whether on a shopping spree or going to the theater.

Noshers Dream Team/ T fusion review
T. Blatt- 10/26/14

T Fusion Steakhouse Every time I go to T Fusion I feel as though it were my home away from home. The Staff greet you with such warmth and it makes you feel at home when you walk in. This past week I was so involved in the Great Kosher Restaurant Magazine Scavenger hunt , I ended up in T fusion 3 times! The first time was Tues, when the hunt clues were released. I only went to take photos. I posed with the owner who we have since become on first name basis. The second time this past week was Weds when I went to sample the most scrumptious delicacies, T Fusion is known for. I met their staff and Elan Kornblum, from The Great Kosher Restaurant magazine. The samples ended up being a full meal. Each dish not only looked good but tasted even better! The third time this week was for an Oneg on Friday night to celebrate the Shobbos Project. Some of the dishes served were cholent, kugels, salads and desserts. All were befitting the special Shobbos that we were celebrating with the rest of the world. T Fusion you are the best!

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