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Great Kosher Restaurants
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Ari Gottlieb- 08/04/12

Excellent sandwiches, just a small take-out place, great for an on-the-go meal

Le Marais
Ari Gottlieb- 08/04/12

 Amazing steak, though very expensive

Reply #1 submitted by: Daniel on 02/23/14

Expensive Steak? Are you kidding? Have you been to other kosher steakhouses in the city? This by far the cheapest, and most consistently awesome steakhouse in Manhattan

Eden Wok - Manhattan
Ari Gottlieb- 08/04/12

 Very good Chinese food and a pretty decently-priced lunch special. Otherwise, prices are a little expensive but that's Manhattan pricing for you

Abigael's - Manhattan
Ari Gottlieb- 08/04/12

 Very pricy, nice ambiance. Great place for anniversary dinner, or fancy date

Carlos & Gabby's - Queens
Ari Gottlieb- 08/04/12

Excellent Mexican, fast-food restaurant, not too expensive. If you are going there for the first time, go with the Honey BBQ Zingers as your appetizer and The Cedarhurst Sandwich for your main.

Upper Crust
Marcia- 08/04/12

this is the best restraunt in the 5 towns that opened so happy we have a nice good dairy restaraunt to eat at besides sunflower . we give it 5 stars 2 thumbs up

Ladino Tapas Bar & Grill
Dina- 08/02/12

It is a strictly kosher person's dream: Delicious food/wine, excellent service and located in a great location. The ambiance is pleasant, too.

Smokey Joe's Teaneck, NJ
Janet- 08/02/12

Smokey Joe's has the BEST ribs. The owner is very patient and answers all questions re smoking all the ribs n meats. He even showed us the smoking oven. Every time we go, my husband, son-in-law or nephew are blown away by the ribs (us ladies too!). No forks and knives needed, just a hearty appetite, fingers n napkins.

Upper Crust
Leah bander- 08/02/12

the service was great i really enjoyed my time at the upper crust i will definently be returning

Chateau Steakhouse
Barbara Orenstein- 08/01/12

We were there for dinner on a Tuesday night and by the time we were finishing up our wonderful meal, the restaurant had been filling up with young couples, older couples. a group of bearded and payess-wearing men who were obviously there for the superb food...their various steak dinners were delicious as were the salads and appetizers. My grandchildren inhaled the rolls and spreads, enjoyed the steaks and more so LOVED the beautiful desserts! We will be going back...just wish the prices would come down a bit. NYC atmosphere with NYC prices but Queens has a real gem here.

Reply #1 submitted by: Rhonda on 02/12/13

I read your review of Chateau Steakhouse, which was helpful. I live in Bayside and welcome new restaurants. However, there are no prices listed in the link, and I noticed you mentioned wishing the prices would be lower. Silly question, but, do you remember any prices, just so I could have an idea of their range?? Thank you so much.

NU Cafe 47
Evan Steele- 08/01/12

Just had the chablis salmon. Impressive. Not cheap, but at least you are paying for seriously good food. A cut above the usual bland Kosher cuisine.

BREAKING NEWS: Rare Steakhouse in Miami Beach has officially moved into Tower 41!
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 07/30/12
LA restaurants
DS- 07/26/12

2 delicious restaurants in Los Angeles that i thought were the best i've ever eaten at anywhere: Shiloh's and La Sienne

also we loooove Jeff's Gourmet - his food is incredible, and very original options.

Chateau Steakhouse
Suri G- 07/26/12

I would like to give you a glowing review of Chateau Steakhouse in Queens.My supper club(4 couples meet every month in a restuarant)met in June and had a great time.The food was fabulous.the service excellent.And to me a marked difference from other kosher restuarants-there was room to eat.We were not squished one person on top of another.Great place.

Masha Berman- 07/26/12

LaGondola is wonderful. Great food, great size portion,really good service.

Ahuva's Grill
Stacy E- 07/26/12

My parents, my husband, my three kids and I went to Ahuva’s grill for a family celebration. We loved the casual atmosphere and the food was delicious. There were lots of yummy salads and fresh pita and the meat and chicken kabobs were delicious and tender. There was plenty of food and plenty to eat for my sons who are gluten free! We all had a great time.

Dougies Teaneck
Yp- 07/26/12

Went there to celebrate father's day with my father-in-law. Kids loved it. Fries good. I didn't feel really full after eating but the food was tasty. Had better experience a previous time there. Last visit was average.

Smokey Joe's
Yp- 07/26/12

 Ordered take out brisket sandwhich. Delicious. Also got the onion ring dish, it was a whole onion stuffed. I would definitely go there again. Prices are 2 - 3 stars, not cheap but moderately priced. Quality good.

Stefano's Restaurant
Debbie- 07/26/12

Went to Stefanos Restaurant in Deal, NJ last night and was very impressed! Food was delicious - our table tried the walnut encrusted talapia, sole francais, and chilean sea bass - and everyone loved their dishes. The service was excellent, servers were very helpful and pleasant, and the decor was good too. There don't seem to be enough 'better' dairy restaurants in NJ, and this one fills that void!! I will be going there again soon.

Reply #1 submitted by: Chef Albert Bijou on 08/16/12

Thanks so much for the nice review we look forward to serving you again soon. <br />Chef Bijou

Meat Me
Faigy F.- 07/26/12

My husband and I went to Meat Me restauarant in NYC last month. Although not very spacious the decor was very nice. Service was great and we both enjoyed the appetizer for 2 as well as our steak and chicken main dishes. Would definitely go back again!

Ottimo Cafe
C. Kramer- 07/26/12

Recently I went to eat at the Ottimo Cafe in Howell, NJ. Although they were pretty busy the service was superb. The food was very tasty, and the portions were nice. I would strongly recommend this place.

Talia's Steakhouse
Addy- 07/26/12

I am by no means a New York diner, although I have eaten in kosher restaurants in many US cities on my travels to visit family, and I am an avid restaurant - goer. That being said, I was welcomed to the world of NY dining with an amazing introduction at Talia's steakhouse. Prime Rib for one and lamb, two of my favorite meats, were extraordinary here. Appetizer salads and fries on the side were merely tasty compared to the main dish. Souffle for desert was a divine ending for my already overly satisfied taste buds. Server was top notch and at every moment returned to check on our satisfaction. For me, service and food can 'make or break' my eating out experience, and Talia's surpassed these expectations.

Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
Miriam- 07/26/12

I took one sister-in-law there and she was not impressed the service was poor, and the portions were small. Took another sister-in-law there the ambience was great, the service superb and the food excellent. Don't forget to order the basil fries they are incroyablé!

Met Su Yan
Yehudit Levy- 07/24/12

I was so pleasantly surprised by the food here. It was truly delicious. The varied appetizer which was like our "poo poo platter" was scrumptious. I never tasted seaweed before, so good! Duck was light and nice. Steak was done just right. The chocolate mousse was good, but extremely small. A pricey place, but worth it!

Upper Crust
Chaya plum- 07/20/12

the manager of this store is like the coolest person i have ever met he is so sweet and professional

Reply #1 submitted by: latissia gold on 04/03/13

i totally agree i went there a couple of weeks ago and i was treated like a princess by the manager and the rest of the staff i will definitely be returning there!!!!

Great American Health Bar
Lori Maslow- 07/20/12

I'm not that often in Manhattan, but when I am there The Great American Health Bar is my number one favorite. I consider it a treat to eat there and recommend it highly to all!

Estihana Brooklyn
B.N.- 07/20/12

Went there a few times in the last few weeks and my family really loved everything we ordered. Food tastes fresh and flavorful. The Garlic steak is delicious ! Will definitely go again

Y. Gonzalez- 07/20/12

Absolutely great!! Attractive decor, great variety of gourmet dishes and most important the Ottimo souffle was made to perfection. It arrived at our table hot (not burnt) accompanied by delicious vanilla ice cream. A must have! FYI... it must be ordered with your entree as it is made while you eat. Can't wait for the fresh natural juices to be available!

Mr. Broadway
Yossi F.- 07/16/12

Mr. Broadway is a great place to eat at any time of the day. Of course it is busy at lunchtime but still virtually no wait time. Also, the price is definitely worth the food and the portions. Overall I would give it a 5/5, highly recommended.

Spoons Boro Park
Neal - 07/13/12

great service absolutely amazing food

Reply #1 submitted by: Spoons on 08/06/12

Thank you! We appreciate your business :)

Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse (Brooklyn)
SI Nurse- 07/11/12

Great service! Tasty food! Portions are very small and left feeling hungry. Great place for dieters who require portion control.

Shalom Haifa
Sharonie- 07/11/12

This restaurant is a great find. My family and I just had lunch there and it is the best around. They have the best falafel I have ever had, ever! Friendly atmosphere, family run, clean and a pleaure to dine at. We had several of the scrumptious appetizers, shared Lamb Shishlick and Chulent (Sunday special). Then finished off with Bavarian Creme, Apple Strudel and Baklava to go. I highly recommend seeking Shalom Haifa for a wonderful dining experience.

DG- 07/11/12

What is the best restaurant in NY for duck? thanks

T Fusion Steakhouse
Marilyn- 07/11/12

loved this wonderful place. attended with my sister. we've been mesmerized ever since. outdoes any other place on the strip.

Great food in Staten Island
Dairy Palace Staten Islan- 06/15/12

Always a great stop at the Dairy Palace.Their Pizza and baked ziti is the best in the US.Had sushi there this time and it was really great.The new decor is beautiful.Highly recommended.

Father's Day Restaurant Specials / Photos & Results of Falafel Eating Contest & Kosher BBQ Champions
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 06/14/12

Click here for our most recent newsletter

Father's Day Restaurant Specials / Photos & Results of Falafel Eating Contest & Kosher BBQ Championship

Best Chilean Sea Bass
Gene- 06/14/12

can anybody recommend a place for the best Chilean Sea Bass in NY

Reply #1 submitted by: Kevin on 07/11/12

The new Thai place on Burton Way cooks the best Chilean Sea Bass. So fresh and lightly oil. <br /><br />Sorry Mate .. it's in L A ..

Ahuva's Grill
Adam- 06/14/12

Ate here for the first time last week, impresive portions, good food, and a friendly staff. Great food for the five towns.

Thai Kosher BY Beverly Hills Thai
Omni- 06/10/12

finally ..glatt kosher Thai restaurant in Los Angeles, California. www.mykosherla.com

Lea pinker- 06/04/12

anybody has a suggestion about renting a place,for a bris, in the upper east side, NY

Essen NY Deli
Meir b.- 06/04/12

great deli

HOUSE OF DOG: Dogs n' Beer
CLK- 06/04/12

My comments. • I had a ruben, fries, onion rings and cokes Fries. Excellent ***** Ruben very good. Increase size of hot dog to 12" Coke increase size of bottle onion rings. OK I think they were frozen Decor Excellent. Where did you get the covers screwed onto the tables. CLK

"41 on the Bay" of Tower 41 in Miami Beach has closed
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 05/22/12
Clubhouse Café to Lose its Lease and Closing THIS THURSDAY
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 05/22/12

Clubhouse Café to Lose its Lease and Closing THIS THURSDAY; Reopening Once New Space is Located

It is with sadness that we announce that The Clubhouse Café must relocate from its current location on West 46th Street. The current site will be closing by May 24th.

The building it occupies and the adjacent properties have been purchased for a Times Square renovation development project beginning later this year. As a result, our lease has been terminated leaving us with little recourse, but to close immediately and try to find a new home.

Closing our doors is not something we planned for, but we will rebuild and reopen as soon as possible. We have wonderful fans and appreciate the support our clients have given us over these past four years. We know that our menu selections have become favorites, if not staples to some.

With that in mind, we are enhancing our menu at our sister restaurant Le Marais at 150 West 46th Street to include a wider burger menu, with selections we believe our clients will relish. We expect to have a new location shortly for Clubhouse to reopen quickly. Thank you.
Weber Cafe
Phyllis Millman- 05/22/12

Hope my reservation is made for today We have eaten here so many times The food is delicious.

Ladino Tapas Bar & Grill
D- 05/22/12

Hi. Glad we have a new kosher place, great idea. Looking forward to come and dine there.

Good luck.

Rosa's Pizza not kosher anymore
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 05/15/12

Rosa's Pizza in Empire State Building just turned not kosher as of last night. Word is that the partners split up & the original owner took it back to being UNKOSHER. It has been verified with Rabbi Schreier @ OU (212) 563-4000 x342. Thanks to I.Z. for the tip.

Prime Bistro
Yohan- 05/09/12

My wife and i went for dinner, the food was out of this world! The atmosphere was great, beautiful decor. Would highly recommend this restaurant for any occasion. Thanks for a great evenning !

NU Cafe 47
AM- 05/09/12

Really looking fwd to celebrating Mothers Day @ NU Cafe 47. The sushi is outstanding but not to be outdone by the the par excellence other dishes. Cant wait!

Levy's Kosher Italian
Shari Gerson- 05/09/12

My problem at Levy's is not being able to decide what to order because everything is so delicious and plentiful. The owners, Debbie and Scott Levy, are so friendly and always looking to please, and the service is great; always with a smile. Aside from the regular dishes, the sushi is outstanding! I recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for taste, quality and quantity.

Reply #1 submitted by: Debra Levy on 08/06/12

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! Debra Levy

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