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Great Kosher Restaurants
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Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Glenn Berman- 05/15/18

What option do you offer for catering a 5 year old's birthday party? We'd need either something hot (in tin trays to reheat, like mac & cheese or pasta) or cold sandwiches. What kind of pricing> I'd guess about 15 16 kids.

Bravo Pizzeria & Restaurant Queens
Leah Spilman- 05/15/18

Waiter service?

Upside Craft Burgers
Chaim- 03/16/18

Fantastic place. Food is so good. I had the greatest burger I've ever had. Service is excellent. Go Go Go there and really enjoy yourself. Can't wait to go again.

Yahav- 02/22/18

Incredibly surprising!! The dessert is a MUST! less than $20 bucks, although the combo ($21) is really worth it!! The food was not expensive, you can find a dish for $30's though the quality of the food really feels like a chef restaurant. Definitely coming back again!

La Cuisine
Yisrael Fishman- 02/06/18

Wow, the burger is one of the best I ever ate. Highly recommend. The staff are amazing. Overall I was very surprised and happy with my first visit.

K Grillhouse
Ken Chorzewski- 02/06/18

A gem of a steakhouse that offers delicious food at very reasonable prices. The staff is both knowledgeable and courteous. The menu is both inviting and filled with most interesting dishes. This is a great place to meet with friends while enjoying some of the finest foods.

Dixie BBQ
Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins- 01/21/18

Great food fast service even though it was packed. We had a business meeting ate and talked on the picnic tables outside price was decent. We missed Blaze when it closed , but this is already surpassing it. We just need a way to call in orders for pick up

Cho-Sen Village
Tatyana - 01/21/18

amazing food!

Savor Cafe
Chana- 01/21/18

We came with an Adult Special Needs group of ten. The owner and waitresses were very helpful and friendly. The food is delicious. We ordered personal pizzas, the vegetarian pizza is especially good. We hope to return soon!

Don Gaucho Steakhouse
Dr k- 01/21/18

brought family out for dinner to new place and had amazing dinner. we tried multiple appetizers and tried each others entree's and were extremely happy with all selections. service was great and atmosphere very laid back and enjoyed by all. owner Tomer was on site , friendly and embracing and very hands on. will defin come back for more and bring /recommend to all. KUDOS

Skewers Steakhouse
Avi Goldstein- 01/21/18

Skewers is a very fine steakhouse. We have eaten there several times. Try the homemade chummus with lafa. Have them burn the lafa on the grill! (Keep in mind, that makes the lafa fleishig.) I recommend the beef skewer, well done.

Bedford on Park
Judy Herzfeld- 01/21/18

Truly, Best Tasting experience! Loved Every dish & condiment! Service was superb too! Perfect decor & ambiance!! Highly recommend!! Only knew of your establishment & chose it from all others, because of your ads with the Nachum Segal Network.

Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Ben- 01/21/18

I've been going to this restaurant ever since it opened over 10 yrs ago and always enjoy its relaxed and classy ambiance. They have a great selection of carefully prepared and tasty food. Not only do I love the pasta, sushi, soup, and sandwiches, but I also love the people who work there. Sharon the owner is extremely nice and always very pleasant! I highly highly recommend going there for some amazing kosher food!

Bistro Burger
IVRI ANOCHI- 01/21/18

There is no better restaurant for salads and burgers than Bistro Burger in Great Neck. I eat there frequently. Delicious kosher food and always a warm reception from Serge and Jordana. Prices are very reasonable and portions are large. C'est pour moi un grand plaisir de manger dans cette restaurant. Hier bin ich immer zufrieden. Ani ohev et ha misada ha zot. Ochel m'od ta-im, m'chirim b'seder v'Serge v'ishto Jordana anashim m'od chevrutim v'nechmadim. Atem tzrichim lavo kan v'lechol ochel fantasti.

Bordeaux Steakhouse
Chaim Steinberg- 01/21/18

Tonight we had my birthday party here. Absolutely great terrific. Everybody has different appetizer and entree. The service was impeccable. Courteous. Everything was so delicious. I had a fantastic appetizer. Gnocchi. You must take it. Highly recommend this place.

Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Hadassah- 01/21/18

Very yummy food in a nice atmosphere. The French Onion Soup is the best.

Dougie's Baltimore
Rabbi Aryeh Goetz- 01/21/18

Enjoyable atmosphere, many menu choices, delicious food and plentiful.

Evita Steakhouse
Dennis- 01/21/18

Place was packed on a weeknight, but very pleasant decor and lighting. Service was excellent, including a personal visit from the owner about special requests. Soup, salads, appetizers were outstanding. Steaks? The El Gaucho was just a big steak-well-prepared, but nothing special. The more Argentiean ones, though, were excellent and recommended. Menu is limited but more than adequate for occasional dining. Prices are moderate for this ambiance and quality. Strongly recommended.

Holly- 07/26/17

This restaurant was a really nice surprise! The service was friendly, professional and just excellent, the food was really delicious, and the atmosphere was pleasant. Will definitely be back! Thank you!

K Grillhouse
Resi- 07/26/17

would love to order your chicken wing barbq sauce

Upside Craft Burgers
PESHAH- 07/26/17


Halftime Grill
Ariel Maik- 07/26/17

I went there one night to watch a basketball game. There are many screens, showing a variety of sporting events. The food is delicious and plentiful. Overall, a very positive experience.

656 Ocean
Lawrence- 07/26/17

YES! Went there with my wife last summer. Romantic, "special occasion" restaurant. Good food and service. Going back this summer.

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar (Queens)
Sn- 05/30/17

was visiting NY for a graduation and came here. new chef , so menu slightly different . but everything was from very good to outstanding. [though pricy! ] . the butternut soup was great , and the cauliflower w raisins . also lamb flat bread . my wife hates chicken at steakhouses , but found this excellent . kudos to the staff

Elite Cafe
Rosalie S.- 07/26/17

We took food in from Elite Cafe because they were so busy and we didn't want to wait. The salads were fresh and delicious...the Mediterranean Wrap was over-stuffed with vegetables...the Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla was very flavorful. We didn't get dessert, but they looked amazing! Next time...

Bordeaux Steakhouse
Sara- 07/26/17

went to celebrate a birthday at Bordeaux - had a great meal - amazing service (thanks Adonis for all your suggestions) - delicious starters and mains. will certainly go back again.

Perry- 05/30/17

This place is beyond amazing!! We had a big party here last night, and our experience was out of this world. Their staff was professional, courteous and extremely patient. Very knowledgeable on the menu, and overall appreciative and well mannered. The food did not fail to impress either.... Every single item ordered on the menu, was absolutely outstanding! Full of flavor, tasty, elegant and outright delicious! We had an awesome experience and will definitely be back for more. Thank you!

Shelly's Cafe
Jeff Donn- 07/26/17

I heard that there was a special Sunday brunch and Tuesday night buffet. Is this true? Thanks! Jeff Donn

Brian W.- 03/21/17

Excellent meal. Looked after really well by Abdul. Helped us after to order a taxi and showed us to the car. Amazing service !

Pescada Ave. P
Gina tawil- 03/21/17

The food was delicious and. the service was excellent

Shalom Haifa
Esti - 03/21/17

OUTSTANDING!!! We came here by accident and we were thrilled. Food was delicious and fresh--portions were generous! They even made burgers special for my very tired picky kids. We will definitely be back!

Simply Sushi Cafe
Shawn R- 03/21/17

I picked up some sushi from them in New York City and it tasted so good. I got a roll called the "Monster Roll," looked so good and was so excited. They are great, the guys working there were so nice and helpful. I highly recommend Simply Sushi.

Leah tenenbaum- 03/21/17

Best kosher dairy restaurant in miami!

Five Fifty
Nancy- 12/24/16

The food was outstanding. The atmosphere was great. I highly recommend this new restaurant as the equivalent of a high end Manhattan restaurant .

Crave Cafe & Bagel
Chanie- 12/24/16

You have a beautiful restaurant and the food is delicious. I feel that you should be more sensitive to your customers. It would be proper for you to ensure that your staff at the check out counters are all dressed and behave in accordance to halacha. Thank you. Continued bracha v'hatzlacha

Pescada Ave. P
Lea- 12/24/16

From the moment we walked in for a Sunday lunch until the moment we left, every second spent inside this lovely restaurant was fantastic. The waiters are courteous, the presentation is upscale, the prices are reasonable, the menu has something for everyone, and the delicious food is obviously prepared by a team whose passion is all things culinary. The ambiance made us feel as if we were sitting outdoors in a sun soaked location, and the attention to detail (especially loved the cushioned foam underneath the tables) is remarkable. We're already looking forward to coming back for dinner.

Backyard BBQ & Brew
Chaya Gordon- 12/24/16

do you offer pre-paid Shabbot meals in December. I am a frequent Kosherica traveler and will be in the area December 21-29. Please be in touch. Chaya

Pescada Ave. P
Leah- 11/29/16

love the food: from spring rolls to salads, excellent bronzino! love the desserts for dairy- this is our go to restaurant

Marani Georgian
Satisfied Customer- 12/24/16

Wow! First time tonight, & we'll be back - - Real food for real people. 'Looked as good as it tasted. Reasonably priced, and, the service was warm & professional (minus the obsequiousness found too often in Manhattan establishments). The plan is, to keep coming back till we've tried everything on the menu - and then, to start over again. Bravo, Marani Georgian!

Le Marais
Seth Arenstein- 12/24/16

My first visit found a very welcoming staff and very reasonably priced lunch entrees, particularly the lunch specials. As it was late in the afternoon and the room was nearly empty, it's difficult to judge what the noise level will be when full, but it was quiet at 3pm. The flavored iced tea was delicious as were the french fries and the spicy sausage hamburger. Served with a fresh side salad on crusty rolls, it was a delightful meal. I'll be back for sure.

Peter Saile- 12/24/16

I consider Rustiko in Surfside to be the best restaurant in this area with daily several different fresh fish dishes and pleasant creativity in preparing the menu items. I highly recommend this place.

Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Ann- 11/08/16

Espresso catered the dinner at our Annual Homeowner's meeting and it was a big hit. Everything was beautifully presented and most importantly - most delicious. I have received many compliments and we look forward to engaging Sharon and his time again in the future!

656 Ocean
Madeleine sage- 10/08/16

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656 Ocean
Madeleine sage- 10/08/16

Excellent piece . I loved the points - Does someone know where my business might be able to get access to a fillable IRS 656 example to work with ?

Blueberry Cafe
Flora- 11/08/16

the food is amazing

New York
Raquel- 10/08/16

I absolutely love this restaurant. It's always packed because their food is so good! Really- the best kosher restaurant in Brooklyn. Their fish is always fresh, their sides are so creative and DELICIOUS. My husband doesn't usually like to go to dairy restaurants- he always prefers meat-- but Pescada is his only exception, and ONLY preference. Way to go on changing the game, Pescada!

Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar
Sarah - 10/08/16

my friend took me out to Bedford for my birthday!! in one word "amazing"! great friendly service, out of this world food and delicious cocktails! will be returning soon..........

Pescada Ave. P
Michelle- 10/08/16

this place seriously has the best food. im a very picky eater and there are no good kosher dairy places until now. we took my sister out for her birthday there my family was raving and now my sister (who lives in jersey) wont eat at any other dairy place besides this one. and their customer service is amazing!!!!

Evita Grill
Jonathan Neuman- 09/09/16

Service with a smile. Come hungry and order the ribs.

Evita Grill
Anshel- 09/08/16

Nice settings. Service was great. We ordered couple of stakes, they were cooked to perfection. Were served with sauces, that I assume should provide flavor, and they did. However since steak themselves had no flavor whatsoever, there was not even a hint of salt, they needed a lot more of the sauce to compensate. Will definitely go back. Hope owners are reading this and will take note. Would love to see them succeed.

Reply #1 submitted by: michael barnatan on 12/24/16

I m reading this.And did fix it!! thanks for ur advise!! hope to see u soon again!!

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