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Orchidea 4815 12th Avenue (Between 48th & 49th St.) Brooklyn, NY 11219

4815 12th Avenue
(Between 48th & 49th St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11219

(718) 686-7500

Mushroom Delight
Filo Pastry stuffed with portabella, champignon & wild mushrooms with red wine sauce
Duet Fish Skewers
Grilled bits of salmon and sea bass skewed with
grilled peppers, onions and baby leaves dressed in peanut sauce
Greek Salad
Served in a Middle Eastern breadbasket with assorted green leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, mixed peppers, red onions, feta cheese & black olives dressed in olive oil
Floridian Salad
Romaine heart lettuce with peaches, oranges, strawberries, sundried cranberries and almonds dressed in orange champagne sauce

Chilean Sea Bass
Steamed in a wild mushroom broth, honey mustard crust
Tuna Steak
Grilled lean tuna fillet mignon marinated in balsamic, orange, ginger and assorted vegetables with sesame orange sauce
Pan Seared with sweet potatoes, broccoli, pineapple & teriyaki orange sauce

Tuna ala Pasta
Fettuccini, Seared tuna, sundried tomatoes, black olives and herbed vodka sauce
Penne Roma
Roasted peppers, garlic, spinach, grape tomatoes, lemon thyme and olive oil
Fettuccini Pesto
Pine nuts, basil, parmigiana cheese

Jakarta Roll
Deep fried salmon with tuna on the top
Orchidea Roll
Tuna, Mozzarella cheese, mango topped w/ spicy salmon
Black Pepper Tuna Roll
Seared Tuna & cucumber topped w/ spicy tuna

Orchidea’s Heaven
Three layers of filo pastry dough, with a light cream



information about Orchidea
Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Beck / Cholov Yisroel

Sun - Thu 11AM - 11PM
Sat - 45 minutes after Shabbat - 12 am

Cuisine: French/ European/ American Fusion
Avg. Check: $18- $35
Attire: Casual Neat

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No



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ABOUT Orchidea

Walk into Orchidea and you will think you walked out of Borough Park and into a five star Manhattan restaurant. The establishment is decorated with style and bursting with substance. A curtain of silver beads cascade down at the entrance. On the right, is a brick fireplace and on your left, is an authentic sushi bar. The dining room is decorated by the artistic team of Rebecca & Rachel in wenge wood with metallic tones, giving the restaurant a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Beautiful custom curtains provide the option of closing part of the restaurant for private parties. Full length mirrors in the back, round out the scene. Everything is done with class and quality. Waiters in white gloves welcome you and read off the menu specials with diligence. Every dish is designed with dazzling creativity and presentation. They make their own butter and bread seasoned with homemade herbs. And not seen in most Brooklyn restaurants, Orchidea’s professional staff even cleans the crumbs off your table after every course. It’s those little nuances and touches that have owners Mazal Werczberger and Ofer Kohen beaming with pride. They believe it’s the upscale yet relaxed atmosphere that creates the perfect escape from the busy flow of 13th Avenue. Freshly prepared specials, such as the Avocado Tartare with sundried tomatoes, basil and onions and the light, yet, spicy Mushroom Delight are two great appetizers to start your dining experience. Entrees such as the Chilean Sea Bass, Tuna Steak and Penne Roma are winners among the clientele. The restaurant has a special pastry chef who creates many original and exquisite homemade desserts. Too tempting to pass up is Orchidea's Heaven and Chocolate Souffle cake. It’s important to note that the dining room can be used for private gatherings. Parties of 100 or more are welcomed to rejoice in family celebrations and even weddings or corporate functions. The talented staff is available to prepare various menus for any social event. Either way, Orchidea provides exemplary service and delicious fare in an elegant and romantic setting.

And don’t forget about their All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet. Menu changes daily but has fish, sushi, pasta, salad, soup,

[continued above, right]

vegetables and more. $24 per person (less for kids), includes tax and tip. Sunday through Thursday 11am-3pm.

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Hindie- 11/27/12

This past Motzei Shabbat,we made a Sheva Brachos for our dear Nephew Moshe and his beautiful new kallah Sari. What an event!! When I arrived I felt I had entered a mini-wedding! Ofer, Orchidea's Owner and Manager(together with his lovely parnter Mazal) went all out!!. Ofer had the tables set beautifully, resplendent with fantastic tableclothes and flowers and personalized menus. The cuisine was super delicious, fresh and elegantly presented. We were a group of 30 and every single person told me afterward how outstanding the evening was. Ofer was an absolute JOY to work with: very accomodating and generous.The service was amazing, with attention given to every detail. Whether it's a casual night out, or a large formal Simcha, Orchidea is the place to be!! They Never disappoint!! Kudos!!

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Sarah- 03/28/12

This afternoon, my daughter made a bridal shower for her best friend at Orchidea. She couldn't have picked a better place to celebrate. The tables, arranged in an L shape, were set beautifully, with colored tablecloths,all of the dishes, glasses and flatware arranged perfectly and with votive candles lit. She was able to add our own personal touches with no problem. Every one of the guests commented on the elegant atmosphere, the wonderful service and the delicious food. Even when it was time to settle the bill, it was done in an orderly, fair way. It was worth every penny!!

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Haim- 02/14/12

we made a Bat Mitzvah party for our daughter and it was beautiful. Beside the unbelievabley tasting selection of foods from pasta, fishes, salads and soups and deserts, the staff themselves performed amazingly. they set up the tparty with such creativity, matching tablecloths and balloons. they made sure everyone was happy and satisfied!!! there was not 1 person who said they did not enjoy it all. we give a lot of credit to a more than well done planned party to Ofer and Mazel. making a surprise birthday cake for our other daughter was a big exciting hit. it was really was so much fun and elegantly prepared . no one would ever be sorry for choosing Orchidea in making a special occasion. Great wonderful job to all the staff there!!!!!

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Eva- 12/01/11

wooowwwww!!!! I'll come again and again....

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Eva- 12/01/11

Before submitting my own personal feedback I read through all the existing comments and was astounded to see how many Orchidea frequenters have already said everything I ever wanted to say and more. I guess we all agree to its worthiness of holding first place in kosher, dairy, restaurant ratings. Their decor, elegance, style, , superior tastiness, sophistication, customer conformity/flexibility, and above all, their perfection beyond possible perfection in being a six star Manhattan restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn.... is impeccable. ( I dine there very often...and can vouch for all I just said with the following example. My friends wanted to try a total new salad (not on the menu) so we specified what we would like to combine..and a few min later we had our custom order tantalizingly displayed before us...

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Esti- 03/26/11
went there for sheva brachot last week and was amazed-- everything was elegant, professionally done from a-z. yummy pasta dishes, several types of fish, and sushi!!! and three different desserts! highly recommended.
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Frayda Z- 03/13/11

elegant atmophere, excell

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Gilda Hochbaum- 02/01/11

My daughter made a party for her husband the other night, and I must say it was a great success mainly due to Orchidea's professional staff, delicious food, and. beautiful presentation. The ambiance is comparable to the best Manhattan restaurants, and I highly recommend Orchidea for your dining pleasure.

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Special Purim Buffet Night at Orchedia Restaurants
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 03/09/09
Tonight there will be an All You Can Eat Buffet at Orchidea Restaurant in Brooklyn, located at 4815 12th Avenue (Between 48th & 49th St). Phone number is (718) 686-7500. $20 per person
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îåèé- 02/23/09
too kosher to be true
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