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Tea for Two 3217 Quentin Rd (Between E 32nd & E 33rd) Brooklyn, NY 11234

3217 Quentin Rd (Between E 32nd & E 33rd)
Brooklyn, NY 11234

(347) 458-7232

information about Tea for Two
Rabbi Gornish


Cuisine: Dairy Cafe
Avg. Check:
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


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ABOUT Tea for Two

 Tea for Two Reboots!

While Bosh and Shlomit have posted their photos and thoughts of the food, let me give you my little shpiel and background of the restaurant.

Let me take you back to the Year 2003, I was just starting out in the industry and I remember one of the first places I visited was this stylish and inviting restaurant called "Tea for Two" on Kings Highway in Brooklyn. It had Italian and Sushi dishes, and it may have been one of the first times I ever had sushi in my life. I'm sure many of you have similar memories as well from this restaurant. Now, much has come and gone in the past 18 years but yesterday came full circle in Marine Park.

The restaurant is in the space once called Isabella Kitchen. It is now run by Moshe Kahn, Allison's son, and he is taking over where his Mom left off and so is the restaurant.

[continued above, right]

The restaurant is more modern looking then its namesake from yesteryear but the dishes are just as comforting as we remember. The menu won't be pretentious but familiar to their long time customers. It will have the classic items as well as some new dishes that are classy.

For us in Marine Park and surrounding areas, this is a welcome addition to the neighborhood that couples, friends and families can go to for a nice, relaxing dairy dinner. Unfortunately, with Savor Cafe, Cafe Hadar and Al Dente closed, this is the closest nice dairy restaurant to us east of Ocean Avenue all the way to Mill Basin. I do believe many of the former Tea for Two customers near Ocean Parkway will come as they do for T Steakhouse so trust me when I say all of us, including the owners, need this to work as third time has to be the charm here at this location.

I'm happy to say you're going to get your first taste of this new "Tea for Two" this Saturday night as they will be doing a soft opening.

You can make reservations on our website, but please keep in mind they have a 35% capacity.

Tea for Two South
Abraham Levy- 09/26/07
Excellent food and Service. will recommend it to anyone.
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Tea for Two Cuisine
Moshe Greenberg- 07/28/07
I ate at you place on Thursday night and the food was great. I believe I also left a black zippered appointment book Please let me know if you have it and if you do call me at 215.704.3366 Thank you Moshe
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Tea for Two Cuisine
Francine- 04/12/07
great foods!amazing salads
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T42 - Best kosher food ever!!!
Rebecca- 12/31/06
I really can't say enough good things about this restaurant. As a chozer b'tshuvah who used to have my choice of all foods, it's so difficult to find a venue with the right combination of ambience, service and great food. Tea for two, one of the first kosher restaurants in Brooklyn to care about such things, has all of that. They've really revolutionalized kosher eating in New York. The staff is so friendly (and so good looking! Really, am I the only one to notice?) The prices are reasonable and the serving size is generous. Highly recommended.
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Tea for Two Lite
Dr. Brian Abraham/Noah's- 12/04/06
We have tried a wide variety of dishes, and the food is consistently excellent! One of our favorite restaurants!
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Reply #1 submitted by: Cornelia Herod on 10/03/12

I wish that we had a nice Tea House in Sarasota Fl.Would be nice for us Lady's to have lunch and afternoon tea.

Tea for Two South
Yochai- 10/24/06
Yummy! I had the abracadabra roll last night and my wife had the penne vodka and it was the best!
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Reply #1 submitted by: Fernando Penno on 08/14/08
The food is great and my Girlfriend Natalia Eldeistain really like it. The meitre is a good person.
Tea for Two South
Elliot Ben Diane- 04/12/06
Just came back from vacation and ate there. The food was really good but the sushi was amazing. Just the best sushi I have had and I live in New York where its available ALL over the place. I recommend eating here, just Saturday night you might wait a while to get a seat. Good Luck!
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Tea for Two Brooklyn
James Curran- 04/05/06
I enjoy the food and service but most of all, I enjoy seeing Allison.
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4 Brooklyn Restaurants Celebrate 2006 Restaurant Week
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 04/04/06
From now until April 11, the following 4 kosher restaurants are particpating in Brooklyn's "Dine-In" 2006 Restaurant Week.

Bermuda (Lunch only)
China Glatt (Dinner only)
Tea for Two (Lunch only)
Fuji Hana (Lunch & Dinner)

For $20.06 you get a 3 course meal (Doesn't include drinks, tax or tip).

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Tea for Two South
Chava- 02/16/06
Food is great and the owner is so hot, we couldnt take our eyes off him for a second!
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Reply #1 submitted by: gerardo sofovich on 07/15/08
I had lucnh there last week. I was there with my wife and children. The food was delicious, specially the owner's special mema roll, very filling.
The only con was when my wife went into the bathroom and minutes later the owner joined her with the mema roll specially delicious... eventhough I couldn't try the mema roll, I belive it was delicious, since the only thing that i could hear from behibd the door was..... o my G-D this is so good, give me more give mo, love mema roll.. so thumbs up
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