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Shalom Haifa 18533 West Dixie Highway North Miami Beach, FL 33183

18533 West Dixie Highway
North Miami Beach, FL 33183

(305) 936-1800


Chicken Soup- Chicken Noodle soup with carrots

Bean Soup – Vegetarian bean soup



Israeli Salad – Diced tomato & cucumber with oil, lemon & salt

Chicken Salad – Tossed salad with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots & onions and grilled chicken breasts layered on top of the salad



Gefilte Fish

Humus – Chickpeas paste served on a plate with olive oil

Tahini- Sesame seed paste served on a plate with olive oil

Babaganush- Eggplant mixed with Tahini & olive oil

Eggplant Salad – Roasted eggplant chopped and mixed with roasted red peppers & garlic

Stuffed Grape Leaves – Grape leaves stuffed with rice, cooked in spices & lemon- served hot

Falafel Plate – Falafel balls served on a plate with tahini sauce

Moroccan Cigars – Thin dough stuffed with beef mixture, shaped like a cigar- served hot


Gumba Salad – Roasted red peppers chopped & mixed with garlic, oil & lemon

Matbouha – Cooked red tomato with hot peppers- served cold 



Schnitzel – Breast of chicken breaded and fried

Steak on the grill

Baby Lamb Chops

Lamb Shashlik on a skewer

Beef, Chicken Shashlik or Pargiot on a skewer

Ground Beef Kebab – Patties mixed with onion, parsley & spices

Goulash – Pieces of beef cooked with potatoes and carrots

Stuffed Cabbage- stuffed with ground beef

Stuffed Cornish Hen – Stuffed with ground meat, rice & pine nuts

Popyee – Chicken breast rolled with vegetable stuffing

Fried Fish – Whole fish deep fried

Fish Moroccan Style – Filet of fish cooked in red pepper Moroccan sauce

Jerusalem Mix- Pieces of chicken, beef, lamb sautéed on the grill with onions

Humus with ground beef

Every Sunday Chulent (Chamin) 

All above served with French Fries, rice or baked potato & Israeli Salad

information about Shalom Haifa
Diamond K / ORB / Glatt Kosher

Sun-Thu 12:00 noon - 10:00 pm
Friday 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm

Cuisine: Middle Eastern/ Moroccan
Avg. Check: $18-$25
Attire: Casual Neat

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: Yes



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ABOUT Shalom Haifa

Family- that’s what Shalom Haifa is all about. The restaurant is a family run business, owned by Nathan and Shoshana Bolila. They can frequently be found cooking in the kitchen, along with their sons Arieh and Boaz, who are usually on the restaurant floor accommodating their guests. When one comes to the restaurant they are automatically made to feel like part of the Shalom Haifa family. No matter if it’s you’re first visit or if you’ve been coming since 1988 (amazing feat in itself, considering how often restaurants come and go). They simply don’t let anybody leave unsatisfied. In fact, that longevity shouldn’t surprise anyone because their service equals the quality of their food. It started back some 20 years ago when Shoshana was cooking for her family and friends. They suggested she open a restaurant and boy, are we happy that she did. At first, Shalom Haifa was located on 163rd Street for twelve years and after needing a bigger place, they have been at their current location for the last five.

[continued above, right]

The establishment is not your typical looking Israeli joint. White tablecloths in cushioned seated booths with a wide array of wines from Israel, France and California is what you can find here. The restaurant offers authentic Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes all with the freshest ingredients. Everything is made on premises and nothing is pre-made. No shortcuts. After all, why shortcut your family. Interestingly, their gefilte fish is extremely popular, especially before Shabbat. They have great grill dishes, including Baby Lamb Chops, Jerusalem Mix and Ground Beef Kebab. If you are there on Sunday, make sure you get the homemade Chulent, and if you’re there on Friday, be sure to take home their unique Kibbeh soup. But, on any day you’re there, you’ll be sure to get a warm welcome and terrific food.

Shalom Haifa
Esti - 03/21/17

OUTSTANDING!!! We came here by accident and we were thrilled. Food was delicious and fresh--portions were generous! They even made burgers special for my very tired picky kids. We will definitely be back!

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Shalom Haifa
Shalom- 08/16/12

Excellent Restaurant. Great food. Fast & courteous service. Exceeded expectations.

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Shalom Haifa
Sharonie- 07/11/12

This restaurant is a great find. My family and I just had lunch there and it is the best around. They have the best falafel I have ever had, ever! Friendly atmosphere, family run, clean and a pleaure to dine at. We had several of the scrumptious appetizers, shared Lamb Shishlick and Chulent (Sunday special). Then finished off with Bavarian Creme, Apple Strudel and Baklava to go. I highly recommend seeking Shalom Haifa for a wonderful dining experience.

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Shalom Haifa
Dina- 04/24/10
We had such good food!!! The service was great.
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Shalom Haifa
Torcan- 03/10/09
Service slow.
Since they remodelled(my second visit)prices have risen ton an innapropriate rate for an average family with most entrees over 20$.
Gulash tough and tasteless.When I told the owner cook(definitely not a chef( gulash had no tast-did she care??.Only response--she doesnt use salt.
What an answer..No return here..One star out of 5.
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Shalom Haifa
RUTI- 01/13/09
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Shalom Haifa
Kosher Mom- 06/15/08
Great homemade taste. The cholent on Sundays is amazing. I highly recommend it.
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Reply #1 submitted by: Dr. Isaac Balaila - Haifa on 07/30/08
dr. isaac Balaila on Jun 8th 2008
my name is Dr. Isaac Balaila. I was surprised to know that the Balaila family have a brach in Miami . We are probably relatives. I will be happy to hear from them:
Updated list of Kosher for Passover Restaurants
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 04/18/08
NYC- Abigael’s, Levana, Mendy’s (34th & 57th), Prime Grill, Talia's Steakhouse (Seders & Chol Hamoed)
Clubhouse Cafe, Colbeh, Dougie's Express, La Carne, Le Marais, My Most Favorite Food, Solo (Chol Hamoed)

Brooklyn- T Fusion Steakhouse (Chol Hamoed- open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Queens- Cho-Sen Garden, Colbeh (Chol Hamoed)

5 Towns- Cho-Sen Island (Chol Hamoed)

Great Neck- Cho-Sen Village, Colbeh (Chol Hamoed)

South Florida- China Kikar Tel Aviv (Seders & Chol Hamoed)
China Bistro, Grill Time North Miami, Grill Time Boca, Joel's Steakhouse, Shalom Haifa (Chol Hamoed)

New Orleans, LA - Kosher Cajun Deli & Grocery

Montreal, QC- Ernie & Ellie (Chol Hamoed)
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Reply #1 submitted by: Joey Lifschitz on 04/28/08

I am not sure of the hours but Prime Grill is open during chold hamoed as well. You may want to add that to your database.

Yasher koach on this amazing job!

Joey Lifschitz

Reply #2 submitted by: Elan Kornblum, Publisher on 04/28/08
If you see below, I have Prime Grill listed as open. They just never send me their hours.

Reply #3 submitted by: Ariella on 04/28/08
I was at Tea Fusion the food is to die for, i had to wait a bit because they were busy the food was delish"""" live jazz music thats class
I will most deffinatly go back when i visit my clients in new york.

Reply #4 submitted by: Josh Berkowits on 04/28/08
I was at T Fusion during Chol Hamoed with my family and i never enjoyed a meal this much on pesach. The cost was nice not to high and very well worth it.
Shalom Haifa
Isaac Balaila- 01/12/08
I was surprised that my friend told me that he ate in the Balaila restaurant in Miami,,,we are the Balaila family from Haifa, we will happy to hear from Nahum.
Dr. isaac Balaila , isaac229@yahoo.com
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Shalom Haifa
Nathan Weiss- 04/06/07
Agreat restaurant especialy if you like chicken soup Im from Saratoga N.Y. here in Fl for the winter im going there tonight with 5 guests for a good pesach dinner Shalom to all of you
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