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BLEU Fine Dairy Dining 4905 13th Ave (Between 49th & 50th St.) Brooklyn, NY 11219


4905 13th Ave (Between 49th & 50th St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11219

(718) 437-1962

Bleu Style
- 2 Eggs prepared your way. Served with a crisp garden salad, house fries, bread, butter and house brewed coffee. 
Breakfast Wrap - Omelet with cheese and avocado wrapped in a specialty wrap. 
Fluffy Pancakes - Choice of: Blueberry, Chocolate Chip or Plain.

BRUNCH (Served all day) 
Mediterranean Shakshuka (eat in only) - 2 Poached eggs in flavorful tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic spicy medley. Served with bread. 
Uber French Toast - Sliced brioche bread dipped in a tasty batter and grilled to perfection.

Mozzarella Stix
- Breaded mozzarella cheese sticks in a savory marinara sauce. 
Homemade Cheese Blintzes - Sweet and creamy cheese filled blintzes. 
Avocado Tartare - Tomatoes, red onions and buttery ripe avocados, chopped and richly seasoned. 
Quiche De Bleu - Fine pastry crust filled with chef’s choice of filling. Served with fresh greens.

Classic Greek Salad
- Romaine lettuce, baby spinach, red onions, tomato wedges, black olives, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 
Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce, topped with cherry tomatoes, with a creamy Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese and homemade garlic croutons. 
Bleu Salad - An eclectic medley of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, chopped romaine, avocado chunks, mango, craisins and creamy mango dressing

Pizza Panini
- A classic trio of mozzarella, cheddar and Muenster cheeses, with tomato base sauce, grilled to a crisp. 
Tuna Melt - Savory tuna salad topped with mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes. 
Wild Mushroom Panini - Sautéed wild mushrooms, onions, sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. 

Smoked Salmon
- Sliced smoked salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, sliced cucumbers and dill dressing. 
Deviled Egg Salad - Creamy egg salad with crisp cucumber slices and fresh iceberg lettuce. 
Avocado Amore - Buttery slices avocado, sliced egg, lightly dressed in garlic mayo.

Classico Cheese Pizza
- A generous layer of fresh melted mozzarella on a tomato basil sauce. 
Mexicana - Tomato, onion, peppers, jalapeño, sour cream on pizza sauce. 
Cheese Trio - Topped Muenster, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and tomato basil sauce. 
Mushroom Alfredo - Fresh mushrooms, Alfredo sauce topped with Parmesan cheese. 
Pizza Di Blanco - Ripe tomatoes on a rich ricotta cheese base. 
The Bleu - Sautéed fresh spinach leaves drizzled with olive oil, fresh garlic and mozzarella cheese.

Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli
- Soft, velvety outer dough filled with a wild mushroom sauce, served with a creamy white sauce. 
Classic Cheese Ravioli - Melted cheese fills these pockets of bliss. House marinara sauce. 
Penne Alla Vodka - A tomato basil vodka sauce over penne pasta with Parmesan cheese. 
Fettuccine Alfredo - Fettuccine pasta tossed in creamy rich Parmesan, white sauce.  
Zesty Ziti - Ziti pasta baked in a rich tomato sauce with Italian herbs and a blend of exotic cheeses. Eggplant Parmigiana - Seasoned slices of crusted eggplant topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. 
Healthy Choice Parmigiana - Seasoned slices of grilled eggplant topped with a zesty, pungent marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

Salmon Teriyaki
- Salmon baked with our specialty teriyaki sauce. 
Tilapia - Grilled fillet of fish with lemon pepper seasoning. 
Bronzino - A scrumptious fillet of Bronzino grilled to perfection with lemon and choice herbs. 
Tuna Steak - Seared, black pepper, tuna steak seasoned with house special sauce. 
Sea Bass - Fresh and buttery soft sea bass baked with house special seasoning.

Metro Fish
- Beer battered tilapia/sole fish fried with seasoned chips. 
Panko Fish Piquant - Panko crusted salmon fish fried served with crispy chips. 
Rustic Red Tuna - Crusted tuna fish fried to a crunch; served with chips


information about BLEU Fine Dairy Dining
Vaad Hakashrus of K'hal Machzikei Hadas of Belz

Sunday 10AM-10PM
Mon - Thurs: 10AM-9PM
Saturday : 1 & 1/2 Hour after Zeman - 1AM

Cuisine: Dairy Cafe
Avg. Check: $15-$25
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


Facebook: Like BLEU Fine Dairy Dining on Facebook
Instagram: Follow Bleu_Modern_Kitchen on Instagram
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ABOUT BLEU Fine Dairy Dining

In the heart of Borough Park, there’s a trendy new café called Bleu Modern Kitchen. Opened in early 2015 by Chayim Kornbluh, previously of Bleu Dish Café and Blue Dish Kosher Catering, the name accurately describes this ever-popular restaurant. The exposed brick wall on one side, and bright orange and blue chairs, walls and chandeliers, Bleu Modern Kitchen’s colorful décor is the perfect complement to its vibrant menu.

The Bleu Modern Kitchen has everything you could want from a dairy café, and more. Very popular and served all day long is the Mediterranean Shakshuka off the Brunch menu. Served with bread in a cast- iron pan, the two poached eggs in flavorful tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic spicy medley is a real hit. Another highly recommended menu item is the Bleu Sushi Tower, a tower of rice, kani, avocado, cucumber and cooked salmon, and topped with crispy onions. Their “Fish and Chips Bleutique” has three different types of fish and chips dishes to choose from, along with a full fish, pasta and pizza menu (Little Italy on the Bleu). Bleu Modern Kitchen occasionally features “Out of the Bleu” dishes, like the Grape Pizza, a white pizza topped with green and purple grapes, so keep an eye out for those unexpected items! And with desserts like Crème Brulee and Churros, how could you not order something sweet?

Bleu Modern Kitchen also has an impressive smoothie menu, featuring drinks like “Green Goodness,” a refreshing and cleansing burst of flavors, with apple juice, coconut, banana, spinach, kale, organic dates and just enough lemon juice to give it some zing. Another popular “Fruit Rack Inspired Smoothie” is the Watermelonada, a summer-inspired smoothie refresher made with watermelon, a spritz of lime and what the menu calls “some summer zest!”

Bleu Modern Kitchen is available for in-house and outside catering for all kinds of events, such as a sheva brachot or bris, as well as breakfast gift packages - a package of various Breakfast menu items. Open daily from 10 AM – 9 PM, step out of the Borough Park bustle and into the cool quiet of Bleu Modern Kitchen. 

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