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656 Ocean 656 Ocean Ave (off Cedar Avenue) Long Branch, NJ 07740


656 Ocean Ave
(off Cedar Avenue)
Long Branch, NJ 07740

(732) 728-9656

656 Salad- Mescaline Mixed Greens, Candied Pecans & Fresh Strawberries Tossed in a Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette 
Pear Salad- Mixed Greens Tossed with Sliced Pears, Cranberries, Walnuts, Cucumber, and Tomatoes In a Raspberry Dressing 
Asian Avocado Salad- Mix of Mescaline & Romaine Lettuce, Diced Avocado, Bermuda Onion & Candied Pecans Tossed In an Asian Balsamic Vinaigrette    
Sesame Tempura Chicken Tenders- Served with Coleslaw & Mild BBQ Sauce 
Signature Asian Spring Roll- Asian Vegetables Medley, Sugar Snap Peas, & Mango Dipping Sauce 
Slider Trio- Blackened Beef, Prime Rib, Smoked Pulled Beef 
Syrian Sampler- Kibbe, Cigars, Empanadas, & Lahma Agin with Chumus   
Penne Vodka- Tomatoes with Garlic, Basil, Vodka, Cream in Penne
Chicken Scampi- Lightly Breaded Pan Seared Chicken, Pasta In Lemon Sauce 
Asian Pasta- Linguini, Chicken, Stir Fry & Chef's General Tso's Sauce   
Chicken Francese- Sauteed Chicken In Lemon Garlic White Wine Glaze  
Chicken Marsala- Sauteed Chicken In Marsala Reduction, Wild Mushrooms 
Charred Half Duck- Slow Roasted with an Orange Marmalade 
Rack Of Lamb- Grillled with a Mint Glaze  
Veal Chop- 16 oz Grilled with a Mesquite Smoked Flavor  
Veal Marsala- Sliced Veal Medallions, Marsala Reduction, Wild Mushrooms 
Seared Ahi Tuna- Black & White Sesame Crusted Sushi Grade Tuna
Blackened Tuna- Cajun Dusted Tuna Served with Guacamole 
Prince of Prime- 20 oz Well Marbled Rib Steak on the Bone 
Ladies Prime Rib- 12 oz Well Marbled Rib Steak on the Bone 
Boneless Rib Eye- 16 oz Rib Steak off the Bone 
Kosher Filet Mignon Au Poivre- 12 oz Lean, Spicy Peppercorn Crusted 
Surprise Steak- The "Lip", The Most Tender Cut of the Prime Rib 
Delmonico- 24 oz 656 Signature Prime Steak off the Bone 
Kings Cut- 30 oz Well Marbled Rib Steak Prepared off the Bone   
Beef Kebobs- Marinated Beef Skewered with Onions & Peppers Served Over a Spicy Portobello & Tomato Salad 
Mushroom Filet- 12 oz Filet Mignon Sliced into Three Medallions, Grilled, with a Mushroom Cream Sauce, Roasted Potatoes & Vegetables Rolex Replica Watches


information about 656 Ocean
JSOR / Glatt Kosher

Sun-Thur 6:00pm - 10:00pm (Winter)

Sun & Thurs: 6:00pm - 11:00pm (Summer)
Mon - Wed: 6:00pm - 10:00pm (Summer)
Sat: Closes 11 PM (Summer)

Cuisine: American
Avg. Check: $35 - $50
Attire: Casual Neat

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


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ABOUT 656 Ocean
656 Ocean, an American bistro (named for their address) has a special story behind its existence.  As owner Ralph Epstein recalls, there weren’t any kosher restaurants for a fine dinner in Central NJ when he was growing up, and those that did open soon disappeared from the kosher restaurant scene. Ralph’s father, a seasoned real estate developer and a long-time Jersey Shore resident actively involved in its Jewish community, purchased the property located just one block away from the ocean. After extensive renovations, the restaurant opened its doors in 2005, without owners’ initial intent to operate it. Soon however, the idea was born to run it as a kosher establishment, a unique place to serve the local Jewish community and to be proud of it.  656 Ocean was conceived as a “different” restaurant - with white table tops, a selection of quality dishes, a liquor bar, and superb service - which just happens to be kosher.  

Since its inception, 656 Ocean has been known to provide great taste and value to its customers (many of whom have become regulars), as well as to constantly improve their dining experience. Recently, they have done some major renovations, expanded the scotch selection, and added a smoker and many new menu items. The new contemporary black and white décor with an extensive use of mirrors and subdued lighting instills the atmosphere of style and sophistication.

The restaurant features a delicious and varied menu and a bar fully stocked with kosher wines and other quality liquors.  A good start for your mouthwatering dinner is Pulled Beef Egg Rolls, smoked right on premises, or, if you are fish IWC Replica Watches lover, Tuna Avocado Tempura (seared rare sushi grade ahi tuna on top of avocado tempura served with corn salsa). Entrees include fish, poultry, veal and lamb dishes, as well as a selection of steaks, ranging from 12 oz Filet Mignon Au Poivre to 30 oz. Kings Cut. Other signature dishes include Veal Osso Bucco or Braised Short Ribs. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or a seating for twenty, they will be happy to accommodate you. 656 Ocean has special occasion rooms and they are experienced in hosting simchas, as well as other Panerai Replica Watches private and corporate events.

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656 Ocean
Lawrence- 07/26/17

YES! Went there with my wife last summer. Romantic, "special occasion" restaurant. Good food and service. Going back this summer.

1 person likes
656 Ocean
Madeleine sage- 10/08/16

Excellent piece . I loved the points - Does someone know where my business might be able to get access to a fillable IRS 656 example to work with ?

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656 Ocean
Madeleine sage- 10/08/16

Excellent piece . I loved the points - Does someone know where my business might be able to get access to a fillable IRS 656 example to work with ?

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656 Ocean
Mrs. Bee- 06/30/15

The food is awesome! service outstanding, place looks great very reasonably priced! would definitely recommend and come again

2 people likes
656 Ocean
Mike m- 12/22/09
Unbelievably delicious cuisine, great steaks, biggest selection of top-notch single malt scotches I've seen in a restaurant, and a lovely atmosphere!!! 656 is amazing!!!
15 people likes
656 Ocean
Sorele- 02/19/09
Beautiful restaurant, wonderful service, delicious food..........like a REAL restaurant but kosher. Very rare find. Desparately want to go again.
4 people likes

Reply #1 submitted by: Shay Cohen on 05/07/09
Thanks for the great review!! hope to see you again some day.
656 Ocean
Beach girl- 01/30/09
the food here is amazing !!!!!!!!!! I would eat here so many times more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't recomend it to anyone on a budget though !!!!!!!!!!
5 people likes

Reply #1 submitted by: Shay Cohen on 05/07/09
Thanks for the great review!!! Keep in mind the avrage bill is $80 a couple.
656 Ocean
SARA- 05/07/08
Great food, but had to wait 20 min. before getting any service at all!:(
1 person likes
656 Ocean
Your favorite customer!- 02/07/08
ALWAYS..not sometimes but ALWAYS the best food and service! Very accomadating to YOUR needs
1 person likes
656 Ocean
Gitty- 12/17/07
My husband and I ate at your restaurantlast night and really enjoyed ourselves. The food was plentiful, elegant and delicious, the decor was fabulous and to top it all off, our waitress was extremely polite and informative!! (I think her name starts with a B but i am not sure.) Thanks for the wonderful experience!!
0 person likes

Reply #1 submitted by: Ray LePree GM on 12/30/07
Thank you so much for the wonderful review.
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