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Great Kosher Restaurants
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Aviv 87/89 High Street (2 minutes from Edgware Station) Middlesex, HA8 7DB England


87/89 High Street
(2 minutes from Edgware Station)
Middlesex, HA8 7DB England


 Cigars (Spicy minced meat in filo pastry)
 Houmous with Deep Fried Lamb & Pine Nuts
 Houmous & Falafel
 Chopped Liver
 Salad Turki (Spicy Onion Salad with Tomato and Herbs)
 Aubergine Tahina Salad (Grilled Aubergine mixed with Garlic and Lemon)
 Mushroom Salad
 Avocado Dip
 BBQ Ribs
 Stuffed Mushrooms (Spinach, Garlic & Herbs, Deep Fried in Breadcrumbs)
 Tabule Salad (Parsley, Crushed Wheat, Tomato, Lemon, Onion)
 Matbucah Salad (Cooked Spicy Tomato & Pepper Salad)
 Chicken Satay (Flame Grilled Chicken served with Peanut Sauce)
 Crispy Aromatic Duck Pancakes (Served with Spring Onion, Cucumber, and Plum Sauce)
 Kouba (Wheat Dumplings filled with Mincemeat & Pinenuts)
 Vegetarian Cigars
(Grilled, with Chips or Potato of the Day or Rice & either salad or mixed vegetables)
Fresh Grilled Salmon
Fillet of Plaice
Dover Sole
Mixed Kebab (Combination Skewer of Shishleek, Chicken Kebab and Mincemeat Kebab)
Chicken Kebab (Marinated Cubes of Chicken Cooked on a Skewer)
Lamb Cutlet (Cooked with Spices on a Charcoal Grill)
Rib Steak
Mixed Grill
T-Bone Steak
Marinated Breast of Chicken
Rib Steak in Wine and Mushroom Sauce
Shishleek (Marinated Cubes of Lamb Cooked on a Skewer)
Half BBQ Chicken (Half Chicken Marinated in BBQ Sauce and Flame Grilled)
Kevas Batuanur (Tender Lamb on the bone cooked in the oven)
Prime Steak Beefburger - 8 oz. (Home made from Minced Steak, served on open bun with Salad & Relish)
Grilled Breast of Chicken Burger (Served in a Bun with Salad & Mayo)
Escalope of Chicken (Breast of Chicken coated in Bread Crumbs and Pan Fried)
Mediterranean Chicken (Oven Roasted with Special Marinade and Seasoned Mediterranean Vegetables)
Hungarian Goulash (Slow cooked tender Beef in aromatic sauce)
Fillet of Duck (Honey glazed breast of duck)
BBQ Rack of Ribs (Tender lamb ribs in BBQ sauce)
Thai Green Chicken Curry (Cooked with coconut cream and lemongrass, served with rice)


information about Aviv
London Kashrus Board & Beit Din of Federation of Synagogues

Sun - Thu 12:00pm-11:00pm

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Avg. Check:
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No

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Aviv Restaurant welcomes you to excellent Israeli and International cuisine, fine wine, and stellar service in bright and spacious surroundings. The consistent quality and attention to detail which maintains Aviv’s status as one London’s most bustling eateries has been honed during twenty five dedicated years as London’s longest established kosher restaurant. Aviv has expanded both in size and scope to meet the growing needs of it surrounding and expanding clientele. Participating in the establishment of the vibrant community that Edgware has steadily become has played an integral ingredient in the satisfaction gained by all at Aviv Restaurant. Aviv’s team of highly trained chefs provide an eclectic menu ranging from the delights of the Middle East to old heimshe favourites. Their a la carte and set price options offer a high quality dining experience at a reasonable cost. This winning formula is attested to by the number of diners who enjoy the hospitality of Aviv on a regular weekly basis.

[continued above, right]

Aviv provides outdoor seating in the summer months and is the perfect location for a special meal with family or friends. Aviv may be hired exclusively for Wedding’s, Bar Mitzvah’s, and other special occasions. The restaurant will comfortably accommodate up to one hundred guests, while more intimate gatherings of up to fifty guests can be ensconced in our private dining room. Aviv aims to offer you a complete package, tailor made to suit the individual requirements of your celebration. A wide and varied choice of home made speciality dishes are available, while floral arrangements, balloons, table plans, and personalized menu’s are all available from our in house event service. Hours D'oeuvres like Chicken Satay or Houmos with Lamb and Pine Nuts are a good way to start the meal. The T Bone Steak as well as Fillet of Duck or Hungarian Beef Goulash are highly recommended entrees.

Brian W.- 03/21/17

Excellent meal. Looked after really well by Abdul. Helped us after to order a taxi and showed us to the car. Amazing service !

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Safed (Israel) Kosher Restaurants
Laurie Rappeport- 01/21/13

Throughout the '50s and '60s Safed, one of Judaism's four Holy Cities, was known throughout Israel as a bohemian artsy community which did not attract many religiously‐observant visitors. The Artists Colony included many of Israel's greatest artists of the era including Moshe Castel, Yitzhak Frenel, Modechai Levanon, Tziona Tragger and Moshe Rosenthalis. Travelers note that during those years, it was almost impossible to find a kosher restaurant, with any sort of hechsher, in Safed. By the '70s the old artists were no longer able to open their galleries during the summers and the younger, secular Israeli artists preferred to stay in Tel Aviv. The Artist Quarter became populated by religious families, many from English‐speaking countries, as well as new artists who were religiously observant. Today all restaurants and eateries in Safed are kosher. There are plenty of traditional falafel and schwarma spots in the city but there are also a number of unique eateries which can fit any taste and budget.

Isadora Café and Gan Eden Restaurant

The Isadora Café is located in the Artist Quarter near the Khan of the White Donkey. The café is an outdoor coffee shop where patrons can enjoy dairy dishes including soups, sandwiches, burekkas, pastas and salads. Isadora opens during spring, summer and fall by 9:00a.m. and closes in the evenings, approximately 8:00p.m. Isadora Café is a sister‐restaurant to the Gan Eden restaurant which is located on Mt. Cana'an, next to the Cana'an Spa. Gan Eden serves a variety of fish dishes in addition to the dairy menu. Gan Eden has won accolades from several Israeli restaurant reviewers. The two restaurants are owned by the same family and both are under the supervision of the Safed Rabbinute.

HaAri 8

HaAri 8 is located on the ground floor of the Carmel Hotel along HaAri street, the road that skirts the northern border of the Old Jewish Quarter of Safed. The restaurant is small so it can provide patrons with plenty of personal attention. HaAri 8's menu is a meat menu and includes mixed grill, beef steak, lamb shops, goose liver and hamburgers, all of which are served with salads and potatos or chips. Additional menu items include snitzels, kababs, soups, fish and roasted eggplant with tehina. The restaurant has a mehadrin hechsher from the Safed rabbinate.


One of Safed's most popular eateries is a unique take‐out spot located amidst the new galleries on Josef Caro/Shlomo Alkabetz Street. Ronen, a Yemenite Jew, opened his eatery several years ago and it has quickly become a favorite among tourists from many countries. Ronen makes his lachuchs fresh so patrons can choose their fillings. The lachuch is a yeast‐based pancake which is lightly fried in olive oil in a cast‐iron pan with traditional Yemenite spices and herbs along with sliced vegetables and grated Safed goats cheese. The lachuchs can be eaten at the restaurant, either in the back or at one of the tables that are set up out on the street. Alternately, it can be wrapped and taken as a take‐out. Ronen uses all mehadrin products, including the local cheese from the Safed Kadosh dairy.

Kadosh Cheeses

The Kadosh family has been making goats and sheeps‐milk cheeses in Safed for over 100 years, ever since the first family members walked to Safed from Morocco in the early 1900s.

The dairy sells a variety of local cheeses including soft salty Bulgarian and ricotta cheeses harder cheeses such as those marinated in Merlot wine, camembert cheese and kashkaval cheese. They also sell labana (a creamy sour cheese) and yogurt. Most patrons buy the cheeses by the kilo but there are a few tables and chairs in the dairy where visitors can sit and enjoy a "laffa" (large open pita‐like bread) with labana spread over the bread and fillings of different cheeses and side dishes of stuffed grape leaves and home.

Laurie Rappeport has lived in Safed, Israel for over 25 years and worked at the Tourist Information Center in the Old Jewish Quarter for 13 years. She continues to be involved in a wide range of projects which are aimed at bringing visitors to Safed to enjoy the religious, historical, cultural and artistic sites and experiences that the city has to offer. Laurie blogs at Safed.blogspothttp://www.safed.blogspot.co.il

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Resident in edgware- 05/13/08
mixed grill to die for. too noisy when busy yet service remains impecable. personal favourite restaurant due to locality, broad menu and nice ambience
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Updated list of Kosher for Passover Restaurants
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 04/18/08
NYC- Abigael’s, Levana, Mendy’s (34th & 57th), Prime Grill, Talia's Steakhouse (Seders & Chol Hamoed)
Clubhouse Cafe, Colbeh, Dougie's Express, La Carne, Le Marais, My Most Favorite Food, Solo (Chol Hamoed)

Brooklyn- T Fusion Steakhouse (Chol Hamoed- open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Queens- Cho-Sen Garden, Colbeh (Chol Hamoed)

5 Towns- Cho-Sen Island (Chol Hamoed)

Great Neck- Cho-Sen Village, Colbeh (Chol Hamoed)

South Florida- China Kikar Tel Aviv (Seders & Chol Hamoed)
China Bistro, Grill Time North Miami, Grill Time Boca, Joel's Steakhouse, Shalom Haifa (Chol Hamoed)

New Orleans, LA - Kosher Cajun Deli & Grocery

Montreal, QC- Ernie & Ellie (Chol Hamoed)
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Reply #1 submitted by: Joey Lifschitz on 04/28/08

I am not sure of the hours but Prime Grill is open during chold hamoed as well. You may want to add that to your database.

Yasher koach on this amazing job!

Joey Lifschitz

Reply #2 submitted by: Elan Kornblum, Publisher on 04/28/08
If you see below, I have Prime Grill listed as open. They just never send me their hours.

Reply #3 submitted by: Ariella on 04/28/08
I was at Tea Fusion the food is to die for, i had to wait a bit because they were busy the food was delish"""" live jazz music thats class
I will most deffinatly go back when i visit my clients in new york.

Reply #4 submitted by: Josh Berkowits on 04/28/08
I was at T Fusion during Chol Hamoed with my family and i never enjoyed a meal this much on pesach. The cost was nice not to high and very well worth it.
Passover seder
Loretta klein- 04/08/08
we would like a venue for passover seder for 8 people in tel aviv...we do not want to go to a hotel seder...you can contact me at lenrett@msn,com
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Passover seder
Loretta klein- 04/05/08
WE are looking for a venue for the first night of passover for 8 people in or near Tel Aviv...
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Passover seder in Tel Aviv
Susan Kravet- 03/30/08
Arriving in Tel Aviv with a 15 and 18 year old (boys) for Passover. Are there any good restaurants near the Tel Aviv Sheraton where we could have a seder -- the hotel wants $700!
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Seder in Tel Aviv
Gwalt- 03/02/08
Looking for a restaurant/venue for seder for 15 people in or near Tel Aviv this Pesach
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Aviva- 03/10/07
I am in Boston and want a good place to have a nice lunch early dinner tommorow?
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Reply #1 submitted by: Elan Kornblum, Publisher on 03/10/07
Try Taam China, (617-264-7274) at 423 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA.

Reply #2 submitted by: morris on 05/16/07
how are you aviva
Jamie- 08/24/06
hi i will be in israel sept 3-11th and i am going to tel aviv jerusalem and ashkalon can u give me any reccomendations or email me a list of the best restaurants and which fast food chains are really kosher
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Reply #1 submitted by: Elan Kornblum, Publisher on 08/27/06
I recommend going to Israel's premier kosher restaurant website, www.Eluna.com, our Israeli partner.
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