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Anise Tapas & Grill 3100 S Durango Drive (Between Edna Ave & W Desert Inn Rd) Spring Valley, Nevada 89117

3100 S Durango Drive (Between Edna Ave & W Desert Inn Rd)
Spring Valley, Nevada 89117

(702) 586-4088

Great Ball of Fire-Deep Fried, panko crusted matzo ball, served with spicy Sriracha mayo.
Crimini Relleno-Creamy Stuffed Mushrooms
Pimientos Shiseido-The mildly spicy Japanese pepper is flash fried and served with ponzu citrus sauce, toasted sesame and fresh garlic
Drunken Avocado Empanadillas- Finely Crisped egg rolls filled with seasoned avocados and fresh cilantro. Served with Patron jalapeño agave sauce
Espinaca Artichoke Fondue
Patatas Bravas
- Roasted fingerling potatoes swirl with garlic aioli and harissa. Place your order and join the party.

Wings Anise
-Crispy chicken wings in a sweet chili glaze.
Paella Par Mi'
-Spanish rice with flame grilled tomatoes, onions, peppers, succulent marinated chicken, blackened saffron rice, and bits of spiced lamb sausage; topped with scallions.
Shitaki Chicken Pot Stickers
-Pan fried dumplings filled with ground chicken, pine nuts, and a special spice blend. Served with ponzu sauce.
Atun Tartare
- This petite tower is of the freshest ponzu-marinated tuna layered with avocado, firm yolk, pickled ginger, and a sprinkle of black sesame. Served with delicate wonton crisps and wasabi aioli.

Black Angus Ribeye Steak 16oz
Angus Shish Kebab
-Marinated Angus Rib Steak
Angus Beef Kebab
-3 Ground Angus beef patties with our special seasoning and herbs
Pargiot Skewer
-Marinated grilled moist dark meat chicken
-Layers of dark meat chicken and a touch of lamb seasoned with Anise’s own blend of seasonings are delicately shaved off a rotating spit
Grilled Chicken Breast
-Chicken breast marinated in Anise’s imported house spices and deliciously grilled
-Tenderest chicken breast breaded with our herb blend and sesame seeds, fried to a golden brown

Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass
-Served with fragrant jasmine rice and sauteed baby bok choy.
Barbeque Cedar Salmon
-Salmon barbecued on cedarwood and smothered with thick, flavorful house barbeque sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and green beans

Mushroom Angus Burger
-Our House burger smothered in mushrooms
Pastrami Angus Burger
-Grilled pastrami on top of Angus beef burger
The Ultimate Angus Burger
-Our house burger with fried egg, grilled pastrami, onion strings and sriracha mayo

Jambalaya Spaghetti
-Marinated grilled chicken breast and spicy lamb sausage tossed with spaghetti and a spicy tomato marinara
Delicioso Cappeellini
-Angel hair pasta with spinach, roasted tomatoes, artichoke hearts, anise fringes, black olives, all tossed in olive oil infused with basil and garlic
Tuxedo Pesto
-Bow-tie pasta perfectly prepared with the impeccable flavors of basil and garlic pesto and a light nutty touch
Truffle Wild Mushroom Pappardelle
-A medley of seasonal wild mushrooms and satisfyingly thick egg pasta finished with black truffle infused oils

information about Anise Tapas & Grill
Chabad of Las Vegas

Mon-Thurs: 11AM- 10PM
Friday: 10AM - 3PM
Sunday: 11AM - 10PM

Cuisine: Tapas & Grill
Avg. Check: $25-$40
Attire: Casual Neat

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: No
Open for Pesach: No



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Instagram: Follow Anise_tapas_ on Instagram
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ABOUT Anise Tapas & Grill

Anise Tapas and Grill is a true hidden gem in Las Vegas. Quaint yet elegant, warm and welcoming, Anise serves up authentic Moroccan-Mediterranean cuisine, with a Spanish twist in taste, innovation and presentation. Opened in March of 2015,  Anise has become a quick favorite among locals and visitors to Las Vegas alike. The soft while and Jerusalem stone walls are illuminated with plenty of natural light during the day, and dimly lit in the evening, creating a casual but romantic ambiance.

The menu features interpretations of dishes from all corners of the Mediterranean basin – Italy, Spain, Greece, France and Morocco. While they do have many entrees, including fish, pastas, steak and burgers, many diners opt to go with a full table of tapas. True to its name, Anise offers a long list of tapas; hot and cold, meat and vegetable. Try the Great Ball of Fire, a deep fried, panko crusted matzo ball with a spicy Sriracha mayo, or the Drunken Avocado Empanadillas, named such for the Patron jalapeno agave sauce it’s served with. The Paella Par Mi honors the traditional rustic tapas of Spain with Spanish rice mixed with flame grilled tomatoes, onions, peppers, succulent marinated chicken, blackened saffron rice, and bits of spiced lamb sausage. Try the Shawarma for an authentic Middle Eastern dish, or the Miso Glazed Sea Bass served with fragrant Jasmine rice and sautéed baby bok choy for a culinary delight with an Asian twist.

Located less than ten minutes away from the Strip, Anise Tapas and Grill is a must for any kosher diner in Las Vegas. With free Shabbat delivery, owner Sarit Bitton wants to ensure that every visitor to Las Vegas and to Anise has the best experience possible. Tapas may mean “small dishes” in Spanish, but Anise Tapas and Grill is full of big flavor!

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