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Kampai Hibachi 185-01 Union Turnpike (Btwn 185th & 186th) Queens, NY 11366

185-01 Union Turnpike
(Btwn 185th & 186th)
Queens, NY 11366

(718) 454-8000


Sushi Deluxe - tuna roll with an assortment of fresh nigiri

Sashimi with Rice - an assortment of fresh sashimi served with steamed rice



Tokyo Roll - cooked Scottish salmon, avocado, jalapeno, crab meat, cucumber, wrapped pink nori with Japanese sweet miso sauce

Sakura Roll - Ahi tuna, Scottish Salmon, mango avocado wrapped, black nori seaweed covered in black and white sesame seed

Dragon Roll - crunchy spicy tuna, cucumber, wrapped in avocado, tobiko finished, spicy aioli, unagi sauce

Kampai Roll - Scottish Salmon, avocado, cucumber-topped, spicy tuna, tobiko crunch with special chef sauce



Spicy Tofu Steak - cubed tofu, scallions and cilantro in a spicy homemade sauce

Yakisoba - hibachi noodles with a chicken and mixed vegetables sprinked with sesame seeds

Hibachi Chicken - juicy hand-cut chicken breast with mushrooms, grilled to perfection

Spicy Hibachi Chicken - juicy hand-cut chicken breast with mushrooms and green onions in a spicy homemade sauce

Hibachi Prime Rib Eye - prime rib eye and mushrooms grilled to your taste


information about Kampai Hibachi
Vaad of Queens

Cuisine: Japanese Hibachi / Sushi / Steakhouse
Avg. Check:
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No

RESERVATIONS Highly Recommended

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ABOUT Kampai Hibachi

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Kampai and l’chaim! Raise a glass to the new life that Kampai Hibachi has breathed into the Queens dining scene. They took over the location of Meo Hibachi, and have brought a new spin to the iconic, entertaining hibachi dining experience. Bring family and friends to dinner and a show, where what you see is what you eat! Watch your vegetables brown, your meat begin to smoke, and the onion tower blaze as your chef expertly grills your meal as soon as you order! 

“Hibachi” is actually a word that means “fire bowl” in Japanese, and refers to the method of cooking food on a metal plate heated by coal or wood. While hibachi has become synonymous with the class of restaurant - where your food is cooked before your eyes on a portable hibachi grill or at a grilling station - let’s take a moment to appreciate just how the food is made. Kampai Hibachi is a grillhouse, just like Brazilian Grill next door: just from two very different places in the world! 

So sit down at your hibachi station and let’s get to the food! Start your meal, finish it, or cleanse your palette with a fresh sushi menu. You’ll find everything from classic rolls like avocado-cucumber and California rolls, to innovative combinations like the Samba Blast roll (avocado, sun-dried tomato, tequila lime sauce), to sashimi (fish without  rice) or ngiri (fish with rice). Or order an array of appetizers: beef gyoza or Kampai wings are the perfect way to begin with meat! The onion blossom is almost too pretty to eat, but you won’t be able to resist the golden hand-carved onion  with honey-mustard sauce.

[continued above, right]

All of the entrees are cooked right in front of you, and to your taste. The steak-and-chicken entree set includes your choice of protein, soup, salad, steamed white rice, and hibachi vegetables. With options like classic hibachi chicken, teriyaki chicken, hibachi hanger steak, and even a 40oz steak on the bone (feeds 2), you will have a great meal before, after, and during the show! There’s also a tofu/noodle section, should you prefer that over rice. Once you’ve made your decision, sit back and relax - or join the sake-swallowing and vegetable-catching contests - and enjoy! 

In addition to a grill theme, Kampai Hibachi and Brazilian Grill share some desserts, including a Chocolate Lava Dome! The Baked Kampai with Cotton Candy is a performance in itself: melting the candy with liquid and heat reveals the confection inside the fluffy sugar! 

With peak performance in everything from food presentation to attentive service, Kampai Hibachi is a restaurant you’ll be talking about long after the meal is done… so come again soon!

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