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MeO Japanese Hibachi 185-01 Union Turnpike (Btwn 185th & 186th) Queens, NY 11366

185-01 Union Turnpike
(Btwn 185th & 186th)
Queens, NY 11366

(718) 454-3600

Wagyu Beef
- Dark organic blue agave glaze on aged Wagyu beef
Chicken Yakitori- Grilled tender chicken, teriyaki glaze, vegetable medley
Bistro Beef Lettuce Wraps- Sauteed beef with lettuce wraps
Money Bags- Seasoned mushroom blend, egg custard wrap
Tataki Crispy Island- Japanese seared beef over crispy rice
Miso Tower Eggplant- Fried eggplant tower, caramelized shiitake mushrooms and onions, creamy garlic miso sauce
Beef Sliders- Caramelized onions, shiitake, sake teriyaki glaze
Spicy Tuna Poppers- Tuna tartar with crispy rice
Chicken Scepters- Lollipop wings dressed with a luscious sweet honey mustard sauce
Katsuya Onion Blossom- Crunchy onion with honey mustard sauce

Triple Treasure
- Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, wasabi ponzu surrounded with avocado with mixed greens
Tuna Tataki Salad- Seared tuna, sunshine tomatoes, spinach, mixed greens, dill with miso dressing
New Age Sashimi- Seared tuna, salmon, yellowtail with sesame shallot dressing
Salmon Mango Crystal Wrap- Salmon, mango, kaiware, cucumber, romaine with sweet chili mango sauce
Tuna/Salmon Pizza- Guacamole, jalapeno, sunshine tomatoes, caviar, micro greens with eel sauce and spicy mayo
Sushi Taco- Spicy salmon, spicy yellow tail, spicy tuna and spicy kani with a variety of toppings 

Stir Fried Udon with Chicken
- Chicken breast, flat rice noodles, string beans, baby corn, tofu, bean sprouts
Singapore Rice Noodles- Red peppers, yellow peppers, snow peas, baby corn, tofu, bean sprouts
Pad Thai- Chicken breast, flat rice noodles, string beans, baby corn, tofu, bean sprouts
Chicken Teriyaki- Chicken breast, sauteed onions and mushrooms
Duck Breast- Succulent duck breast brined for 24 hours served with a crispy skin and Japanese steamed greens
Filet Mignon- Tender and lean with a salt and pepper crust
Taku- Grilled hangar steak served with a Japanese chimichurri sauce on a sizzling hot plate
Lamb Chops- Grilled and succulent
Vaga Branzino- Whole branzino, garlic sake marinade
Flaming Snapper- served with a house blend
Salmon Steak- Butterfly seared salmon made with a special ginger garlic soy sauce

information about MeO Japanese Hibachi
Vaad of Queens

Sunday : 1pm-11pm
Mon - Thurs : 5pm-11pm
Saturday night : 9:45 PM- 1:00 AM

Cuisine: Japanese Hibachi / Sushi / Steakhouse
Avg. Check:
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: Yes
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No

DINING ROOM & HIBACHI ROOM-Please specify which you would like when making reservation / 12 HIBACHI TABLES (SEATING FOR 8 ON EACH TABLE)

RESERVATIONS Highly Recommended

Facebook: Like MeO Japanese Hibachi on Facebook
Instagram: Follow MeOJapanese on Instagram
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ABOUT MeO Japanese Hibachi

Step into MeO Japanese Hibachi Restaurant and be transported to a place both futuristic in style and modern in cuisine. The restaurant décor gives off a neon glow and ultra-cool vibe at night, unlike anything the kosher Queens scene has had before. There is both Hibachi seating and regular seating, in case you’re just there for the food and not the show. Their sleek black leather chairs and floors give place a very modern, trendy look which may explain why the restaurant is frequented by celebrities. They have a large staff and owner Mike are constantly walking the floor, keeping an eye on everything. The waitresses are very friendly while handing out a set of printed menus and an iPad with the entire menu of pictures, how futuristic is that?

There are several starters that are must haves like the Chicken Yakitori, which is Grilled Tender Chicken with a Vegetable Medley and a Teriyaki Glaze. The Chicken Scepters are a really big hit. The Lollipop Wings are dressed with a Luscious Sweet Honey Mustard Sauce. All of the flavors and spices complement each other very well. For the mains, the Rib Eye Steak is a delicious and tasty option which comes with Rice, Grilled Vegetables, and Udon Noodles. The Korean Chicken Breast Served with a Special Sweet Korean BBQ Sauce is also a great option for those who prefer something a bit lighter. The portions are very large, so you know you are getting your money’s worth! They have great options for kids as well like different Noodle dishes and Dark Meat Chicken.

Review 8/19/18 (Rob Rosenberg)

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Review 8/8/17 (Ari Goldtsien)

Video (12/26/16)

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Review 10/31/16 (Eddie Kasaev)

MeO Japanese Hibachi
Mark Hausner- 12/24/16

An absolute treat! Everything was great from A-Z. A true treasure in Queens!

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MeO Japanese Hibachi
Ilana Taubman- 11/08/16

I took my family for a hibachi dinner to celebrate my mother-in-laws 92 birthday. Everyone from 10 years of age to 92 was looking forward to the experience and we were not disappointed. My husband and I have special food needs. Everyone in the restaurant went out of their way to support us and make sure that all of our needs were met. It was a lovely event and I am very grateful to the staff of the restaurant for making it such a delicious and memorable one.

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