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Judd's Memphis Kitchen 560a Central Ave Cedarhurst, NY 11516

560a Central Ave
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

(516) 624-7711

The Grizzly- a tantalizing blooming onion "Claw" of a Grizzly Bear. In tribute to our Hometown Basketball Team, the Memphis Grizzlies!
Memphis Wings- Battered and twice fried wings available in Brisket Spiced, lemon pepper & Buffalo
Polish Sausage- A well seasoned, more flavorful and Meaty Hot Dog.
Judd's MFC Bites- Fried Chicken Morsels, available in traditional, southern fried, maple glazed & honey buffalo

The Demigleez- Thinly sliced smoked roast beef layered on a warm pretzel bun, served with garlic aioli & sauteed onions
The Titan- Judd's Lemon Pepper Spiced grilled chicken served on a toasty bunn
The Memphos Hot "Sando"- Judd's take on a "Nashville Hot" Fried Chicken served on a warm pretzel bun with "bread & butter" pickle slices, and our maple bacon aioli
The "JW"- Judd's Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich topped with pickle slices, maple aioli, served on a soft pretzel bun
The Brisket Sandwich- Succulent Smoked Brisket on a warm pretzel bun served with garlic aioli
The $100 Burger- Judd's Signature seasoned burger on a layer of thinly sliced roast beef & drizzled with our garlic aioli on a soft pretzel bun

information about Judd's Memphis Kitchen

Cuisine: Smokehouse / BBQ
Avg. Check:
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No

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Instagram: Follow Juddsmemphis on Instagram
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ABOUT Judd's Memphis Kitchen

Judd’s Memphis Kitchen began as a pop-up and small catering business in 2015, before adding a food cart to the mix due to popular demand. After spending several years solidly-booked catering and consistently selling out of product in pop-up hot spots all over New York, Memphis native Yehuda “Judd” Joffre finally made the leap from food truck to brick and mortar store in August 2018.

Calling itself a quick-service “Memphis-style” kitchen, Judd’s specializes in wood-smoked brisket and other smoked and non-smoked Southern delicacies. Diners often order The JW, Judd’s famous fried dark chicken sandwich served on a soft pretzel bun and topped with pickles and his now famous maple bacon aioli, set to hit grocery store shelves one day soon. (Judd insists you not call this a schnitzel sandwich – this fried chicken is the real deal). Other fan favorites include The Hundred Dollar Burger, a popular holdover from the original Judd’s pop up days and is actually only $16. The burger earned its name when some hungry diners came to Judd after hours claiming they’d pay one hundred dollars for one of Judd’s burgers, and actually did! The burger itself features Judd’s signature seasoned burger patty with a thinly sliced layer smoked roast beef on top, drizzled with garlic aioli on a soft pretzel bun. Particularly daring customers like to prove their grit by ordering the Memphis Hot Sando, which is Judd’s take on a “Nashville hot” fried chicken sandwich, served on a warm bun with pickles and maple bacon aioli.

Returning customers know that to stop by Judd’s on a Thursday night is a special treat. Not only are the multiple TVs playing various sports games, but Judd’s menu also includes the Thursday special offerings of cholent, kugel, Judd’s now renowned take on yapchik, and of course, the famous Pastrami Kugel Roll, which is a sheet of potato kugel delicately rolled with pastrami and sautéed onions.  

Not only does Judd’s offer delivery through Postmates, Grubhub, and UberEats, but also still offers off-premise catering services as well. Catering clients are in for a treat when the ever-cheerful Judd, one half of the popular Tripping Kosher duo, begins his signature grilling and carving.

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