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Kosher Culinary Center 2359 Flatbush Avenue (Off Avenue S) Brooklyn, NY 11234 USA

2359 Flatbush Avenue
(Off Avenue S)
Brooklyn, NY 11234 USA


information about Kosher Culinary Center
Rav Zushe Yosef Blech

Cuisine: Culinary School
Avg. Check:

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


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ABOUT Kosher Culinary Center

In May 2017, the Kosher Culinary Center in Marine Park Brooklyn first opened its doors, breathing new life into kosher culinary education. The center is the pride and joy of Chef Avram Wiseman, an experienced culinary instructor, chef, and menu consultant, and his partner and former student, Perline Dayan. The Kosher Culinary Center is the only kosher culinary career training program in the country, and also offers recreational classes for non-students too. The KCC is licensed by the NYS Dept. of Education and offers a certificate in kosher culinary arts upon completion of the professional program, as well as job placement for their students. Many of their graduates have gone to work for upscale restaurants such as Reserve Cut, Alenbi, Doma, Boru Boru, Alinea, and even KCC itself!

The Kosher Culinary Center is so much more than a “cooking school.” They offer a broad range of services to their alumni, such as apprenticeships, job placements, private chef referral services, networking opportunities, and serves as an incubator space for students to develop their own entrepreneurial enterprises. The institution’s philosophy of “educate – innovate – create” is evident in the variety of hands-on recreational cooking classes they offer, such as Steak Night, Knife Skills, Smoking and Grilling 101, Dessert for Breakfast, Dim Sum and other Asian Appetizers, and French Macarons, which are suitable for groups of all ages – kids, teens, and adults alike. Visitors love these classes not only for the opportunity to hone their culinary skills while cooking in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, but because they get to taste their work as they go and eat their homework too!

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The two-story Kosher Culinary Center can be rented out as a private commercial kitchen under kosher supervision. They have a private driveway and small parking lot, making them a convenient place to host bridal showers, gala events, ‘Chopped’-style culinary competitions, date nights and special events such as chocolate work, truffle making, cupcake decorating lessons, comedy nights, murder mystery dinners, and more. Furthermore, all Kosher Culinary Center events include a taste of the hospitality table offering a variety of wines, beers, signature house cocktails, sodas and fruit juices, house made focaccia bread with seasonal dips, and chef's choice hors d'oeuvres. Located on Flatbush Avenue, two blocks away from Kings Plaza, the Kosher Culinary Center is conveniently located for foodies all over Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, and Manhattan.

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