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Pho-Men on Troy 411 Troy Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11213


411 Troy Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11213

(718) 697-1947

Edamame- Steamed edamame, sea salt, lime

Summer Rolls consisting of 2 rice paper filled rice noodles, pickled and fresh vegetables and surimi. It is served with an authentic Asian peanut butter sauce.

Green Papaya Salad- Green papaya, vegtables, surimi, served with a Vietnamese sauce

Rice cakes- 2 Japanese rice cakes with Asian pickles

Seaweed Salad- Japanese hijiki seaweed, pickled ginger, cucumbers, toasted sesame, with traditional Japanese dressing

Chicken Karage- Japanese Frued Chicken, Shredded Green Papaya, Scallion Aioli

Enoki Tempura- Fried Enoki Mushroom, Kombu Sea-Weed, Dashi Soy Sauce with Shredded Daikon


Original - Cured citrus beef, pickled and fresh vegetables, served on a baguette with Hoisin aioli sauce

Ginger- Cured ginger beef, pickled and fresh vegetables, served on a baguette with Hoisin aioli sauce

Portobello- Smoked Portobello mushrooms, pickled and fresh vegetables, served on a baguette with Hoison sauce

Pulled Beef- Pulled Beef, Pickled and Fresh Vegetables, Hoison Aioli, served on a Toasted Baugette

Combo Chicken- Beef broth, pouched chicken and a chicken meatball.  Served with a side of bean sprouts, herbs and citrus

Combo Beef- Beef broth, fresh and cooked meat and a meatball.  Served with a side of bean sprouts, herbs and citrus.

Original-  Beef broth, fresh and 3 kinds of meat cuts. Served with a side of bean sprouts, herbs and citrus.

Everything- Beef broth, fresh and 3 kinds of meat cuts, chicken meatball and a meatball. Served with a side of bean sprouts, herbs and citrus.

Served with a soft boiled egg, meat or chicken, carrot, bamboo shoots and seaweed.
Shio Chicken
Schmaltz Chicken

Black Garlic Chicken
Miso Chicken
Soy Chicken
Shio Beef
Schmaltz Beef
Black Garlic Beef
Miso Beef
Soy Beef 

Toppings for the Ramen
Roasted Smoked Tomato
Sweet corn
Extra Noodles
Pickled Tofu
Extra Meat
Shiitake Mushrooms 

Strawberries Orange
Blueberries lime
Cold Hot Chocolate
Chai Masala
Lime Mint Bubble Tea

information about Pho-Men on Troy
CHK (Crown Heights Kashrus)

Sunday - Thursday: 5pm - 10:30pm

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Avg. Check: $20-$30
Attire: Casual Neat

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: No
Open for Pesach: No


Facebook: Like Pho-Men on Troy on Facebook
Instagram: Follow Phomennoodles on Instagram
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ABOUT Pho-Men on Troy
The neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn is swiftly becoming a foodie mecca thanks to the plethora of restaurants opening in the area, featuring a wide range of cuisines. One such restaurant is Pho-Men on Troy, a restaurant that opened in March 2018, and takes its name from a combination of the popular Vietnamese noodle soup called pho and the Japanese favorite, ramen . The Pan-Asian eatery utilizes genuinely nuanced flavors in its goal to bridge the gap between kishke and karage, pastrami and pad thai, and babka and bibimbap. Everything from the Asian inspired décor to the chopstick rests helps cultivate the restaurant’s aura of authenticity.

While the restaurant may be named for their Pho and Ramen, those are not the only dishes they serve. Owner Levi Jurkowicz is constantly updating his menu in an attempt to push the boundaries and redefine what kosher Asian cuisine can be. The current iteration of the menu offers twists on classic kosher Asian fare, such as Beef Sushi, composed of smoked beef “bacon” served with a touch of wasabi over a finger of sushi rice. The Chicken Karage, a Japanese fried chicken dish served with shredded green papaya and a scallion aioli, is a child-friendly appetizer that has become a hit with adults as well.

It’s the entrees where Jurkowicz plays with the menu the most, offering up staples of Asian cuisine not usually found in the typical Asian-style kosher eatery. New to the menu is Pad Thai, a sour, salty, and spicy Thai-style stir fry made with brown rice noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, onions, napa cabbage, and topped with peanuts. Another exotic menu item is the Bibimbap, a Korean rice bowl topped with fresh, sautéed, and pickled vegetables, a sunny side up egg, gochugaru sauce, and a choice of tofu karage, chicken, or beef. 

Beyond the food and flavors, Pho-Men specializes in humanity. There’s no need to be intimidated by the new and unfamiliar cuisine – the waiters are happy to educate diners on the various menu items and how to eat them. Satisfaction at Phomen is 100% guaranteed, so broaden your horizons and try a something new. If the dish isn’t to your taste, they will gladly exchange it with one that is. Folks flock to Pho-Men for a taste of bubble tea, a fruity drink filled with chewy tapioca pearls. Each glass is made with joy by barista Pnina, an employee with special needs. Pnina had been looking for employment for two years before finding her place at Pho-Men, and she has swiftly embedded herself as a fixture beloved by staff and patrons alike. Her eponymous Pnina Colada bubble tea is sweet and refreshing, much like Pnina herself.

[continued above, right]

Phomen is one of the first restaurants to bring these authentic ethnic flavors to a kosher audience, and with Jurkowicz’s passion for innovation, diners can be sure that he has more in store.

Review: 10/17/18 (Zalmy Silver)

Review 5/22/18 (Allen S. Popper)

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Review 3/18/18 (Esther Anzaroot)

Review: 1/17/18 (Mindee Skurowitz)

Review: 1/3/19 (Daphna Roth)

Review: 6/11/19 (Esti Rosenblatt)



Pho-Men on Troy
Jeremy- 04/05/19

The food was great and customer service was amazing. The food: The food my friend and I got tasted really good and wholesome with the right balance of Asian spices. The Bubble Teas were something else... so delicious with a large variety of flavors to choose from. The service: I was in the company of a special needs individual and the service the waiter provided him (as well as myself) were unparalleled. The server took the time to explain to him the whole menu and was patient with him even after he entirely changed his mind on the order after the order was being prepared. When it came to picking bubble teas, the waiter explained to him how passion fruit and pineapple differed as well as the essential difference between mint and lemon mint. It really showed us that the entire staff cared and wanted us to have the best experience possible.

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Pho-Men on Troy
Linda Freedman- 04/05/19

We went for the Pre-Fix at lunch time today. Food was great. We were so full we took the dessert home and had them wrap up our mains! We really liked our bubble teas (Pnina Colada and Bluberry Lime)! Very worth it!

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