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Mozzarella 265 Troy Ave Brooklyn, NY 11213


265 Troy Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11213

(917) 633-6770

Penne Rose- Penne, cream sauce, house pomodoro sauce.
Penne Pesto- Penne, cream sauce, pesto.
Fettuccine Alfredo- Fettuccine with roasted mushrooms and cream sauce.
Spaghetti di Palermo- Spaghetti, house pomodoro sauce, black olives, red onions, tomatoes.
Pasta alla Puttanesca- Penne, pomodoro sauce, cream sauce, roasted mushrooms, red onions.
Signature Pasta- Creamy polenta, penne, confit mushrooms, corn, scallions.
Eggplant Parmesan- Pan fried Eggplant with house pomodoro, mozzarella, parmesan, and kalamata olives.
Asian Style Pasta- Spaghetti, carrots, zucchini, red onion, mix peppers, garlic, asian sauce.

Mozzarella Sticks
Egg Roll- Mozzarella, cream cheese, roasted eggplant, roasted mushroom, basil, dried cranberries, parsley.
Sea Bass Skewer- Marinated sea bass, roasted baby corn, roasted sweet potatoes, and maple glaze.
Mediterrenean Falafel- Endive leaves, falafel, pickled onions, kalamata olives, and yogurt amba sauce.
Stuffed Mushrooms- Mozzarella, cheddar, jalapeno, cream cheese, basil, parsley, cilantro, served with black eggplant cream.
The Cauliflower- Pan fried cauliflower, crispy red quinoa, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, served on a bed of yogurt tahini sauce.
Hummus Sabich- Hummus plate filled with tahini, grilled eggplant, and a sliced hard boiled egg.
Hummus with middle east salad-  Hummus plate filled with fresh israeli salad.
Hamshuka- Hummus plate filled with hot shakshuka and a soft cooked egg.

Quinoa- Red quinoa, romaine hearts, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, sweet potato, roasted pepper, red onion, dried cranberries, lemon dressing with a touch of italian dressing.
Greek- Romaine hearts , tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives, feta, za’atar, and olive oil lemon dressing.
Nicoise- Romaine hearts, baked potatoes, tomatoes , cucumber, hard boiled egg, scoop of tuna salad. Thousand island dressing. 
Caesar- Romaine hearts, cherry tomatoes, croutons, parmesan, caesar dressing. 
Israeli- Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, with oil lemon dressing. 
Avocado- Romaine hearts, spinach, avocado, tomatoes, roasted peppers, cucumber, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil lemon and caesar dressings. 
Middle Eastern- Mix green., augula, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, endive, cauliflower, dried cranberries, red onion, cilantro, served on a bed of yogurt tahini sauce and drizzled with olive oil and lemon.
Kale- Kale, red onion, nectarine, mango, pecans, radish. balsamic, lemon, and orange dressing.
Mediterranean- Arugula, mixed green, cherry tomato, cucumber, sweet potato, beets, carrots, red onion, goat cheese. Orange lemon dressing. 

The “Mozzarella” Sandwich- Smoked salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, two sunny side up eggs.
The Trio Sandwich- Mozzarella, feta, cream cheese, roasted pepper, sun dried tomato, cucumber, black olives, romaine hearts.
Lebanese Sabich- Tehina, hard boiled egg, roasted eggplant, parsley, potato.
Tuna Sandwich- Tuna salad, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, pickles, fried onion, mixed green, pesto mayo.
Omelette Sandwich- Two egg omelette, cream cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion.

Classic Omelette- Two egg omelette.
Mushroom Omelette- Two eggs, fresh mushrooms, fried onions.
Cheese Omelette- Two eggs, mozzarella, and cheddar.
Greek Omelette- Two eggs, feta, tomatoes, red onions, and black olives.
Mozzarella Omelette- Two eggs, smoked salmon, parsley, mozzarella cheddar.
Shakshuka- Two eggs in our house shakshuka sauce. 

Italian- Pesto mayo, mozzarella, cheddar, tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onions, mushrooms.
Antipasti- Roasted eggplant, roasted peppers, feta, fresh basil, grilled zucchini, marinara sauce.
Avocado- Avocado, feta, tomatoes, green olives, red onion, pesto mayo.
French- Goat cheese, roasted mushroom, roasted peppers, tomatoes, fried onions, pesto.
American- Tuna salad, sliced hard boiled egg, tomato, mozzarella, cheddar, pickles, fried onion, thousand island dressing.
Norwegian- Grilled salmon, cream cheese, pesto mayo, black olives, sweet potato, tomatoes, red onion, caesar dressing. Israeli- Marinara sauce, cream cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, green olive.

Grilled Salmon- Marinated in our house blend of spices and grilled to perfection.
Salmon Burger- Salmon, red quinoa, scallion, red onion, pickles, tomato, roasted mushroom, garlic mayo, fried onion. Served
on a pretzel bun. Served with spicy or regular homefries.
Fresh Ahi Tuna- French style seared tuna marinated in balsamic, topped with sliced cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives.
Venice Branzino- Branzino marinated in our house spices and seared to perfection.
Mexican Red Snapper- Seasoned red snapper in our house blend of spices and seared to perfection.
Chilean Sea Bass- Pan seared and marinated chilean sea bass.

Classic- House pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.
Mixed olive- House pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, black and green olives.
Antipasti- House pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, zucchini, red pepper, fresh mushrooms, red onion.
Hawaiian- House pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, pineapple, jalapeno, red onion.
Mixed Mushroom- House pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, button mushrooms, portabello mushrooms, truffle oil.
Four cheese- White sauce, mozzarella, feta, ricotta, and parmesan.
Salmon- Rose sauce, mozzarella, grilled salmon.

information about Mozzarella
Beis Din of Crown Heights

Sunday- Thursday : 11AM-10PM
Friday : Closed
Saturday : 1h30m after shabbos comes out

Cuisine: Dairy
Avg. Check: $25 pp
Attire: Casual neat

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


Instagram: Follow Mozzarellacrownheights on Instagram
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ABOUT Mozzarella

Mozzarella is a highly apropos name for a restaurant that serves up cheesy goodness in almost every bite. The owner, Yossi, is an Israeli native who crafted the restaurant’s menu to highlight Mediterranean, Italian, and Middle-Eastern brunch cuisines. For the full waiter service restaurant with an ample party room that can seat up to sixty, manager Yitzy Chriqui maintains a casual yet classy ambience that makes Mozzarella a great place to bring a date, a business partner, or just anyone looking to enjoy an excellent meal.

Mozzarella’s Signature Egg Roll, 
Rolex Replica Watches a decadently deep-fried bite of feta,cream cheese, mushroom, roasted eggplant, parsley, cranberries, and pesto, already has its legion of dedicated fans. Another fan-favorite dish is the Four Cheese Pizza, a personal pie topped with marinara sauce, parmesan, ricotta, feta, and of course, mozzarella cheese. Fitting in with the Italian theme is the restaurant’s lauded Spaghetti di Palermo, a spaghetti dish featuring the house pomodoro sauce, black olives, red onions, and tomatoes, as well as the Stuffed Artichoke appetizer of artichoke hearts stuffed with ricotta, spinach, fried onions, and, once again, mozzarella. 

[continued above, right]

For those looking to lighten up, the café has some diet friendly options as well. Health-conscious diners love the Avocado Salad loaded with romaine hearts, spinach, avocado, sun-dried tomato, roasted peppers, cucumber, feta, and a choice of house dressings. Although forgoing the dairy at a café aptly named Mozzarella may seem foolish to some, for those wanting to forgo the cheese entirely, the Moroccan Sea Bass packs a protein-filled punch with its beet infused tomato stew, served with grilled jalapeno, toasted bread, side salad, and tahini. Another cheese-free lunchtime classic is the Fish Arais, a pita pocket stuffed with house-marinated ground whitefish, served with a side of tahini and a garden salad.

Mozzarella offers a wide selection of drinks from sharp Italian espressos to refreshing Strawberry Mojitos and Limonanas to the Israeli classic milky Mekupelet chocolate drink. Mozzarella delivers throughout the Crown Heights neighborhood and is now on Uber Eats, so a delicious and decadently cheesy meal is only ever a few minutes away.

El Pasaje- Dairy
Varda- 10/30/14
For Hochmaniacs Review- El Pasaje Resto/Bar- Dairy in Buenos Aires
On our annual visit to my husband's entire family in Argentina, we ALL spent an enjoyable meal in the outdoor eating area of El Pasaje -Dairy. When I say ALL, it is because for once I could actually enjoy the meal and not have to divert my 4 year old from making a water glass bowling alley.
There is a small but action packed ball pit, play area a la Kids in Action in Brooklyn, where you child can be watched through the glass window as you enjoy the delicious food. When in Argentina, I always save some calorie points for a fugazzetta, which is a thicker, crisper pizza crust than what is found in American pizza. Layered with carmelized onion, mozzarella, and on ours, tomato, often accompanied by faina - an additional crust made of chickpea flour ( you have to try them together to understand the flavor and crunch). We had an inch left in our waistbands so we also enjoy the empanadaswith queso y tomate (cheese ans tomato) and the bollos/bohios de spinaca (spinach) a light spinach and cheese filled concotion similar to a small calzone, but with more filling than dough. The service was lovely, the food delicious and the ball pit FANTASTIC!!!! Save us a seat, we're coming back in November!!!!!!
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Review for Olga's on Smith
Elke Reva Sudin- 11/24/09
Nestled in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, Olga's on Smith is a modern cafe restaurant befitting Smith Street's established trendy eateries. From the outside there is no indication that Olga's is catered toward a kosher crowd and the food is a great alternative for those looking outside the standard pizza and kugel restaurants. The walls are white and free of clutter. Large windows let in the natural light from outside. It is a great place to take a date or just relax during the day and the space can hold up to 100 guests for a simcha or special occasion.
The menu offers a healthy yet delectable lunch and light dinner. In the mood for a pan fried tilapia with wasabi aioli on artisan bread? Or how about a roasted red pepper and pesto panini with mozzarella? They're all served with an exotic side salad and chips and go great with a savory soup. Finish off with a home baked cookie and cafe drink. There are as many options for fish and dairy eating customers as there are for vegan ones. On the menu you will find an easy guide for which selections are veggie, vegan, gluten free and dairy free.
Olga's on Smith offer a variety of catering options for your function with their carefully put-together platters. The restaurant is also very technologically savvy, with a Facebook page and group showing off the latest specials and menu additions. Ultimately, the restaurant is a great addition to Brownstone Brooklyn's eclectic bistros and is especially welcome due to the lack of kosher eateries in the neighborhood. They offer delivery throughout the area, call to see if you are within their region.
Close to the Carrol Street stop on the F and G trains in Brooklyn.
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Tea for Two Cuisine
David Cohen- 12/04/07
Dairy is so hard for me to go to, it really is hard for me to agree to go to a dairy restaurant maybe ever.

EXCEPT when it comes to Tea for Two - at the price dairy should be at and the class my wife will accept the food and service are insanely great!

MOZZARELLA STICKS - theres only 2 places to get them HERE AND HERE!!!

SUSHI - by far my friend quotes the best kosher sushi in AMERICA!

and i go with fish pasta or pizza here there all winners



we had over 3 private parties here each a complete winner!
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Expresti Gourmet
Judith- 10/28/07
Expresti is a cozy little restaurant on Queen Mary Road, and at the heart of Montreal’s unofficial kosher restaurant district.
I have had the pleasure of enjoying many lunches and dinners at Expresti since its opening in 2005, and the simple and yet delicious fare is what keeps me and my friends (and all of Jewish Montreal it seems on many Saturday nights!) coming back.
Expresti’s lunch menu includes what are honestly the best paninis and wraps in the city. One favourite of mine is the California Wrap which is a sizeable pesto-flavoured wrap filled with avocado, mock crab, Boston lettuce and a special house dressing and served with a small pasta salad on the side. You should also try an Italian Panini, which is a sandwich made up of mozzarella, Edam cheese and grilled vegetables on a pressed baguette.
For dinner, Expresti is the perfect place for couples looking for a satisfying and milchig meal. My perfect Expresti meals always starts with the best French onion soup this side of the Atlantic, served in a gorgeous French onion soup terrine and topped with a toasted baguette slice and mozzarella cheese. There is also a ‘soup de jour’ alternative for calorie-counters which normally include varieties of pureed vegetable soups.
As a main course, enjoy one of Expresti’s many delicious salads (especially the Salmon teriyaki salad), pizzas, pastas (no favourites here as all the pastas are equally amazing), crepes or fish dishes. Expresti also has an excellent sushi menu which includes regular sushi fare but also has some out-of-the-ordinary rolls as well, filled with exotic fruit which are pretty sumptuous and yet affordable treats.
No matter how full you feel after an Expresti dinner, there is always room for an Expresti dessert. Many of my friends will actually stop by specifically for the melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes, which are available in Chocolate, Strawberry and Mocha. An equally big hit are the dessert chocolate crepes.
As I mentioned before, Expresti does tend to get filled up pretty quickly on a busy evening, and so your best bet is to call and make reservations even ten minutes in advance. I often call in lunches for takeout to make the most out of my one hour work lunch, and I assure you that my orders stay just as tasty and warm as when I eat in.
Whatever time of day you decide to drop by this cute and chic bistro, you can be assured of a time worth your while!
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