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Meat & Bar 1009 Kane Concourse Harbor Islands, FL 33154

1009 Kane Concourse
Harbor Islands, FL 33154

(786) 216-7275

Italian Focaccia- flat oven-baked Italian bread with mixed olives and schug aioli
Tomato Gazpacho- baby cucumbers, olive oil and Thassos olive
Green Salad- fresh leaves, toasted almonds, cilantro, sweet chili citrus vinaigrette
Tomato Salad- multicolored tomatoes, basil chips, pinenuts and garlic breadcrumbs
Classic Beef Carpaccio- garlic confit, balsamic vinegar and mustard aioli
Chicken Liver Pate- amarena cherries and white toast
East to west chicken salad- satay sauce, white cabbage, sesame seeds, crispy white oodles
White bronzino and cucumber tartare- mint, green chili pepper and Thassos olives

Orange Vegetable Soup- with sesame oil and sunflower seeds
Chicken Consomme- with slow cooked asado dumplings
Risotto- mushroom, chestnut, basil oil and portobello chips
Fish "Cigars"- amba tahini, grated tomatoes and fresh leaves in sumac
Lamb Lahmajun- spicy tomato salad, tahini and lemon pickle
Arais- pita, lamb, capers and  mint, grilled and served with tahini
Falafel- grilled eggplant fillet and amba tahini
Shishito Peppers- Japanese sweet peppers tossed with olive oil and salt

Ribeye Steak- 18-20oz ribeye steak, dry aged 35 days
Butcher Cut Steak- tender cut meat, with red wine sauce and onion rings
Reserve Cut Steak- roasted shiitake mushrooms and teriyaki sauce
Filet Mignon- with white asparagus and demi glaze

Home-made Kebab- served with tahini, chopped vegetable salad and a whole grilled eggplant
Grilled Lamb Chops- with fennel and demi glaze
Lamb Spareribs
Lamb Osso Bucco- with Jerusalem sunchokes

Grilled Chicken Breast- in an Asian marinade with cauliflower steak and lentils
Schnitzel- gigantic real Viennese schnitzel in our special coating
Baby Chicken- grilled boneless baby chicken steak in BBQ sauce & potatoes baked to perfection ona  bonfire 

Panko Coated Salmon- garlic and toasted pistachio crust
Salmon- in Asian Marinade
Branzino Fillet- on eggplant cream and roasted cauliflower

Classic Burger- homemade ground beef served in a bricohe roll with fresh vegetables
Ribeye Burger- homemade ground ribeye burger served on a hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles
Lamb Burger- lamb burger served in a brioche roll with fresh vegetables

information about Meat & Bar

SAT: 9:30PM-12:00AM

Cuisine: Steakhouse
Avg. Check: $40 - $50
Attire: Upscale

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: No
Open for Pesach: Yes


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ABOUT Meat & Bar

Review: 5/17/19

Review: 5/14/19

Review: 3/18/19

Review: 3/17/19

Review: 3/17/19

Great space. Great service. Great food. All descriptors accurately used to describe Meat Bar, Surfside Florida’s newest and coolest upscale restaurant. Owned by veteran chef and restaurateur Shimi Alon, Meat Bar’s sleek white tables, chairs and bar, statement light fixtures, and artistically plated and presented dishes make it the trendier, chicer answer to his ever-popular Grill House. While the Israeli-trained chef focuses on using fresh and seasonal ingredients in both of his restaurants, every item on the menu at Meat Bar are showstoppers, from appetizer to dessert.

[continued above, right]

Diners rave about the cold starter Chicken Liver Pate, served with white toast and amarena cherries, as well as the oven-baked Italian Focaccia with mixed olives and schug aioli. The restaurant’s Mediterranean flair becomes apparent with the first bite of the Arais, a hot starter comprised of pita, lamb, capers, and mint, all grilled and served with delectably fresh tahini. True to its name, the meat at Meat Bar is a must-order, from the Filet Mignon with white asparagus and demi glaze to the Lamb Osso Bucco with Jerusalem sunchokes, to the grilled Baby Chicken. But vegetarians don’t have to feel left out, as Meat Bar also boasts a selection of fresh fish, with the Branzino Fillet, served on a bed of eggplant cream and roasted cauliflower being the most popular. Of course, no dinner would be complete without dessert, and the desserts at Meat Bar don’t disappoint. The Choco Bar, a confection of chocolate brownies, caramelized bananas, and vanilla ice cream is always a crowd-pleaser.

For those looking for a relaxing night out at one of Miami Beach’s hottest spots, Meat Bar’s bar lives up to the hype. With an exciting selection of wine and cocktails, Meat Bar knows how to show diners a good time. Fresh, fun, and a foodie’s dream, Meat Bar is making its mark. 

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