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Peppercrust 253 NY-59 Suffern, NY 10901


253 NY-59
Suffern, NY 10901

(845) 533-5370


Shaved Pickled Beef Tongue

Crispy Beef

Succulent Lamb Tagine

Crispy Sweetbreads

Slow Roasted Veal Roulade

Pan Seared Baby Lamb Chops

Baby Back Ribs



Pulled Beef Sliders

Creamy Chicken Gizzards

Short Ribs Arancini

Prime Rib Taco


USDA Prime Dry Aged Cowboy Steak

USDA Prime Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak

Grilled Fourteen Oz. Argentinian Rib-Eye

Chateaubriand Prime Steak



Peppercrusted Rib Eye

Rack of Baby Ribs

Slow Braised Cheek Meat

Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass

Skillet Braised Short Rib

Pan Roasted Boneless Baby Chicken

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information about Peppercrust
Rabbi Yechiel Steinmetz

Sun: 6:00 PM - 10:15 PM
Mon - Thur: 6:30 PM - 10:15 PM

Cuisine: Steakhouse
Avg. Check: $65 pp
Attire: Casual Neat

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


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ABOUT Peppercrust

The name alone evokes a salivating image. Cutting into a juicy pepper-encrusted steak, the inside a perfect red-bordering on pink medium-rare, the outside crisp with the char of the grill and the crackle of smashed spicy-savory peppercorn. Peppercrust opened in 2019 in Suffern (bordering on Monsey), New York. In August of 2021, Martin Falkowitz and Chaim Goldberger bought Peppercrust, determined to make it better than ever before. 

Evoking a chic-modern bistro/steakhouse, the wood-paneled walls and low lighting with candles on tables are a nice change of pace from the counter-service and bright lights of your usual schnitzel sandwich joints.

Customers come from out of town for the pan-seared baby lamb chops served over wild mushroom Israeli couscous and persillade. The short rib arancini (Pico de Gallo, frijoles, served with chipotle aioli) is very popular, as is the prime steak poke bowl with its cubed prime rib roast, cucumber, avocado, pineapple, brown rice, Asian radish, and sesame dressing. It all sounds so appealing and filling, and we haven't even gotten to the main event yet.

The grill is a prominent feature of Peppercrust, boasting many popular items, including the USDA prime dry-aged Tomahawk steak. However, it is the signature pepper-crusted rib eye that has customers coming back again and again. This sixteen-ounce dry-aged boneless prime rib eye is slowly roasted over six hours and marinated with Peppercrust's signature rub. It is so tender that you can almost eat it with a spoon.

[continued above, right]

The bar at Peppercrust is not to be missed, and really can’t be. Just look at the giant ‘P’ adorning the wall above the bottles of top shelf liquor. If you need the perfect accompaniment to your prime rib the cocktail list features classics such as n Old Fashioned, the more playful such as the Pina Colada Daiquiri, and new favorites like the Peppercrust Smoked Sour. If one prefers to skip the booze, there is an extensive list of soft drinks available as well as coffee and hot tea.

Martin is passionate about food, and he spends his days at Peppercrust listening to the customers, taking their requests into account, and changing the menu accordingly. He and Chaim value quality over quantity; their goal is to serve the best food possible. Chef Hicham Khiri is trained in French cuisine and insists on only the freshest ingredients. He even makes the ice cream freshly on the premises! And don't worry about the wait time; Chef Hicham has an efficient way of operating his kitchen, ensuring that everything comes out at a record speed for a fine dining establishment.

Review 7/10/19 (Avi Rosenberg)



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