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Sushi K Bar (Boro Park) 4120 16th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204


4120 16th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11204

(718) 871-KBAR (5227)

Krispy Avocado Fries- Batter Dipped & Fried Avocado Wedges
Jalapeno Kickers- Deep Fried Jalapenos stuffed with Spicy Salmon
Kani Pops- Fried Kani Cubes
Edamame- Water Steamed & Salted Soybeans
Potato Bombers- Thick Cut Batter Dipped Fries
Potato Chips- Thinly Sliced Fried Potatoes
Sweet Potato Chips- Thinly Sliced Fried & Sweet Potatoes
Chips Combo- Thinly Sliced Fried Potato & Sweet Potato
Krunchy Dragon- Kani, Cucumber, Avocado, Chopped Kani Outside, Spicy Mayo, Sweet Sauce & Crispy Onions
Sushi Bombs- Tempura Rice, Raw Spicy Tuna, Sweet Sauce & Scallion
Midnight Dragon- Spicy Tuna, Red Onion, Cucumber, Avocado, Crunch, Sweet Sauce, Scallion
K-Bar Twist- Fried Square Rice, Seared Chopped Salmon, White Tuna with 3 Sauces
Spicy Tuna Ball- Spicy Tuna with Crunch in an Avocado Ball
Carbless K Bar- Salmon, Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber, Scallion
Striped Salmon Roll- Portobello Mushroom, Black Pepper Salmon, Scallion, Avocado with Black Pepper Salmon and Sweet Sauce
Krispy- Fried Rice topped with Guacamole, Salmon, or Tuna with Sweet Sauce, Crunch, & Scallions
Sushi Pizza- Fried Pizza Rice, Crunch, Spicy Tuna or Spicy Salmon Seared, Avocado, & Onions with Spicy Mayo
Ninja Roll- Fried Tuna, Avocado, Pareve Cream Cheese with Outside Crunch
Samurai Roll- Spicy Yellowtail, Cucumber, Spicy Salmon Egg, Crunch Outside 
Brooklyn Roll- Tuna, Salmon, Apple, Mango, Mayo, Seaweed Outside
Splendid Roll- Spicy Tuna & Salmon, Crunch, Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail Outside
Super Star Roll- Mango, Apple, Avocado, Super Special Kani Outside 
Fried House Roll- Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Salmon Outside
Golden Roll- Tuna, Avocado, Mango Outside
Spicy Yid Roll- Super California, Crunch, Spicy Salmon Outside
Wasabi Roll- Deep Fried Kani, White Fish, with Chef’s Wasabi Sauce
Fire Hydrant- Spicy Tuna, Crunch, Mango Inside, Spicy Mayo, Mango Outside
16th Avenue Roll- Cooked Salmon, Scallion, Kani, Green Caviar Outside
information about Sushi K Bar (Boro Park)
Rabbi Babad

4120 16th Avenue Store Hours:
Sun-Thurs 10AM - 1AM
Fri 10AM - 2.5 before Shabbos
Motzai Shabbos 1 hour after Zman - 1AM

Cuisine: Sushi
Avg. Check: $10-$13
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


RESERVATIONS Not necessary

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ABOUT Sushi K Bar (Boro Park)
Sushi K Bar has become a phenomenon; a fabulously convenient, fun-filled sushi journey created for everyone from the sushi beginner to the educated sushi lovers. Sushi K Bar was founded in 2008 with a single location and one dream: to create the finest sushi in the world and bring to as many lovers of fine food as possible. Thanks to the continued support of their loyal customers, they now have an expanded sushi menu, eight locations in the New York area - and plans for more on the way!  

At Sushi K, Bar they believe, above all else, in the importance of creating great tasting food. Their sushi, created by their professional gourmet team of sushi chefs, is the ultimate art form. The senses are aroused by the vibrant colors, fabulous aromas, and the finest ingredients combined with the expertise, skill and passion that go into each individually rolled piece. The result is uniquely exquisite goodness. All this is done while maintaining a dedication to excellence that would make the great sushi chefs throughout history proud. 

Request their magnificent party platters, made to order, fresh and delicious for your next party or special occasion. They are happy to customize a package for your taste and budget. You can request a platter with specific rolls of your choice; otherwise Sushi K Bar can create beautiful platters with the most popular sushi rolls. There are many elegantly presented platter sizes available. And having a get together at your home or business? They will set up a sushi bar in your home, patio, business, the venue of your choice.  Their sushi chefs will create beautifully decorated sushi for you and your guests to give your party that extra special touch and give your guests the most unforgettable sushi experience. Sushi K Bar brings quality, taste and passion to your event as they offer catering off premise for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Brissim and corporate events. 

[continued above, right]

Among the favorites, recommendations include the Caterpillar Roll, Midnight Dragon and Purple Haze Roll.  And while sushi is what they are known for, they offer a large variety of salads, soups and side dishes. Their new and expanded website is also capable of taking online orders throughout Brooklyn.
Hinda Hochman- 10/30/14

During my Great Kosher Restaurant Scavenger Hunt adventures today, I found myself doing the kishke tempura sushi challenge at Sushi K bar in Boro Park. Normally I would not have gone to the trouble of traveling to Boro Park, but I was intrigued by kishke tempura. I have not had anything but cooked fish or veggies in sushi. Well, I must not have been the first one to come for the challenge, because the man behind the counter was very pleasant and let me take pictures and just told me to do what I needed to do. This will be another place that I will need to come back to. There are definitely some more sushi rolls that seem intriguing to me.

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Sushi K Bar
Sara Blichmendal- 06/15/10
Sushi K Bar is the best with over 7 locations in Brooklyn u never get to miss your sushi cravings.
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Reply #1 submitted by: Simply Sushi in Kosher Pa on 10/05/10
I have to disagree, try Simply Sushi in Kosher palace on u and 28th and your mind will be changed, trust me! Great sushi, variety and freshness.

Reply #2 submitted by: mrs stern on 01/16/11
Sushi k bar is the best we have in bklyn, no other place comes close not even simply. keep on doing the right thing sushi k bar .