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Sushi Tokyo (Chelsea) 121 West 19th Street New York, NY 10011


121 West 19th Street
New York, NY 10011


 Vegetable Rolls

Classic Vegetable - Avocado, carrot, cucumber

Sunshine Roll - Mango, avocado, cashews

Garden Roll - Lettuce, cucumber, avocado, tomato, leek

AAC Roll - Avocado, asparagus, cucumber

BK Roll Sweet potato, mushroom, cucumber

Tropical Roll - Kiwi, mango, avocado, cashews


Salmon Teriyaki - 8oz filet of grilled Scottish salmon with your choice of two sides

Herb-Crusted Tuna Steak - 8 oz tuna steak marinated in fresh herb mix served with your choice of two sides

Thai Spiced Tilapia - Tilapia filet dry-rubbed with a home-made Thai spice mix served with your choice of two sides

Fish N Chips - Home-made battered fried fish fingers with a side of shoe string fries, served with home-made tartar sauce


Sushi Rolls

California Roll - Kani, cucumber, avocado

Tuna Avocado Roll - Fresh maguro tuna with avocado

Laguna Roll - Spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, crunch

Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll - Spicy tuna, layered with crunch

Salmon Avocado Roll - Fresh salmon, avocado

Soho Roll - Spicy salmon, avocado, crunch, maki style

Coney Roll - Spicy salmon, avocado, spicy kani, crunch

British Columbia Roll - Crispy fried salmon skin, cucumber, drizzled with sweet sauce

Jalamachi Roll - Spicy hamachi, scallion, jalapeño

King Crab Roll - Tempura battered kani, topped with masago

Bagel Roll - Smoked salmon, cucumber & nondairy cream cheese

Crunchy Shrimp Roll - Tempura'd imitation shrimp, asparagus,cucumber, drizzled with sweet sauce

information about Sushi Tokyo (Chelsea)

Sunday-Thursday: 10:00 AM 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM 3:00 PM
Saturday: 6:30PM-12:30PM

Cuisine: Sushi
Avg. Check: $15-$20
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


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ABOUT Sushi Tokyo (Chelsea)
Set in the heart of Chelsea, Levi Baum’s Sushi Tokyo is the epitome of the modern Manhattan lifestyle - and familiar as a franchise across New York.  Neon, metal, leather barstools, and wood accents build a comfortable, casual-yet-chic ambiance, perfect for the Pier. They also deliver throughout the city of Manhattan - now you can get kosher sushi goodness at the ring of a phone or the click of an online order! The restaurant is open early and closes late, including on Saturday nights, making it a convenient spot to get a sushi fix at almost any time of day. The top quality of their sushi is a result of using only the highest-grade fresh fish and the superb skills of their sushi chefs. Sushi Tokyo offers all types of sushi and a variety of appetizers.


Their starters feature such popular choices as Krispy Kosara (crispy cubes of rice topped with spicy tuna crunch and sauce) and Salmon Tempura Salad (Kani salad base topped with crunchy strips of salmon). Their chef special rolls pack a perfect combination of flavors. Try their Lawrence Roll, a true masterpiece, made with tempura black pepper tuna, avocado, and crunch, and topped with spicy salmon, tempura onion and sweet sauce. If you are not a raw fish enthusiast, there are plenty of vegetable and cooked fish choices, as well as soy seaweed and brown rice options to meet every customer’s taste. If you can’t make it to the restaurant, you can have your order delivered in one of their fleet’s smart cars, and you can further save 10% by placing your order online. Sushi Tokyo also provides catering for any affairs offering outstanding custom sushi platters as well as a sushi bar option.

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