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Tea for Two 3217 Quentin Rd (Between E 32nd & E 33rd) Brooklyn, NY 11234

3217 Quentin Rd (Between E 32nd & E 33rd)
Brooklyn, NY 11234

(347) 458-7232

information about Tea for Two
Rabbi Gornish


Cuisine: Dairy Cafe
Avg. Check:
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


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ABOUT Tea for Two

 Tea for Two Reboots!

While Bosh and Shlomit have posted their photos and thoughts of the food, let me give you my little shpiel and background of the restaurant.

Let me take you back to the Year 2003, I was just starting out in the industry and I remember one of the first places I visited was this stylish and inviting restaurant called "Tea for Two" on Kings Highway in Brooklyn. It had Italian and Sushi dishes, and it may have been one of the first times I ever had sushi in my life. I'm sure many of you have similar memories as well from this restaurant. Now, much has come and gone in the past 18 years but yesterday came full circle in Marine Park.

The restaurant is in the space once called Isabella Kitchen. It is now run by Moshe Kahn, Allison's son, and he is taking over where his Mom left off and so is the restaurant.

[continued above, right]

The restaurant is more modern looking then its namesake from yesteryear but the dishes are just as comforting as we remember. The menu won't be pretentious but familiar to their long time customers. It will have the classic items as well as some new dishes that are classy.

For us in Marine Park and surrounding areas, this is a welcome addition to the neighborhood that couples, friends and families can go to for a nice, relaxing dairy dinner. Unfortunately, with Savor Cafe, Cafe Hadar and Al Dente closed, this is the closest nice dairy restaurant to us east of Ocean Avenue all the way to Mill Basin. I do believe many of the former Tea for Two customers near Ocean Parkway will come as they do for T Steakhouse so trust me when I say all of us, including the owners, need this to work as third time has to be the charm here at this location.

I'm happy to say you're going to get your first taste of this new "Tea for Two" this Saturday night as they will be doing a soft opening.

You can make reservations on our website, but please keep in mind they have a 35% capacity.

Tea for Two
Purple- 05/30/11
i love tea 4 two.. hoorway it back!!!
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Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 01/13/11
* Steven from the former "Essex on Coney" has taken over the location of Mendy's Restaurant, now calling it Essen NY Deli. Stay tuned for more details.

* We are just a few weeks away (estimated for Feb. 6) from the opening of Tea for Two on Kings Highway and East 4th.

La Seine has opened, featuring "Top Chef" Contestant and Brooklyn-born, Alex Reznick, as their Executive Chef.
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Tea for two light nostrand avenue
Liat- 03/15/10
i happened to be there last night and observed a sheva brachat in the party room.well.. I clearly must state that I have never seen such great service and never tasted such dairy delish food. I must say that I will be booking my affair there pretty soon. It impressed me to see the way the hostess handles everything with a smile.Amazing how everyone is greeted like family by her. Throughout dinner I observed the party how fluid and calm it was.(liked the guitarist touch)Highly recommended. The place Wowed me!
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Reply #1 submitted by: sammy on 03/17/10
Love the food. I agree. great service great food. wish they come to the city i go to vabene but like the food at tea for two more. . anyways ill follow wherever she goes
Tea for Two Bistro
Reliable Source "Eli"- 02/17/10
Congrats again!!!!! Heard about your new upcoming venture! Mabruk!!! from the entire family and friends. "you amaze me" Eli
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Reply #1 submitted by: Nellie on 02/18/10
I am so excited. right where I was wishing for. We cant guys are the best. Will you do parties there? please respond.

Reply #2 submitted by: tammi on 02/23/10
Its in the center?
TEA FOR TWO- 12/27/09
To our customers Please be aware that JAPANIKA sushi bar is NOT affiliated with our businesses and we are looking for legal advise for FALSE advertisement. We know of OTHERS who feel good about similar actions but they are not aware of the steps we are taking to RIGHT the WRONG. Thank You for your loyalties!!!!
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Reply #1 submitted by: Rita on 12/30/09
Wow!!! They all try to do what you guys worked so hard for all these years. well I would never walk in to any oo these places because of their disgusting business ethics.

Reply #2 submitted by: michael on 01/01/10
hey rita.... I AGREE.
Brooklyn Openings and closings
Elan Kornblum, Publisher- 05/24/09
For those that do not know, Tea for Two is opening up a new "express" location on the corner Avenue M and East 19th Street.

Also, please note Rimonim has closed for the time being and because of a roof fire, Island Grill is closed as well.
More info will be
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Pizza by Tea for Two
Zeev- 05/14/09
Tea for two is opening a pizza and dining on kings highway. The chef is by far the best around the tristate area.He worked at my place in san diego.Good Luck Pete!
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Reply #1 submitted by: shelly on 05/15/09
I know they are reopening somewhere on kings highway. definitely not on their old location. someone else took that place. but< they are already on their way with something new.
Tea for two closed on kings highway
Raymond- 05/13/09
what a loss for all of us. i hope they succeed re-opening anywhere. ill follw wherever they go. we all know that the greed in this community is what put tea for two out of this place. i know for sure what transpired at that location and i feel bad that a flagship place was forced to close for intervention by others in the community. may hashem give them hatzlacha wherever they will be. a very sad customer
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Reply #1 submitted by: David H on 05/14/09
I heard they are opening a fine dining Brick oven pizza and Sushi on Kings Highway. Anyone know where?

Reply #2 submitted by: karen on 05/15/09
true and confirmed!

Reply #3 submitted by: Jack E on 05/20/09
Pretty close to where they were. Bigger and better.I will be working for them when they reopen with an interesting twist both menu and workforce!
Tea for two on kings highway
Melissa- 04/22/09
omg....they closed down this sunday. That was the best place ever.I had all my birthdays there. Ill miss u guys. I hope they reopen. please....let me know. post it here! bye
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Reply #1 submitted by: Anonymous on 04/22/09
you can always visit tea for 2 lite or t fusion steakhouse which is amazing...well worth it

Reply #2 submitted by: vicki on 04/23/09
I was so shocked to see them close.I was crying when i saw the place with the gates down.
Tea for Two South
Tea for two Cuisine/Lite/- 02/16/09
Please note that Tea for Two South is not associated with the other Tea for Two Restaurants. It has been sold. We apoligize for the confusion and misrepresention of this establishment.

Thank you
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