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Mocha Red 127 4th Avenue Between E12th and E 13th Street New York, NY 10003

127 4th Avenue
Between E12th and E 13th Street
New York, NY 10003

(212) 419-8889

information about Mocha Red

Sunday-Wednesday: 11:30am 12am
Thursday: 11:30am-2am
Friday: Closed
Saturday: until 2am

Cuisine: Steakhouse
Avg. Check: $50-$70

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


Instagram: Follow Mocharednyc on Instagram
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ABOUT Mocha Red

After first opening Mocha Bleu in Teaneck, and then Mocha Burger in Manhattan, restaurateur, and creative mind Naftali Abenaim dreamed of bringing international cuisine and ambiance to New York. In June of 2021, his dream came true when he opened Mocha Red Steakhouse & Mixology Bar. Now New Yorkers can realize their dreams of travel without having to leave the state.

Mocha Red blends together the ambiance of Tulum, Mexico, and Wynwood, Miami. Abenaim had the forethought to utilize the talents of Mr. Exclusive, a mural artist renowned for his work in Wynwood. His works line the walls of Mocha Red, transporting customers to this destination spot from the comfort of velvet cushioned seats. Like the staff of the seaside cafes in Tulum, Mexico, the staff at Mocha Red makes it their priority to help customers unwind and enjoy a vacation from their daily lives.

While the atmosphere is meant to emulate the south, the cuisine comes from the northeast and Mediterranean. Abenaim and Executive Chef David Kolotkin coined the term MediterrAsian fusion to describe the sort of food Mocha Red serves: a mix of flavors from Mediterranean and Asia cultures and dishes. Of course, given that Mocha Red is a steakhouse, it’s all about the meat! Abenaim and Kolotkin are particularly proud of their dry-aged prime steak cuts such as their prime cote de boeuf, prime tomahawk, prime cowboy steak, and prime ribeye. They also offer their specialty Mochaburgers, a mocha prime rib short rib burger house ground and spiced with classic burger garnishes and sweet and smokey sauce. Recently added to the menu is the 50oz aged Jurassic Hawk, which serves two or more and is served with potato mash and creamy spinach. For those who prefer fish to red meat, Abenaim and Kolotkin take pains to fly in fresh branzino from Turkey and Greece, which is then seasons with tarragon and served with fennel salad.

[continued above, right]

Whichever of these decadent dishes you prefer, your meal will be prepared in front of you on a Japanese grill (Robato) with electronic house beats playing in the background. Speaking of music, Tuesday nights, there is usually a guest DJ playing live music for Mocha Red customers! Soon they will also have a DJ for Sunday morning brunch.

Mocha Red even has an exclusive party room. While the main room brings you to another place, this room will bring customers to another time with its vibe that’s reminiscent of a speakeasy. While the entrance isn’t a secret as in the 20s, it is separate from the main entrance and exclusively for those who have booked the room. You and your 24 guests (since the room can accommodate 25 people) can enter on 13th street and party like it’s 1920!

In addition to a variety of steaks and dishes, Mocha Red is a mixology bar. They have a 40-foot bar for sporting events, or you could simply order a cocktail with your meal. Mocha red has so many drinks to choose from, including a variety of liquors, beers, wines, and signature cocktails. The Cloud Nine, a vodka cocktail, has cotton candy in it! The Sangriella is a tropical citrus paradise!

In their efforts to make customers feel special, Mocha Red provides the option of renting a private locker to store a drink you may order now and wish to finish at a later date. Each locker comes with a personalized steak knife!

Being transported across the globe simply by stepping into a restaurant is not a common occurrence, but that’s what you will find at Mocha Red. Abenaim has gone above and beyond to make diners feel like they are on the best vacation of their lives. Come take a vacation with the devoted staff at Mocha Red. 

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