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Sushi Ta'eem 1307 Avenue J Brooklyn, NY 11230

1307 Avenue J
Brooklyn, NY 11230

(718) 500-3025


Avocado Fireball $8.95

avocado stuffed with spicy kani, deep fried in panko crumbs, drizzled with sweet sauce

Rice Crispy $10.50

cubes of deep-fried rice, topped with spicy salmon (2) spicy tuna (2) and guacamole (2)

Avocado Fries $8.95

avocado wedges deep fried in panko crumbs

Crunchy Lava $11.50

cubes of crunchy deep fried rice, topped with our signature guacamole, spicy kani, and drizzled with spicy mayo

Jalapeno Kickers $8.95

jalapeno stuffed with your choice of spicy salmon, or spicy tuna, fried in panko crumbs

Edamame $5.95

steamed, lightly salted

Sweet Potato Chips $5.95

French Fries $5.95

lightly salted

Sushi Sandwiches $11.50

salmon, spicy kani, avocado, wrapped in seaweed, deep fried in panko crumbs

Sushi Pizza $8.95

fried rice topped with your choice of seared spicy tuna, or spicy salmon, with avocado, and onion

Sushi Tacos $13.95

fried rice topped with your choice of seared spicy tuna, or spicy salmon, with avocado, and onion

Tuna Tartar $10.95

cubed tuna, topped with avocado, cucumber, scallion, served with tortilla chips

Mango Madness $10.95

spicy kani, mango, avocado, wrapped in salmon, topped with our signature mango sauce

Kani Pops $8.95

mini kani deep fried in tempura batter

Sushi Cake $8.95

bedded spicy tuna, avocado, topped with masago

Sushi Tapas $9.95

black pepper tuna, topped with guacamole, pickled jalapeno, bedded on top of sweet potato

Egg Rolls $5.95

Rose's Petal $10.95

spicy tuna, avocado, wrapped in tuna, topped with pickled jalapeno

Cigars $5.95




Green Garden Salad $7.50

lettuce, cucumber, avocado, carrots, tomato, with ginger dressing

Grilled Salad $11.50

cucumber, avocado, tomato, with grilled salmon, and tuna

Kani Salad $8.95

cucumber, kani, with spicy mayo

Salmon Skin Salad $8.95

kani salad base, with grilled salmon skin on top

Tempura Salad $10.50

lettuce, cucumber, avocado, sweet potato, fried onions, with fried salmon, and fried kani

Sushi Salad $9.95

lettuce, cucumber, avocado, with cubed salmon, and tuna




POKE BOWL $13.95



AAC Roll $5.25

avocado, asparagus, and cucumber

Avocado Roll $4.50

Cucumber Roll $3.95

Cucumber Avocado Roll $4.75

Crispy Onion Roll $4.95

tempura onions

Forest Roll $5.95

mushroom, fried onion, and cucumber

Garden Roll $5.25

cucumber, avocado, and red pepper

Sunny Roll $5.50

mango, avocado, and cashew

Sweet Potato Roll $4.95

deep fried sweet potato

Sweety Roll $5.50

mango, sweet potato, and cashew

Mushroom Roll $5.50

shiitake mushrooms

Mixed Vegetable Roll $4.95

cucumber, avocado, and carrot

Mango Roll $4.95

Cheese Roll $5.50

pareve cream cheese and avocado




Alaska Roll $5.75

salmon, avocado, and cucumber

Boston Roll $5.50

kani, lettuce, and mango

California Roll $5.25

kani, cucumber, and avocado

Ocean Roll $6.50

tuna, salmon, and avocado

Philadelphia Roll $6.50

smoked salmon, avocado, and pareve cream cheese

Yum Roll $6.95

spicy salmon, spicy kani, and avocado

Salmon Avocado $5.75

Tuna Avocado $5.95

Spicy Salmon Avocado $5.95

Spicy Hamachi $6.95

spicy yellowtail, jalapeno, and scallions

Spicy Kani Avocado $5.75

Spicy Tuna Avocado $5.95

Salmon Skin Roll $5.50

grilled fresh salmon skin with cucumber

Black Pepper Salmon Avocado $6.25

Black Pepper Tuna Avocado $6.25

Sakura Roll $6.75

salmon, white tuna, and avocado




Hawaii Roll $9.95


mango, avocado, cashews, with fried sweet potato on top

Rainforest Roll $9.95

mushroom, fried onion, asparagus, cucumber, with avocado on top

Spring Roll $9.95

pickled radish, sweet potato, avocado, cucumber, wrapped with soy wrap

Ave J Roll $11.50

salmon, kani, cucumber, avocado, with salmon, avocado, and lemon on top

Coney Island Roll $11.95

spicy salmon, spicy kani, crispy onions, with black pepper tuna, and avocado on top

Greenpoint Roll $11.95

spicy tuna, spicy salmon, cucumber, topped with yellowtail, and jalapeno

Firecracker Roll $10.95

black pepper salmon, avocado, cucumber, topped with salmon, and cherry tomatoes

Sweetheart Roll $11.95

spicy tuna, avocado, crunch, with tuna, and salmon on top

Ta'eem Roll $12.95

tuna, salmon, kani, avocado, with seared salmon, seared white tuna, masago, and crunch on top

Tiger Roll $11.95

black pepper tuna, mushroom, avocado, scallion, with black pepper salmon, and avocado on top

Naruto Roll $10.95

tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, wrapped in cucumber skin

Rainbow Roll $11.50

kani, avocado, cucumber, with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and avocado on top

Tasty Roll $10.50

spicy tuna, crunch, spicy kani, with avocado, and cashews on top

Crunchy California Roll $9.95

kani, cucumber, avocado, with spicy crunchy kani, and crispy onion on top

Salmon Tempura Deluxe $12.95

salmon, avocado, sweet potato, fried onions, with guacamole on top, deep fried

TNT Tempura $11.50

spicy salmon, spicy tuna, spicy kani, avocado, each piece is deep fried

Volcano Roll $12.50

fried salmon, fried tuna, avocado, sweet potato, with spicy kani on top

Golden Dream $11.50

spicy kani, grilled salmon, avocado, with mango on top

Burning Roll $11.95

fried black pepper tuna, jalapeno, avocado, with seared spicy salmon, and chili sauce on top

Caterpillar Roll $11.95

sweet potato, fried salmon, kani, wrapped in soy wrap, with avocado on top

Dragon Roll $10.95

fried salmon, avocado, cucumber, with avocado on top

Dynamite Tempura $11.50

pareve cream cheese, avocado, with white tuna, kani, deep fried

Cowboy Roll $11.95

fried salmon, spicy kani, avocado, mango, wrapped in a jumbo soy wrap

Rock N' Roll $11.95

fried jalapeno, stuffed with spicy tuna, pareve cream cheese, with seared salmon on top

Pacific Roll $11.50

fried tilapia, fried onion, mushroom, with seared salmon on top

Bagel Roll $11.50

pareve cream cheese, onion, tomato, avocado, with smoked salmon on top




Lion Roll $7.25

fried salmon, fried tuna, and avocado

Salmon Lite $6.50

fried salmon and avocado

Tuna Lite $6.75

fried tuna and avocado

Smoked Salmon Lite $6.95

fried smoked salmon and avocado

Spider Roll $6.95

fried salmon with fried kani

Tilapia Lite $6.50

fried tilapia with fried onion



Sushi Burrito $11.95




Mixed Fish Tempura $16.95

salmon, tuna, kani served with a california roll, salad, & miso soup.

Mixed Vegetable Tempura $14.95

sweet potato, asparagus, zucchini served with a california roll, salad, & miso soup.

Salmon Teryaki $16.95

served with a california roll, rice, salad, and miso soup




Small Sushi Platter 7 rolls $49.95

Medium Sushi Platter 11 rolls $64.95

Large Sushi Platter 16 rolls $89.95

Small Vegetable Platter 6 rolls $29.95

Medium Vegetable Platter 11 rolls $54.95

Large Vegetable Platter 16 rolls $79.95




Salmon Nigiri $4.50

Yellowtail Nigiri $4.50

Salmon Roe Nigiri $4.50

Smoked Salmon Nigiri $4.50

Black Pepper Salmon Nigiri $4.50

Tuna Nigiri $4.50

Black Pepper Tuna Nigiri $4.50

White Tuna Nigiri $4.50




Salmon Sashimi $4.50

Yellowtail Sashimi $4.50

Salmon Roe Sashimi $4.50

Smoked Salmon Sashimi $4.50

Black Pepper Salmon Sashimi $4.50

Tuna Sashimi $4.50

Black Pepper Tuna Sashimi $4.50

White Tuna Sashimi $4.50



Water $1.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Sparkling Seltzer, Dr Pepper, Brisk, Coke Zero $1.25

Snapple $2.00




Two Roll Special $10.95

Three Roll Special $14.95



Mango Sauce $0.75

Extra Sauces $0.75

information about Sushi Ta'eem

Mon - Wednesday: 11 AM - 11 PM
Thursday: 11 AM - 12 AM
Friday: 11 AM - 3 Hours Before Shabbat Begins
Saturday: 45 Minutes After Shabbat Ends - 1 AM
Sunday: 11 AM - 12 AM

Cuisine: Sushi
Avg. Check: $10-$15

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No

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ABOUT Sushi Ta'eem

Seeing the need for affordable kosher Japanese food in his community, Chai Shomonov opened Sushi Ta’eem in June of 2021. He wanted to serve good food at reasonable prices, and he has achieved that goal with this ultimate Japanese dine-in experience. The Sushi is Ta’eem.

Ta’eem means tasty in Hebrew, and when Chai and his chefs were testing out recipes for the restaurant, they had customers tasting the sushi. When asked how the food was, customers would say, “the sushi is ta’eem,” and the name clicked. With kosher Israeli music playing in the background, Native Hebrew speakers will feel entirely at home here, as will those looking for that authentic Japanese vibe. As is typical for traditional Japanese décor, wood is prominent. The tables are wooden, as are the Japanese-style chairs. There is also a large sushi bar and a comfortable seating area with gold booths. Beautiful sconces line up against the walls to make it perfect for every dinner event.

Chefs and brothers Harvey and Henry Chen have been in the sushi industry for 15 years, and they’ve learned quite a bit. They have developed a variety of original rolls exclusively for Sushi Ta’eem; you can’t get them anywhere else, folks. The Avocado Fireball, for example, is a favorite among the original creations. It contains avocado stuffed with spicy Kani, deep-fried in panko crumbs, and drizzled with sweet sauce.

[continued above, right]

Another creative addition is the sushi pizza, which is fried rice topped with your choice of spicy seared tuna or spicy seared salmon with avocado and onion. Sushi Ta’eem’s signature Ta’eem roll has tuna, salmon, Kani, avocado with seared salmon, seared white tuna, Masago, and crunch on top. The TNT Tempura has spicy salmon, spicy tuna, spicy Kani, and avocado. Each piece is deep-fried. Other popular dishes include the Green Point Roll (spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and cucumber topped with yellowtail and jalapeno) and the Rice Crispy (cubes of deep-fried rice topped with spicy salmon, spicy tuna, and guacamole).

Sushi Ta’eem offers catering, delivery, and takeout. They are also available to host private events.

The name says it all. Countless people have commented on the deliciousness of the food. They keep the highest quality of kashrut, and the price is right. What could be more Ta’eem than that?

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