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Aria Calle 56 (Front of Hotel Sortis), Obarrio Panama City, Panama


Calle 56 (Front of Hotel Sortis), Obarrio
Panama City, Panama

+507 6259-3055

Fire Edamame
Shishito Peppers
Miso sauce, Maldon salt
Wild Okras Crispy chimbombo, Maldon salt, ponzu sauce, species

Sushi Bar
Fire Salmon
Spicy salmon tartare, torched, watercress tempura, wok zucchini , chives
Spicy Crunch salmon Tartare, teriyaki, crunchy chives, wok mushrooms, avocado
Rock & Roll Rice cubes, spicy tuna tartar, crunchy rice, sesame mix

Special Nigiris
Smoked Tuna
, ahi Amarillo, Serrano chili, black quinoa
Miso Salmon, soy, miso sauce, furikake, lemon
Niku Beef tenderloin, yakiniku sauce, torched, chives, ahi amarillo

Aria Ceviche
Catch of the day, leche de Tigre, mashed sweet potato, onion, cancha
Veggie Ceviche Fresh hearts of palm, leech de Tigre, mushrooms, onions
New York Beef Carpaccio Arugula, truffle emulsion , black pepper, Maldon salt,

Spring Rolls
Wok vegetables
Short Ribs Empanadas Chives, smoked chili cream
Fresh Hearts of Palm Robata Maldon salt, cimichurri on the side

Soups + Salad
Thai Soup Noodles
, chicken cubes, mushrooms, vegetable , ginger
Nicoise Salad Tataki, Quail Egg, Avocado, seasonal vegetables, capers, kalamata, patines
Aria Cesar Salad Lettuce, croutons, grilled chicken bites, sun-dried tomatoes

Fried Rice
(Beef, chicken or vegtable) corn, carrot, zucchini, green beans, crimini, soy
Our Sesame Chicken Seasonal vegetables, cashews sesame
Korean Grilled Chicken korean bbq sauce, paps reventade, arugula

Entre Panes
BBQ Crispy Chicken
Double chicken breast, spicy mayo, purple cabbage, bbq
BBQ Chicken Sliders Purple cabbage, spicy mayo, bbq
























information about Aria
Shevet haim

Sunday- Thursday 12pm- 11pm
Friday 12pm- 3pm
Saturday 8pm- 12am

Avg. Check:

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


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Stinger's Bar & Grill
Cantors Daniel and Ruth G- 08/12/21

We will be attending the Blue Claws game on Aug. 17 with the Jewish Federation of Ocean County. We are told that Stinger's is sending a food truck to the game. Since one of us is vegetarian, please tell us if you will have any main course foods which do not contain meat. Thank you!

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Espresso Cafe & Sushi
Maria Appel- 08/12/21

Love this place! Their food is always fresh and delicious! The owners and staff are super friendly and accommodating.

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King David
Paul Bermanski- 07/31/20

 We were a large group for Shabbos dinner. The evening was spectacular. The food delicious, unusual, and plentiful. Moshe and his staff are a joy. Warm friendly and made us feel like family. Other families in the restaurant who were a separate group began Zemiros and everyone joined in!! It was wonderful. I'm looking forward to my next meal there.


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Savor Cafe
Chana- 01/21/18

We came with an Adult Special Needs group of ten. The owner and waitresses were very helpful and friendly. The food is delicious. We ordered personal pizzas, the vegetarian pizza is especially good. We hope to return soon!

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Lamed Vav Review
Zalmy Silver- 12/12/14

Before reading any further, please skip directly to the pictures above.... the owner spared no expense creating a STUNNING atmosphere. the bar is sparkling new, the wine rack is a wonderful centerpiece, and the artwork/chandeliers lend an atmosphere of being in an expensive, high class environment.... typically associated with the requisite high prices to go along with it.

Now, what if i told you the most expensive item on the menu started with a "three"? Yup. $39 for a veal chop, or prime rib-eye steak, the 2 most expensive things on the menu (with many items being far, far less).... are you surprised? Bc i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I cant recall seeing a place with such aesthetics with such low prices. Its really a fantastic value for anywhere, let alone the tri-state area where you can expect to pay a good 30-50% more for the same dishes in an upper-class restaurant.

That being said, the food itself was actually very good. We had 3 appetizers, and 3 main dishes, as well a hungarian goulash soup. The soup was very hearty and almost filled me up! obviously, im kidding, because that would be impossible, but for a normal person, it could happen. The best of the 3 appetizerswere sweetbreads, which were perfectly fried/sauteed to a nice crisp, with excellent flavor. I'd recommend going with that one, as the other 2, the portabello stack and risotto, although werent bad, didnt compare.

The entrees we had were the steak,the veal shoulder, and of course, a burger. The burger was actually done VERY well, and cooked just right- really delicious, although i would have liked it to be a little bigger based on the price. The steak was cooked perfectly (medium rare, bc anything else is a crime, possibly punishable by death), and delicious. My favorite dish was by far the veal shoulder- i loved the demi glaze and the meat was melt in your mouth delicious. RECOMMENDED.

We didnt order dessert, but they have a full display case stocked with many options, so you will definitely find what you want.

That being said, i would def recommend stopping by and giving this place a shot. they have a FULL bar, a tv, beer, and really good food, ESPECIALLY when you factor in the ambiance you will receive. The one main change i feel they should make is to use that bar to their full advantage and offer a seperate "bar" menu, with burgers, sliders, perhaps even chicken wings- that way they can attract both people looking for a quick, fun dinner, as well as the ppl looking for a more special, upscale dinner, bc this place is done way too nice to go to waste. If you are willing to travel just a bit further from manhattan or the long island area, you should definitely check this place out.

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Wolf & Lamb #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/08/14

Wolf & Lamb is a place for both families and dates. The staff there was very nice and hospitable. When I went there on a date, during one of their busy times, the staff was still able to be nice and accommodating; they gave us an option of which open table we wanted, even though it would�ve been faster for them just to place us somewhere. The food was delivered fairly quickly. My water glass was never empty as the bus boy was on top of always refilling our glass. When going with a party there is also an upstairs section. If you would like a restaurant that is a mix of family oriented and fancy service, Wolf & Lamb is surely the place to go.

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Mr. Broadway #gkrmhunt #rarestakes
Shira A- 11/08/14

 If you would like a restaurant with diverse accommodations abilities, then Mr. Broadway is the restaurant to go to. If you wanted food to quickly order and take out, takeout food they have. If you’d like to quickly sit down and grab a bite to eat, then Mr. Broadway can accommodate. And lastly, if you’d like to reserve for a party, with waiter service and nice accommodations, no matter the size of the party, they could supply for that as well. Mr. Broadway has options for fast food and items for those who like more class. Despite which dish you’d prefer, they are equally as tasty and definitely a restaurant to check out.

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Ready to Roll
Bracha komarov- 11/01/14
Conveniently located on East 15th Street off Avenue J, Ready to Roll Sushi is one of my favorite places to get sushi. Their sushi is always fresh and they have a large variety of different types - both vegetarian and with fish. My favorite is the California Roll. I also love kani salad. I once ordered from their salad bar and it was really delicious and the price was fantastic, too! I know that my brother-in-law, a sushi fanatic, often goes there for sushi, so that is enough to prove that it's a great sushi spot. I recommend it to anyone living in the area or visiting!
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The Loft Steakhouse
David Mosberg- 06/11/14

It was last minute on a Thursday evening and I remembered hearing of the change over of Bistro 1310 to The Loft located in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn which i don't normally frequent. After hearing that the quality of food ambiance and service was as good as the Manhattan steak house but at a slightly less expensive price we decided to try it out.

The restaurant gives a very old world feeling, with exposed brick walls with a very eloquent but not over powering ambiance.

The Menu is what I would say is classic American Steak House with a slight flair. For appetizers we had the chicken soup, and gnocchi sweet breads.  The soup which was not $19 might have been $7 and was definitely tasty with a little emphasis on salty which I enjoy.  The sweet breads were just delicious and savory coupled with gnocchi brings me back to the duck gnocchi at Mike's Bistro.

For our main dishes my wife had the skirt steak which was cooked to perfection, flavored nicely and a very generous portion for the non Manhattan pricing. I had the short ribs which for me is my go to, tell all dish about whether I give my blessing the on the food, and the restaurant gets my blessing!  The short rib was a tender as possible with a classic bbq sauce set on top of mashed potatoes and crispy onions on top.

Now what is the big winner for me and honestly most important was the service.  I can't find any faults it was just perfect.  The restaurant was busy and had plenty of attentive staff, they were knowledgeable, water glasses were always filled, and food came out in a timely manner.  Id like to make a note here this was in a busy restaurant while a Bar Mitzvah was beginning in the party room upstairs.  I give the Owner/ management a lot of credit for having numerous waiters and bus boys and prepared for a busy evening, to often I am in high end restaurants and service is lacking due to short on staff and a real restaurateur/ chef knows this is just as important as good food.  To show you how happy we were with service we tipped extra on top of the 18% that was included.

Last but not least as I hinted too earlier, this restaurant gave me a feeling like I was sitting in Mike's Bisto just in Borough Park.  In my opinion that is a great compliment because Mike's Bistro to me equals a perfect balance of American cuisine coupled with great service ambiance and even better food.

Dave Mosberg



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Cho-Sen Village
Daniella Jacob- 03/19/14

Cho-sen Village is unbelievable! I am a vegetarian...but I had a seudah hodaah there & everyone said the food at Cho-sen Village was incrediable! And the waitors were so nice. I highly recommend this place

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