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PI-CHI-KLIN Tucuman 2648 Buenos Aires, 1032 Argentina

Tucuman 2648
Buenos Aires, 1032 Argentina

(54 11) 4963-3905

Phila- Salmon, Avocado, & Phila, Breadcrumbs, No Rice
Hot Kyoto- Salmon, Cucumber, & Teri
Dragon- Salmon & Honey Mustard
Marbella- Salmon, Row, Tomato, Basil
Exotic- Avocado, Salmon, Phila
Ceasar- Salmon, Lettuce, Ceasar Dressing
New York- Salmon & Avocado
Pi-Chi-Klin- Salmon, Avocado, Panizano, Fried Jalapeno, Mayo

Mac Fish- Fish Burger with Tartar Sauce
Tempura Salmon- Sticks & Wok Fried Salmon
Salmon Steak- Grilled Salmon Steak & Wok
Filet Hake- Roman Garison
Milanesa Salmon- Breaded Salmon Wok
Filet of Sole
Miami- Salmon & Phila
Dubai- Salmon, Phila, & Palmetto
Kyuri- Phila, Salmon,& Cucumber
Pickle- Salmon, Phila, & Japanese Pickle
Skin- Skin Grille & Teri
Veggie- Phila, Carrot, & Peppino
Mango/Peach- Salmon, Phila, Mango/Peach
Golden- Phila, Avocado, Wrapped in Salmon
Crunch- Salmon, Crown, Phila, Tempura Flakes, Scallions, in a Honey Sauce
Dynamite- Salmon Tempura Flakes, Wrapped in more Salmon, covered in Avocado, Citrus, & Spicy Hot Pepper Sauce
information about PI-CHI-KLIN
Rabbi Iosef Chehebar -Gran Rabinato de la Congregacion Sefardi

Sun 7 pm - 12 am
Mon -Thu 11 am - 4 pm, 7 pm - 12 am
Fri 11 am - 4 pm
Sat 9 pm - 2 am

Cuisine: Japanese/Sushi and Fish Grill
Avg. Check: $10-$15
Attire: Casual

Succah On Succot: No
Nine Days Menu: Yes
Open for Pesach: No


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Pi-Chi-Klin Sushi & Fish, which moved to a larger space in March 2014, is a new culinary venture made by a young dynamic team with initiative and passion for Oriental cuisine. With Argentina being home to around 250,000 Jews, making it the sixth largest Jewish community in the world, and the biggest in Latin America, owner Michoel Barnatan fills the void in the community for a restaurant like this. The community’s demand for quality kosher food is incorporated into their menu specializing in sushi, grilled and fried fish. The touch of Nikkei (Japanese food with a South American twist) comes from Chef Joaquin Villarreal of Mercedes, Corrientes who graduated from Instituto Argentino Gastronomico. The white modern interior, malba chairs, skylight, fish tanks, and LED lighting invites sushi goers of all ages, especially the younger clientele, for a fun meal out. 

Signature dishes at Pi-Chi-Klin include the Salmon Tempura which is deep fried beer battered Chilean salmon with honey mustard sauce, black sesame, and fried rice.

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The Passion Roll consists of mango, cucumbers, avocado, cream cheese, wrapped in smoked salmon and passion fruit sauce on top. Their hot fried rolls are worth mentioning especially the Caesar (salmon, lettuce, and Caesar dressing) and the simply titled Pi-Chi-Klin (salmon, avocado, panizano, fried jalapeno, mayo). When you are  looking to go VIP, they have the Dynamite Roll with salmon tempura flakes, wrapped in more salmon, covered in avocado, citrus, and spicy hot pepper sauce. The VIP Crunch Roll gives you salmon, crown, cream cheese, tempura flakes, scallions in a honey sauce. For dessert, the New York style Cheesecake and the Chocolate Volcano will keep you wanting more. Each dish is prepared at time of your order, so they are convenient with their take-out, deliveries, and online ordering making Pi-Chi-Klin the go-to sushi spot in all of Buenos Aires. Private parties and catering are also available for your special occasions. 
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