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Prairie Street Prime 

10 Bond Street #291, Great Neck, NY, 11021






Information About Prairie Street Prime 

About Prairie Street Prime 

Looking for educational videos, recipes, and blogs on how to cook decadent and delicious kosher meats? Wondering where to find that custom cut of perfectly marbled prime rib? Prairie Street Primeis quickly becoming the gold standard for kosher foodies, meat-lovers, and culinary connoisseurs alike. Founded by Elliot Moscowitz, Prairie Street Prime delivers kosher USDA Prime beef, veal and lamb directly to your door. Moscowitz’s mission is not only to fill the gap in the market for highly graded Kosher meat, but to resolve the inconvenience and uncertainty that has plagued it until now. The company also emphasizes education and community, with a dedicated media arm that produces original chef-led content to inspire users to get creative and build confidence in the kitchen.

Ever entrepreneurial and growth-minded, Prairie Street Prime recently rolled out their new line of kosher USDA Prime 30-day dry aged beef. This meticulous and nuanced process produces a distinctly rich and meaty flavor, and a silky, smooth texture. It occurs by storing meat in a highly controlled setting where airflow, temperature, and humidity are carefully regulated. As the moisture is slowly drawn out over time, the areas of muscle soften while the fat grows more prominent and potent, adding robust flavor. At the same time, the outer layers dry to form an exterior crust that seals in the flavor and tenderness. If you’re really looking to serve and savor an unparalleled meal, dry-aged is your ticket.

You can currently choose from over 50 cuts of beef, veal and lamb, with more on the way. Moscowitz also offers a Concierge Service that caters to seekers of custom luxury options like lamb fat, whole export ribs, and their 3-inch-thick Tomahawk steaks (all of which come directly from their state-of-the-art USDA kosher facilities. They also provide unique incentives for private chefs who want superior products for their clientele’s luxury events, holidays and vacations.

Prairie Street Prime is a truly entrepreneurial platform that represents the finest in mindful eating and kosher culinary experiences. Plans to expand to other avenues of salubrious products include high-end fish, chicken and wine. Moscowitz is passionate about building a global Jewish community and culinary education platform that publishes original chef-driven content every Sunday at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time via their YouTube channel—Prairie Street Prime Culinary Kitchen ( Working with over 20 professional chefs, a production team, video assistants, and creative directors, Moscowitz produces and directs new videos where his chefs demonstrate how to make exceptional kosher meals with ease. Over 40 videos that rival the Food Network have been produced and are being translated into other languages such as French, Hebrew, and Spanish.


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