An update on Davry Restaurant and Bar in Brooklyn.
For those who don’t know, a little over a year ago we made the shidduch for new partners to join Davry as they re-opened after Covid and a devastating fire. 2023 was a great year for the restaurant as they shifted more into an established restaurant with TVs as opposed to a sports bar with food.
With the start of 2024 there have been some new changes. Roman Davry who started the restaurant back in October 2017 has stepped away from the restaurant with a sense of pride and accomplishment to what he has brought to Brooklyn. I for one have had some great memories with Roman (remember, Titus Williams, the boxer). The partners thank Roman for everything he has done for the restaurant and wishes him well in this new chapter.
The restaurant has also began a new chapter with a new name and supervision. It is now called 722 Restaurant & Bar (named for the address) and be under the supervision of the Orthodox Union. The food and drinks menu will remain the same with always ways to expand and elevate the menu.
Located at: 722 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY
Reservations and menu here:


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